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The Calm After the Storm

The lovely @strawberrymilk4 requested: Hello! I’ll like to make a request! So it would be Tom Holland x female reader and they get into a huge argument and the reader leaves and then a few hours pass and Tom gets super worried and texts and call her but she doesn’t answer. And then there’s a storm and she come back like at 3 in the morning all drenched in water and then Tom is freaking out and apologizing and it’s all Fluffy and cute at the end?! Sorry if it’s so specific! But thank you anyways!💗💗”

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: Some angsty feelings. 

Word Count: 1, 668

Summary: The reader and her long time boyfriend Peter Parker get into a huge fight and stir up quite the storm. (Essentially the request)


A/N: With the permission of the requester, the request has been changed to Peter Parker because unfortunately I only write for characters so thank you for being so understanding 💕

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They say there’s a calm before a storm; a moment of peace before a disturbance.

There has never been anything more false in your literal situation.

It all happened so fast; you don’t know what came over either of you. One second it’s just another day, and the next you two are blowing up on each other.

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Cole Sprouse (ft Riverdale cast) | Introductions

Count of words: 773

Warnings: none 

A/N: I just really hope this is what you wanted to read . I FINALLY WROTE IT btw !!!!




anonymous asked:

Can I ask for a Cole Sprouse imagine? where him and his gf (they met in college) are pretty much goals and everyone loves them together. she’s a guest star on Riverdale and the cast go crazy because they’re fans of her as well (she’s also a former disney star) what do you think?

More Cole please! I saw the request, “where him and his gf (they met in college) are pretty much goals and everyone loves them together. she’s a guest star on Riverdale and the cast go crazy because they’re fans of her as well (she’s also a former disney star)” Could you write that one next, it’s got new excited to see what you write for it xx

Dating Cole was never ment to be easy. You were aware of it since day one. After all he was an actor and you were an actress yourself, so crazy schedules were something you both had to get used to. College was taking a lot of your time, too, back when you both met each other, but lately there would be more and more time spent away from each other due to Cole’s hectic filming schedule for Riverdale. So, when the opportunity to become a guest star on the show came up you had no intentions on letting it slip away.

It was your first day of shooting with your lovely boyfriend and his amazing friends, something that brought bubbles to your stomach, but it all stopped when you stepped your foot on set. The cast seemed to be extremely friendly and they seemed to be total fangirl matterial.

Walking in with Cole by your side, everyone turned their attention to you after hearing the little room’s door open.As you entered the room you saw Lilly and Kj sitting on a big table rehersing their lines. You were shyly hugging Cole’s arm for comfort as the butterflies in your stomach were tickling your intestants. On the contrary your smile and posture radiated confidence something that made both Lilly and Kj looking at you in aw.

When they actually lied eyes on you their jaws dropped. For a moment you looked at them terrified expecting the worse but after Lilly spoke up your fear melted away. “Cole! You never told us you are dating Y/N Y/L/N!” She exclaimed as she looked at your hands around his strong arm holding onto it for dear life. “Well, I dodn’t think he had to,” Kj said looking at us and chuckling, “He has photos of her everywhere. I mean EVERYWHERE!” he said emphasizing the word everywhere as he looked at you, still a bit shocked that you were indeed standing in front of them. “Uhm, right. I’m sorry. This is not a proper welcoming. I’m Lilly Reinhart, huge fan of yours!” She fangirled a bit sticking her hand out as you pulled her in for a hug. “First of all, I don’t do handshakes, I do hugs. Second, I know who you are, I adore both you and your work.” You commented as she turned to Kj fangirling silently. “She ADORES me!” She fangirled once again as you just chuckled lightly feeling the atmosphere around you warm up. Imediately after her, came Kj holding his arms open for a warm welocoming hug making your tiny figure get lost in them. “I’m K-” “ Kj Apa.” You finished his sentence as he looked a tad bit confused. “Cole never shuts up about you! Also I am a fan.” You said as he looked at you with wide eyes. “Can’t say the same.” He joked. “I only had like every episode of D/S/Y/W/I (disney show you were in) on DVD just because of your character.” He said making you blush a bit as everyone laughed.

