with either on top ;)


A glimpse of my updated Heru-sa-Aset shrine. I’m entering priesthood slowly, he wants me to go slow and learn carefully (theory before practice, lol).

I added his parents to the shrine, simply because they are his parents and also because of the recent dreams I had. Before all that, cleaning was a must. It was slightly dusty in the shrine so I took care of it. I also put in the new tealight holders, I wanted them so bad but the shop I purchased them from always was either out of stock or one short. 

On the top of the shrine are my necessary tools: Natron, water, bowl, prayerbook and charcoal pots (very good for small incense containers)

If you ask why Aset and Wesir have dried flowers at their feet, this is how I welcome them. Plus, they got a clean with natron water and a dab of Frankincense oil at their foreheads/crowns. 

Disclaimer: I’m not a Shemsu from Kemetic Orthodoxy nor am I a member. I use the prayerbook because I’m a lazy bum who can’t make their own prayers. Plus, I use a VERY modified version of their Senut for prufication.

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Not to be that person but how fucking ridiculous! He didn't bother with Freddie for months, because "privacy" and now he's all over it because "promo"? Like I know babygate is not his choice, but come on. The extraness is hilarious.

Anonymous said:
Like… all this kid stuff is starting back up right around a promo season! My God! IT’S LITERALLY SO TRANSPARENT IT’S FRUSTRATING HOW OTHER PEOPLE DONT SEE IT. I LITERALLY WANT TO YELL INTO MY PILLOW.

Anonymous said:
That’s not even a high chair😂 that’s a car seat in the middle of an empty kitchen top!! Jesus either they can’t afford kid furnitures or they are getting lazy!! Don’t even get me started on the cable over the water bowl.

Anonymous said:
Louis went like 4 months without being seen with the kid, and it looked like they’d try to end it quietly, have everything sort of fade away first with a statement later. But if they’re going hard on baby stuff in the coming week or two I guess they’re gonna end it with a bang? Draw all the attention to it, give the press lots of sound bites and pics (Snapchat stories anyone? Lol) so idk man this could get interesting.. I doubt the baby stuff will be confined to just today

Anonymous said:
I was wondering if they would ramp it up at the end and I honestly think they might be. Listen…he’s going probably to Vegas Friday and then to NYC by Tuesday for Fallon. I’m wondering if they’re going to go hard and then wrap it up for NYC

Anonymous said:
for a team that really puts so much effort and energy and thought into these stunts, they’re shit at paying attention to the small, sketchy details

Anonymous said:
They could give us the flimsiest excuse for bg to end rn and I’d accept with open arms. Louis had a dream he wasn’t the dad or aliens visit him and he gets a pat test the next day and the day after its #confirmed or some boyfriend pops up like hey that’s my kid and b sucks I’m gonna take him away and raise him myself like hell yeah lovely aliens nice to meet you or bye Chad see ya never kill it quick and let it die the next day

Wow haha ok, my opinion on this is just one: end it

its like -93519 degrees outside 

This has been my favorite list to make (and to share)—for obvious reasons. ( • ᴗ • )

Hardcore M (Not for the soft of heart • for the 💯 do-S/sadistic girls)

  • ナミダメ (Namidame) - All 4 Volumes 
  • 誘惑(いいなり)第四弾 -研修医、千祖の改悔- (Iinari Vol.4) 
  • 逆調教 (Gyaku Choukyou)
  • 女王蜂の甘美なる交合 第二章 虚編 (Jooubachi no kanbi naru kogou Vol. 2 - Utsuro)

Softcore M (For more moans of pleasure, not pain 🙃 • “More” vanilla ✨)

  • ふたりの秘密1 ~じつはMな彼~ (Futari no himitsu Vol.1) 
  • Relacion Dulce Vol.1 お酒のチカラで知るカレの新たな一面 (Relacion Dulce Vol.1)
  • 私の彼のおかしなヒミツ Vol.3 M気質の彼 (Watashi no kare no okashina himitsu Vol.3 M kishitsu no kare)
  • こまった彼氏 White Ver., 守村編 (Komatta Kareshi White, the tracks with the lawyer, 守村)
  • 純愛-パラフィリア- 教師 広野渉 編 (Junai -Paraphilia- Kyoushi Hirono Wataru)
  • 二階堂記念病院 第2弾 リハビリ医葉庭の淫欲カルテ (Nikaido Kinen Byouin Volume 2)
  • 二階堂記念病院 第5弾 耳鼻科医宗矢の淫欲カルテ (Nikaido Kinen Byouin Volume 5)
  • ラブユーブング -永嶺海斗編- (Loveubung - Nagamine Kaito)
  • 監禁男子番外編 ~愛ゆえに彼を閉じ込めて~ (Kankin Danshi Bangai Hen)?* (Straddles** the line between Hardcore and Softcore - in this CD, you assume the position of a yandere/possessive girlfriend)

