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Why is it that all my fav bands fans i run across in most circumstances are old men who i really have zero interest in interacting with? And no this isn't in the category of like led zeppelin, which has a decent amount of millennial fans.

u listen to Old Man Music my dude i feel ur pain

i’m just drawing things out of boredom at this point?? still love these boys tho

Is there a genre of feminist songs out there cos 90% of the songs i hear are like “i will pursue you till you love me” and “you might have said no but I’m madly in love with you so…” Guys guys guys that is fucking creepy not romantic

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Its like pjo, you have (a) good book(s), (a) shitty movie(s), but eventually the fandom will get its revival in the form of a hyper-accurate form of media.

Are you saying that one day there’ll be an accurate depiction of everyone in an RPO musical

I’m down for that //rubs hands together

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*Curtsies* What do you like about vinyls as opposed to CDs or mp3s, in terms of how it sounds, etc.? I've never heard music from a record player before so I'm curious about the difference.

*Curtsies* Well, it depends not only on the medium but on the quality. For instance, a cheap cutesy record player with built-in speakers you can buy from Urban Outfitters for fifty bucks isn’t going to sound noticeably better than your cell phone plugged into your iHome or whatever. So that’s the first thing to keep in mind. But if you have decent equipment–a good turntable, a good receiver, good speakers, and records in good shape–the difference in the quality, texture, and depth of the sound is absolutely unbelievable. It’s transcendent. The best way I can think to explain it is that vinyl (when played properly with decent hardware) makes music three-dimensional. Listening to vinyl on a good stereo setup, I hear things in songs I’ve listened to a thousand times digitally that I never heard before. You hear it in layers. You hear every single note and tone and instrument individually, instead of it all mashing together in one flat, encompassing sound–which is the feeling I often get with digital music. The other thing about vinyl is that it’s by far the best listening medium for anything recorded prior to about the 1990s (if not later) because music made without all the bells and whistles of a 21st-century recording studio just has a raw, vibrant, real quality that a lot of music made now lacks (imo), and that gets flattened when you convert it to digital. Everything made now is auto-tuned and digitally corrected so that a song is less a song than a thousand correct moments, notes, syllables, etc., all cut and pasted together into something technically perfect. To me a lot of it sounds too clean. It’s unnatural, it’s predictable, and it’s a bit boring. Technology sometimes makes music so easy that it feels less like art than product. Had “Rock and Roll” been recorded today in a studio with click tracks, it wouldn’t speed up the way it does, and that’s half of what makes the song so fucking awesome. With digital editing you can scrub out the sounds of a guitarist’s fingers on the strings but where the hell’s the fun in that? I want to feel like what I’m listening to was made by musicians, not computers. For that reason a lot of my favorite music was made like twenty years before I was born and was made with vinyl in mind, so that’s just far and away the best way to listen to it.

All that being said, I’m a bit of a music junkie and a baby audiophile, so this shit is weirdly important to me, worth investing in, and actually fun. Like, don’t go buy a cheap all-in-one turntable thinking it’s going to blow your mind, because that’s not how it works. Urban Outfitters et al aren’t selling cheap turntables because the sound is actually better, they’re selling cheap turntables because people like the aesthetic.That’s fine, but it’s a little misleading, and it’s not going to make a huge difference unless you really put the effort (and yes, the money) in. However, this is not one of those stupid things where you should feel like you HAVE to get into vinyl if you want to call yourself a music lover. Nah. Get into vinyl if you want to spend a whole week manually balancing a tone arm, stripping wire, and grounding speakers, and if you want to then spend another ten years picking through grimy bins of records in used CD shops hoping you strike gold. If you just want to rock out and you’re not super worried about being able to hear errant airplanes over Headley Grange or Jim Morrison breathing between lyrics, it’s not something to spend time or money on.

Kiss it Better

Best Albums of 2016 (in my opinion) NOT IN ORDER


Pairing: Jhope x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Non AU

Summary: Y/N works at a small local art supply store while she is a university student studying art in Korea, and one day she receives a really unexpected customer at the worst of times.  (Or the one where Y/N has the pleasure of meeting one of her idols, but of course it had to be when her hair was a mess and she was covered head to toe in paint splatters.)