After being introduced to two of Cole’s castmates, there came some more. It was the time of my first scene on the show. My charachter’s outfit was put together and my hair was looking amazing as well as my makeup. Now, I was walking down a hall towards the room my scene would be in as my black heels kicked down the marbled floor. As soon as you opened the door a black haired girl and a very familiar red headed appeared in front of you. Once again your stomach started bubbling with anxiety as you took a shy but also confident (if that makes sense) step inside. The black haired girl that you knew to be Camila had a shocked expression on her face as she shook it of and walked towards you. “Hello,” she greeted you, a beautiful smile plastered across her face. “I’m Camila Mendes! No, nothing to do with Shawn Mendes and no it’s not a shipping nickname for Camila and Shawn,” She blurted out pretty quickly, refering to people talking about that all the time, something you had noticed just the other day. Before you could speak up and introduce yourself Camila spoke up again. “I am a big fan of you since I was little and you were in D/S/Y/W/I. I swear I had so many posters!” She said giving you a hearty chuckle as you followed her actions. Wow, maybe introductions were not going to be as bad as you thought. 

does this make sense? | 06 (m)

pairing: min yoongi x reader, college! yoongi
genre/warnings: smut (not extremely detailed), drama, angst
words:  9,594
→ summary: You meet the mysterious Yoongi at a house party and no matter how uninterested you tell yourself that you are, you can’t say no to him. Can you end up changing his playboy ways, or will you just end up getting hurt?

» 01:: 02 :: 03 :: 04 :: 05 :: 06 :: 07 :: 08 :: 09 :: 10 :: 11 :: +

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Silver Storm (8/?)

Summary: While on trip out of state, you were taken by Hydra. You were barely 21 at the time. Hydra took you and turned you into another asset, matching the Winter Soldier’s abilities. They injected you with a serum similar to his, wiped you, and instructed the soldier himself to train you. He was hard on you, but when it was just the two of you he let his walls down. You were each other’s comfort, until the events of D.C when he was sent to kill Captain America. After that day, you never saw him again. You were told he abandoned you, that he was on the other side now. It’s been years since you’ve seen him, but what happens when he comes bursting through the doors of your facility?

Memories are in Italics, bold is readers thoughts

Pairing:  Bucky x reader , reader x avengers

Warnings: swearing, angst , a little fluff

  - I wasn’t aware there was already a superhero with this name, so my character is in no way connected to Marvels Silver Storm! *

                                                       Chapter 8
“We didn’t-”

“Oh I don’t want to hear from you, loverboy,” the man spits back at Bucky. Every aspect of this man reminds you of your handler; the authoritative way he stands, the angry features settling over his face, and his tone send fearful chills through your body. You rip your hand out of Bucky’s hold, placing both your hands to your side. Your posture straightens, losing the relaxed slouch. Bucky watches as your demeanor changes, making his change as well. He recognizes all the adjustments you just did, causing his annoyance with Nick to rise.

“So what, Fury? You think you can just barge in here like you own the place?” Bucky shouts, shocking everyone including Fury. You stay silent, your chest tightening at the situation brought on by your presence.

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“He has a point, Nick. You don’t run the Avengers, we aren’t SHIELD. Who we bring on or dismiss from this team doesn’t need your approval.” Steve steps in backing up Bucky.

“Well your dumbass decision to take in another Hydra asset doesn’t just affect your team, Captain. You think Hydra hasn’t noticed they lost something? They are ripping through SHIELD bases looking for their asset!” His volume increases, making a whimper accidentally fall from your lips. The man you pieced together as Nick Fury turns his full attention to you.

“And just what do you have to say for yourself? Or are you going to let the actual heroes speak for you. I have every right to throw you into a damn cell for all the lives lost at your hands, Silver Storm.”

 No one has used your full title since the day on the roof. The sound of the title accompanied with the strict tone snaps you into soldier mode. It’s not as intense as it was before but your mind still goes mostly blank and the blind need to follow orders is present. You stand to full height, shoulders squared, eyes empty, and hands glued to your side. The entire table goes tense, recognizing the transformation from when Bucky still had it wired into him. Bucky stands next to you, fists balled at his sides.

