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i feel like some people are reaching new levels of desperate when it comes to finding things about the balloon squad that can justify their hate.

all the characters on the show make mistakes and they say the wrong things, but they learn and they grow and that’s the beauty of this show. because not everyone is born to be be woke af or is woke 24/7.

mikael said something that he shouldn’t have had said, but so have all the characters, remember isak being told that he had brain damage for not accepting Emma’s invite? and then being asked if he was gay in a negative way? but that was okay? and how about isak being told that he only listens to gay songs? not trying to accuse the other characters, because they learned from their mistakes and they grew from them, and so will these characters! SO PLEASE, chill. The comment was there to start up the drama between what happened in Bakka with Even.

And about Yousef’s comment, are you for real? seriously. so if you ask your friend who shares the same gender to stop touching a body part of yours, it’s homophobic? wow.

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It's possible I'm misremembering something from homestuck proper, but where did the whole "anime dirk" thing come from?

There’s like. Two references to him liking anime in Homestuck proper, and it’s sort of part of his aesthetic. And Tumblr is a lot more interested in Anime than it is in Philosophy, so when it came time to use Dirk in fandom culture, he kind of got boiled down to the interest or sets of interests that fans found most relatable or humorous, instead of the core traits that actually inform and flesh out his character. 

So basically: A little bit of canon and a whole lot of fanon, like a lot of things in Homestuck. 

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Why in some pics the characters have lip stick and nail polish on? I'm new to the fandom! :D

It’s a stylish decision from the manga creator’s part - characters from Part 6 onwards very often have lipstick in their coloured versions. It’s something that’s actually kinda beloved by the fandom because not only does it make the characters look more unique but it’s also fun for cosplayers.

Possessing All of Me

by FullOnLarrie

Chapters: 1/1, Words: 3264
Fandom: One Direction (Band)
Rating: Explicit
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Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Characters: Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson
Additional Tags: Smut
Series: Part 2 of Mercedes Boy

It’s the following day, and Harry and Louis still have the borrowed Mercedes Roadster. Harry keeps his promise from the night before.

Happy birthday, Julia! @fratboylouie I hope you like your birthday smut!


Alright, so I used to be completely in love with ‘Phineas and Ferb’  back in the day, I’d watch every new episode that came out and I aspired to be like Phineas, positive, optimist and intelligent. I loved all the characters and after many years of watching this amazing show it ended. To this day I still love the show.

Milo Murphy’s Law is a fairly new show on Disney, made by the same creators as Phineas and Ferb. Going into this show, I really wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I do. I have become obsessed with the show and characters, especially Milo and his outgoing/optimistic personality!

The show is so cute and inspiring! I can’t wait to see more of it! I’m glad to be a part of this growing fandom, especially since it has so many familiar faces from the pnf fandom! I had a lot of fun cosplaying Milo, I’ll be uploading more photos very soon and I can’t wait to do it again in the future!


-If you’re brallie af, please do not let me catch you in the anti brallie tag tryna start a fight.

-If you’re anti brallie af, please do not let me catch you in the brallie tag tryna start a fight.

-If you’re jonnor af and anti joah??? Don’t search joah??? Or pick fights about why jonnor was “superior”???? Let Jude grow???

-If you basically hate a character/ship DO NOT BE MESSY

If you have any beef with anyone from any part of the fandom because of opposing ships or views on the show, squash it. It’s a new year, and I want us all to be able to coexist without bashing each other. We’re the fandom, we’re the ones that are supposed to be holding this shit down. Everyone is entitled to how they feel, but please keep the fighting to a minimum this year. It’s all unnecessary, and childish.

All this negativity gotta go.

i’ve been thinking a lot about soaps and like what a weirdly significant part they’d played in my life - like, i’ve been watching soaps like emmerdale by entire life, and so from 7pm onward nearly every evening i settle in and watch the soaps with my mum, and when i was living in belgium last summer, watching ed was my connection to home and my usual routine.

this post really has no point but i was just thinking a lot about how irregardless of fandom, or ship, or characters, i’ll probably be watching ed for the rest of my life and that’s such a funny concept really, isn’t it? i grew up with this show and at 7pm for the rest of my life i’ll probably still be watching it.

anyway this is a literal shitpost and it has no point move along

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  1. harry potter - harry potter
  2. inej ghafa - six of crows
  3. noah czerny - the raven cycle
  4. allison argent - teen wolf
  5. jake peralta - brooklyn nine nine
  6. eden hazard - chelsea fc (listen it counts even if he’s not a ~character)
  7. alec lightwood - shadowhunters
  8. eva mohn - skam
  9. michaela pratt - how to get away with murder
  10. jasper frost - the royals

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Shipping fictional characters is okay.

