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noxfauna  asked:

The dads react to Dadsona bringing home a box of mewling kittens.

Craig: A whole lot of sneezing. Turns out Craig has quite the allergy to cats. Sure, they may be adorable but unfortunately they aren’t going to be fully compatible without some medications. 

Brian: In all honesty he isn’t the biggest fan of cats. They just aren’t compatible and the universe hasn’t allowed it yet. If Brian and a cat ever got along, y’all might need to check what universe you’re in. 

Damien: Did someone say cats? Damien loves all kinds of animals and cats happen to be one of them. He’d be all over the kittens and would help care for the little kitties whenever he could. He just can’t resist them!

Hugo: Hugo would be in love with how cute they are. Duchess Cordelia might not agree at first but she would warm up to them. Dadsona would probably catch Hugo being smothered with kittens on the floor. 

Mat: You have no idea how hyped Mat gets over baby animals. He’d be fawning over them and Dadsona would really have to do something to actually get Mat’s attention. Mat would experiment with baking homemade cat treats that he could sell at his coffee shop like gifts for pet owners.

Robert: He wouldn’t really know how to react at first. He’d just see their big eyes and he’d stare at them for a while. Robert would eventually end up snuggling with one on the couch and would see if Dadsona would let him keep one.

Joseph: Joseph has mild cat allergies but since they’re so cute he’d push through all those sniffles and watery eyes. All in the name of giving those little kitties some much deserved attention. 

iamnotoneofthem  asked:

Hello, yes, can I ask for Dadsona with cat (or dog) ears and a tail and how the dads would react to that? Maybe that mutation is rare, but known, so they've never seen "one" before!

So, in this AU cat mutations are pretty rare and most are high class. There are a few that live in lower classes. And when I say a few, I mean a very few. at mutations are awfully rare. They are not mistreated, but that doesn´t mean they aren´t sold in black markets and so. Also I would assume that Dadsona also has cat characteristics (e.g. purring, cat reflexes, flexibility, la la la)

I hope this was what you expected if it wasn´t please tell me so I can change it^^

Robert Small

-Wouldn´t really mind

-If you could look over his addictions, then he can act as if you were a common human being

-But he still loves certain aspects of the whole mutation

-For example, he likes laying in bed on saturday morning, pulling you to his chest. He would let silence consume the air between you too, but then his hand just… wanders to your ears. He would scratch and rub them until the silence in replaced with your purrs

-He finds that your purrs are better than the silence every now and then

-Honestly, this guy doesn´t care a lot about your rarity

-Oh boi he gets hella protective when you two go out and people stare at you as if you were a trophy or a lot of cash

-Would give you his jacket to hide your ears/tail

Craig Cahn

-So fucking proud you made it this far

-Cat mutants tend to get sold to rich families or become property of very rich people, but you kept pushing through difficulties

-You always thought he knew, since you technically told him while you two were high one night in your dorm

-Looooves your ears

-Liiiiives for your flexibility. One day, Craig entered his home, all sweaty from working out. He was just minding his own business but then he sees you lying on the couch with you fucking leg behind your head (all cat owners know this is the most basic cat thing their cats do) and he just… doesn´t know. He wants to see how much more you can bend.

-For exercising purposes, obviosly… maybe more

-Would highly encourage you to hide your tail and ears to prevent any attacks

Brian Harding

-Finds it adorable

-He was impressed when you showed to be a completely responsible and independent person

-Maxwell loves you. You not so much

-You remember in Brian´s second date, when the boat tipped? Yeah… Brian didn´t willingly take you into his arms. You clung to him as if your l i f e depended on it.

-Loves when you get grumpy cause then it´s funny to tease you and when your ears are flat

-He liked to take you outside so you can play around

Hugo Vega

-He´s very respectful of your rarity

-As expected, he does profound research on cat mutants so he can make sure to not feed you something that made you sick or anything like that

-He read of catnip and instantly thought of Ernest… sadly. Though catnip has more… unexpected effects on the user

-Ernest also knew of it and got curious if it would work on you

-That day, Hugo came hom to see you rubbing yourself against the floor with passion, your pupils dilatated and not responding to his calls.

-You´re not a fan of Duchess but that big pup just seems to love you

-Hugo secretly hides to see her pinning you to the ground and giving you her dog love while you cringe. He only goes to your aid when he hears your growls

Mat Sella

-He´s a cat person. He´s also a (Dadsona) person. Great mix

-He feels soothed by your presence

-Carmensita teases you by making cat toys and trying to make you use them

-He enjoys the fact you can´t handle hot drinks but still try to drink coffee

-Fun fact: it´s been scientifically proved that a cat´s purr and petting them can help calm anxiety

-Thus, you are both his boyfriend and his therapy cat. And it´s been actually working, whenever he starts feeling anxious, he reaches out for you and there you are.

-Now that he´s retaken on his music, he enjoys when you are beside him. Keeps him grounded, you know?

Joseph Christiansen

-Oh dear

-Did the trip with his yacht end up horribly

-It´s no longer the fear of whales, but the absolute fobia of being surrounded by your archenemis: w a t e r

-Joseph finds it amusing how you stereotipically hate water

-He was caught off guard when you first met, he almost dropped the plate of cookies

-”If I make you uncomfortable, don´t feel forced to come around, tends to happen. Not everyone is fine with a man having a pair of cat ears, you know”

-He had never been more dedicated in getting close to someone. He understands what it means when people judge you before knowing you. He´s had many people avoiding him because of his pastor estatus.

Damien Bloodmarch

-”Love, I ordered a victorian collar they used to put on cats, can you try it on?”

-He knows you´re a human but wants to have fun

-He´s careful to keep your fur well kept if you´re too lazy to do it

-Also Damien is a fanboy, he has fanfics, the cat mutants/nekos are not a rare thing in the community, he is busting with them fantasies

-Cats weren´t really liked in the Victorian era, another reason why he is thankful to be alive in this one

-He is the most understanding out of all the Dads about you being a cat mutants and understand if you aren´t very willing to let him pet you or make comments on it

-He knows how it feels when people treat you as a freak


Snow Leopards

The snow leopard or ounce (Panthera uncia) is a large cat native to the mountain ranges of Central and South Asia.Their bodies are stocky, their fur is thick, and their ears are small and rounded, all of which help to minimize heat loss. Their paws are wide, which distributes their weight better for walking on snow, and have fur on their undersides to increase their grip on steep and unstable surfaces; it also helps to minimize heat loss. Snow leopards’ tails are long and flexible, helping them to maintain their balance, which is very important in the rocky terrain they inhabit. Their tails are also very thick due to fat storage and are very thickly covered with fur, which allows them to be used like a blanket to protect their faces when asleep

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