“Well Silver Storm, y-”

 You lock your eyes to Fury’s .“Готовы выполнить, сэр (ready to comply, sir).” The words came out emotionless , sending shivers through Bucky.

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“Get the hell out,” he growls, glaring coldly at Fury.

“I’m not going anywhere! I want a damn explanation of your great plan, Barnes. You think you can save her? You can stop Hydra from finding her?” Steve places a hand on Bucky’s shoulder, preventing him from lunging at Nick.

“What the hell has gotten into you? You want a plan, Nick? They did they same thing to her as they did to me, so I’ll be damned if I don’t do everything in my damn power to undo the hell they put her through. You have no idea what we’ve went through. You just managed to undo everything she’s accomplished so far. She’s supposed to feel safe here; not like she has to fucking obey orders. She is a human, not a fucking weapon. She can join the team if and when she is ready. No one, especially you, is going to control her.” Bucky is livid, his blood boiling at the way Fury just barged in making ridiculous demands and accusations. He turns to you, cupping your cheeks in his hands. He sees the blank stare in your eyes which angers him more.

“Вернись ко мне, солнышко мое (come back to me, my sunshine),” he says while looking into your eyes. His words register in your mind; they don’t set in right away but after a few minutes he sees your eyes shift back to normal.

Tears leave your eyes as you see his face go from worried to relieved. What did I do? Your breathing starts to pick up rapidly, as anxiety blooms in your body. Your hands begin shaking and you squeeze your eyes shut. They aren’t going to want me here anymore. How did I fall back into a soldier so quickly? Bucky pulls you to him, locking you in a tight embrace.

“It’s alright Y/n, nothing bad happened, you didn’t do anything. It shouldn’t have even happened,” he whispers in your ear, trying to put an end to your anxiety attack.

“I don’t want to hurt anyone anymore, Bucky,” you sob into him. He runs a hand through your hair while glaring at Fury.

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“You aren’t going to hurt anyone. That isn’t who you are.You know that, I know that, and the team knows that. You are safe here. This won’t happen again; I won’t let it.” He places a kiss on your forehead. You pull away when the anxiety starts to fade.

“I think he is right,” you say quietly, drawing everyone’s attention.


“No Bucky, what I did isn’t okay. It’s not fair that people are losing their lives because Hydra is looking for me. But I want to be ready. They will look for me and they will find me. I can’t just sit and let all of you fight my fight. Bucky was able to undo most of the damage, so I’m not going to do any less. I’ve never been a damsel in distress, at least I think, so I’m not about to start.” You look at each member of the team and then your gaze lands on Fury. He is not my handler. I do not have to be afraid of him. I am not his property. I am one’s property.

“I don’t know who you are or what you do, but you have no right to speak to me as if you have authority over me. You don’t have a right to speak to anyone like that and if that’s what you want, then go work for Hydra. I’ve been controlled around and I’m not letting an angry man with an eye patch make me feel like his bitch. So I’d listen to Barnes and get the hell out before I decide not to be so forgiving of your rude interruption during our family breakfast, buddy,” You spit out, sass oozing off every word.

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Bucky wraps an arm around your waist, wearing a proud smile.

“You heard the lady, elevators are that way Fury,” Tony says, pointing to the hall. Nick shakes his head, sending you a smirk before he heads to the elevator.

“Looks like you’ll fit right in here, Y/n,” he says, a hint of entertainment in his voice. You along with a few others are confused beyond belief. He just - didn’t he just yell at me?

“Keep that mindset. You aren’t what Hydra made you to be anymore. You’re better, use it against them, show them you made a hero out of weapon. And by the way, the government was somehow made aware of your residence here, so I’d expect a visit,” He calls over his shoulder as he steps into the elevator. You look around, noticing Natasha and Clints smirks.

“What the hell just happened?” you ask.

