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Neighbor sued me after harassing my dog for months, lost horribly.

About 6 or 7 months ago, my neighbor got a drone. I don’t mind people having hobbies, but for some reason he insisted on flying like the biggest jerk possible. He would hover in front of other houses and windows, try to “race” cars going down the road, and worst of all he had a habit of flying his drone in my fenced back yard buzzing over my dog, diving low just over my dogs head before circling around to do it again. My dog isn’t small, he’s about 70lbs and a Malamute, but the drone terrified him, and I was worried what would happen if it hit him.

I asked my neighbor several times to please not fly in my yard and explained that it was scaring my dog, he basically told me to get lost and laughed in my face. When it still continued, I called the police. Unfortunately there wasn’t much they could do other than ask him to please not fly over my house/property.

Finally, in late December it happened - my dog got tired of his shit and managed to catch the drone right as it was diving towards him. He shredded the drone, the thing was just a jumbled mess of wires and plastic.

Neighbor was pissed. He stormed over to my house swearing and threatening me, which I ignored. A week later, I got a summons to small claims court - he wanted $900 for the cost of his drone and an additional $300 for supposedly denying him access to his property (the drone sat in my yard for a couple hours before it was retrieved). F*ck that. He could have killed my dog. I don’t have kids or a girlfriend, I just have my dog who is my best friend for the past 7 years. That dog has moved with me three times, was there when I graduated college, saw me buy my first house and my first new car. I love my dog.

Went to LegalAdvice, got some great help from them. Turns out, him suing me was the best thing to ever happen. When we got to small claims court, the judge basically laughed away his claims that I had intentionally trained my dog to attack his drone. But little did he know I was prepared. I had dozens of photos of my yard showing it was impossible for him to “accidentally” fly that low to my dog, videos of him harassing my dog in the past, and I had saved all my medical bills from taking my dog to the vet. $700 for an xray? Check. Another $250 to sedate him during? Why not, don’t want him being uncomfortable. Full dental exam with tooth cleaning/repair? $400. Then there was the cost of anti-anxiety meds and a secondary check up, wet food for a week in case his teeth were hurt, and extra just for good measure. In the end, the a-hole ended up owing me almost $2,000, and now is being investigated by the FAA for not having a registered drone and violating several FAA regulations concerning drone flight, too near an airport, too close to other people, out of sight of operator and waaay above the maximum altitude.

Enjoy never being allowed to fly drones again, d*ck.

Lance Analysis: sneaky boy values stealth and the element of surprise

ok, i’mma be frank. i have no idea where i’m going with this post, i just wanna talk about an interesting thing i’ve recently noticed with Lance’s character. this is probably gonna be a bit disorganized so i apologize but yeah.

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guys this post means so much to me i’m gonna die

can you imagine, Aunt May and Uncle Ben (or maybe his parents, I’m not sure about Peter’s timeline… I’ll go with Uncle Ben for the feels though) taking Peter to Stark Expo so he can maybe catch a glimpse of his hero, Tony Stark?

Uncle Ben buys him an Iron Man mask and a little toy repulsor and he’s just bouncing up and down with excitement, gawking at all the cool inventions, but mostly he can’t wait to see Tony

And then he’s disappointed when he hears that Tony isn’t there, that Hammer Industries is doing the big exhibition, and he’s just so crushed

THEN Iron Man crashes the party and he’s pointing and smiling, going “Look, Uncle Ben!!! That’s him!!!”

The Hammer drones start attacking, and Uncle Ben tries to get Peter out of there, but he loses him in the chaos and Peter spots one of the drones

He’s a kid, he doesn’t really know better, but he does know what Iron Man would do

He raises his hand, fires up his little toy repulsor, and then WHAM

The Hammer drone falls in a pile of sparks and metal, and Peter turns around, startled, only to see Iron Man, Tony Stark himself, standing there

“Nice work, kid,” he says before flying off to save the day, just as Ben finds Peter and scoops him up to take him to safety

And Peter is just in awe. Iron Man thanked him. Tony Stark thought that he helped.

That he was a hero.

Since I get told so frequently that art inconsistency doesn’t take away from the show (which it does) here’s some character/plot inconsistencies I’ve noticed, feel free to add more:

• Amethyst in “last one out of beach city” claims she’s been to heaps off human parties and concerts but in “Gem Harvest” she’s just as oblivious to said traditions as the others are.

• Lapis is fine with watching camp pining hearts on TV in “beta” but in the short thinks Steven is trapped in the tablet, actively trying to free him during a video chat just for the sake of a PTSD joke.

• Peridot can build attack drones, robots and giant drills in a matter of minutes throughout early seasons but can’t even build herself some replacement limb enhancers which she was obviously attached too.

• While having a cracked gem that supposedly lessens her power in “Ocean Gem” Lapis can beat all 3 crystal gems, a lion, a van, drown 2 children and steal Earth’s entire damn ocean but while at full heath she can’t fly away in “Jailbreak” because Jasper grabbed her wrist. She’s literally on the beach as it happens and we saw her overpower her literally a minute later when dragging their fusion to the bottom of the sea making the malachite arc a plot convenience to push them aside while the CGs chase after Peridot.

• When Peridot is trying to escape by flying away on her helicopter hand thing the other gems just stand and watch?? Pearl can shoot lasers from her staff, Garnet can turn her gauntlets into rockets and Amethyst can shapeshift into flying objects and animals so why aren’t they doing anything.

• The gems can track Peridot using her tiny escape pod about the size of a beanbag in “friend ship” but they didn’t even think about looking in the giant ship the size of the entire temple for any trace of Jasper who’s considerably more of a threat.

• Garnet tells Steven in “Steven’s Dream” that if she explains what’s there he’d want to go more but doesn’t think about giving future vision like she’s done 4 times before in which she’d see potential outcomes of a giant evil slave-owning human-stealing planet-colonizing space dictator kidnapping his dad and decide hey that’s bad maybe I won’t go there.

