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Researchers Devise Tool to Improve Imaging of Neuronal Activity in the Brain

In a partnership melding neuroscience and electrical engineering, researchers from UNC-Chapel Hill and NC State University have developed a new technology that will allow neuroscientists to capture images of the brain almost 10 times larger than previously possible – helping them better understand the behavior of neurons in the brain.

Nervous systems are complex. After all, everything that any animal thinks or does is controlled by its nervous system. To better understand how complex nervous systems work, researchers have used an expanding array of ever more sophisticated tools that allow them to actually see what’s going on. In some cases, neuroscience researchers have had to create entirely new tools to advance their work.

This is how an electrical engineering researcher ended up co-authoring a Nature Biotechnology paper with a group of neuroscientists.

A UNC-Chapel Hill research team made up of Jeff Stirman, Ikuko Smith and Spencer Smith wanted to be able to look at “ensemble” neuronal activity related to how mice process visual input. In other words, they wanted to look at activity in neurons across multiple areas at the same time.

To do that, the researchers used a two-photon microscope, which images fluorescence. In this case, it could be used to see which neurons “light up” when active.

The problem was that conventional two-photon microscopy systems could only look at approximately one square millimeter of brain tissue at a time. That made it hard to simultaneously capture neuron activity in different areas.

This is where Michael Kudenov comes in. An assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering at NC State, Kudenov’s area of expertise is remote imaging. His work focuses on developing new instruments and sensors to improve the performance of technologies used in everything from biomedical imaging to agricultural research.

After being contacted by the UNC researchers, Kudenov designed a series of new lenses for the microscope. Stirman further refined the designs and incorporated them into an overall two-photon imaging system that allowed the researchers to scan much larger areas of the brain. Instead of capturing images covering one square millimeter of the brain, they could capture images covering more than 9.5 square millimeters.

This advance allows them to simultaneously scan widely separated populations of neurons.

As the group notes in its Nature Biotechnology paper, this work addresses “a major barrier to progress in two-photon imaging of neuronal activity: the limited field of view.”

Viva Cristo Rey!

Young Priest Smiles for Camera Before Being Martyred

Blessed Fr. Martin Martinez Pascual left a lasting testament to the grace of martyrdom when, on August 18, 1936, he smiled for a photo just moments before being shot.

A Diocesan Worker Priest of the Sacred Heart, Fr. Pascual had been appointed prefect of St. Joseph’s College in Murcia as well as professor at the seminary in San Fulgencio. He taught Latin, and was a popular and beloved priest.

The anti-Catholic persecutions in Spain erupted in 1936, while the priest was on vacation in his home. He made sure to rescue all the consecrated Hosts from the parish chapel, and went into hiding in barns and caves. He only emerged in August once he heard that his father had been arrested, questioned by the local committee on the whereabouts of his son.

His father had sent a message to his son asking that he get as far away from the area as possible, but instead, Fr. Pascual turned himself in, in the hopes the government would release his father. Pascual was thrown into prison along with other captured priests, where he spent time offering the sacraments of penance and the Holy Eucharist to fellow prisoners. On August 18, the priests were loaded on to the back of a truck and driven to a local graveyard.

Before his death, the guards asked Pascual if he preferred to turn around so as not to see the rifles. The priest answered no, and said, “I only give you my blessing that God does not take into account the madness that you commit.” He then blessed his murderers.

Hans Gutmann, a republican soldier documenting the work of the militia, desired to capture images of the priest in his final moments. He took photos while Fr. Pascual smiled for the camera. The man standing next to him in the image is the soldier who would moments later shoot him.

Father’s last words were “Viva Cristo Rey!”

Pascual was beatified by Pope St. John Paul II on October 1, 1995. His feast is commemorated August 18. He is among more than a thousand beatified martyrs of the Spanish Civil War. Official records show a total of 6,832 bishops, priests and religious who died in that time period

Blessed Martin Martinez Pascual, pray for us.

