with colours and everything

For SasuSaku Month 2017.

“It’s odd.”

“Ever since I was born, everything was always in black and white.

Even though I try so hard to see those bright colors,

They never showed up.”

“But when I looked at her after all that chaos ended…”

“Suddenly, she was the only bright colour I could see.”

Day 21 Prompt: Not Everything Is Black and White.

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How does everyone on this goddamn site somehow manage to make everything about race?

I saw a photo of a kid wanting enough likes to be able to persuade his parents to go to Disneyland or something. Good luck there.

But his caption was like, “it worked for white people, so I thought I would try”.

Literally no one gives a shit what colour skin you have. Please just stop with this fucking “everything is about race” and randomly adding it in to unnecessary posts.

i know we only saw a trailer and everything, but does it seem that lars doesn’t give a shit about his parents or the earth atm? i know he’s not human anymore, but even the crystal gems show a shred of humanity and they were alien to begin with. we saw them crying, (out of relief or fear we don’t know yet) and that only addresses one of the “dead-teen-turned-“immortal”-and-pink” concerns.

also lars’ new persona in the trailer is kinda off puting to me for two reasons:

1) this sudden “character development” is such a violent 360° and so out of left field you would’ve thought the crewniverse got whiplash trying to figure out how to progress lars’ arc

2) the chemistry between the off-colors and lars is so much better than the CGs with steven and we’ve practically been following them for four years/seasons, which says a lot

when lars of the stars comes out, hopefully they’ll shed a little light on his escapades because the way it looks, the conversation between connie and steven appears to be the beginning of the ep, not the middle and i don’t think *in media res* will work here



When [the destined person] has reached the lowest point in their life,
the BEHELIT will find its way them.

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mamushkababuska said:Star Wars!!! plz? you’re the best btw!

Thank you so much :3 Ahsoka Tano has to be, a badass, female, alien, Jedi, what isn’t to love about her ? -this was a close call between Ahsoka and Padme, and although Padme was my childhood fave, I think the love for Ahsoka is stronger