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A rare video of 14/15 years old HARRY STYLES, hand being taped on the table inside his classroom while class is going on. Inside note: You can hear his FETUS VOICE before he hits puberty.

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they are getting married though louis is on a world tour bachelor party harry has taken his rings off has invited jeff and glenne on his bachelor week and they and gemma and her friends are spending it going to concert and around holmes chapel classic harry irving and shelli are flying in later lottie and gemma are gonna be maids of honour lol this is the best headcanon we have had in a long time i love it

this is literally what is happening now where is my invite

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imagine Chapel and Uhura in the academy together as roommates and poor chapel doesn't know how to deal with her giant crush on uhura

Chapel struggled with all the Latin words in medicine and biology so she posted a notice on the student’s board asking for help. Someone named Uhura replied and though she’s taking the command line she is credited with several language merits too so Chapel accepted. They agreed to meet in the library the next day.
The Academy’s library was an open, airy room with several small study cells along one side. When Chapel arrived the small, black skinned woman sitting at the table looked up at her and smiled and suddenly Christine found couldn’t breath and her heart was pounding loudly and painfully in her chest
“You’re Chapel?” the other woman asked. The sound of her warm voice only made things worse.
“Last names sounds so formal,” the other woman said as she stood and held out her hand. “I’m Nyota.”
“Christine.“ Somehow she managed to say it without her voice breaking, but she’s sure Uhura - no Nyota- had seen her hand shake when she took hers.
“Shall we get started then?” Nyota asked and was all Christine could do to nod.
Afterwards Christine couldn’t decide if the session was magical or a disaster. It had been so hard to focus on anything but the sound of Nyota’s voice that she could remember almost nothing of what the woman had said. And she was certain the Uhura considered her a complete idiot, incapable of even the simplest thing. In fact it felt like a genuinely good idea to cancel their next date.
Appointment, she immediately corrected herself. It wasn’t a date.
She didn’t cancel though, she needed the help too badly. And the thought of not seeing Nyota again made her heart beat painfully once more.
She kept the lessons strictly on subject though – or tried to – but a little by a little they started talking about other things, once they were done with that days work.
Nyota would tell about how humid Mombassa was in summer and how lovely swimming in the ocean felt then. Christine started to talk about what a relief it was to get off the colony where she’d grown up and away from her family and she told about the festivity they would have when the harvest was done, about the only time they celebrated anything. Nyota in return told about how her grandmother always insisted on making the same dishes for every Eid al-Fitr they celebrated and after the old woman passed her parents carried on the tradition.
One day they went to a café after they were done, their conversation carrying on and on and Christine found she didn’t want it to ever end.
“You know,” Nyota suddenly said looking up from the her plate of spiced shrimps. “This is taking too long.”
Christine frowned.
“What is?”
“Looks like it’ll be up to me then,” the darker woman said with a smile.
The blonde woman frowned even more deeply.
Putting down her fork, Nyota rose halfway from her seat, reached out as she leaned over the table and put one hand on Christine’s cheek before kissing her softly on the lips. Christine could taste shrimps, garlic, lemon and vinegar.
“You, Christine Chapel. You are what’s taking far too long. I’d have thought you’d have done something long ago.”
“Erm,” was all Chapel found she could say and she looked into her plate.
“Or was I wrong?” Nyota’s voice carried a note of uncertainty.
Christine looked up.
“No! No, you’re right. I just.. didn’t know if…” Picking up her courage she continued. “You know? What about we go back to my rooms and talk. My roommate is out for the night, so we’ll have the place to ourselves.”
“Sounds like a plan,” Uhura said with a smile.
As they made their way along the wide, tree-lined streets of San Francisco Chapel found her heart beating loudly in her chest again, but it didn’t feel painful any more.

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Popular brain stimulation doesn’t boost IQ

Despite its popularity, using a weak electric current to boost brainpower doesn’t live up to the hype. A new study shows that the most common form of the treatment actually has a statistically significant detrimental effect on IQ scores.

Published in the journal Behavioural Brain Research, the study adds to the increasing amount of literature showing that transcranial direct current stimulation—tDCS—has mixed results when it comes to cognitive enhancement.

“It would be wonderful if we could use tDCS to enhance cognition because then we could potentially use it to treat cognitive impairment in psychiatric illnesses,” says Flavio Frohlich, study senior author and assistant professor of psychiatry, cell biology and physiology, biomedical engineering, and neurology at the UNC School of Medicine.


The National Institutes of Health funded this study.


“Are you nervous or something?” Dean asks Sam as Sam fumbles putting of Dean’s boutonniere.

“Of course I am Dean.” Sam looked wide eyed at his brother. “I’m getting married to the woman of my dreams. The real woman of my dreams this time.” 

‘DEAN!” Cas came running into the chapel, where the two of you were going to be married in less than half an hour. “It’s Y/N. She is freaking out. I don’t know what to do. She’s really freaking out.” Cas whispered to the older Winchester, so Sam wouldn’t hear.

“Great.” Dean could handle a nervous groom, but a bride freaking out is a completely different thing. “Look I gotta go take care of something. I’ll be back soon.”

“What’s wrong?” Dean asked opening the door.

“I can’t do this Dean.” You pace back and forth. “I thought I could but I can’t” 

“Wait. Hold on.” Dean needed to get you to stop pacing and calm down. 