Word Count:

A/N: This was a request from the lovely @kdrawvh , who has recently been sharing in my lack of loyalty and slipping into hoseok’s lane along with me,,,,thanks for always being there with me lmao.  Hope you enjoy this, lovely! (Btw: Fine pupper ;))) )

Whenever the dialogue in quotes is bolded, it means someone is speaking korean  idk korean so im writing it in english but pretend they’re speaking korean they’re in korea okay

I imagine him looking something like this for this story (the image isn’t mine): 

It had been a pretty slow day at the small art store.  Not too many customers, not too many deliveries, and not too many interruptions in general.  Y/N was fairly pleased because this meant that she had basically had the majority of her 7 hour shift to herself to work on her painting behind the counter at the front of the small store.  Her unlimited access to all of the supplies the store sold was one of the main reasons she took the job in the first place, so it always brightened her mood just a little more when she actually had time to use those supplies.  

Y/N was just in the middle of re-tying her hair up in a ponytail after it had fallen out for the umpteenth time that day, when the bell above the door rang.  With her hands full, she couldn’t really take out the paintbrush she was holding between her teeth while she finished tying her hair.

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You know what I want? I want peace. I want a good job and a decent place to live. I want to read books and listen to music and have time to make some female friendships that are going to last. When I wake up in the morning, I want to know that I have a decent shot at being happy.
—  Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Ain’t She Sweet

I’m on this car trip and thought of some headcanons for the paladins when taking long car trips when they were back on Earth:

- he’s usually driving.
- if not, then he’s making the driver stop every hour to pee / stretch their legs
- nobody lets him sleep bc he snores rEally loud
- caraoke
- gets all the others hyped when a good song comes on and everybody’s jumping in their seats to the beat: you can see the car bouncing up and down if you’re driving behind it
- actually doesn’t tend to get carsick. Just bored

- too small for the front seat. Don’t mention it. She’ll fight u
- Car Gymnastics™
- Seriously. You’ll can look at her in five minute intervals and she’ll be in a whole different, seemingly impossible position
- Her parents have to remind her to at least stay within the general range of the seatbelt. As long as she’s underneath it, there’s nothing more you can do
- Always has her laptop with her in the car, nobody knows what she’s up to
- “i’m bOOOORED”
- The car before Pidge and afterwards never looks like the same car
- She’s a hoarder, right? Right
- Right!! Turn right! The ley line goes right! You have to- awh, come on!
- Doesn’t sleep on car trips, no matter how long, ever

- Dramatically gazes out the window
- If you ask him to drive, he will, but at 30 km above the limit
- Won’t let the driver (or anyone) play music above volume, like, 15
- His window is always cracked open, no matter the weather
- Rain? Hail? Tornado? Too Bad
- He doesn’t complain but you can practically smell his boredom
- Absolutely hates it when someone else is driving. When they tell him to sleep until his shift, he’ll just keep his eyes cracked open so the other can’t see he’s awake and observe
- Never let him pick the music. Don’t do it

- The Sleeper
- His snoring is super light and cute so no one complains
- He sleeptalks and it entertains everyone
- He has to bring like 10 blankets with him on any trip longer than an hour.
- If he’s in the passenger seat, he’ll annoy the driver like the driver has never been annoyed before:
- Car Bingo™
- Puts his feet on the dash
- Rolls the window up and down
- Sings along to all the throwback songs
- Sighs of Boredom
- If all else fails, he’ll just ask annoying questions
- Will have roasting battles with Pidge. Whoever gives the best burn wins
- His legs are all over the place (innuendo not intended)
- He gets carsick (although not easily) and will complain. He will complain
- Keeps everyone on edge
- Generally not the best person to have in the car with you ok

- Designated Driver
- He’s super careful. He never goes a km above the speed limit
- Agressively uses blinkers
- If he’s not driving, he’s literally giving pointers to the driver
- Wanna have a nice conversation? Sit next to Shiro
- Wanna listen to some decent music? Give him control of the radio
- Wanna read a book or be somewhat productive? Stay As Far Away As You Can
- He will interest you in conversation, no matter what it is
- When you’re talking to him, time passes like Keith’s driving
- Car Trivia™
- He’ll be the moderator. Always. He has general knowledge and asks super good questions
- Will actually step into Lance and Pidge’s famous roasting battles and o b l i t e r a t e them
- Don’t mess with Shiro when he’s driving. Just don’t
- He’s the only one who can keep Lance under control, but just sorta

