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Your drawings that feature winter clothes are always just so precious!

Thank youu!!

It’s funny because growing up I hated winter, and still do to a certain extent, but after my first year in California, the perpetual sunshine tired me out. Coming home to snowstorm after snowstorm was beautiful.

Also, drawing characters in winter clothes is a chance for me to make them all pouffy fluffs of lurv <3 I have a set of clothes for every OC and every other character, based off something they wore in TV shows or their personalities. My OC Coco Lemur gets hardcore bundled up in winter because he hates the cold, and wears a longer and looser version of Zack’s toque.

For the MML characters, I gave both boys parkas, though initially Milo’s was supposed to uber fluff. Zack has a fur hood because he can make it his personal space when his Bffs are being butts. Also doesn’t bother with boots or ski pants because he be 2 coo for dat. Also my brother Alex hated wearing skipants too so it’s based off him.

Milo used to be all Fluff because cute nerds need to look like nerds. He also used to have a plain white toque until I decided a hunter’s cap was cuter on him. He uses his parka to warm Diogee up too. My youngest bro used to look really cute all bundled up for winter so Milo’s look is based off his.

Meli is really more based off clothes I would have loved to have yet could not because they either didn’t make them with the active girl in mind or made them my size. I find it typical to dress girls in pink, but since that’s her color palette I just went with it. *shrug*

So ye, I put a lot of freakin thought into the winter fluffs I draw my characters and others’ in. Maybe a little too much, but still. It makes for great fun and great gags XP

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31 First World Lesbian Problems

1. Other lesbians not thinking you’re gay

2. Having “that talk” with a member of your family

3. Being told “you’re going through a phase”

4. Being introduced as “my lesbian friend”

5. People insulting gay people without knowing you are one

6. Finding out the woman you like is straight, or are dating someone else

7. Straight women asking if your are a lesbian

8. The death of your favourite lesbian character in EVERY TV Show

9. And then the endless search for Lesbian subtext in EVERY new TV show that comes out

10. Being asked which is the “boy” in the relationship

11. Having to out yourself when you make a new friend

12. Online dating struggles

13. Shopping in the boy section, then having to use female changing room

14. Being mistaken for a man “excuse me sir, oh I mean…”

15. Straight men asking questions about your sex life

16. Gay man asking you questions about your sex life

17. Straight women asking you questions about your sex life

18. Presents from distant family members

19. Referring to your girlfriend as partner, to keep your sexuality neutral in your workplace

20. Becoming a lesbian stereotype

21. As a couple, being confused as friends or worse siblings

22. When your periods syncs with your girlfriends

23. Suffering through a bad movie in order to watch that three-minutes of lesbian romance

24. Having a straight girl crush

25. Being too afraid to ask a woman you fancy about her sexuality

26. Being a straight girls experiment

27. Bro-friendships and listening to their views on women

28. Over analysing your girlfriend’s motivations

29. Lock Jaw!

30.Being told lesbian sex is not real sex

31. The ending of The L Word

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Pairing: Kagehina
Show: Haikyuu!! 

Hinata is really, really good at remembering birthdays.

He’s not so good at remembering much, honestly, but he knows all the birthdays of all the people that matter: his mum, Natsu, Izumi and Kouji, every character in his favourite tv show, Sugawara and Daichi, Nishinoya and Tanaka…it’s a very, impossibly long list.

So it’s…odd, embarrassing, really, that at no point on that very, impossibly long list, does it remind him that Kageyama’s birthday is on the twenty second of December, or that the twenty second of December is today.

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I don’t think /some/ people understand the reason why /some/ of us hate m*n-el/k*ramel so much is because he took the attention away from a female driven show (leaving the main female character with no storyline that doesn’t revolve around him), he, as a typical white bread boy character that you find in every tv show, replaced a black man & a healthy, rare interracial relationship (and it was replaced by the typical white broody and the strong female ship™ which you see in literally every damn show) like … . this is racist & sexist as fuck. that is what his character represents and it sickens & disgusts me.  

@ tv / movie / book writers

• stop treating your characters of color like trash
• stop fucking forgetting your characters of color, especially when you make them “mains”
• stop torturing and abusing your characters of color
• stop taking happiness away from your characters of color
• stop taking screen time away from your characters of color
• stop villainizing all of your characters of color
• stop whitewashing your characters of color
• stop being racist assholes???


I thought maybe it was time to show you my full collection. It’s still small right now, but I love every one of them. I name all of my fountain pens after fictional authors, I’ll be very impressed if someone can tell me what book, series, or tv show every one of these characters is from. I may even send them a prize.

P.S. Feel free to message me if you’re interested in finding out more about any one of these!

It’s 2017 and I still don’t care. I would sacrifice any and every character in television (except Clarke) to bring back Lexa.  ANY CHARACTER ON EARTH, MALE OR FEMALE, BLACK OR WHITE, GAY OR STRAIGHT.

I’m sorry but representation means NOTHING to me without Lexa.