• The story has no over-arching development as Rebbeca Sugar fails to decide a genre for her show, all seemingly important plot like the cluster arc is dropped as the main characters are off having birthday parties and building robots as they seem to forget that a forced fusion incubating in the earth’s crust could take form any moment, tearing apart the planet form the inside killing all organic life and making the entire rebellion worth nothing but when Peridot points this out Steven strums his ukulele and starts singing about how important earth is while aCTIVELY AVOIDING SAVING IT-

• It can’t even decide on its villain - Lapis? Peridot? Jasper? Yellow Diamond? Holly Blue Agate? Nobody was established as a reoccurring threat constantly antagonising them. It can’t even decide if the villains who have done the aforementioned things in my 7th point are actually evil and labelling them “morally grey” so they cant implement a sob story about losing a lover/sister/friend. The relationship between diamonds is hardly distinguishable either which is…bad…

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How about a langst where Lance gives himself to Lotor to save Pidge and when they find him again in Lotor's bed Chambers they try to get him out only to find out that his feet were drilled into the floor?

Hi! Wow! This is super dark! I might change it a bit so the implications are just a little different if that’s okay? I hope you like it!

Warning: This will be bit dark and gory, if this makes you uncomfortable please refrain from reading!

The team sits silently in the dining hall with solemn looks on their faces. Coran and Allura are at the head of the table, a damaged Galran drone in front of them. They share a look, one that seems to convey more than words ever could, before turning to face the paladins.

“We have… reviewed the footage once more, and we have come to a decision.” Allura pauses to look up at Pidge, “Pidge, I’m sorry, but I believe that it will be best if you stay at the castle for this mission.”

Pidge leaps up from their seat. “But Allura I-”

“No. My decision is final.” The princess’s voice is like ice. She turns to look at Keith, Hunk, and Shiro. “You three will lead this mission. Shiro, you will be in charge of keeping Lotor and his team distracted. I will help you. Hunk and Keith, you two are in charge of locating Lance and getting him out as fast as possible.” She stops speaking and turns her gaze to the table. Coran takes this as his prompt to start speaking.

“I know that we’re all worried about Lance, but we need to be careful. No one else can be captured, the universe can’t afford it. Lance has been in Lotor’s hands for several days now. You will have to get him to the medical bay as soon as possible.” Coran says. 

The paladins take everything in with a determined expression on their drawn faces. Their friend has been trapped on the ship of a monster for days on end. Will there even be someone left to save?

Allura takes their silence as acceptance and begins to stride out of the room, tossing a command behind her as she goes. “We will be within range of Lotor’s ship in five minutes. Get to your lions. Pidge, go with Coran.” The echo of her voice is lost amongst the sounds of scraping chairs and feet pounding against the floor as the paladins rush from the room.


Hunk fidgets anxiously in his seat as the other paladins begin to enact the plan. Allura and Shiro have their lions attacking Lotor’s ship right now. What if something goes wrong? What if Lance isn’t even there? What if-

“Hunk.” Keith’s voice breaks into Hunk’s thoughts. “It’ll be okay. We need to go now. Can you fly, or do I need to take control? Green would really prefer you…” He trails off and Hunk realizes that he expects a response.

“I’m fine Buddy. I’m just a bit worried. I can pilot Green. We should be grateful that she allowed us to pilot her, since this mission is too dangerous for Pidge.”

Keith nods in agreement. “Alright. Now let’s go.”

Hunk releases a breath and moves green onto the battlefield, invisibility cloak activated.

All around them drones are attacking the Blue and Black lions viciously. There are a couple of faster pods that could be being piloted by Lotor’s generals. The green lions sneaks past all of it as it makes it’s way to the under belly of the galra ship.

Once they’re sure that they are out of view Hunk and Keith exit the lion and begin breaking into one of the release doors that litter the ship. It’s not hard, and soon they’re inside.

Hunk looks around himself at the dimly lit tunnel. Keith nudges his arm and points in the direction of what appears to be a hallway for the cleaning drones and lesser ship members. Hunk nods and begins to follow him. That’s going to lead to every room on the ship.


After a while Hunk realizes that the corridor really does lead to every room on the ship. They’ve checked several room and haven’t had any luck locating Lance. Hunk is about to give in and call for help when Keith stops him.

“Look” He whispers, pointing towards a large door to the right. “That must be it.” Keith sounds so sure, and Hunk has to agree that this door does look very ‘prisoner-y’.

The each take a side of the door, counting to three before Hunk blasts it open with his Bayard. Keith rushes in immediately after, shield raised, but stops dead in his tracks. Hunk almost slams into him, but soon freezes in place as well.

The room before them appears to be some sort of twisted ballroom. The walls glow a dark shade of purple and the floors are made of steel. The only light in the room is coming from a chandelier made of balmeran crystals. There are several torn banners hanging from the walls and ceiling, shredded like something clawed at them.

Though, the room isn’t the only horrifying aspect of what the paladins are witnessing.

There, in the center of the dance floor, stands Lance. His body is frozen in position for the waltz, unmoving except for the rising and falling of his chest.

Hunk and Keith rush forward as soon as they register what they’re seeing. They aren’t prepared for what they see when he comes into focus under the dim lights. Hunk can’t hear anything but the sound of his own heart as he stares in horror at his best friend.

Lance’s armor is shredded and melted to look like a sort ball gown. The sharp spires of his destroyed pants form a dangerous looking skirt, coated in what Hunk really wishes wasn’t blood. Lance’s arms are held in positing by chains hanging from the ceiling. His hands appear to be completely drained of blood. The feet are even worse though. Instead of chains, Lance’s feet have been forced into metal heels that are attached to the floor. To keep that paladin from stepping out of them they appear to have been melted onto him.

Hunk feels ill as he turns his gaze to Lance’s face. Above Lance’s eyebrow is a cut, and from it a stream of dried blood cascades down into Lance’s eyes, his very own mask for the ball.

The two distraught paladins don’t even register when Lance lets out a strangled laugh.

