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Christmas Eve with Newt would Include

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Christmas Eve with Newt Would Include…

  • Waking up to a cold snowy day in New York.
  • Eating a quick breakfast with Newt and then going to play in the snow, Newt surprisingly loves the snow.
  • Exploring the beautiful city of Manhattan under a blanket of snow, while holding hands with Newt.
  • Listening to people sing Christmas carols, and Newt decides to join in with them.

  • Newt surprising you and the other carolers that he can sing really well. Especially when he sings the higher notes, it gives you shivers.
  • Newt bashfully asking you if you thought he sung okay, because he can be a little self-conscious. And you kiss him on the cheek and tell him it was wonderful.
  • Eating hot popcorn and corndogs from a street vender.
  • Going ice skating with Newt.

  • Falling a whole lot, like a WHOLE lot, but Newt catching you and always helping you up.
  • Newt buying you hot chocolate and some gloves, because you didn’t have any. He specifically chose gloves that had black and yellow on them, because Hufflepuff, that’s why.
  • Visiting the mall and observing the mad rush of people shopping for last minute things. Newt was one of the people rushing around, because naturally he forgot about gifts. So you helped him buy gifts for Tina, Jacob, and Queenie.
  • Newt telling you to leave him alone while he searches a gift for you.

  • You walking around a huge Christmas tree, marveling and inhaling the smell of Christmas and taking in the joy of Christmas Eve.
  • Newt finding you and the two of you decide to go back home and relax.
  • You burning the pie, and having a mini breakdown, but Newt comforts you and tells you everything is alright.
  • The two of you making a new pie together, while Queenie and Jacob make strudel and Tina cooks the main course.

  • All of you eating and laughing together and telling Christmas stories from when they were little.
  • After dinner, you make Newt hot chocolate, and put extra marshmallows in it, because he always asks for extra marshmallows.
  • The two of you cuddling on the sofa, listening to Christmas music and enjoying each other’s warmth.
  • You dozing off, trying to fight away the sleep.

  • Newt singing along softly to the radio, his lullaby making you even more warm and sleepy, and you eventually fall asleep in his arms.
  • Newt carrying you bridal style to your room and tucking you into bed, making sure you’re all warmed up.
  • Newt kissing your forehead and whispering, “Sleep well, Christmas Baby.”


Lets take a look at the youtube logo shall we? 

There seems to be a “play button” in the middle, but what if…


Now lets take a quick look at these specific youtubers names. Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, Pewdiepie.

  • JacksepticEYE
  • MarkiplEYEr
  • PewdiepEYE

Do you know what else has an eye?

Instead of denying their connections with the Illuminati as most members do, these 3 have posted videos openly talking about theories. What better way to hide the truth?

Still not convinced? All of these men went to school, correct? Meaning they took math class. Now if we do some math- There are three of them, a trio. Do you know what else has 3 sides? A TRIANGLE. 


All together they have 6 eyes.


There is one eye on the Illuminati triangle.

Mark and Felix were born in 1989, Jack was born in 1990. 

1989+1989+1990= 5968

5+9+6+8= 28

2+8= 10

Now if we take 5968+666= 6634

6+6+3+4= 19

1+9= 10


Who started it all?

We have reason to believe Jacksepticeye is the leader of this youtube Illuminati trio. Starting with his logo- A green eye. Very similar to the green Illuminati eye.

A little bit on Jacks background, he is Irish and currently lives in Athlone, Ireland. EYErish?

If you aren’t familiar with Jacksepticeye’s pose for pictures it looks like this.

Now if you look closely…

First note the 3 triangles. Then notice he places his eye directly inside the first triangle. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Here we see the trio communicating with these symbols after Jacksepticeye has recruited Mark and Felix.

The proof is all here. 


will it… make Link gag? 

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here is another short video for you guys since my longer R&L video won’t be done til the end of the week