~ Christine Niles, M.St. (Oxon.), J.D.

Satya is allergic to mushrooms.

She only eats dark chocolate, the bitter the better. Milk chocolate upsets her stomach.

Dont give her that iced coffee nonsense. Black. No sugar. No creamer.

Toast with egg and avocado was her breakfast for six months straight. She was developping a housing complex and the ides of toast egg and avocado somehow helped her design faster.

She hates the color yellow.

If you pay attention when she is doing desk job, you might see her moving her feet like dancing. She claims it helps her concentrate.

From the Rector’s sermon for Saint Mary the Virgin (2016): Mary is not simply the Queen of Heaven, sitting in her Enclosed Garden. As the Mother of Mercy she does not merely shield the marginal from the vicissitudes of this life by wrapping her cloak around them, she is moving those people to the centre of the discourse, raising them up, and placing their concerns at the very heart of the seat of power. Mary, by reordering of our priorities, makes God’s Love present and can help us transform our communities. We can move away from patriarchal institutions where, at its best, business as usual is allowing those whom we consider “other” to become like us, into places that deal with people on their own terms and in which power is truly shared. 

Find the full text here

(The image is the altar in the Lady Chapel)

On this day in the History of British Queens, 24th August

1198 - Ermengarde de Beaumont gives birth to her first and only son, Alexander II of Scotland, in Haddington, East Lothian.

1200 - 12 year old Isabella of Angoulême marries 33 year old King John, in France

1393 - Joan of Navarre gives birth to her 2nd son and 6th child, Arthur III, Duke of Brittany, at the Château de Suscinio in Brittany.

1483 - Anne Neville’s only son, Edward of Middleham, is granted the titles of Prince of Wales and Earl of Chester.

1714 - Queen Anne is interred in the Henry VII Lady Chapel inside Westminster Abbey, beside her husband and some of her children.

1821 - Caroline of Brunswick’s remains reach Brunswick.

1855 - Queen Victoria visits the tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte at Les Invalides with the Emperor Napoleon III (Bonaparte’s nephew), Prince Albert, Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, and Victoria, Princess Royal. Victoria wrote of the visit in her diary: “The interior designs are however very fine. The coffin has not yet been placed there, but rests in a small side Chapel of St. Jérôme, not below. Into this the Emperor led me & there I stood on the arm of Napoleon IIIrd, before the coffin of his Uncle, our bitterest foe! I, the granddaughter of that King, who hated Napoleon most & who most vigorously opposed him, & this very nephew, bearing his name, now my nearest & dearest ally!!”.

1907 - Mary of Teck’s nephew, Rupert Cambridge, Viscount Trematon is born in Claremont House, Surrey, the son of Mary’s brother Alexander Cambridge, 1st Earl of Athlone and Princess Alice of Albany. Through his mother, he was also a great-great-grandson of Queen Victoria, and he inherited haemophilia through her. Viscount Trematon died aged 20 of a intracerebral hemorrhage obtained in a car crash in Paris.


Part Two of the Series Of Unfortunate Events series. 

Part One 

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2 days before the wedding

“So how does it feel to have a free leg?” Riley asks, as we walk down the sidewalk to a little chapel Josh and her had picked out for there wedding. After the accident they decided to keep the location closer to home. Maya looked down at her leg, after the accident she had a cast on for six months. 

“It’s nice, but it sucks that it pushed our wedding back six months,” Maya replies, as she sees the chapel. Her heart started flip flopping with nerves but good nerves she decided.

“At least you didn’t die,” Riley says, “Just think in two days your going to be Mrs Josh Matthews.” 

Maya smiled, she was beyond excited to marry Josh. Her phone buzzing interrupted her train of thought. “Is it Josh?” Riley asks, poking her best friend in the side. Maya pushed her hand away with a laugh and pulled out her phone.

“It is, he wants to facetime,” Maya replies, accepting the invitation. “Hey Boing.” she says, once his face showed up on the screen. 