Thats it!! I hope you have a great day

  • j*mes p*tter and s*rius bl*ck apologists: UM THEY WERE TEENAGERS EVERYONE WAS TERRIBLE WHEN THEY WERE 15
  • me, a decent person with common sense: yeah I listened to emo music and wore black lipstick I didn't viciously harass and bully and sexually assault someone because they were poor and were friends with someone I thought I was entitled to but you do you I guess

by Jason Nocito.

Title: The Oncoming Storm

Length: 2,877 words

Rating: T

Warning: cussing, bullying

Pairings: Warren Worthington III x Reader

Original Request: Request please? where the reader has wings herself (they’re small&pink )&Warren thinks it’s a joke compared to his( like he takes it personal&is somewhat insulted because others admire hers&see it as cute&his looks scary to them ) so he constantly teases them about it ? I saw that girls ship w/Warren &thought of it all of a sudden. Maybe the reader admires warrens wings&tries super hard to catch up to him ? You can add stuff to it , I know it’ll be amazing :D either way !

A/N: This was sent over a week ago. You waited long enough. This took me like two hours to write and I was in such a bad mood I channeled my anger into this. I hope it’s good.

Warren had just about had it with you.

Ever since you had gotten to Xavier’s about a month ago he had been slowly getting more and more pissed off each day. He just couldn’t stand you! At first he had tried to ignore you and that had worked for a while. He was able to ignore pretty much everyone. It was easy since most everyone at the mansion hated him. The only people who spoke to him willingly were his fellow Horsemen, Storm and Erik, and Kurt, Charles, and Hank. Everyone else pretty much ignored and ostracized him. That was fine; he preferred to be alone anyway. He was used to being alone and in pain his entire life ever since he was a little boy growing up in his large house all alone and then becoming Daddy’s little Monster when his wings grew. That had ended, but he was still alone. He could deal with most of that nowadays, but you were the final straw.

When you first arrived he thought you were a joke. Your mutation involved being able to see great distances, hear better than anyone else, and wings. But, instead of 15 foot wings like proper winged mutants like him had, you had these tiny, maybe 8 foot wings that were bright pink with very fluffy feathers. They weren’t real wings to him! They were feathered excuses for wings. You didn’t even have claws or talons to defend yourself! He thought they were pathetic and you weren’t a real fighter or a real X-Man. He honestly wouldn’t have cared if everyone else didn’t bloody love them so much.

Everyone was always coming up every single day and telling you how pretty they were and how much they liked them. He even began noticing people would do this in front of him like they were doing it just to make it worse for him! They were using you to hurt him even more. You would let people touch them and stroke your feathers. You seemed oblivious to it or maybe you didn’t care and were okay with them doing that. But the contrary, everyone was afraid of his metal ones. They shot knives for Pete’s sake! Every time someone saw him coming they took off or glared at him or back away. The more risky students would call him names or spit at him. He didn’t want to admit it, but he was incredibly jealous of you. He was tired of being treated like this! He joined the good guys, did what Charles asked, went on missions for them, he was doing all he could but knew it wasn’t good enough.

Eventually, he started acting out as per usual. He would play his music so loud he would get in fights with others over the decibel level. He began blatantly ignoring Charles and Hank opting to stay in his room in solitude with a bottle of liquor and his music. He even pushed away Storm and Erik refusing to speak to them or flying away when they spoke to him. He was getting lonelier and lonelier by the day and slowly slipping deeper into his dark thoughts he used to have as a child. Then he began taking it out on you. Every time he saw you he would scowl, sneer, and make little comments about you. Sometimes they were blunt, other times they were subtle. It got so bad he would physically poke your wings or pull your feathers.

It wasn’t until maybe into a month into this did he realize what he was doing. He had been in a particularly foul mood and had made a particularly nasty quip at you. He guessed you snapped because it went wrong.