Bonus: CDs that don’t explicitly feature M boys, but feature passive/submissive boys. ( • v • ) 

Leans Submissive (Dominant/Assertive MC + Submissive Partner)

  • S.O.S-secret ocean story- Episode 02 エリック (S.O.S. Vol.2 • Eric)
  • 彼と添い寝でしたいコトぜんぶ 藤木空 (Kare to soine • Sora)
  • Switching?! - Ayumu, and to an extent, Yuu 
  • 大人のメルヘンシリーズ 大人になりたくない少年 ~好奇心旺盛な彼~(Otona no meruhen Vol. 2 Peter Pan)
  • お姉さまと僕~薔薇の下で逢いましょう~ (Onee-sama to boku 〜Bara no shita de aimashou〜)
  • お姉さまと僕~約束のジュリエット~ (Onee-sama to boku 〜Yakusoku no Juliet〜)
  • 4色の支配者と反逆の業火 第一章 青の王 (Yonshoku no shihaisha to hangyaku no gouka Vol. 1 • Blue king)
  • Twinkle Blossom - Natsume
  • 恋。しかるべき ~芹沢拓海 編~ (Koi. Shikarubeki 〜Serizawa Takumi〜
  • Kare Pillow Vol. 8
  • … ( to be continued )

GFD/RR* Tokutens/Tracks

  • Switching?! 2nd! Stellaworth Tokuten - Kanade 
  • 紅ノ華嫁 (Aka no hanayome) - Mizuho’s rendou tokuten, and the first half of Hidemasa’s rendou tokuten 
  • Reversible + Re:Reversible - always features a RR track
  • 今夜はどうする? (Konya wa dousuru?) - Stellaworth tokutens feature GFD/RR
  • … ( to be continued )

Doujin (Hardcore. These are doujin, after all... 💦)

  • カエデくんの告白。~私が××したい彼~ & カエデくんと2度目のえっち。(Kaede-kun no kokuhaku. ~Watashi ga xx shitai kare~ & Kaede-kun to nidome no ecchi.) 
  • 受けっぽい彼氏、受けっぽ彼氏! (Uke-ppoi Kareshi, Uke-ppoi Kareshi!)
  • お部屋カレシ~尽くし系な年下彼氏を苛めてみたら…~<譲編> (Oheya Kareshi〜Zukushi kei na toshishita kareshi wo ijimete mitara〜)
  • お兄ちゃんだいすき!  (Onii-chan, daisuki!) 
  • ドエス彼氏 ドエム彼氏 (Do-S Kareshi, Do-M Kareshi)
  • クラスの王子様とドSな私 (Class no ouji-sama to do-S na watashi)
  • 赤いヒールのシンデレラ (Akai heel no cinderella)
  • ご主人様と召使い ~カイの場合~ (Goshujin-sama to meshitsukai 〜Kai no baai〜) 仕置 track
  • ご主人様と召使い ~ウィルフレド侯爵の場合~ (Goshujin-sama to meshitsukai 〜Wilfred koushaku no baai〜) 逆転/調教 tracks

*Gentle femdom/role reversal.

**Pun intended.

So You Want to Fight:

You are furious about last night, and I understand. So am I. You want to fight back against this fascist tangerine and the party that buoyed him to the highest office in the land. But you don’t know how.

I do. I am an attorney, licensed by the State of Nebraska. Here are a FEW ways you can start the fight.

1. Get involved with your local politics. Find the leaders in your area who oppose the vitriolic slime mold. Ask them how you can help their causes. Find charities and nonprofits that support what you believe. Give to them, either financially or with your time.

2. Stay on top of Administrative Agencies. Did you know that in order to make a regulation, it has to be opened for public comment? This is true at both the federal and state level. Flood them. Make it administrative hell for them to do anything.

3. Write your Congressmen and Congresswomen. Let them know what you think about upcoming bills and policies. Propose legislation (the more researched and drafted the better). Do this at the state and federal level.

4. Keep an eye on the Supreme Court(s). It is possible for attorneys admitted to practice before the various Supreme Court to submit amicus curiae briefs (legal arguments in support of a position even when they are not a party to the case). If you feel passionately, you can hire attorneys to write these briefs, or even write one to have an attorney submit (they will probably want to revise them, and that is a good thing. Let them. They know things about citation and argument styles that the courts prefer).