Natasha speaks up first. “Nick isn’t a bad guy, y/n. You’ve been through hell, but Hydra gave you something that you can use to help people. You just needed a push to -”

“You just manipulated me, is that what you’re saying?” you question through clenched teeth. Nats expression falls, realizing that is exactly what they did. It wasn’t just her though, it was Fury and Clint’s idea, too.

“I - we didn’t mean to-” Clint starts, but your hand flies up, signalling him to just stop.

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“I get it, I get why. But seriously? I’ve been manipulated and controlled enough. Can’t I just have some time to, oh I don’t know, fucking relax. I was turned into this against my will, never getting a fucking break. Of course I want to help the freakin’ world, but I need to breathe. I thought you guys of all people would understand,” you say, looking around to each of them. You didn’t know who exactly was in on that little show but you have a feeling Bucky and Steve were not. You move away, leaving the kitchen. You glance over your shoulder, seeing the disappointed looks the two super soldiers are giving the rest.

They aren’t wrong but I will not stand being manipulated. Not by people I thought were becoming my friends. Wait, how did the government find out I was here?

   It’s been a few days since Fury’s visit and things are returning to normal between you and the team. Nat and Clint apologized but you waved them off, understanding why they did it. You’ve been trying to figure out what to do about the government finding out about you. Do you run? Are they going to arrest you? Take you away from Bucky?

You’re sitting across from Tony in his lab, watching him reassemble one of his suits.

“Tony, what are we going to do if they come for me?” you question. He doesn’t look away from his work when he answers.

“Who? Hydra or the government?”

“Both. I know Hydra’s a pain in the ass but I’ve heard Secretary Ross isn’t a walk in the park either,” you reply. Tony lets out a snort at your answer.

“Well you’ve got that right. We’ll figure it out, kiddo. They finally ended up letting Barnes and the Accords slide, so I don’t see why you’d be any different.”

You nod at his response, not having anything else to say.

“Miss Y/n, Sergeant Barnes is waiting for you in the gym,“ FRIDAY announces. You get up, saying goodbye to Tony.

I wonder what he wants? The elevator ride to the gym isn’t long. When you step into the gym your eyes instantly go to Bucky. He was standing near the weights, using his discarded shirt to wipe the sweat from his face. Hot Damn. Your eyes look over his body, taking in the lines and muscles.

“You come to work out or just stare at Barnes, y/n?” Sam’s voice startles you. You let out an awkward laugh.

“I guess I’m busted,” you say, a blush coating your cheeks. You hear Buckys laugh and catch his gaze.

“Oh doll, you can stare at me all you want,” he says with a wink. You hear Sam gag, pulling another laugh from you.

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“Why did you call me down here?” you ask Bucky as he walks over to you.

“I was wondering if you would want to spar?” he questions. You freeze. You haven’t come anywhere near the gym since you came here. You haven’t felt the need to workout or practice your fighting since you left Hydra.

“You don’t have to sweetheart, it was just a suggestion.” You can tell by his voice he regrets bringing it up. He shouldn’t have to step on eggshells around me. Maybe I should practice a little.

 “I don’t know, I wouldn’t want to embarrass you in front of your friends, darling.” You shrug and go to leave.

“Oh whoa whoa, who says you’ll beat me?” he playfully asks. You roll your eyes.

“I won’t just beat you, I’ll kick your ass into next week, Buck,” you tease. Probably shouldn’t be so sure of myself, but what the hell. Wouldn’t hurt to try, right?

“Ohhhh man, Tin Can. You gonna take that?” Sam helps instigate, making you smile. “I bet she could do it, look at these arms.” Sam lifts your arms to prove his point.

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“Alright doll, let’s spar then. Unless you’re all talk?” Yes, yes I am. You smirk, covering up your nervousness. Sam asks FRIDAY to notify the rest of the team, wanting to get a bet going on who’s going to win. When everyone arrives, you and Bucky step into the sparring ring.

“Alright, I’ve got $20 on Y/n!” Sam yells. You don’t pay attention to who else sides with him, you just lock your eyes on Bucky.

“What are you going to bet, Doll? What do I get when I win?” his lips twitching into a cocky smile. When? Oh you’re going down Barnes.