Shipping real people is a little bit less okay maybe, but as long as you recognize it as a fantasy and keep it the hell away from them then you’re good.


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1. Jim Halpert, The Office 

2. Haley James Scott, One Tree Hill

3. Randall Pearson, This Is Us

4. Riley Matthews,GMW

5. John Carter, ER (This was super hard for me! ER is an all time favorite of mine, so to pick one character…kind of hurt.) 

6. Chandler Bing, Friends

7. Hermione Granger, Harry Potter

8. Jennifer Jareau, Criminal Minds 

9. Kim Burgess, Chicago PD

10. Emma Swan/Captain Hook, Once Upon A Time (I can’t pick one!)

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you know i’m in like fifty fandoms, right?

the other blog i made is here, it’s a character based off of a movie ( the guest if you’re interested in watching the movie idK and he’s basically an evil captain america ) and my friends thought i should make him, he’s a lowkey blog that suppose to be fun. and then the character i’m making now is syd barrett which is from the tv show legion, part of the marvel fandom 

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RULES: choose 10 favorite characters from 10 different fandoms you’re a part of and then tag 10 people !

Alex Danvers, Supergirl

Xena, Xena Warrior Princess

Sherlock Holmes, BBC Sherlock

Eleven, Stranger Things

Dana Scully, The X Files

Lane Kim, Gilmore Girls

Diana Prince (Wonder Woman)

Fez, That 70′s Show

Spock, Star Trek

Beatrix Kiddo, Kill Bill

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Yeah I fucked up. My real intentions were to put in Bodhi Rook/Riz Ahmed, but then I realized shortly before posting that, like the large part of fandom, I forgot Samuel L Jackson/Mace Windu. So I put him in and posted before changing my wording. This fandom is anti-black to these iconic black characters.

Strangers - VioletStreat - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
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Tfw you fuck a handsome random guy at a bar and he turns out to be a dork from a rival team.

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Relationships: Akaashi Keiji/Kuroo Tetsurou
Characters: Akaashi Keiji, Kuroo Tetsurou, Bokuto Koutarou
Additional Tags: Clubbing, Implied Sexual Content, Kuro’s sexy, Akaashi’s suffering, He just wanted a nice night out
Series: Part 1 of KurooAka Week 2017

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So I'm fairly new to hannibal and I've seen a few mentions of "spacedogs" on your blog, and I was wondering what it meant? Is it another shipname? Sorry if I sound dumb asking this but I'm clueless >__>

I hope you don’t mind me publishing this! I’ve gotten this question a few times today.

The Hannigram fandom has this lovely talent of creating Hannigram AU pairings by using different Mads and Hugh characters. This has resulted in a lot of pairings.

You can find them all in this wonderful list here

Spacedogs is Mads’ character Nigel from The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman

and Hugh’s character Adam Raki from Adam

these two come together to create what can only be described as one of the cutest goddamn pairings and little sub-fandoms I’ve ever had the pleasure to be a part of. (Hannigram is my number one, of course)

And if you’re interested, from October 1-7 is Spacedogs Appreciation Week~

in an attempt to stay on trend for once, like/reblog if you’re interested in crying over characters from things you’ve probably never heard of. ASTRIFICARE is a multimuse featuring canon characters from media such as musical theatre, band of brothers, our girl, six of crows, and more, as well as original characters in genres ranging from the present day to scifi and apocalyptic settings. written and loved by BECCA!

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Different anon, but I think the reason why some people are so salty (to put it lightly) about the DAMVTF thing is the fact that Dipper will always face some kind of punishment for every mistake or selfish decision he makes, whereas Mabel is (to quote one post) "always absolved of here wrongdoing to the point that it's awkward", which led to more inconsistent character development.