“I know I look fabulous, but could one of you help me? These heels are killing me…”


Okay so, that episode Starscream tries to join the Autobots? What if he wasn’t such a clod and didn’t reveal that he killed Cliffjumper? What if he actually got in and started working for the Autobots?

Of course, at first, Starscream would only join Bots because he wanted to use them to get rid of Megatron and become the leader of the Cons, because of course he would. But then he would start to realize something, little by little. 

He notices that even though the base in dirty and food is scarce, he feels much more relaxed here than he ever was on Nemesis. There is none of that looming feeling of Megatron beating you senseless, drones disrespecting you, Knock Out and Breakdown laughing at you or Arachnid humiliating you. He is free to do and be whatever he wants to be, as long as he doesn’t piss off the Bots, and that actually seems harder than he first thought. Sure, at first they are all on their toes about Stars, but after few weeks, they treat him like he was part of their team.

Stars goes to missions with Bumblebee, and learns that it was Megatron who stole his voice, and feels sympathy over him, for he too has been hurt by Megatron in the past. He hangs out with Bulkhead and learns that he isn’t just a “dumb big guy” he always though he was, and that Bulk is actually one of the first to accept him and support him. He helps Ratchet out and goes back to his scientific roots before the was and when Ratchet learns that Star used to be a scientist, they start having long debates and conversations about different formulas and eventually Stars helps Ratch make the perfect formula for synthetic energon. Arcee is not as easy, but once Star cracks few jokes about Arachnid, she warms up to her. The two joke around and grow quite close. Eventually he is even let to meet the kids and grows to find them, annoying at first, but later quite entertaining. Miko gets him into music, Raf wants to learn about Cybetronian science, and Ratchet isn’t a very talkative person so Stars makes a great teacher, and Jack is a great listener and supporter, even when Stars in denying his sorrow and inner pain.

But it’s Optimus that finally seals the deal. The two are on a mission together, and Starscream screws up, majorly. It’s nothing deadly or too dangerous, but it still causes him to panic because Megatron has beaten him for less. He gets on his knees and begs for Optimus’ forgiveness, sure that the Prime will beat him otherwise. But instead, Optimus stares at him, confused and even shocked, when he realizes why Stars is acting like this. Instead of hurting Stars, he embraces him and tells him that he is not angry and that it wasn’t Starscream’s fault. Stars doesn’t believe what just happened. Optimus, a PRIME just forgave him for his mistakes, and… comforted him. Starscream starts to re-think his choices and plans for using the Bots. For the first time in centuries, he has found someone he can truly respect and want to call his leader. He has found people who care of him and love him despite their bad past together. He has found something he thought long lost… a family.

So now, he accepts the fact that he indeed is an Autobot now. He keeps his aerial-form, he loves flying too much to give it up, but gets another, third form for himself. A motorbike. A TWO-WHEELER. Everyone know’s his hate of land-vehicles and two-wheeler’s especially so this is a special moment for everyone. Starscream asks for Ratchet to replace his Decepticon-symbol with an Autobot-one. He starts to work full time on taking down Cons. He gets better weapons and learns new fighting techniques. Just so that he can be useful for the bots, just so that he can make Optimus proud. 

Under the sharp and cold Con the Bots find a fun-loving, strong, smart and even caring Cybetronian, who just wants his home back. He no longer cares about leadership, now that he has a leader he truly supports and cares about. And who also cares of him. 

One time on the battlefield, one drone refuses to attack Starscream. It’s Steve. He begs to join “Lord” Starscream and serve him again like he did before. Stars takes a look at Optimus (who smiles and nods) and then helps the drone to his feet. “Please, call me Screamy. All my friends do.” And Steve joins the Bots.

Wheeljack and Fowler are bit harder, seeing how Starscream did keep them prisoner and tortured them. But both see how he has changed and understand that war is a serious thing and people on different sides sometimes need to do horrible things for their own side’s benefits, and eventually forgive him.

And the Smokescreen happens. Oh dear, does Smokescreen happen. Starscream is so exited to have someone new to join he hasn’t met before. He is no longer the youngest bot! Smokescreen is all confused like “YOU’RE Starscream!? No! That can’t be! You’re supposed to be evil and shit????” but soon they before great friends. Starscream finds amusing how formal Smokes is especially around Optimus, for he knows that the Prime is a kind and caring soul and not a military officer. Ultra Magnus and Stars never truly get along, but they too learn to tolerate each other.

But then, something happens that changes his happiness back to pain. Because of course.

Arcee happens to make a joke about their and Cliffjumper’s past, and Stars remembered. He really did kill part of Team Prime. He had been PROUD of that fact before, but now… Arcee tells him how she felt about him and how she misses him every day, only making Stars feel more bad than before. Stars starts to isolate himself from the others. He can’t bear to look at them or be with them. He killed their friend after all. It was long time ago, but that didn’t make it any better. Stars is in pain and cries every night.

Eventually he comes out of his room, asks for everyone’s attention. He has to do this. He can’t keep it in. Everyone gathers around, worried of their friend. Stars looks at them. “I don’t deserve this” he thinks. The Bots are asking him what is wrong. Stars tells that he has to come clean, for he can no longer live with the guilt. With tears in his eyes and crack in his voice (more than usual) he says it…

“I killed Cliffjumper.”

There is a silence. No-one says anything. Starscream closes her optics and waits. He knows, he just KNOWS he will be killed for that. But he doesn’t care. He is ready. More ready than ever. He is willing to take the punishment. 

But it never comes. Arcee walks to him, the boys telling her, panicking, to “not do it”, thinking that she will hurt him. But she doesn’t. She takes Stars’ servos in her own and looks at him in the optics and asks…

“Did you kill him quickly?” 

