with chloe and gen


What’s your favorite season?

Jared: this is easy season four because it when I met my wife and mother of my children.

The crowds awes and Jensen rolls his eyes.

Jensen: Really? You went there?

Jared (laughs):oh yea

Jensen: alright, season one because I met my wife first.

Jared: But you didn’t marry her till Season 10!

Jensen: I met her first, I win. Plus my wife’s still on the show (he coughs)

Jared: bc you killed mine off!

Jensen: she started the apocalypse

Jared: I think I see Chloe texting Gen backstage telling her “yea we got to divorce these guys…”


Nitro: Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck..

Roja: And he just won’t stop saying it no matter how hard I try yo get him to stop.

Silver: This is a problem…what I’m trying to figure out is where on earth did he learn such language? I mean we didn’t show any movies that says…that word.

Roja: We’ll worry about that later. How the hel-heck are we supposed to get him to stop saying it.

Silver: I’m figuring out a plan…I’ll get back to you later…