There was……literally an entire episode…requiring Mabel to acknowledge her flaws and realize she’s not as good as she thought she was…..Sure, the unicorn was a sham, but she still went through that process of self-evaluation–and she freaking broke down crying trying to redeem herself.

I honestly feel like ever since Bill highlighted every sacrifice Dipper has made for Mabel, people have been clinging to that as Mabel being infinitely excused from all consequence. But what they seem to forget is in that very same episode, Mabel realized how selfish she’d been and sacrificed something she’d poured her heart and soul into (a puppet show may not seem like much but at the time that production was her world) for her brother’s sake.

I think one of the issues with this entire thing is that yes, Mabel is selfish–that’s one of her defining flaws–but people demonize the “selfish” character trait over nearly every other character’s major flaw.

I’m going to leave Ford out of this because he’s another one disproportionately attacked for his major flaw (usually defined as “arrogance,” which yes, I’ll acknowledge he has!) But honestly…what if Bill had highlighted every time Dipper’s flaw of “obsessiveness” had put someone in danger?

Or every time Stan’s stubbornness and/or dishonesty, no matter how well-intentioned, caused more problems in the long run? (This is less often, I’ll admit, but certainly happened in Scary-oke, Weirdmageddon 3, and even Roadside Attraction to a lesser extent)

The point is, every character in Gravity Falls has flaws, and every character, young and old, is learning.  Many episodes have an instance where each character has had to apologize for their biggest mistakes, even Mabel. 

But on the other hand, character development doesn’t always have to be progressive to be consistent–often times people in the real world pledge to do things or resolve traits about themselves and then don’t. It’s a human action, especially if you’re a kid.  Sure, character development can include eventually overcoming those bad traits, but not always–a person doesn’t have to lose their flaws 100% to be developed!  Instead, character development can also be about gaining dimension, perspective, and depth as the storyline progresses.

Which Mabel has certainly done consistently since Tourist Trapped.

Finally, addressing the issue where Mabel seems to never face any consequences: I’ll admit that in some scenarios (like The Deep End or The Time Traveller’s Pig), Mabel benefits from someone else’s sacrifice without having to sacrifice anything herself.  However, this is not always the case.  People seem to find her avoiding punishment to an awkward extent because they don’t include ill effects that involve Mabel along with other people.

Mabel paid for her ignorance in Tourist Trapped by almost getting kidnapped and crushed by a freaking gnome monster.  She paid for manipulating Stan in Fight Fighters by nearly falling off a water tower to the point where she developed her own fear of heights.  And she definitely paid for the rift issue in DaMVtF (which was??? a freaking accident in the first place???) by witnessing tons of the people she loved getting threatened by Bill and nearly dying at his hand herself.

Just because Dipper, Stan, or someone else was involved in a dangerous situation doesn’t mean Mabel wasn’t affected too.

I usually don’t debate online about this stuff because first, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, second, no character on this show is free of error (and realistically so), and third, because it is just a show. 

But what does make me sad is people sending me asks like “Mabel doesn’t love Dipper as much as he loves her” or “Mabel’s the most undeveloped character on the show cause she just keeps doing the same selfish things” (which are very similar to asks I’ve actually gotten), because it really seems to diminish the beautiful sibling relationship Alex and all the other writers worked hard to establish on this show.

The twins are both kids, and realistically make mistakes because of this.  Some mistakes have consequences, some do not, which is also realistic.  And it’s okay to be upset about them from a fandom standpoint!  But I personally don’t understand why people are so stuck on hating characters like Mabel when the entire show is about the importance of family, connection, and love.

And it isn’t just Mabel; I’d personally stand for any of the characters on Gravity Falls.  Not because they’re perfect, but because they’re well-written, develop over time, and they’re human.

Making mistakes is part of life.  Of growing up.

I really think that’s a Gravity Falls moral in itself, honestly.

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Hey, since you look like someone who knows VA inside and out, do you have any suggestions for writing Giorno? I'm getting from a few of your posts what kind of person he is, but, anything I should particularly keep in mind?

hi! First of all thank you for the compliment, that’s very nice of you!