5. STAY DETERMINED. Do not let this fire in you die. Do not give into despair. Refuse the darkness and remain constant.

Last, but not least, work to change the hearts of those around you. Erode his support base by making the world kinder, by making the world realize that the foreign Other is neither as foreign or as other as they think. I can’t tell you how best to do that. Compassion, love, righteous indignation, zeal, whatever works best for you, and you feel will make the people around you understand and revise their opinions and feelings.

Is it just me, but I like the idea of Yuri and Otabek being in a relationship without sex? I personally think Yurio is a gray-asexual, and I’m not quite sure about Otabek yet, but I feel like sex isn’t a top priority for him either. I feel like they both would much prefer conversations, kisses, cuddles and FLUFF.

This is just my opinion though. :P


so if you guys wanted to know what I did over winter break

I really wish everyone had someone to have deep conversations with on the phone at 3am when you’re smashed out of your mind and the only thing they care about is that you’re doing okay. I wish more people would be open about their feelings because I’m certainly not- and I know how hard that is for people. It sucks. I honestly know, depression isn’t a joke and some people just think its a punchline which is probably how other people get worse…speaking from experience. 


Happy  Birthday Vivien Leigh !!! (5 November 1913 – 8 July 1967)

“Scorpios burn themselves out and eat themselves up and they are careless about themselves - like me. I swing between happiness and misery and I cry easily. I am a mixture of my mother’s determination and my father’s optimism. I am part prude and part non-conformist and I say what I think and don’t dissemble. I am a mixture of French, Irish and Yorkshire, and perhaps that’s what it all is.”- Vivien Leigh

”She was very like a cat.  She would purr and scratch, and looked divinely pretty doing either.” - Rex Harrison 

“Emphatically the top. In her or anybody else’s times.” - Noel Coward

Holy shit, Greg James just named a whole bunch of campaigns that tried to get their song into the either the #1 spot, or into the Top 40 Christmas chart - about 10 of them, and how all of these other campaigns didn’t succeed. He didn’t specifically name us as being a campaign that was successful, but he highlighted how important streaming has been to the charts this week. We should honestly all feel so proud of ourselves. So many people tried to do what we did, but we’re the only ones that actually made it happen.

Well done everyone!

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Do you like Bojack? I can see you either liking it a lot, or thinking it's way over the top. :) Fwiw, it took me a while to get into it, but the later eps are really where it's at.

I love it. It’s extra poignant for me, and I can relate to a lot of it on a personal level that makes the show mean even more to me than it normally would. 

My efforts to get a role on the second season Stranger Things were a humiliating and depressing failure, but I’m going to try to get a role on the next season of Bojack.

why yes I will talk about that

  • ok, starting with canon basics: ronan lynch is the undisputed king of serving nasty looks. “A lady pushing a baby carriage gave him a dirty look for either sitting on top of the table or for looking disreputable while trafficking with carrion birds. Ronan reflected her look back at her after adding a few more degrees of shittiness to it.” let’s be real ronan destroyed that lady’s life. heck that baby’s life was probably destroyed in the fallout. 
  • so obviously ronan’s divine bitchface expertise comes in handy dealing with homophobes. let’s talk about the TRK scene where him and adam roll up in front of the trailer and adam’s dad is standing there: “Ronan spat into the grass – an indolent, unthreatened gesture. Then he rolled his chin away, contempt spilling over and out of the car, and silently put the window back up.”
  • how did robert parrish continue to live after this incident? like how do you go on from that? I really think I would give up on life if that happened to me
  • so yes normally The Look is all that’s necessary when people stare or snicker. keep in mind that ronan is also the king of prolonged uncomfortable eye contact
  • but woe betide the pricks who yell shit at him and adam from their pickup trucks. I’m not saying ronan would dream a new night horror and have it track them down to put the fear of god in them….but actually he would
  • there’s a store in town that always has signs for shitty right wing politicians in the window. instead of simply not shopping there, which is what all of his friends do, ronan goes in there like every week and just fucks with them. “uhhhhhh do you accept gay dollars? like, dollars that identify as gay? no? ok i’ll just add these to my planned parenthood donation i guess”
  • it’s funny because adam is very much the polite, benefit-of-the-doubt, just-ignore-them guy but he finds it amusing how worked up ronan gets (adam accepted long ago that ronan is always going to be worked up over something)
  • opal is very nonchalant about the fact that her dad has a boyfriend, because why wouldn’t she be? one day some kids at school say that’s weird or gross or something and she mentions it at home. ronan sits her down and has a long serious talk about homophobia and what she should say to those kids. it’s probably the best adam has ever seen ronan deal with a serious talking situation and also maybe the proudest he’s ever been of him