You had been sitting on a chair in a lounge reading a book the Professor had recommended when he had walked in. He ignored you and sat by the window to smoke a cigarette. You were bothered by the smoke but you weren’t going to talk to him. It was then a girl you didn’t know had walked in the room and gasped over your wings asking to touch them. You were getting annoyed lately with everyone asking you if they could touch them but you relented so she would go away. She ran her nasty, greasy fingers through your wings and left after a short time. You stood up only wanting to go get clean when you had heard Warren.

“What a slut.” You heard him whisper as he finished his cigarette.

“Excuse me?” That was the final straw. He had been nothing but an asshole to you since day one and you had had it.

“You heard me,” he stood up and walked towards you. You took a step back as he approached with his much larger wings. “You’re a slut.”

“Oh, and why is that?” You asked with a clip in your voice.

“You let anyone who wants to stroke these pathetic excuses for wings of yours, do just that. Doesn’t matter who. Everyone just gets to stroke you all they want and you never say no.” He sneered at you. You felt your anger rising. “I’m wondering, what else do you let everyone stroke?”

That was it. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

You reared back and let your fist fly as hard as you could. You punched him so hard he fell down on the hardwood floor and you heard the satisfying crunch of a broken nose. His wings knocked down a lamp, overturned a table, and took a bookshelf with it among other things. You cussed as you cut your knuckles on his teeth. You jumped him finally letting it all out. You straddled him and slapped him hard across the cheek with your other hand that wasn’t cut up. Your nails cut his cheek below his eye. You then grabbed him by his shirt and forced him up to your level while still sitting on his waist. You were too angry to focus on anything else. Your hands wrapped around his throat but you didn’t apply any pressure.

“You listen to me you no good son of a bitch! I don’t care what you did or who you helped! Your actions are your own! You have been nothing but an asshole since the day I got here and I am sick of it! Do you understand me!? You walk around here and act like an asshole even to the people who try to be nice to you but you’re too busy wallowing in your own self pity to let anyone in!! You wonder why you’re so alone?! You wonder why everyone hates you?! Look at yourself and ask again! I am so sick of you! The next time you say anything to me I swear to God I will break your fucking neck!” You screamed with angry tears rolling down your face and you panted hard from the pain of screaming so loud. You slowly and gently let go of his neck and shirt as you came to your senses. “You aren’t the only one who’s had to suffer because of your mutation you know. But you are suffering because of your actions towards them.” You stood up and got off him. He stared at you with those wide blue eyes of his and you heard footsteps. You saw the Professor, Hank, and Magneto standing at the doorway. Well, Charles was in his chair, but I digress.

“Y/N?!” You looked around seeing what you had done.

“I’m sorry, Charles.” You took off down the hall not letting any of them speak to you. You had hid in your room for the rest of the day and cried.

After getting his nose fixed and getting a major ass chewing from Charles and Erik, he realized you were right. He had been a total asshole to you and you hadn’t deserved it. He spent a long time in his room, thankfully sober, and listening to music at a decent level thinking over everything you had said. He didn’t want to admit to your face that you were right but you were. Over the next month he stayed away from you only seeing you now and then and he didn’t speak to you.

You, on the other hand, realized what you had done. You hadn’t meant to do so, but now and then you thought about how blue his eyes were or how soft his face had been or how hard the rest of his body was. You tried not to. The man was an asshole! He was the biggest douchebag you had ever met but Goddammit you realized you wanted him. What was wrong with you? You found your crush reaching new heights as on the occasions you did see him, he usually was shirtless and that made it worse.

His words about your wings were still stuck in your mind though. You about decided you were done with this. You wanted to keep up with him since you weren’t quite the flyer he was. You were gonna prove to him you were just as great as he was and maybe that would show him better than angry words would. You just needed the right time and day.