“No. I can’t. I need to go.” You got your bag and started stuffing things in it.

“Stop.” Dean held your wrist gently, trying to get you to wait a minute. “Y/N. Stop. Tell me what’s wrong? Why can’t you do what?” 

You stopped everything you were doing for a minute and took a deep breathe. “I can’t marry Sam.” 

“Why not?”

This made you really think. You had thought of millions of answers to that question. But one really stuck out to you. 

“I’m not good enough.” 

Dean rolled his eyes at you. To him that was a stupid answer. 

“You love him right?” 

“Yes of course I love him. I love him more than anything in the world.” 

“And I know for a fact he feels the same way. I know that he doesn’t care about your flaws. He doesn’t care how broken he or you might be. He loves you. And you love him.” 

What Dean had said got you thinking again. Sam didn’t care about the flaws, he loves you for you. This made you feel better.

“I think I might be able to do this.”

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Have you ever googled pictures of the places where the boys grew up? Some of them are abysmal. Doncaster and Bradford are like the poor part of South and West Yorkshire. It’s weird. Wolverhampton is actually pretty nice. Middle-class, I’d think. It’s not like extravagant to be upper-class, but it’s definitely not like dirt poor either. Holmes Chapel is quaint. There’s no other way to really describe it. It has this vintage vibe in all the pictures and it’s so scenic/picturesque. Mullingar… It’s a bit harder to describe. There’s a lot of beautiful architecture and brilliant looking cathedrals, lots and lots of ruins, such pretty landscape (and it seems to be one of the only place in Ireland with trees- but that’s another story). The city and town parts of it though are average. Just your normal run-of-the-mill Irish towns.

Looking at the places the boys come and grew up in helps in understanding some of their quirks better.

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TIME AND DATE: 4:00 PM exactly, 5/28/15

AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP: either four or ten, so… 7, if we’re legit talking averages.



BIRTHDAY: 5/28/1996

GENDER: female

HEIGHT: 5′1″ or 5′2″

FAVORITE COLORS: Red and purple… and also sea foam green


HOW MANY BLANKETS DO I SLEEP UNDER: four? five sometimes.

WHAT AM I WEARING RN: black yoga pants and a black tank

LAST BOOK I READ: I’m currently working on Interview With The Vampire by Anne Rice. 

FAVORITE BEVERAGE: Probably like sunny D? 


LAST MOVIE I WATCHED IN THEATERS: Eek… I think it was Annabel. 

DREAM VACATION: Japan. I want to sneak up to visit the Takara Hotel.

DREAM WEDDING: Old chapel, old friends. Also a really pretty dress and flower crown or tiara.

DREAM: To not wind up teaching for the next forty years because I couldn’t make it doing anything else.

DREAM JOB: making music. Don’t care how. Just… music. 

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Just saw your repost of alixvause’s favourite Vauseman kisses and ….wtf, I can’t believe the hallway kiss from 2x10 didn’t crack the top ten!

I’d easily place it in the top three (along with the bed kiss from 2x10 and ‘I heart you’ kiss from 1x11). What are your top 10 (or 5) Vauseman smooches? 

Hmm….top 5 kisses?

  1. As always, the “I heart you” / inevitable scene will always take the cake. I wouldn’t be a blog if it weren’t for that scene.
  2. And then its sister parallel, the first time Alex said “I love you” in 2x10 because chin touching and tenderness and mornings-in-bed, I’m a sucker for it.
  3. The chapel scene, cause tbh that’s the first time they’ve really touched each other in how many years???? Let alone kiss and -coughs- other things, so, muy importante and definitely a favorite of mine
  4. The one by the bathroom in 2x10 because aside from the obvious hotness, it’s just perfect with all the banter and leading up and intensity and the eye-sex until its eventual ovary explosion
  5. and of course, the 2x10 when Alex pops back up from under the covers with sweaty sex hair and yeah. that kiss. is fantastic.


What happens to buildings when they are no longer needed or have outlasted their original purpose? They are either lovingly restored so they can be used for something else—or they fall into ruin, where they remain as silent witnesses of a bygone era. French photographer Aurélien Villette has made it his mission to trace these dilapidated buildings—some completely forgotten by history—and capture their incomparable beauty in wondrous color photographs. Whether his subject is a Christian chapel, an erstwhile theater, or the events center in a former Communist country, Villette brings the spirit and pathos the place once embodied back to life. At the same time, the ruins in his evocative photographs are stylized to create cultural heirlooms of the various periods and countries where they are located. The technically perfect photography allows the viewer to infer various architectural influences of earlier times, making this volume a very special historical and cultural documentation. Allow yourself to be transported by the breathtaking beauty of these images and dive into a former era where time stands still.

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As some of you may know, I come from Greece. As a country, we do have a bit of history. Nothing important but you know, we do have some of that.

Tomorrow I’m having my history exam at school, that could determine whether or not I’m going to college in September, and I though it would be nice to share some of my new knowledge of the wonderful Greek history with you.

Did you guys know that in 1913, at the six big cities of Pontus, there were 697.000 Greeks, 1.890 churches, 22 monasteries, 1.647 chapels and 1.401 schools with 85.890 students?


But you know, it’s not like we have anything better to learn about our history, right? I’m so gonna need to know these numbers for the rest of my life, how can anyone not know about the 1.400 and ONE schools in Pontus in 1913?