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EXO’s Reaction to Their S/O Getting Catcalled in the Streets

A/N: i’m pretty sure all of EXO would be extremely pissed off, and because of that it was hard to make 9 very unique reactions to this. instead i’ve grouped them in 3 different categories depending on how they’d react ^^

Chen, Chanyeol, Kai:

These three gentlemen would not be okay with such a vulgar comment being thrown your away, and would immediately stop and turn around to face the culprit. Although you’d probably reassure them that this wasn’t an uncommon thing to happen to you, they wouldn’t want to let it slide, and would make sure to tell the man exactly what they thought. In all honesty, they’d probably make the situation worse than it had to be, but it was still sweet that they were so protective of you. As things escalated, a physical fight would end up happening, and you’d end up having to pull your boyfriend away so he wouldn’t literally kill the man.

Lay, Xiumin, Suho:

Obviously pissed off about what had just happened, they’d slowly turn around and glare at the man, making sure he knew that he wasn’t just going to get away with his words this time. Although they wouldn’t start anything physical, they’d give the man a verbal beating, making sure to pull out every degrading insult in the book as they told him exactly what they thought of him and his actions. You’d eventually tell them that enough was enough, and make sure to keep moving before things escalated to physical (though your boyfriend would insist that that wouldn’t have happened).

Baekhyun, D.O, Sehun:

Unfortunately, none of these men would be particularly surprised about what they had just heard. They weren’t naive, and knew that these types of events were common in big cities. It would still bug them though, and they’d shoot the man a bone-chilling look as they passed- if looks could kill the man would probably be dead.  Once you two got home, they’d probably rant for a while about how pissed off it makes them, and would promise you that if that ever happened again, fists would be thrown. Although they were overreacting slightly, it was nice to see them get so defense over you.

Bitten pt. 14

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Description: Baekhyun has finally been honest with you and you’re thinking being his mate will be easy but what happens when you have your own secrets?

Genre: Smut // Fluff // Slight Angst

Pairing: Byun Baekhyun x Reader

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After the ceremony and dinner, you find yourself standing in one of the guest bedrooms. Baekhyun stands a couple feet away from you in front of a mirror as he stares at the fresh tattoo on his bicep. You walk up to him from behind and touch his arm.

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EXO Reaction when their daughter’s boyfriend asks them for their blessing

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*Mental breakdown* “What is he saying… I stopped listening the moment he said marriage… is this really going on? My little girl is leaving home? I feel so lonely and it hasn’t happened yet… I need to cry”


“You have to promise me that you will take care of her. Promise me you’ll make her happy every day for the rest of your lives… I will only accept this is this is truly what she wants. She’s my number one priority and should be yours too” *Very serious dad*


*Probably will try to avoid the conversation until his wifey makes him sit and listen* “Please.. stop… I’m in denial.. she’s a baby.. let me believe she’s still my baby… fine fine.. go marry her but make her happy!”


“You seriously think you are worth of my daughter?” *Being a complete tease* “Nah I’m kidding, of course you can. You are like a son to me, I’m happy for you two”


“I will accept this… only if you tell me there will be plenty of food in your wedding. I want chicken okay? And chocolate cake. Just kidding, make her happy okay son? I wish you two the best” *So cool this dad*


*He’d be happy  and give his blessing but he’d be sad too in a good way* “She’s my little girl… I never thought this day would come. Can you believe it darling? Our girl is finally flying… I’m going to miss her so much”


“It’s not my yes the one you need. It’s hers. So if she says yes, I of course am going to bless it. Good luck boy! Fighting!” *So supportive this dad*


*Saw it coming* “Oh no no… don’t tell me you are going to ask me for her hand… I should have known… this is why we came here to this nice restaurant right? This is the moment I hand my girl to another man… ahh I think I’m about to cry”


He’d probably be the scariest father in law in the world until he turns his head, and stares at your boyfriend for some minutes and says: “Yes, I give you my blessing son. Now go, make my little girl happy”


*Unlike the popular belief, he’d be so mushy and squishy the moment he starts thinking about his daughter being in the altar and bringing home some cute grandchildren. Oh yes he will also give the boy some advice for the marriage* “Marriage is complicated but love can do it all; keep it strong, the love”


*He’d start crying out of happiness. But like nothing would be able to stop his tears. Poor boyfriend he’d have to deal with this precious unicorn sobs* “My baby… she’s getting married… I… I don’t… my heart.. happy… baby”