Stars tells exactly what happened, what Cliff said to trigger him and cause him to do it. He tells that Cliff died rather quickly even if not painless. Arcee, instead of being angry, hugs Starscream, for everyone’s surprise. She thanks Stars for telling the truth and being honest with her. Now she can finally put Cliff to rest in her mind. Sure, she will always miss Cliff and wish he wasn’t dead, but she can’t hate the “new Starscream” for the “old” ones mistakes. 

Everyone joins in the hug and tell Stars that they forgive him. He was a con back then, his job was to kill bots! He wasn’t himself back then! He was pressured by Megatron! He was not a monster for killing in a war!

Starscream can only cry. Whether it’s tears of pain or happiness, only he knows.

The war is over. Megatron and Unicron are defeated. The well of Allsparks is working again. Kock Out has joined the Bots. 

Starscream helps with the rebuilding of Cybetron. He is more quiet than before. He hasn’t forgiven himself for his actions, and he just lost Optimus, the leader he was ready to die for. But he is still happy to be alive to see the war end and promises to protect his new home with all he has.

Then Bumblebee comes to him and asks if Stars would like to become the new leader of Voss.

Whether he says yes or no… well. I let everyone make their own conclusions.

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65.“Why does everyone assume the worst of me.” “It saves time.” For the prompt thing :D

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Look, if anything, before you point any fingers of accusation, it was all, and he says all, on Keith.

“Oh, say whatever helps you sleep at night, Lance,” Keith grits out, somewhere behind Lance, and Lance doesn’t know how in the world could he hear Keith of all people when there are literally laser guns trying to kill them, but he digresses. “Just focus on keeping me safe!”

“I’m working on that!” Pew, pew, pew. Three druids go down. Lance hopes they weren’t remotely sentient, because he feels mildly bad them. “If you could just – hush for a second–”

Maybe a little bit of context might make the scene clearer, but time is the only thing Lance didn’t have right now, so he’ll make it quick. Basically:

1. Voltron is on a mission, with full awareness by the Blade of Marmora, because they planned this a few quintants ago in a meeting,

2. The plan included Lance, and only Lance, entering one of the top bases, source by a certain white haired Prince Lotion (Lance doesn’t like him, and he makes his distaste very very clear), to obtain some intel on what Zarkon is planning for,

3. All was well until a masked purple silhouette suddenly barged in the middle of the base, somewhere in front of Lance, and alerted the guards,

4. Surprise surprise, it was Keith, and

5. Here they were.

I’m getting red signals – Lance, what on earth did you do?

Lance’s eyes twitches, and he tries to make his frustrations as concealed as possible, channel your inner Elsa, Lance. “Why does everyone assume the worst of me,” he mutters instead, trying to defend himself and cover for the mullet’s stupid ass, again, because he’s charging into enemy visual, again.

This is the first duo mission the both of them had together in a while, and it’s not even part of the plan.

“It saves time,” Keith calls out casually somewhere in front of him, somewhat effortlessly, as he dodged another bullet swiftly, and Lance wonders how Keith heard him from all the way there. All the Galra training must’ve sharpened his hearing. Great, because that meant Lance didn’t need to make his gossiping as obvious as he needs to.

“It saves– Are you serious?!” Pew. “You’re the one who barged in out of literally nowhere–”

Lance, who are you – is someone with you?

“No duh, Pidge! I don’t talk to myself like that!”

The fact that you say that means you do in fact talk to yourself.

“I may be crazy, but I’m not a liar–”

Guys, concentrate.” It’s Shiro’s voice, and Lance purses his lips immediately, frowning. “Lance, who’s with you?

Lance watches as Keith lands in a bridge position, kicking his leg upwards and somersaulting while simultaneously sweeping the drones’ off their feet. Dang, he’s really gotten a lot better. Lance needs to train more if he wants to catch up with that.

“Who do you think? I literally do not talk to anyone else like this–”

“It’s good that you’re self aware!” Keith slices an arm clean of a joint.

“Why are you even here?!” Lance scans the grounds. They’re severely outnumbered – normally he’d go up on higher ground to cover Keith better, but he doesn’t want Keith that easily cornered. “You were there in the meeting – it’s a solo mission! With my name on it!”

Keith turns back to him for a moment, mouth opening as if wanting to say something, but a drone attacks and he swivels around to parry the attack.

“Just ignore me, great,” Lance mutters, picking weak links of the battlefield. They should really evacuate. “I’m calling for an evacuation.”

Copy that–

No, we can’t leave without the information.

Lance groans, frustrated. “Look, Shiro, I don’t mean to question your leadership, but we’re literally going to die out here if we don’t abort mission in like, three ticks, so help me if I–”

“I got it covered!” Someone slides next to Lance, and Lance feels something press against his helmet. “Pidge, initiate evacuation protocol.”

What am I, an underpaid worker?

Pidge, we’re not even paid.

Pidge rattles off coordinates, and Lance takes shelter from a conveniently placed counter to check the location on his gauntlet. Keith presses at his side, uncomfortably close, and Lance briefly wonders how did he even know it was Keith with the hood and mask.

Keith’s mask dissolves, and Lance tries not to dwell on how much he missed his stupid face. Keith breaths, warm air on Lance’s cheek. His eyes track down the blinking red that appears on the holograph – that Lance should be concentrating on too.

“It’s close,” Keith notes, and Lance turns to the screen when Keith turns to look at him. “I passed that area when I came in.”

Lance closes his eyes. “Pidge, is there anything we should be worried about?”

Huh? Uh, no, not really. Hunk is coming in to distract and diverge, so you’ll have around 30 ticks tops.

“Aight, cool, be right back.”

Wait, Lance–

Lance turns off his communicator and turns to Keith.

Keith’s eyes are wide, colors seemingly never decided between blue or purple. His hair is messy, longer than he remembered. His body looks more muscular, but his cheeks are somewhat hollow, like he hasn’t been eating well, and Lance has to reaching out and touching his cheek because he missed that face so so much

There are a lot of things he wants to say. Like “God, I missed you so much,” or “have you been eating enough?” or “I have something I need to tell you because I don’t know when I’ll get the chance to and I’m scared it’ll be too late when I finally muster up the courage to.”