“Hey Future Mrs Boing,” he smiles in return. That’s when she noticed he wasn’t at the airport but in a hotel room. 

“Wait, I thought your plane left at one,” she says, looking down at her watch which read 12:30. “Why aren’t you at the airport?”

“That’s why I called, my last meeting was postponed for one thirty, but I got a ticket for a plane leaving at 5 so I’ll be home by tonight,” he says, then notices she isn’t home. “Where are you?” 

“Just checking up on the chapel, making sure everything good. I don’t want anything like last time to happen,” she says, sitting down on the church steps. Riley had already gone inside to clarify everything. 

“Nothing like that is ever going to happen again if I can help it,” Josh says sternly. “I am not losing you.”

Maya smiled, but wasn’t able to say anything in return because Riley came out of the building. “Bad news peaches,” she says, sitting down next to Maya, “Hey Uncle Josh.” 

“Hey Riles,” he replies, “Whats bad news?” 

“Apparently they got confused with the dates and the church is already taken,” Riley says, frowning as she looks between Maya and Josh. “And the people who reserved it reserved it before you guys.” 

“But where are we going to get married?” Maya asks, covering her face with her hand. She could already feel a headache coming on. Why was the universe doing this to them? Maybe they weren’t meant to be together. 

“It’ll be okay Maya, we’re going to get married in two days. I get back tonight so we will just go around looking for places tomorrow. It’ll be fine,” he says, wishing that he could be there now but he couldn’t miss his meeting. “I have to go get ready for my meeting. I’ll call you when I land.” 

“Okay,” Maya says slowly. It’ll all work out in the end. How could she doubt him? How could she doubt their love? “I’ll talk to you tonight.” 

“Come on, let’s go get some ice cream, that’ll make you feel better,” Riley says, as Maya slides her phone into her back pocket. 

One Day before the Wedding

Buzzzzz Buzzzz Buzzzz

Maya groans as she pats the bed next to her for her phone. She finally finds it and puts it up to her ear. “Hello?” she asks groggily. 

“Maya? Did you just wake up? I tried calling last night,” Josh says. 

Maya sits up and rubs her eyes. “Oh sorry, I tried staying up to get your call but I guess I fell asleep. I am up now, do you wanna go look for places for the wedding? I can be ready in-,”

Josh interrupts her, “I am not home. I am still in Florida.” 

“Wait what do you mean? You were supposed to be home last night. We were supposed to be looking at venues today. We’re getting married tomorrow and we have no church or-,” 

“I know, okay? Just calm down and look out your window,” he says, she could tell he was frustrated too and felt bad for blowing up on him. She got out of her bed and walked over to her window pulling up the shade. New York was completely covered in white and it was still pouring down. “There’s no flights going into New York. I could try and get a flight to Philly and then drive up.”

“No, no, I don’t want you driving in this. I- ,” she racked her brain for any ideas as to what to do but came up short. “I have no idea what we are going to do.” 

“The news says this is going to go on until tomorrow evening,” Josh says. “I am stuck here.” 

Maya bite her lip, “It’ll be okay,” she says, “we will just figure something out when you get here.” 

Josh lets out an annoyed sigh. “This is the second time this wedding has been postponed.”

Maya’s heart drops. “Do you.. are you saying that you don’t want to get married anymore?”

There’s a long pause on the other side of the line and Maya is tempted to hang up the phone and then curl up under her bed and cry. “No. Of course not,” he finally says, “I am just upset that I am not there.” 

There’s a knock at her apartment door, “That’s probably Riley, keep me updated okay? I love you,” she says. 

“I love you too, bye,” he says before hanging up. She lefts out a breath before going to see what Riley wants. 

Day of Wedding

“Where are you taking me?” Maya asks, pulling her coat tighter. She was tired and grumpy and all she wanted today was eat ice cream and watch netflix. The snow had stopped the night before but the last thing she heard from Josh was the only flight he could get was today at 2. 

“It’s a surprise,” Riley says, pulling her best friend down the the streets of New York. Maya looked up and saw the familiar setting. 