“If you win, you can have whatever you want. But when I win, I get to…” you think for a minute, trying to come up with something you know he wouldn’t agree to normally. Then it pops into your head. “When I win, I get to do your make up, hair, and nails.” His eyes bug out of his head.

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“Deal. I can’t wait for my prize,” he says with a smirk and a wink.

“Okay guys, start on 3. 1….2…3!”

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One Night Stand (Lafayette x Reader)

Words: 1918

Warnings: Light smut, cursing

Request: can i get a lafxreader where they’re soulmate and have a one-night stand but don’t realize it until later? maybe she sees him again or something?

A/N: might be slightly cringy, tried my best with the prompt!

He pushed you against the wall, his breath hot on your neck. You moaned softly. Your hands frantically explored his body, trying to find an opening. You felt hair underneath your fingers, and pulled at the tie that kept his hair together. His teeth grazed your skin. You shivered, throwing your head back in ecstasy. He chuckled, his eyes moving back to yours.

It was dark in the room, and you couldn’t see much. His eyes were dark, full of want. His fingers found your bra, and tore through the fabric. You giggled, wrapping your arms around his waist. His mouth explored yours as he guided you through the rooms. You fell back onto the couch, his body right on top of yours. He traced his tongue on your lips, trailing down…

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i couldn’t decide which of these to post but then i realized theyre Visibly different so im uploading both :)

camera angle and posture do a LOT to change your appearance and the overall vibe of a photo lmao thats crazy

Undeserving Part 3

Song: “No Promises” - Shawn Mendes

A/N - This is unedited and I’m not sure if I really like it. and the spacing’s weird just ignore it.

The rest of the summer before Auston left was great, perfect even. You packed your days with adventures and your nights with each other. The knowledge that it wouldn’t continue after the summer was very much so there, but that didn’t stop either of you.

You went to amusement parks, the zoo, on road trips, and everything else in between.  Auston helped you shop for your dorm room and you aided him in picking out items that would go in his new apartment.

“Do you have an apartment picked out yet?” Your mom was leaning against the stove a glass of wine in her hand as she questioned Auston.

“I have a few I narrowed it down to, but I’ll know for sure when I get there.” Auston sat next to you at the island in the middle of the kitchen.

“Ben wants to move there now because of you.” You all laughed knowing your little brother’s adoration for Auston. “He told me ‘mom we can just move there and watch Leaf’s games’”

Auston chuckled. “That doesn’t sound like a bad life.”

“That might be (y/n)’s life, but not ours, too much here.”

“That’s not my life either.” The hurt that passed on Auston’s face after you said that didn’t go unnoticed.

Your mother watching changed the subject. “Did you get your father’s wedding invitation?”

“mhm.” You nodded. “I’m probably not going to go though.”

“Why not? It’s  important to him.”

“Yeah and all my volleyball games and school things were important to me.”

Your mom sighed. “Auston.”

“Babe, you should go, I’ll come.” Auston encouraged.

You groaned leaning your head on Auston’s shoulder. “Fine.”

“Auston.” You didn’t look at him, but kept your gaze on the stars above you.

“Yeah?” He also didn’t break his gaze.

The blanket separating you from the grass was providing little warm compared to the body heat Auston was giving off with his arms wrapped around you.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“I think I’m always going to love you.” You admitted the night sky above you looking a lot bigger.

“I know I’m always going to love you.”

“Despite what you think I do have a life outside of you, Auston.” You gripped your phone tighter getting angrier.

“I never said you didn’t.” He fired back.

“Yeah I forgot your too busy with Jordan too notice if I do or don’t.”

You watched as Auston scoffed and shook his head. “She’s a friend.”

“Yeah just like all the other ‘friends’ you’ve made.” You made it a point to emphasize the word friends.

“What do you want me to do, (y/n), not talk to anyone while I’m here?”

“No you can talk to people, I just don’t want you to have sex with every girl you meet.”

“You’re one to talk, you post a picture with a different guy every night.” Auston’s voice rose.