Instead of all that, Lance hisses out, “what the actual fuck are you doing here?”

Keith’s look hardens, and he turns away scowling. “At least act like you missed me.”

Lance clenches his fist. He doesn’t want to have this conversation when they’re still in battle. Too much distraction. “Let’s go.”

Keith purses his lips, but he follows Lance.

Once they were out of sight, Lance slams Keith into the wall and growls, “what the fuck.”

Keith tries to free himself, but the look in Lance’s eyes strips him of all his energy. He can’t decipher it – and he thinks he can’t ever – but he knows he’s seen that look from somewhere.

From when Lance approached him in his bedroom.

(He can still remember that day vividly – the way Lance hugged himself, like he was trying to make himself as small as possible; the way he kept looking at everywhere except Keith, except for when he said he should step aside, even though that’s probably the single most ridiculous thing Keith had ever heard him say; the way his eyes sorta held a silent plea, as if asking Keith for something, something, but Keith didn’t know what it was–)

“You can’t just – just appear out of nowhere and just – expect me to – ugh!” Lance throws his hands in the air. “You’re throwing me off! Stop!”

Keith holds his hands up. “I was just trying to–”

“Oh, zip it, mullet,” Lance crosses his arms haughtily, “Trying to what? Ruin the mission? Which is what you did, by the way! Now we don’t even have what we–”

“I have it,” Keith mutters, holding up a tiny rectangular device. “Took it while they were distracted, but there was some unexpected guests. I had to rig a bomb somewhere else to keep you out of danger.”

Lance falls silent, staring at the levitating box. His shoulders tense up, and he looks like he’s about to break down, but he says, “why?”

Keith feels his throat dry up. “I,” he swallows, “I thought you needed help.”

“This – I – You –” Lance makes a frustrated noise. “Stop looking at me like a kicked puppy, dammit!”

Keith flushes, and Lance groans, burying his face in his hand. “Kicked puppy? What do you–”

“Never mind!” Lance waves him away. “Never mind. We’ll just go.”

They barely make it to the pod, but Keith thinks it’s alright. Lance doesn’t look as bad as he did initially, he’s cracking up a few dumb jokes when Pidge scolds him when he turns back the communicator on–

–and he doesn’t tense up when Keith sits next to him.

What Are You Afraid Of? - Kai Anderson

Pairing: Kai Anderson x Reader
Genres: Smut
Summary: You decide to spend the day at the Anderson’s to watch the final presidential debate. When Kai flips out and ends up getting voilent with one of Winter’s other friends, and you have no way home, you spend a little time with the blue haired male instead.
Warnings: I mean… unprotected smut? Dirty talk because I imagine Kai to be a talker. Also mentions of sexual harrassment.
Word Count: 4600

Originally posted by thinittobeit

“Are you sure it’s okay to come around? I don’t want to intrude if you’re with other friends.” You spoke to Winter through the phone that was balanced between your face and shoulder as you fiddled with the keys to your beat up old rustic car, attempting desperately to keep hold of the bottle of wine you’d just bought.

“Of course it’s fine! You can’t come all the way out here and not come see me, I miss you!” Winter complained.

“Fine, fine! Text me your address and I’ll be over soon!”

“Bring wine!” Winter laughed.

“Already on it.” You smirked.

After you turned on the car ignition and input Winter’s address into your phone, you started on your short lived journey to the Anderson’s, smiling as you reminisced the first time you and Winter had spoken.

During the first week of your first semester at college, you’d secured yourself a job in a local bakery, and was tasked with the job of handing out promotional leaflets around campus. After successfully giving out only around ten flyers, a group of students decided it would be great fun to smack the pile of papers out of your hands, sending them flying across the ground. The wind carried them off all over the place as they shared laughter. The only person who stopped to help you as you got onto the cold concrete floor to collect the few remaining flyers was Winter. 

She bought you a coffee after that, and convinced you to skip work the next day to join her for wine and pizza; you didn’t turn it down. You were fired a week later, but it was all worth it. Winter had become one of your best friends at college and since you were around her current area and knew just how into the election she was, you thought it could be fun to hang out for a while.

After your car came to a bumpy halt along the sidewalk of the Anderson household, you grabbed the wine and made your way towards the front door; the lawn sporting both right and left wing flags making you slightly more interested in the politics battle currently going on inside. 

You only had to knock twice before Winter answered, swooping you up into a hug.

“Thank god you’re here, the debate is just about to start.” Winter explained as she led you down into what you could only assume was the basement. 

Truthfully, you weren’t all that interested in politics, and, although you knew who you were putting your vote in for, you really only came along to support Winter as you were very familiar with how seriously she took this election.

Once you’d been completely enveloped in the darkness of the basement Winter introduced you to her two friends who were happily nestled on the large couch, and her brother, Kai, who was typing away furiously at his keyboard.

Winter had mentioned her brother a couple of times but you’d never pictured him to look the way he did. Blue hair long in front of his deep almost black eyes. He looked strong and broad and his facial structure looked very shard and pristine despite having only the light from his laptop shining up from underneath his chin. Truth be told, Kai Anderson was hot.

Kai had watched you as you walked down the stairs to the basement, his eyes tracing every inch of your body from tip toe to thigh to waist to face. He’d not recognised you, and so he was immediately interested, not really acting as though he was paying much attention to the things you said or the way you said them, but in actuality, only focussing on them as his eyes bore holes into his computer screen.

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The Recruit (Chapter 40) - Mitch Rapp

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “Day 207″ 

Characters: Mitch Rapp, Scott Coleman & Reader/OFC

Author’s Note: I am very fearful of being culturally ignorant or offensive, and also perpetuating negative stereotypes. I consulted a handful of my wonderful followers about if the reader wearing a burqa as a disguise would be offensive, and feedback was unanimously negative. They all said it would not be offensive, as long as I didn’t paint the burqa as a negative or disrespect its cultural importance. I hope that I did okay. Thank you to everyone who talked to me about it :)

Additional Note: thanks to @merna221b for helping me with some of my Arabic :) a single semester and gooooogle translate can only get a girl so far. 

gif credit: @ryvetted4

Summary: Mitch and Y/n get sent off to Yemen where the Bahji terror cell has gone underground, after losing their Lebanese compound in a drone attack months earlier. They meet up with the United States Navy SEAL Team that has been assigned to help them, and begin to put their plan in motion.

