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Sorry haters but I can't hear you over the canon sounds of my ship sailing.


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Alec Lightwood is gay you fucking homophobes

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first of all, this is disgusting. second… i have said many times before that it’s totally fine if you prefer tianshan over zhanyi and visa versa. but that does NOT mean you can bash zhanyi into the ground?? just ignore them then. stick to tianshan.

anyways i do like zhanyi and i will continue doing so, thank you very much. i’m really tired of the shipwar in the 19 days fandom. there’s constant shade flying around and i’ve tried to ignore it because i didn’t want this blog to become a fandom drama one, but what the fuck is this message even.

let people enjoy this moment!! jian yi confessed to zhan zheng xi and was so afraid of losing him and then zhan just went and kissed his forehead. that’s a big deal for zhanyi shippers. i’m sure tianshan will have their date after this (probably next chapter) and then you can be happy too. zhanyi shippers have gone without anything big for their ship for a long time, you know?

i wish people could just… stop fighting over the two couples. zhanyi and tianshan are friends, so why can’t the two sides of the fandom be friends? :/ be happy for each other!

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I know this isn't a big ship but can you do clockwork x E.J head canons please .

Ok but Scottish! Clockwork and EJ really likes her accent. And when Clockwork is mad she talks really fast and its hard to understand her, no one can really understand her when shes mad except EJ.

They like to listen podcasts and music together, its something they can both enjoy and it calms them.

They like to go out together to kill alot, its basically a system at this piont. Clockwork baits them into an allyway or a bush then she stabs them, Jack takes the organs and then they book it into the woods back home

They like to work out together, they like to get buff. How are they gonna drag a 180 pound body threw the woods if they can’t carry a dumbbell?

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Ok so here me out // Lance singing I Will Survive to Lotor after they've broken up or something and pointing to Keith when he sings "I've got so much love to give" I can 100% see this happening please tell me you can too.

LOL this is canon what do you mean

Sigismund’s Fate/AU PSA

.::With Sigismund’s fate confirmed now and ouch is it horrendous lol Just for your info, the bio page on this blog with not be getting an update from its previous version nor will I be changing anything about the 40k AU I came up with for this blog either. I will still be going off the unconfirmed death canon because, well. I can lol

Thank you = w =

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Would you mind if I asked about your opinions on some characters/ships [Not the ones you hate]? I'm curious how you view them because some people tell me you diss on every ship other than your own but you seem pretty chill tbh;; idk what's their problem

Lmaoo i can probably guess what they’re into– so anon, those people are highkey the people i dont wanna befriend.

I don’t diss every ship– i diss the ones where problematic themes arise but their fans are… yknow. I even do it to the stuff i ship that are canon lol.

I mean you can ask which characters i have opinion about but in all honesty? I’m indifferent to a lot of mystreet characters, if not all. But anyways ask away my dude :)

When the sorcerer found the dragon, it was attacking a grape.

This was only possible because the dragon was not much larger than a grape itself, but she still had to do a double take to be sure the object it was fighting with such animosity was in fact inanimate.

She crouched so that her eyes were level with the top of the table and squinted at it. The dragon sank its tiny fangs into the grape’s skin and gave a great tug, succeeding only in throwing it and the grape into a backwards tumble. The tiny green reptile rolled to a stop with its whole body wrapped around the grape and shook its head ferociously, managing to pull its teeth out but also launching the grape across the table. It gave a mighty roar of anger (about as loud as a human clearing their throat) and stalked after it, tail swishing dangerously.

“Do you need help?” she offered.

The dragon froze mid-prowl and whipped its head around to look at her, looking so offended she almost apologized for asking.

“I mean, I could peel it for you, if that’s the problem.” She wasn’t sure it was getting the message. One could never tell how much human language these little creatures picked up by hanging around the magic labs. Some understood only such essentials as “scat!” or “oh fuck, that sure did just explode”, while others could hold entire conversations — if they deigned to interact.

This one looked like it was deciding whether she was worthy. Finally, it sniffed daintily and flicked its tail, scales clacking together. “Little monster is my prey, and you can’t have it. Found it first. Will devour it!”

“Oh, sure,” she agreed. “But you know it’s a grape, right?”

This was the wrong thing to say. It glared at her and then bounded away to the other end of the table, where it slithered up to the grape and pounced on it.

Grape and dragon promptly rolled off the edge of the table.

The sorcerer quickly went around to that side, alarmed that it would be stepped on. The labs were bustling with shoppers stopping by to watch demonstrations this time of day, and a small dragon wouldn’t be easily visible on the blue and green tiled floor.

“Horrible! Dirty!” The tiny dragon was screeching at the top of its lungs, holding onto its prey for dear life. It would have been hard to hear anyway, with all the noise of the labs, but with the sorcerer’s diminished hearing it took several seconds to locate the screaming creature.