“But I’m not fucking them. You keep lying, even though I know you’ve done a lot more than one girl!” You couldn’t help, but raise your voice as well. Everyone knew Auston was enjoying his time in Toronto for more than just playing for the Maple Leafs. 

“Stop bringing it up, I don’t want to talk about it.” Auston groaned.

“Then tell me the truth.”

“There’s nothing to tell.”

“Whatever.” You were drained. You had facetimed Auston to talk about something else, something important, but of course the conversation went a different direction.  “I’ll mail your birthday present.”

“You aren’t coming?” Before the endless fights You and Auston planned for you to come to Toronto for his birthday.

“I don’t know.” You admitted. The change happened quick and without much of a warning.  One day you were good and the next he had side girls and you were fighting for his attention. You would do anything for him, though, even go to Toronto.

“Get just the vanilla and chocolate,” You instructed Mitch as he searched the freezer section. “Auston hates strawberry.”

“Who hates strawberry?” Mitch sounded appalled as he set the two containers in your cart.

“I know!” You responded. “He would go crazy if I ever came close to him with strawberry.”

“Auston stop being ridicules!” You demanded fist pounding on the front door.

“Not till you get that disgusting thing away from my house!” Auston shouted back. He refused to open the door for you till you threw away the strawberry cone you bought.

“Never! Strawberry ice cream is fantastic and you’re delusional.”

As Auston defended his side of the argument you took the opportunity to run around his house to the back door. Auston must’ve also realized this because by the time you had the door open he was closing it on your leg.

“Auston Matthews!”

“Get rid of the ice cream.” You laughed. Auston was dead serious over an ice cream flavor. “Let me in. I can’t throw it away out here.”

Auston hesitantly opened the door and watched your right hand carefully as it gripped the cone. However he looked away for a split second which gave you the opportunity to shove the delicious treat in his face.


You laughed throwing the rest of the cone away “It taste good right?”

“No, it taste like you betrayed me,” Even though Auston was still mad watching you laugh and smile made him do the same.

“I can lick it off though.” You laughed again as Auston kissed all over your face getting the ice cream everywhere.

You and Mitch finished shopping in less than an hour which gave you plenty of time to set up and get ready. When you tried to pay for the grociers Mitch objected claiming that you’d put up with Auston for longer and have probably spent more money on him. Once you got to his and Steph’s apartment the beautiful blonde greeted you with a tight hug before you were even in the door.

“Hi, it’s so nice to meet you.”

“Hi, Auston’s told me a lot about you,” You smiled big. “Both of you

“Well he never shuts up about you.”

Steph rolled her eyes at Mitch as she took your hand. “(y/n) and I are going to get ready, make everything look nice out here please.”

“Of course, anything for you.”

“That sarcasm will land you a spot on the couch tonight.”  You laughed, Mitch mumbled things, and Steph pulled you into their bedroom sitting you down.

“So you and Auston-”

“Are not together.” You finished for her.

A frown formed on her face “But you want to be?”

You thought about everything that had happened between you two. “Honestly I don’t know.” You weren’t sure, but you knew if you only did one thing while here it would be talking to him.

“That’s okay.” Steph patted your leg as she layed dresses out on the bed. “You have time to figure it out.

You smiled at the bubbly girl who moved from the bed to the closet and back. “Thanks Steph.”

You both figured out and put on what you wanted to wear in less then an hour which you thought of as a small victory. Your outfit consisted of ripped dark blue skinny jeans and deep cut black long sleeve.

“Everyone quiet, he’s coming!” Steph demanded croaching next to you behind a small table next to the door.

You found yourself holding your breath as the door knob turned. You weren’t positive whether you were excited or going to be sick, but you had no time to decide as the door opened.

“Surprise!” Everyone jumped out of their spots and Steph flicked the lights on beside you. You, however weren’t greeted by the tall dark haired boy, but rather the shorter brunette best friend.

“Auston’s still getting out of the elevator.” Mitch’s face held an instant look of regret.


“Babe, I’m sorry I thought he was right behind me.” You all flinched as Steph let out a yell and stomped away to their bedroom. “Baby, please.” Mitch followed helplessly.