Chapter Thirty-Nine - Masterlist - Chapter Forty-One

Mitch glanced over at you when he saw your palm connect with your mouth. He then heard the groaning sounds that accompanied your yawns. He spoke lowly, while gently stroking your cheek. “Just sleep already, baby. It’ll be hours before we make it to Aden. We don’t both need to be awake.”

You shook your head slowly against his chest, your fingers curling against his shirt a little more, as you yawned again. “What if something happens?”

“Then I’ll wake you up.” You groaned quietly, and Mitch caught the eye of the driver in the rear view mirror. He sent the man a lopsided smile and nodded. “You haven’t slept in over twenty-four hours, Y/f/i. Just sleep.”

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I had this idea for awhile.
There is this Lance turning into a cat fanfic that I really like and I really wanted to write something with cat lance.
So I started having all these funny scenarios where Lance would get stuck or they lost lance in the space mall, stuff like that.
But the problem was I wanted to add some langst so I thought I could have lance doubt that he was useless and was better in cat form.
I suddenly started having hcs for the story after lance was turned back into a human

• The team would sometimes forget that Lance was the cat (the name was Azul)
and get all worried when they couldn’t Azul when they started to do team training
• In the middle of training everyone expect lance and coran would run off in search of Azul
• Lance would be left to train alone
• Lance soon realizes the team got so use to him not being around they would forget he was even there
• And when he spoke up the team would blow him off saying that they need to find Azul but then they would realize that Lance was Azul and they would walk off awkwardly
• After giving up trying, Lance would only spend time in his room or the training deck
• He would spend hours attacking the drones that he got so good he could easily defeat 5 level 10 robot warrior things at once
• he also managed to master the Bayard where he can change it
• the team never noticed
• this would go on for a few months before Lance found himself in the training deck one night
• he had just knocked down one of the robots and he started to laugh hysterically to the point where he was violently sobbing
• at that point he forgot the robots were still on and they had started attacking him but Lance didn’t even flinch
• after awhile he finally got up and went to bed with bruises and scrapes running up and down along his limbs
• in the morning he went to breakfast, everyone was there expect coran, but no one noticed how injury Lance was
• but as soon as coran walked in he noticed and started asking question
• with the Altean’s reaction, everyone s was looking at Lance concerned and started to ask their own questions but lance would not respond
• Allura asked him ‘who did this? You didn’t do this to yourself right?’
• but lance again didn’t respond just kept eating his food
• keith then had enough and started yelling at Lance and restated Allura’s question angrily
• At this point lance just started to laugh sickly and started to tell them how he didn’t want to become human again because he knew they wouldn’t pay attention to him anymore and about how the ignored him
• Lance got so angry in his rant that he slammed his fists against the table only to cry out in pain and fall backwards hitting his agaisnt the floor, knocking himself out
• when lance woke from the healing pod no one was in the room and lance started to cry once more
• he then started to think back when he use to cut himself and how he felt so happy when he did
• Lance then found something sharp and started cutting but then Keith entered the room
• Keith got angry at Lance and started yelling and telling him he loved him, etc…
• Keith then made lance promise he wouldn’t kill himself and then left the room
• once again lance started crying mumbling how he wanted to die
• he then realized that he promised that HE would not kill himself and thus started the plan of trying to get killed during fights with Zarkon
• few months pass and the team thinks lance in getting better but he’s not
• a few days later they found themselves in a battle and lance purposely flu blue into a tractor beam and was captured
• the team was devastated
• when lance is in the hands of Zarkon, he felt happy because he was constantly in pain and away from his so called friends
• but it only lasted for a few months, the team found him and rescued him
• keith was carrying lance to the healing pods but as soon as lance realized where they were going he pushed away from keith to the floor
• he pushed himself against the wall yelling he did want to be heal that he wanted to die right there
• keith yelled that lance promised he wouldnt die but lance yelled back that he only promised he wouldnt kill himself
• then lance stopped yelling and closed his eyes saying he was going to die and that the last thing he would see was keith face as a remember of how much of a screw up he was

I got to about there before I started crying.
Anyways after he lost consciousness, he woke up to keith eyes and then that’s where I would end the story, because I don’t want to end where Lance dies at the end. That is a little to much.

I’m going to langst hell

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ElGang's reaction to getting bitchslapped in the face for no reason by a stranger


  • Hey it might’ve been a reflex but does he regret it? No they slapped him
  • Like bruh I don’t even know you get away from me with your weak ass slap
  • Actually thinks about kicking them while they’re down for a few seconds but decides against it
  • He forgives and forgets he ain’t that petty


  • Tries not to cry
  • Fails miserably
  • Honestly a blubbering baby while trying to curse them out
  • “Y-you shut fuck your mouth!!”
  • If anyone is with her, any of the boys-not Ain or Add, the assholes-expect to get your ass kicked.


  • Like Elsword, reflexively reacts but instead of hitting you? She catches your hand and flips you
  • Elves are fuckin’ ninjas yo
  • Straight up slams you on the pavement and them gasps and apologizes even though you tried to hit her first
  • Elves may be ninjas but they also apologize a lot. 
  • A. Lot. 