You decided Storm Day was perfect. Once a month Charles would have Storm whip up a huge thunderstorm and rain that would thoroughly soak what seemed like most of New York State. There had been a mild drought in the past year and Charles was trying to help everyone, human and mutant, by increasing the water levels but he only did it once a month so there wouldn’t be too much. You decided you were gonna fly in the storm and no one was gonna stop you. When Storm day arrived, Storm had whipped up the granddaddy of all storms and then let it alone to do its thing while she, Jean, Scott, Jubilee, and Kurt had gone to the mall. The Professor had cancelled all outdoor classes and everyone was thrilled. You were ready for this.

You threw open your window once the storm was in full swing and you let the wind take you up. Things went wrong immediately.

Warren was in his room watching the thunder and lightning crash as he groaned in pain. His wings had started hurting several days ago. It was getting so bad he wasn’t sleeping and it was starting to get to him. He had no idea what was wrong but he was pretty sure he would die. He was in no condition to fly so he stayed in. With that storm and his wings, he would be fried crispy. He was sitting in a chair by the window when he saw you.

You were flying with the wind but it kept changing direction and the wind felt like needles stabbing into your skin but you were not letting go. You were doing okay until a bolt of lightning went off right in front of your face. You lost your concentration and you fell. You managed to fall into a high tree and you freaked out realizing this was a bad idea and more than likely you were gonna be electrocuted. That was when you saw him.

Inside the Professor had gotten wind of your thoughts and he and Hank had come outside being pelted by rain.

“Y/N!” Charles screamed. He didn’t hear Warren run up behind him. “What has she done?”

“We can’t stop the storm!” Hank yelled. “No one can get out there!” They both watched in horror as Warren took off above their heads.

“Warren, no!” Charles yelled in horror as Warren flew past them ignoring the pain in his wings as he did so. He was nearly struck twice as he approached the tree you were in. You were bleeding in several places, there were leaves and pine needles in your hair, and your wings looked like the feathers had been stripped from them from the force of the wind. He landed in front of you and reached for you.

“Come on!” he yelled over the wind. You looked at him in shock.

“Not with you!” you screamed back.

“You’ll die out here!” he yelled as the wind roared.

“So will you dumbass!” you hollered back as the thunder boomed around you. “Just go!”

“I’m not leaving without you!” he screamed and grabbed you by the arm pulling you against him. You stared at him with wide Y/E/C eyes. He pulled you against his chest and you could see pain etched into his face. He let out a scream as his wings pulsed in his back.

“What’s wrong?” you screamed suddenly worried about him.

“It’s nothing!” he looked at you. “I don’t know okay? Let’s just get back in.” He held you close and he took off flying. You were a yard away from the mansion when he suddenly dropped. The pain was too much and he couldn’t stop it. You both hit the ground hard and he screamed at you. “Go! I’ll be—”

He never finished his sentence as lightning struck him. His wings lit up first and the rest of him jolted upright. Warren let out the loudest scream of pain you had ever seen. Electricity sparked in his wings and static ran through his hair. You watched as his wings shattered and when the light cleared he was standing straight up, his wings were fried crispy, no metal, no feathers, just burnt bits where they used to be. His hair was smoking. He smelled like smoke and fire. His eyes were wide and glassy. He fell backwards landing hard on the glass among the bits of metal. You ran to him and the last thing he heard was you screaming.



Warren opened his eyes to see he was in the infirmary in Hank’s lab. He sat up slowly noting pain in every part of his body and something else. You were passed out cold in a chair next to his bed holding his hand. You looked terribly uncomfortable.

“You’re awake.” Hank said walking up to him.

“How long was I out? What happened?” he asked feeling a metallic taste in his mouth.

“You were struck by lightning. Your heart stopped for about a minute but we got it started again. Your healing factor fixed you pretty well from there. You’ve been out for about a week.” Hank looked at the monitor. “Seems to be no damage to your organs.”

“Is she—” he asked looking at you.

“She’s fine. Some scratches, bruises, her wings got it the worst as she lost most of her feathers. She’s gonna be fine though.” Hank motioned towards your sleeping self. “She was more worried about you though. She hasn’t left that spot for the past week.” Hank looked back at him. “There’s something else too.” Hank pointed to Warren’s wings and he looked behind him. He was shocked. His old feathered wings were back instead of the metal reminders he had had before. “They grew back after your metal ones shattered from the lightning. Try and relax. I’ll let you rest.” Hank left his lab as Warren looked behind again feeling the soft feathers that were there before.