I like encouraging people to develop their own headcanons, especially when it comes to fanfic. Like I’ve said before, part of the fun of fandom is interpreting characters your own way. With that being said, I can give you some canon facts that I don’t see people exploring or mentioning very often!

  • Giorno doesn’t like repeating himself. This is an obvious one, but I actually don’t see a lot of people implementing it. He gets really aggravated if he has to do it.

“Luca… I would appreciate it if you didn’t make me repeat myself… only idiots need to be told things twice”

  • When he gets swarmed by all his female classmates at a café, Giorno rebuffs them (rather brusquely) by saying “Let me be, I prefer being alone”. You can either take that as an excuse because he didn’t want to be with them in particular, or take it to mean Giorno doesn’t like noisy crowds in general. It’s your choice!
  • Giorno says he doesn’t like involving innocent people, but seems to agree with the “an eye for an eye” philosophy, since he considers being hurt as much as you hurt, or intended to hurt is fair; as seen with Luca (he thinks it’s fair Luca got his skull bashed in since he got hit with the same amount of force he intended to use on the frog) and Bruno when they first meet:

“I assume… you are aware of the risks you were taking. When one seeks to eliminate someone, we are naturally prepared to risk being eliminated as well…”

“He has decided to kill me. He’s being serious… He’s just a kid but he plans to kill me… judging by his skin and his perspiration, he is not lying… He has the sinister intensity of those… who really do as they say!”

and again once he discovers Bruno hiding inside that other kid’s body:

“And here I had just said I wouldn’t involve innocent people… sorry, I lied. But oh well… he was hit as hard as he himself hit, so that’s fine by me. I hope you have no complaints either.”

  • While we’re on the subject; Giorno is no innocent angel; he ultimately works for the greater good but he is not above cheating, bribing and lying if it serves that greater good. He lies to Cioccolatta’s face telling him he’ll spare him before killing him via flesh-eating scarab, and he doesn’t even feel bad about it, because he considers people like Cioccolatta are not worth keeping alive. He’s also the one who, while they’re on the boat to Capri, chimes in “if any civilians get in our way, we’ll just have to kill them”. His “involve no innocent people” rule can and is stretched to suit his needs. Giorno’s moral greyness is a very important part of his character. The end justifies the means in a way, if you wish.
  • With that being said: HIS FRIENDS ARE NOT EXPENDABLE. Giorno’s loyalty to his friends is all encompassing, and he would much rather hurt himself rather than hurting his friends. You see that many times over in the manga: Giorno would rather risk death than leave a team member behind, even if it would make the mission easier, hell, even as he is convulsing from the effects of his antidote, he tells Fugo to go take care of Abbacchio because he’s the real hero here. The end justifies the means, yes, but that does not apply to his friends. “No man left behind” is also a motto that could be applied to Giorno.
  • For the love of everything that’s holy, do not make him a cold, unfeeling, taciturn person. Giorno is not Jotaro (with apologies to Jotaro because he isn’t cold and unfeeling either, but he’s the poker faced one). Giorno emotes a lot, and it shows on his face. He snarls when he dislikes someone, he looks disgusted, he smirks, he cries, he smiles and gets distracted. I’m probably going to make a photoset of all the different faces Giorno makes, because he’s actually very expressive! At worst, you could argue he has a case of “resting bitch-face” because all his “unexpressive” moments are either when he’s idle or focused during a fight.
  • Don’t be afraid to make him be funny. I see a lot of people write this very serious, somber Giorno, and while that is cool and also true to Giorno’s character, he has a few really dorky and funny moments in canon too. Especially at the beginning of the arc, where we see schoolboy Giorno, before he gets really involved in the whole life or death mafia business! He sparkles at Koichi when he gets caught stealing from him. You can hear the sarcasm dripping from his voice when Koichi confronts him and Giorno says “I am soooo sorry, but I already sold your suitcase, I don’t have it anymore” before sommersaulting over the table to try and escape. He turns a lighter into a flower and pretends to poker-facedly hit on the lady cop in jail to get out of trouble. His reply when asking if he even has his driving license is “of course not, I’m just 15″ as if that was the most natural thing in the world. He thinks turning a hundred cars into frogs to hide their trail is an excellent idea - and the narration KNOWS how silly that sounds. You are supposed to laugh at how out there his plans are, and at times you can see how Giorno himself knows how mind-boggling his ideas sound: in the Illuso fight, he literally says he had NO idea whether his plan would work out or not. He took a gamble. That’s both brave AND stupid, and he knows it. There are times where Giorno doesn’t take himself all that seriously, so you shouldn’t either. He is, after all, just 15. And even if you’re writing an older Giorno, people don’t lose their sense of humor when they grow up.