“Why are you taking me to your parents apartment?” Maya asks, “I was perfectly content with being in my own warm apartment and now being dragged through the cold just to be around people trying to make me feel better.” 

Riley rolls her eyes and drags her friend up the stairs and to the apartment door. “Don’t worry, you’ll like this surprise. Ready?” Maya nodded her head and Riley pulled open the door. “SURPRISE!” she shouts. 

Maya steps in the room. All the furniture was pushed around so there was a pathway of white rose petals leading to a podium and a couple chairs. “What is this?” 

“Your wedding!” Riley cheers, Matthew and Topanga coming down the stairs with smiles on their faces. Katy and Shawn close behind them.

“Riley told us about the church canceling on you and with all the snow I doubt you would have wanted to have it there anyways, so we brought your wedding here,” Topanga says, happily.

Maya’s smile falls when she realizes they were missing something very important. “Thank you, but we’re missing the groom though,” she says sadly. 

“Oh really?” a familiar voice says, she turns to see Josh standing there with a smile on his face. “I caught a plan to Philly early this morning and drove up.” 

“Oh my gosh, I can’t believe this,” she says, hugging him. 

“Well, lets get you two hitched!” Riley yells, and Maya laughs along with her. 

                                                  THE END 

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St. Aldhelm’s Chapel, St. Aldhelm’s Head.
One of Britains oldest church’s.
Unusual in structure thought to be because of the crossover from Paganism to Christianity at the time.
Also it is mentioned in the doomsday book.
A beautiful sight as it is located on St Aldhelms head in Swanage-Dorset and houses some ridiculously old graffiti and even has services to this day!

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💘🌹💦 i cant remember any other emojis buT THERE U GO

  • ship that is unpopular but you still like: uhura/chapel like i’d sell my soul???? also padme/sabe
  • ship that you have as an OTP: asdfadsf so many i guess one is keith/lance
  • ship that is taboo: im not abt to be Roasted. but the one i’m willing to share publicly is probably obi-wan/anakin like it’s not that bad but it’s not Pure ya feel

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Going to the Chapel

Title: Going to the Chapel
Category: Hockey RPF
Genre: Alternate Universe - Always a Different Sex
Pairing: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins/Taylor Hall/Jordan Eberle, Carey Price/PK Subban, Dylan Strome/Mitch Marner
Rating: General
Summary: The one where half the NHL plans Ryan, Taylor, and Jordan’s wedding. And no one is surprised.


They don’t exactly kidnap her, but when Ference and Gaz hustle her away after practice, Ryan’s pretty sure it’s not because they have ideas on how to improve her skills. She’s right.

The store they take her to is huge and bright and holy shit white.

“Wedding dresses?” she asks blankly because she has to be dreaming. There’s no way the majority of her team has dragged her out wedding dress shopping. There’s no way a single salesperson is ready for this many hockey players in a dress store. Hell, she’s not ready to take on this many Oilers in a dress store, even if some of the older, more stable guys are involved.


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Gotta throw my hat in the ring for the NPC thing if you're still accepting - Priestess Reika, from Fatal Frame 3?

Send me a faceclaim and I’ll tell you who they’d be in my muse’s life as a NPC

(( Always feel free to send one in, anon! I don’t see enough Fatal Frame either so this is awesome ))

This NPC is one of the ghosts in The Room, found in the Forest World around Wish House. She represents a priestess for The Order, possibly killed by Walter in an unrelated crime to the sacraments. Alternately, she could be a character from Silent Hills, had that game not been canceled, haunting a church or a chapel.


The Capela dos Ossos Bone Chapel is an ossuary located in Faro, Portugal. The chapel is built entirely from the human bones of more than 1000 monks. As well as the walls being covered in human skeletons and skulls, there is a single complete skeleton covered in gold which hangs from the front of the chapel. An inscription above the entrance translates to:

“Stop here and consider, that you will reach this state too.”