with bree

no offense but when people message me or send me asks my heart goes ❤️💓💗💙💝💙💗💕💞💚💘💙💛💘💝💘💚💘💗💙💓💘💝💕💖💜💖💓💛❤️💘💛💝💛💕💘💚💘💙💝💛💘❤️💘💖💚💙💗💚💘💛💘💛💘💚💘💖💚💞💕


- I think of her, every now and then, and the wee bairn that she was carrying.
- Try not to think of it. It’ll only bring you pain and suffering.
- Can I at least pray them sound?
- Aye, that you can.