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Please ignore all the crazy random shit I’ve got going on all over the lawns of these properties. I’m working on a church which, without CC at least, is nearly impossible to get to look right. 

Church #1 (which is hugely in need of work) is inspired by this church. Church #2 is a bit a more modest and probably more fitting for the world. Either way, I want to rip my hair out.

Italy's 'monuments men' unearth treasures from ruins of Amatrice quake

The first mission of the new Italian “Blue Helmet” force dedicated to defending cultural heritage was supposed to be in Palmyra, the ancient Syrian city whose monuments were destroyed by Islamic State.

But when a 6.2-magnitude earthquake struck central Italy in August, killing 298 people and devastating the town of Amatrice, the 60 modern-day “monuments men” headed to the rubble, in territory far more familiar than what they were trained for.

On Friday their work in Amatrice was completed. They leave having recovered 900 pieces of art such as altarpieces and other paintings from museums, chapels and shrines.

Fabrizio Parrulli, commander of the carabinieri cultural heritage protection department, said the pieces were being kept in Rieti, where they would be restored before returning home. Read more.

Full military honors were granted by the Luftwaffe at the funerals of R.A.F Sergeants Butlin and Holden who were shot down over Jersey, Channel Islands. It is thought this was to try and pacify the local population. The Luftwaffe behaved much differently than the SS or Wehrmacht. Much more chivalry.

R.A.F Sergeants Butlin took off on an operation to Frankfurt at 23.15 hrs from R.A.F. Burn in Yorkshire and ditched roughly 3 miles south west of the Channel Island of Jersey after a call was made by Sgt. Odling for assistance. The body of observer Sgt. Holden was eventually washed up on St Queens Bay in Jersey on the 3rd June 1943. On the 5th June his and the body of a Sgt. Denis Charles Butlin from 1663 H.C.Unit lay in state in the Hospital Chapel with hundreds of islanders visiting the coffins to pay their last respects, prior to a service on the morning of 6th June. The coffins were then draped with the Union Jack before being taken to the cemetery. Hundreds of people lined the route but the Luftwaffe prevented them entering the gates of the cemetery.
These gestures weren’t done only by the Germans, the British and the Americans did it too.

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When going to Edinburgh what are some must-see sights??

City center–

Sights: Edinburgh Castle (do not miss the National War Museum), the entire Royal Mile, have lunch at Deacon Brodie’s overlooking the Mile if you’re feeling touristy, Grassmarket pubs, the Old Town Book Shop on Victoria Street, St. Giles Cathedral (don’t miss the Thistle Chapel), the Tattoo if you’re there in August, Holyrood Palace and Abbey, Arthur’s Seat, Greyfriars Kirkyard, Elephant House, George Street for shopping, HARVEY NICHOLS, Princes Street Gardens, Waterstones Princes Street, DEAN VILLAGE, Edinburgh Zoo, Fettes College (aka Hogwarts), this isn’t the center but the Forth bridges are something to see especially the rail bridge

Restaurants/bars: Monteiths, Tigerlily, Copper Blossom, The Dome, high tea at the Balmoral, Shebeen, gin fizzes at Bar Amarone, the Huxley, Kyloe, Edinburgh Gin Distillery, Lovecrumbs, Mary’s Milk Bar, beer garden at the Beehive in the Grassmarket, and my Auntie Gillian’s kitchen :)

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Harry taking you back to Holmes Chapel in the fall, it's a cool and crisp night and you're both out for a walk when he pulls you off the path your on and pushes you up against a tree hard, and suddenly his lips are on your neck and your whimpering when you feel his erection pressing into your thigh..."didn't want my family to hear us, but you can scream as loud as you want out here" ;)

Another “pretty steamy” story to add to his books. I’m sobbing. Kiss my neck and I am yours. Fuck.

Gotham s3e6 - Follow the White Rabbit

As I watched it, and some random observations here and there.

Previously on Gotham. Ed echoes Gertrud’s words at Oswald, who is predictably affected.  A flashback to Miss Kringle.  Lee swings a great punch: that’s for Kristen.

Jervis escaped, and murders a woman in an echo of Alice’s death – blaming Jim for forcing his hand. Alice’s blood has done something to Barnes.

As always, long post will be long - reaaally long.  There are likely to be rambling digressions. Gobblepot might appear (although I welcome all shippers and non-shippers alike :)).  There will be naked favouritism and naked not-favouritism.  Broader comments at the end on plotlines and parallels and general direction.

We open on a wedding, where the newly-weds are leaving the chapel and stepping into the car.  Jervis is the chauffeur, with annoyingly good hair.  He looks back at the happy couple and comments that there’s

No greater symbol of love than two people who want to spend life together.

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for @florchis: Elena ‘Yoyo’ Rodriguez 

sexuality hc
straight as an arrow. she’s also often mistaken for homophobic, because of how proudly she wears her faith, but in fact she’s a fierce ally both within and outside the church

gender hc
cis woman

mental illness / neurodivergent hc
hm, nothing comes immediately to mind, although being exposed to so much violence & distrust, especially as a young woman, puts her at a lot of risk. she may have been at risk of depression and/or substance abuse, but I think her faith and the small circle of people she did trust helped her get back on her feet and stay out of the worst of it

3 random hcs

  • Elena has attempted to learn Mandarin. She’s not very good at it and it frustrates her a lot because all the rules are different to both Spanish and English. Daisy is flattered, but also greatly amused.
  • There is a prayer room on base; initially a chapel, then a multi-faith room, it fell out of use for a long time. Elena rediscovers it and she & Mack begin to reset & reuse it.
  • She’s very bad at video games, but very good at pool

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