  • Doesn’t even fucking flinch when you slap him. 
  • Bitch deadass blinks and calmly sighs before completely decking you.
  • If he uses his Nasod Arm you better have written your will because you will not fucking survive
  • But honestly why slap this man he’s just a crow dad tryna survive


  • What do you mean slap Eve
  • One, that would hurt you, she’s made of fucking metal
  • Two, she does the slapping. Not you. Get outta here.
  • You don’t even get the chance to slap her before she’s whipped out her pimp gloves and just backhands you out into next week


  • My god like Aisha he tries not to cry and he fails, he fails so badly
  • Chung’s an ugly crier lemme tell you, but imagine his face looming over yours with tears and snot while he’s asking you why
  • What did he do to you to get hurt like that
  • Slap Chung for guilt points and bad karma like the monster you are


  • Martial artist getting slapped?? Doesn’t sound like a good idea
  • Grabs your arm and twists when you make the movement to hurt her and just
  • Boom before you know it you’re thrown against the wall, maybe even unconscious
  • If you did manage to hit her she’ll probably at least be holding back tears
  • She’s squishy what can I say


  • Slaps back
  • If it was playful expect a slapping war, if not…yeaahh..
  • You’ll be out for a few days. Have you seen the sword she carries?
  • I heard Elesis had an eight pack. That Elesis was shredded.
  • You of course think Elesis is a punk-ass bitch, and this is why you’re in a mini-coma. Dumbass.


  • Honestly attaches a tracking device to you like a spiteful shit and makes your life hell for a few days
  • I’m talking random electrocutions, attack drones showing up at your doorstep, etc
  • He even sends you an EMP bomb in a box
  • Let’s be honest he went back to his room and was just tearfully cursing you out for a while before he got to work


  • Doesn’t cry, doesn’t hit back, she just yells for Ciel and gives you about five seconds to make like a banana and split before he comes for you
  • Why on earth you would slap the Steel Queen of Demons is beyond me, and one that’s made a pact with a human…well, you’re not too smart.
  • Gets Ciel to carry her around and buy her ice cream to make her feel better


  • Honestly Lu is more mad than he is
  • Lu’s just sitting there screaming obscenities at you and Ciel’s over there trying to figure out why you slapped him
  • Did he accidentally shoot a hole in your wall? Did he trample on your plants? What did he do
  • The answer is he did nothing, you’re just an ass tbh
  • He shrugs, apologizes, and drags Lu away
  • Peaceful man stops angry goblin demon from attacking human


  • Another reflexive badass, Rose will have you pinned down and crying uncle for even trying to get near her
  • Zero’s cackling and calling you a dumbass for trying to attack a royal guard with clear amusement
  • The poor guy’s been stuck in her rucksack all day give him a break
  • It’ll take a lot to get Rose to let you go or at least let up on the pressure on your wrist, she’s already alert and battle ready


  • ????? Is this how humans greet each other? It fucking hurts
  • Slaps back because he thinks he’s supposed to at first but he doesn’t hold back
  • Twig man is surprisingly strong and you go flying
  • Elsword’s cackling like a maniac and he doesn’t know why like
  • Elsword are you ok do you need help?
  • No, Ain, but I’m sure the person you just made your bitch needs it.

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Shidge - iridescent

Iridescent, adjective

  1. showing luminous colors that seem to change when seen from different angles.

Post-victory highs are often accompanied by post-victory comedowns; after a year surviving in the arena, Shiro knows this better than most. And while his post-victory comedown often came in the form of a swift and deep sleep, it tended to look a little different for the rest of Team Voltron. With a long and well-fought win came all sorts of shenanigans.

So, he’s not all that surprised to find Pidge missing from the labs and her room empty. Pushing aside that small but whiny voice in his head that insists he track her down as soon as possible, (just to check on her, of course, and compliment her on quick reaction with the scanner in the lion earlier) Shiro’s about to turn back towards his room as pass out for a few hours when Keith comes down the hall. Keith’s steps are quick and tight, like he’s simultaneously trying to maintain restraint while moving as fast as possible. Head bent, he’s muttering under his breath and doesn’t seem to realize he’s on a collision course with Shiro.

Shiro steps to the other side of the hall before catching Keith’s attention. “Keith, have you seen Pidge around?”

Keith looks up, then looks over his shoulder. He slows down a bit and glances over his shoulder again.

“Yeah, just a tick ago. She’s in the lounge with Lance and Allura, but I’d advise you to steer clear. I went to go relax and read some, but Allura and Lance are apparently in one of their makeover moods, and they’ve already got Pidge trapped.” Keith shivers. “They tried to get me, too, but I managed to dodge them.”

Before Shiro can respond, Keith picks back up his pace. “Just be careful if you get any closer to the lounge! I think they’ve got Hunk working for them.”

“Thanks,” Shiro says, unable to keep a sigh from mixing with his chuckle.

He makes it all the way to the lounge door without being ambushed by Hunk or anyone else, though for a split second, he swears he spots one of the mice trailing him. Shrieks and laughter resonate from behind the closed door.

Pidge’s voice carries out into the hall. “Stooooop iiiiittt!”

“Not until you admit it,” he hears Allura say in a sing-song.

“Over my dead and very sparkly body!”

“Come on Pidge…” Lance needles.

Shiro’s half-tempted to risk his physical well-being in order to catch a sight of whatever it is they’re up to. The last time Pidge had been roped into a post-battle makeover, well… Shiro had thought about those results more often than proper ever since. But he knows Keith’s warnings are earnest, just as he knows how Lance and Allura have been itching to get their hands on his hair.

He turns away. Pidge’s voice trails behind, a soft, “Fine. You guys are totally right, okay? Now just lay off…”

“Oh, come on! We just kicked these guys’ asses!”

Pidge looks livid as she bends over her control station. She purses her lips and bangs away at the keyboard while Shiro watches from the main battleship console next to Allura. Keith and Lance run the attack drones from their seats while Hunk frantically works with Coran to get the hangar doors open from down in the ship’s belly.

Everything about her is sharp in three-quarters profile, from the rise of her cheeks to the furrow of her brow. She’s taut, even in motion, a bow waiting to release a fatal strike. Shiro’s stomach does a funny wobble that has nothing to do with the rocking of the Castle as Allura dodges an incoming strike.