*It would hit him hard but of course he knows his girl is happy and has chosen a good man and he’d always support his little girl even though he doesn’t like sharing his princesses* “I didn’t think of this when we decided to have kids… my girl.. leaving me… this is hard to process.. it’s going to be okay… I will  always protect her”

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EXO Reaction - You Singing ‘Save Me’ By Nicki Minaj After A Bad Argument While Crying

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Xiumin - *He’d think of ways how to handle this situation without making matters worse, as he’d sit by you and put his hand on your thigh and a small smile appeared on his face to reassure you that you two are okay* I love you, I love your singing, but not when you’re singing a song like that and crying, but, it’s beautiful, like you princess

Lay - *He’d slowly break down into tears, he opened the door after listening until it got too much for him, coming up and hugging you from behind, telling you he’s never gonna leave you alone and he loves you*

Kai - *He’d stop and look at you, with his heart breaking into a million pieces, holding the teddy bear and chocolates as he finally walks towards you, scaring you as he put the teddy on your lap, and putting the chocolates next to you. He’d slowly try to touch you as you’d flinch away before getting up and throwing yourself in his arms, as he wraps his arms around you, kissing your forehead and whispered that he was sorry into your ear* 

Suho - *Sensitive boyfriend would break just from hearing you singing the song, and the lyrics would worry him as he walks in to find you crying, he’d let his tears fall, as he slowly approaches you, he picks you off the floor to hug you tightly, he wasn’t going to ever walk out again, if he knew you’d get like this, and he couldn’t let you be this hurt again*

Kyungsoo - *He’d ignore everything else, and slowly walk in, and will try hold back tears as he walks up behind you, and puts a hand on your shoulder* Don’t give up princess, I’m so sorry. I love you

Tao - *He’d instantly stop you from singing by playing his hand over your mouth, with tears streaming down his face. He wouldn’t let you go, he needed so much reassurance that you were going to be okay now, and that you two are still okay as well, because he’d honestly be lost without you*

Chen - *He’s stubborn as hell when it comes to arguments, and will not let you go until you’ve both sorted it out, but this time as it was that bad, he had to walk out to calm down. When he came back, he realised his mistake as he heard you when he walked in. His heart fell to the bottom of his stomach, making him feel sick as he regrets walking out, and rushed to you, scared that you were going to do something stupid, pulling you into the biggest hug he could ever possibly give you, he would try make it for it as much as possible*

Kris - *You’d go to walk away from him as he walks into the living room, you tried hiding the fact you were crying, but he’d lightly grab your arm, pulling you close to him and he’ll put both arms around your waist* You’re not walking away from me, we’re sorting this out because you, my baby is upset, and I can’t have you upset because of me

Chanyeol - *He’d walk in and his smile would drop, as he mentally beats himself for making you like this, as he’d walk over to you and engulf you into his arms from behind, squeezing tighter. He’d kiss the top of your head as he’ll let you finish crying before talking about it with you*

Baekhyun - *The puppy would actually start to break as he could hear it in your voice that you were broken, and he’d run over to you and put a finger to your lips as he hugs you gently, running his fingers through your hair as he starts crying* Y/N, I can’t explain how sorry I am, but please, don’t give up, I’m sorry

Sehun - *Noticing the way you were actually made him realise that he can be really harsh at times, as he calls you from outside the door, letting himself in to turn you to face him, he takes your hand and kisses it* Baby girl, it’s okay, I’m sorry.

Luhan - *He’d drop the whole ‘manly’ act and trying to act like he’s the bigger person it’ll actually break him hearing this as well as you crying. He’d come in, crouch down before you, wipe your tears away and pull you into a hug, and will genuinely apologise*


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Baekhyun Vlogger Moodboard 

Anonymous said: Heyy <3 I’d like to requeset a moodboard! Baekhyun as a YouTuber Thanks, love!

Let’s admit it, he would have a very weird but fun channel. Probably blackmail the boys to record videos with him xD Xo, Ara~
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To new K-pop fans…

1. I remember when I first got I to K-pop and I tried to remember their names by remembering their hair color…. I was mistaken. Don’t. Save yourself the confusion.

2. Look up their ages. You might be in for a shock.

3. There is a thing called ‘Korean age’ and basically that means your favorites are going to have 2 ages. There actual age and then their Korean age. For Korean age you automatically turn one on the day you’re born and then gain another year on new year. So you basically add 1 to two years depending on if it’s before or after new year. So when you hear something like “they’re a 94 liner” that means that they were born in 1994..simple right.

