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A little gift for those who were in yesterday’s livestream ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

oh shit whatup, here comes the jackaboy

IT’S A LITTLE JACKSCEPTICEYE (and a very big Sam)!! I always listen to his playthroughs while drawing so everyone who came yesterday asked me to draw him. Ended up using the chibi style because I suck at decent portraits.

It’s also transparent! So make him high-five your entire dashboard! 

Speedpaint video is up! what it here: https://youtu.be/ZuaxzWLRIdY

Colored the “honeymoon in space” sketch from the sheith-fanboy!zarkon pic I drew a week ago.

It’s crazy how I got into this fandom just this month and I’m honored and overwhelmed with all the support and nice comments on my art aaaah (っ;//A//;) A big thank you to everyone trying to keep the fandom positive and spreading love and support toward one another. You guys are cool as space rocks and I hope you have a lovely day<3  (ノ •́ω•̀ ) ノ ミ☆


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Artist : りかよん


Someone told me yesterday it was the #jetsons 54th #birthday! In celebration of a #beautiful #classic #hannabarbera #cartoon. Don’t worry Astro fans he’ll be added to the drawing. I’ll be widdling this #sketch over the weekend. #vintagestyle #smallbusiness #entrepreneur #retro #instaart #instaartist #traditional #chibi #cute #fanart #thejetsons #saturday #art

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All my Mark and Jack AUs, plus a random Pastel and Punk mix.

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Robot Mark and Scientist Jack
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Mark and Deaf Jack
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Zombie Apocalypse Septiplier
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