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a playlist for those who try to find beauty in their sadness and for dreamers made of stardust; inspired by vincent van gogh and his artwork
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we existarcade fire // grew up at midnightthe maccabees // mythbeach house // where is my mind (cover)sunday girl // i hope time doesn’t change himthe drums // there is a light that never goes outthe smiths // riptidetaylor swift cover // earthsleeping at last // weightlesscity and colour // turn bluethe black keys // purple yellow red and blueportugal. the man // where is my mindpixies // followcrystal fighters // cigarette daydreamscage the elephant // ketteringthe antlers // compasszella day // the winner takes it allthe vaccines // between the barselliott smith // odysseydream koala // lazulibeach house // undothe 1975 // water mefka twigs // softly draining seasjamie isaac // washbon iver // i foundamber run // happymarina and the diamonds


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Lance again! My sweet child.

Lance is a festival at night, thriving and pulsing with lights and people. It’s winter, but you hardly feel it from all the open fires roasting spices and sumptuous delights around you. Dancers twirl to the sound of drums in a billow of colour. One of them pulls you into their step, and you are helpless to refuse.

Hey friends

The Blue Saints Drum and Bugle Corps is looking for more performers to fill our bus! We have open spots in most sections and accept performers from a range of ages and skill levels. If you don’t have a corps yet and are itching to get onto that field, message this blog for information! Worried because we’re all the way in Canada? Not to worry, you can speak to our Director and organise a rehearsal schedule that works for us and you! It’s not too late to march DCI! March, spread the word, and help grow an organisation!

alternatively titled: gross indie songs i listen to at 3:54 am

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swimming pool // the front bottoms | green eyes // wavves | money // the drums | sleeping sickness // city and colour | car radio // twenty one pilots | night on the sun // modest mouse | fallingforyou // the 1975 | ho hey // the lumineers | dont cry out // shiny toy guns | the boy who blocked his own shot // brand new | the water // feist | take me to church // hozier | whenever you breath out, i breathe in (positive/negative) // modest mouse | kettering // the antlers | blue skies // noah and the whale | the frames that used to greet me // into it. over it. | metaphors // keaton henson | medicine // the 1975 | toothpaste kisses // the maccabees