3. They aren’t gay. Well logically speaking some of them probably are, but most are straight. Idols are affectionate with each other. You will see them sleeping and cuddling in the same bed, always touching one another, and always getting jealous over one of their members *cough * Jungkook *cough* They aren’t afraid of ‘skinship’ and that doesn’t make them gay.

4. Aegyo. Aegyo is basically just acting overly cute and it can take some getting used too especially if you’re from a country where 'cute’ isn’t really standard. Yeah grown men and women acting overly cute is still something I can’t handle a lot of.

5. V-live. V-live is basically video instagram for Korean artists. That is where they go live, post fun videos, and etc. You can download it completely free from your app store. There are some channels/content that you have to pay for if you want to watch it though. Most of the big names in K-pop will have subtitles on their content because of the lovely translators in the fandom, but a lot of the small or newer groups won’t. 😔

Oh and if you download vlive and your watching a live from one of your favorites DON’T ASK FOR OTHER MEMBERS!!!!!! K… Thanks.

6. There is a dark side to K-pop. Most trainees get treated horribly, some idols don’t eat enough, Scandal on top of Scandal and etc but I’m going to all of that. You can dive into the tell of darkness on your own. Or you can message me or another K-pop fan with any questions.

7. Music shows. Music shows usually happen every week and if your face just had a comeback *aka released new music* then they will likely be on soon. The music shows have winners and those winners are chosen by sales, votes, and I believe views.. IDK. So if you want to vote you can go and make free accounts and vote. Accounts will also help you with voting for the end of the year music shows. MAMA is one of the major ones in case you’ve seen the phrase 'vote bts or vote exo or vote got7 for mama’ it’s not talking about voting for their mother.

8. Variety shows. Oh god variety shows. They will be the best and worst thing to happen to you because one you see your favorites on a variety program *which is kinda like a game show/interview* and you see how adorkable they truly are you are in that fandom for life. Sorry. Not sorry. No way out. K-pop is not a revolving door. Welcome.

Variety shows often involve punishments. Like being spanked by your fellow members or being hit on the head really hard with a toy hammer or flicked in the forehead. It’s weird but you’ll love it. Oh and the K-pop dances are amazing and scary complicated as is, but wait until you see it 2x faster. Not sure idols are human TBH.

9. Whiplash. What I mean by this is you are going to pick a favorite and they are going to be adorable and cute and you are going to want to protect them and their innocence and then they are going to get on stage or start dancing and they change into this rude creature and you’re not sure what just happened …i call it whiplash. The transition from fluffy to rude within .0000001 of a second. You get whiplash.

10. You have to go to YouTube and look up K-pop crack videos. Just look up 'K-pop crack’ or 'K-pop on crack’ they are so funny. Also the K-pop try not to laugh videos.

11. K-pop fandom. Each fandom has a name for their fans, like bts’ fans are called 'Army’ And each fandom either has or will at some point have a unique lightstick to represent their fandom. Fan chants are also a thing. You will often hear these at music shows and concerts. They are quite easy to pick up ion their own, but if you need assistance then you can google “ *group name* fan chants”

12. You don’t speak Korean. That is perfectly okay. Most of the big groups have amazing translators in their fandoms and they sub everything..mostly into English.. But I’ve seen some in Spanish and German too. You do not have to speak the language to be able to love K-pop. Music doesn’t need lyrics to be understood. But more power to you if you want to learn Korean it is a beautiful language and has amazing tradition and heritage that is so fun to learn about.

13. K-dramas. They are a thing and they are amazing. A lot of your favs have probably made an appearance if not had a leading role. Even if they don’t have your favs I do recommend downloading 'Drama Fever’ and binge watching. Again there are sub titles and most of the content is free, but there is some you have to pay for.

Let me or another K-pop Stan know if you have any more questions and we’ll do our best to answer and if anyone has something else to add feel free ☺

Welcome to the K-pop life ♥


Suho - 171120 ‘Countdown’ Music Video Teaser

Credit: Official SMTown Youtube.

EXO: Hey can you help us clean?

Sehun: Go jerk yourself dry

Yixing: *comes in* Hey guys! Sorry, I’m tired as heck. I’ll try to help out-

Sehun: NO! YOU NEED TO REST! *pushes Baekhyun out of the couch before making Yixing lie down* I’ll massage your feet! Oh! My muffins as done! I made them for you! Here I’ll get you a blanket to keep you warm!