Pidge looks up suddenly, and their eyes meet. Mid-battle is a bad time to get caught staring, but even now he can’t look away. The glasses have come off, so there’s nothing to buffer the intensity of her honey gold gaze.

“Shiro, I need you to come look at this attack pattern,” she says. “There’s something different about it, but I can’t tell what’s off.”

Right. They were in the middle of something other than him ogling her at inappropriate times. He squares his shoulders and hopes the serious expression on his face will counteract the blush.

He comes around her other side to peer down at the screen she has pulled up. Heads bent together, they go back and forth until it clicks. Shiro identifies the issue: a well-cloaked fourth ship, firing at the same time as the others from different locations to mask its presence. It takes Pidge mere ticks after that to disable the other ship’s camouflage system, and a few doboshes for Lance and Keith to chase the other ships off.

Hunk’s voice comes from the comms a tick later. “Got the doors open! Better late than never, right?”

Chuckling, Shiro straightens and looks to Pidge, only to find her staring straight back at him. All of that battle hardness drains away from her features as she shoots him a Pidge-special: half-cocked grin, quirk of an eyebrow.

“Good work,” he says.

“You too.”

It’s then he notices the shimmer to her cheeks and the sparkle at the corners of her eyes. From where he’s standing, looking down at her, she glows with near opalescence - silver, firey green, rich violet. It flatters the subtle softness of her features. As if she needed any more help looking striking.  

“What is it?” she asks, and he knows he’s been staring for too long this time.

“Your face,” he says, then internally cringes at how jarring that must sound. “I mean, you look-” Beautiful? his mind suggests. Radiant?

Pidge’s expression falls flat. “Quiznak, am I still glittery?”

She scrubs at one cheek, then curses again and pulls away her hand. The black of her glove is now covered in a bright, colorful sheen. Pidge groans.

“The makeover. Allura used some kind of alien space glitter on me and no matter how much I tried last night, I couldn’t get it all off. Knowing those two, it’ll probably last all week.”

“You look nice,” Shiro finally manages.

There’s a speck of flashing color just below her eye. Before Shiro can stop himself, he reaches over, cradles her cheek, and slowly sweeps the piece of glitter away with his thumb. A new hue joins the ever-shifting shades of her face, a deep and lovely red.

“Really nice.”

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Okay but Team Voltron Meeting Team RWBY

Pidge and Ruby being absolute geeks about each other’s weapon/bayard.

Shiro and Yang comparing their prosthetic arms (it’s close because both are so fluid to use).

Lance getting really homesick and asking Ruby if Remnant ever receives rain (he starts begging Shiro to take them to Remnant).

Hunk experimenting in the kitchen while Team RWBY (mainly Ruby) give him an array of strange ideas.

Keith and Blake being relatable over being the only non-human (well kind of non-human for Keith) in their team.

Team RWBY finding out that the bayards can change into different weapons with sufficient training and being more excited than the paladins.

Lance and Yang being punny, bisexual dorks.

Keith and Blake sighing over their punny, bisexual dorks.

Shiro giving Ruby inspiring pep talks to Ruby about being a good leader (lol we all know he’s dead inside).

Lance hitting on Weiss, who just glares at him and drags Ruby next to her.

Pidge and Blake having deep conversations about conflicts on their home planets.

Team Voltron discovering Team RWBY’s semblances and auras and just having all the curiosity.

Hunk showing team RWBY the mechanisms of the lions (excitement levels: through the roof).

Lance, Hunk and Pidge sharing their experiences with team RWBY about their time in the Galaxy Garrison (Keith listening sulkily).

Team Voltron and Team RWBY sparring together in the training simulator - they’re getting to level 100 faster than you can say ‘Quiznak’.

Team RWBY trying out the paladin trust test (like the invisible labyrinth and the drone attack etc.) and absolutely bossing them.

Cuba to Trump: US in no position to lecture
Responding President Trump's announcement Friday on rolling back steps to normalize relations, the Cuban government said the US is in no position to "lecture us."
By Miranda Green, CNN

“We have deep concerns by the respect and the guaranties of the human rights in that country, where there is a large number of cases of murder, brutality and police abuse, particularly against the African Americans; the right to live is violated as a result of deaths by firearms,” the statement read.

It went on to list a litany of concerns: racial discrimination, salary inequality between genders, the marginalization of immigrants and refugees from Islamic and other countries, Trump’s proposed wall on the southern border, his decision to pull out of the Paris climate accord, the imprisonment of enemy combatants at Guantanamo Bay, the killing of US and foreign citizens in drone attacks, the preface for and conduct of the wars in Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries, and estimates that the Republican health care bill would cause 23 million people to lose medical insurance.

shiro thoughts? theories?

This is my thoughts on where is or at least what I think happened in S3. I’m sorta just rambling, but I feel quite strongly about this. Anyways, idk if anybody had mentioned this before (I’m sorta new) but in S1E1 we have our lovely Takashi Shirogane, yes? Just as he and Pidge are freeing the prisoners, drones begin to attack them. 

As you can see, Shiro is ready to fight but you can see the considerable amount of fear in his eyes. Then his arm turns on and in 5 seconds his demeanor changes

He suddenly has this more threatening look on his face. He begins fighting without hesitation compared to earlier when he was in a more defensive stance. He defeated those drones in less than 30 seconds without any drone landing a single blow on him. 

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I don’t see any evidence of ISIS backing down. The news that keeps on coming out of Washington – and this is not just the Trump administration but also the Obama administration – is that with every territorial defeat that ISIS is on its back legs, that they’re losing fighters, that they’re in disarray. And I’ll tell you from my perspective of being on the ground [in Mosul, Iraq], they look more fierce than ever. They’re fighting tooth and nail for this territory. And they’re doing it through numerous innovations, from the tunnels, to the use of drones to attack enemy positions, etc.
—  Rukmini Callimachi, NYT reporter on ISIS. She was embedded with Iraqi troops as they battled to liberate western Mosul from ISIS.