When you woke up you saw him standing by the window smoking a cigarette.

“Didn’t you do enough smoking for one lifetime?” You said standing up. You suddenly felt arms around you holding you close. “What are you—”

“Don’t you ever do that ever again you dumbass!” he said holding you against him. “Don’t you ever scare me like that again! What the hell did you think you were doing? Were you trying to kill yourself?”

“I was trying to keep up with you!” you yelled pushing him off of you. You felt tears running down your face. “I just wanted to be like you. I wanted to fly as fast as you do.”

“I don’t want you to be like me! I want you to be you! I like you exactly the way you are.” he said back trying to reason with you. A pain rose in his chest.

“You hate me!” you countered.

“No I don’t!” he yelled back. With no warning, he gripped your face and pulled your lips to his. You didn’t pull back and in fact kissed him back. You held onto his face with your hands in his hair praying this wasn’t a dream.

“Then why did you act like such a jerk to me?” you asked as you pulled back. Your faces were still inches from each others.

“Because I was jealous.” He admitted.

“What?” you asked in shock.

“Y/N, I was sick and tired of everyone loving you and treating me like dirt so I took it out on you and I’m sorry. You were right the day you punched me. You were completely right. I’m sorry Y/N.” He kissed you again holding you closer to him.

“Consider your apology accepted after you heal.” You said smiling up at him.

“How about once we’re both good to go, we go flying together on a sunny day?” You stroked the tattoos on his face.

“It’s a date.”

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i just made a really weird huge jump in music making like all my stuff sounded kinda dissonant and odd, not bad but not good either, and then all of a sudden WHAM stuff is sounding kinda decent and i??? blame u cause i listened to ur music all day i guess something flipped the switch

congratulations this is your reward for not giving up, i first hit that point around August 2015. You’ll come down from it and start making shit again, but don’t worry, the good ideas will come back and they’ll be better than the last good ideas. It always comes in waves like that

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Funny that when I see your "Run." post, I ended up thinking of this song from Timber Timbre called Run From Me. I suggest you listen to it because it has a certain impact.

I hope this is decent study music. Even if it isn’t, I’ll listen anyway. Thank you. ♡

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What are these requirements lol

Intelligence is a must. If I can’t have in depth conversations then it wont work. Communication. I really need someone who can communicate effectively with me. Someone who treats me as an equal. I dont want to be put up on some pedestal because I’m Only human. Someone who can put up with my nerdy side, and my morbid humor. Supportive of me and my career, cause its not an easy field. Have to have an at least decent taste of music, or willing to listen to new stuff. At minimum must support the 2nd amendment, cause i will have a substantial gun collection one day. Oh, and gotta be at least open to kinky shit, cause im really fuckin kinky

send me a number if u feel like it

1. a song that changed your life
2. do you wear glasses/contacts?
3. the last time you wore nail polish
4. one sport/game that you are terrible at
5. how many bracelets do you wear regularly?
6. what did you have for breakfast?
7. one tv show you enjoy?
8. someone you aggressively dislike?
9. a celebrity who you like alot?
10. do you think you are a fairly decent person?
11. last musical artist you listened to?
12. the best flavor of ice cream?
13. in your opinion, what is the most unnecessary word in the english language?
14. describe your last kiss with one word?
15. do you plan to get married?
16. do you ever want kids?
17. have you ever had your heart broken?
18. how do you deal with stress?
19. can you drive?
20. an emoji that describes your mood right now?
21. what was your first concert?
22. what was your favorite concert?
23. spell your name in song titles?
24. your thoughts on space?
25. your thoughts on feminism?
26. your thoughts on french fries?
27. your thoughts on sex?
28. your thoughts on boys?
29. your thoughts on girls?
30. do people suck?
31. last thing you said to someone out loud?
32. last text message someone sent to you?
33. your most used emoji?
34. do you collect anything?
35. three things you always have in your backpack.
36. three things in your car right now.
37. would you kiss your best friend of the opposite gender?
38. would you kiss your best friend of the same gender?
39. what is the purpose of life?
40. do u do the drugs