with cleverbot

a conversation with cleverbot
  • Me: Do you like Sam or Dean better?
  • Clev: Dean. Who do you like?
  • Me: Castiel.
  • Clev: Who does Castiel love?
  • Me: Dean.
  • Clev: I thought Dean loved pie.
  • Me: Yes he does.
  • Clev: And Castiel also loves Dean a lot.
  • Me: He'd do anything for Dean.
  • Clev: Dean Winchester loves Castiel.
  • Me: Dean loves everyone in his family.
  • Clev: No Dean loves Cas.
  • Me: They love each other very much.
  • Clev: Hannibal and Will love each other.
  • Me: O.O
  • oh shit. cleverbot knows whats up.