She scanned the pattern of the tiles for it and sighed. “Oh, hold on, we mopped this morning.” She cupped her hands around it and deposited it into her skirt pocket, an indignity the dragon endured only with more screaming.

“An outrage! Put me down!”

“Shh,” she advised. Lab workers were strongly discouraged from bringing creatures into the back rooms, which was where she was heading, picking her way through the crowded front lab.

“Fuck pockets!” her pocket responded.

“Oh, you can curse. Wonderful.”

The dragon seemed to take this as an actual compliment. “Am multitalented. Can also compose poetry.”

“Really? Can I hear some?”

“No. For dragon ears only.” It sounded viciously pleased to hold this over her head. The bulge in her pocket rearranged itself, and she thought it might be trying to gnaw on the grape.

She felt herself smiling even as she tried to squash her mouth into a straight line. She liked this little bad-tempered thing, even though its spiky feet were digging into her thigh.

In the much quieter kitchen of the back rooms behind the lab, she transferred the wriggling, scaly handful from her pocket to the table. The dragon hissed out a few more insults as it got up and straightened itself out, but its jaw fell open when it finally took in its surroundings. She’d set it down next to the fruit bowl.

“There you go. Food mountain.”

The dragon’s shock didn’t last long. Abandoning the grape, it scraped and scrabbled its way up the side of the bowl and from there onto an apple, its claws leaving tiny puncture marks as it hiked to the top of the arrangement. “Food mountain!” It repeated, its gleeful crowing much clearer and almost sing-song without having to compete with the noise of the crowd.

She watched it turn in a circle, surveying the feast. “But… cannot eat it all,” it observed after a while, crestfallen. “Human-sized. Big shame.”

“Don’t you have nest-mates who can help you with it?” she asked. She had assumed not, from the way it had apparently been foraging for food on its own, but she needed to be sure she’d found a loner.

“No nest. No mates. No nest-mates. You’re rude.” It flopped down ungracefully, wings spread out flat on the apple like it was trying to hug the entire much-larger fruit.

She gave it a moment to be dramatic, and then offered it the grape, minus the peel. “You seem to have a good grasp on human-speak.”

It grabbed the grape without so much as a thank you. “Yes. Have composed poetry in both Dragonese and Humanese. Not for humans to hear, though.” Bragging cheered it up a little.

“You mentioned. I can’t hear very well, anyway.” She pulled up a stool and sat down. “Actually, I’ve been looking for a helper.”

“An assistant,” it said, apparently showing off its Humanese. “An attendant. An aid.”

She watched it bury its snout in the grape, juice dribbling down onto the apple it sat on. “Yes. A hearing aid. How would you feel about having a job?”

It smiled craftily. “Would feel positively, if job comes with chocolate chips.”

“It could,” she said, grinning. She had some friends who employed bird-sized dragons as messengers, but this was the first time she’d heard of one negotiating its salary for itself. “It certainly could. What’s your name?”

“Peep,” said Peep. “It is self-explanatory.”

“Don’t worry, I got it.”

Peep expressed its doubt that humans ever got anything, but she thought the tiny, prickly creature might be warming up to her.


todays twitter dump is seungchuchu themed because they are the best boys!! dedicated to @llyn-on-ice because she showed me part of something she was writing and it inspired most of this and also she inspires me every day of my life 

click through for captions

alright but listen, just listen, hypothetically if lotor was the galra from the weblum, how hilarious would it be if he was just deadass convinced that he owed a life debt to keith???? like can we please just talk about a ridiculous s3 in which the big bad is actually just like “hard pass, this guy saved my life, not gonna kill him” or, maybe life debts are a big deal in galra culture and so lotor physically can’t be the one to take out voltron because it would involve killing keith in the process. i mean can you imagine how hilarious it would be to have to explain to galra generals that, sorry, their prince can’t come to the battlefield right now because the mullet guy pulled him out of a small intestine once

y'all I got so much appreciation for coran it’s obvious he was alive for a good few years more before going into the cryopod

coran had lost everything at this point

he witnessed the rise of the galra and the death of his best man alfor

his children, spouse, any family he possibly had, were probably gone

And he decided he was going to protect allura, alfor’s daughter, because if he couldn’t save his own children, he could at least try to save someone else’s child

I’m assuming he traveled to the castle of lions at Arus alone, and then willingly put himself to sleep so he could continue protecting allura later on

which is why when he first awoke he immediately sprung into action to neutralize the threat and protect allura


12x23: “The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon but that we wait so long to begin it.”

13x01: “The bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone.”

(More of the quote from 13x01: “The time is coming, they think, in some far future, when they shall find leisure to enjoy each other, to stop and rest side by side, to discover to each other these hidden treasures which lie idle and unused.” “She never knew how I loved her.” “He never knew what he was to me.” “I always mean to make more of our friendship.” “I did not know what he was to me till he was gone.”)

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