There’s a lot more to his character of course, but as far as suggestions go, I would say these are the Giorno traits I usually see most people gloss over of just plain forget about. Now it’s up to you to decide which traits you want to explore more, elaborate on or develop! I hope this helps!

To the people who don’t understand why we get angry about sexuality headcanons for companions: We have to face bi/pan erasure every day. So you think Piper just LOVE LOVE LOVES girls? Why can’t she like guys too? Bi people have preferences just like anyone else. Why do you have to make these companions love less people? 

As a bisexual girl I have to watch shows like How to Get Away with Murder where a girl thinks that because her fiancé slept with a guy once a long time ago that he’s gay. I have to watch shows like Orange is the New Black where everyone calls Piper either gay or straight. Why is everyone so afraid to call a character bisexual? That’s all I want. I want legitimate actual representation of who I am in media. 

And you know what? I got it. Fallout 4 gave me 7 amazing bi/pan romancable characters and you’re taking that away from me. So no, I don’t care that it’s ‘just a headcanon’. Why do your headcanons have to take away one of my favorite parts of canon? Why do you need to make these characters love less?

The king had barely said anything to him over the past week, and Cain’s name hadn’t been mentioned in any of their meetings. Not that it would be, as Cain was little more than a pawn in a game to amuse the king, and certainly not a member of the royal guard.

But he was still dead. Cain’s eyes would open no more because of him … He would not draw breath because of him … His heart had stopped beating because of him . . .

Chaol’s hand drifted to where his sword should have been. He’d thrown it in the corner of his room as soon as he’d returned from the duel last week. Mercifully, someone had cleaned the blood from it. Perhaps the guards who had taken Chaol to his chambers and given him a strong drink. They’d sat in silence until some semblance of reality returned, and then left without a word, not waiting for Chaol to thank them.

I’m going to bore you all stupid with Chaol meta, what else is new? But we really do need to talk about this more because it’s really important to me and it’s so unusual to see in fiction of any sort these days. 

This passage stuck with me a while after I read these books because it’s just so raw and so real and it’s not something we ever get to see characters react to or struggle with?

 Chaol has always had a very set moral compass and struggled with Celaena’s history as an assassin in these books because she had killed people, regardless of the reasons. And there’s a real painful irony in the fact that I think the only character who actually kills another in this book is Chaol and it’s for Celaena (we can talk about the relationship arc later; but like, that is beautiful. anyways) 

Media these days is so full of violence and death that I think we as readers as well as the characters in world become incredibly desensitized to it. So I think it’s so fascinating and so important actually to have a character like Chaol who is initially presented to us as quite cold, gruff, emotionally withdrawn to be the one who has such a visceral reaction to this. 

We get that lovely little scene after the actual act itself where he just sort of sits there and stares at his bloody hands which is repeated a few times in that section. And I think it’s just beautifully symbolic for reminding us about the impact and trauma that these kind of things can leave on people. 

These books (ACOTAR included) actually have an incredibly telling and interesting way of responding to violence. Feyre has a very similar arc to Chaol’s after killing the faeries at the end of ACOTAR in order to save Tamlin/Prythian. Hers is given a lot more emotional weight and detailed attention but it’s still something that Chaol goes through to an extent as well after killing Cain. 

Violence and death isn’t something that’s shied away from. Ever. All of the characters suffer emotionally due to the things that they have seen and done and I think that moments like this make these books far more real and far more human than a lot of the media out there.

 I think a lot of fiction these days has lost its humanity and its nice to see an author address that and bring it back in droves. Some of the more emotional parts of these books, which we’ve talked about as a fandom, are the ones from POVs that don’t involve our main characters in any way but are still incredibly moving. Rena Goldsmith, the slave uprising and the reaction to the slave’s massacre are all really good, poignant examples and I just…think that we need to applaud things like this more often.