“So you guys threw me party?” Auston’s voice ended the murmurs that followed Steph and Mitch’s exit.

“Surprise!” Will attempted pathetically going as far as blowing one of the party horns Mitch insisted on getting.

Auston chuckled. “Thanks Wills” He looked over the whole group that crowded around the apartment and that’s when he spotted you closest to him.

“Surprise.” You attempted yourself.

Auston wasted no time hugging you, regardless of everything that happened since he left you were still you and he was still him. “Lets party!”

The start of the night couldn’t have went better. Auston remained by your side as he introduced you to his teammates and friends. One hand remained on your hip while the other held a drink and between conversations he would lean down and whisper sweet things into your ear, every once in a while nipping at your ear

Your perfect night came to end though, when she walked through the door. You were in the living room. Auston was sitting in a chair and you were perched on his knee. His hand continued to run up and down your thigh as you talked to Connor and Lexi about their summer back in Chicago.

You’d never wanted to slap anyone as much as you wanted to slap Jordyn when she came up behind you and rubbed Auston’s shoulders planting a kiss on his neck.  By the look ony Lexi and Connor’s faces you could tell they were also shocked by her actions.

“Jordyn.” Even the sound of her name angered you.

“Hey baby, miss me?” You rolled your eyes at the pet name.

“Uh.” Auston cleared his throat. “Yeah, but what are you doing here?”

“Willy invited me.” You knew Will didn’t mean any harm, but that didn’t make you any less upset.

“Oh well drinks are in the kitchen.” You were happy Auston wasn’t playing into her game.

“Aren’t you going to help me?”

“That’s our queue to leave.” Connor said.

“Yeah we’ll let you guys figure this out.” Lexi stood too and they both moved over to where Sydney and Matt stood.

Auston looked between you and Jordyn back and forth. You both wore the same look, your postures mirrored each other, and you had the same energy daring him to pick the other.

“One drink.” Auston stood effectively leaving you on the chair.

Jordyn smirked at you “I can turn one into two.”

“One drink.” Auston held a promise in his eyes as he looked at you.

You refused to meet the eyes of the group across the room knowing they were looking at you. You were embarrassed and alone, but that soon changed.

As the night wore on you got to know Auston’s teammates well on your own. Sydney and Matt promised to take you to dinner before you left, Connor questioned you all about Arizona, and you and Willy remained undefeated champs at the beer pong table that was set up.

“So what’s different about this party and one that’d be thrown in Arizona?” Willy questioned as you waited for Mitch and Morgan to set up on the other side.

“There’s no bonfire.”

“Is that the best part?”

You didn’t hesitate “Of course.”

Willy continued to talk after that, but you weren’t listening because your mind was more focused on the scene going on not to far away. Auston and Jordyn stood rather close the only thing separating them was their drinks in hand. She was right. One drink didn’t turn into two, more like four. You watched as they talked back and forth only getting closer. After a few seconds Auston’s eyes landed on you as he made his way over to you.

“Hey, I think I’m going to head out.” Auston’s thumb jolted back as he pointed over his shoulder at the door.

“But it’s your party.” Willy voiced.

“I know, but I’m not feeling great so I’m just going to go home.”

“With her.” Your eyes locked on Jordyn at the door.

“(Y/n) it’s not like that.”

“Whatever, Aus, this night’s about you, it’s always been about you.” You leaned away from his kiss.

“You’re dramatic.”

“You’re leaving with another girl.”

Auston huffed “I want everything to be good between us.”

“And I want you to love me as much as I love you.” You snapped back.

“Well looks like we’re both losing tonight.” And with that Auston was out the door.

You knew you were going to cry, it was inevitable. You silently pleaded to yourself to hold it together till you got to a separate room, but of course your emotions had a mind of their own.

“So are we gonna play or, ow!” Will doubled over as Mo’s elbow came in contact with his stomach.

“Yeah.” You pulled Connor to the table. “I just need a sec.” You excused yourself. You shut the door to the first vacant room you could find and finally and fully let yourself cry. Auston continued to embarrass, hurt, and stress you out, but he wasn’t just any boy, not anymore at least.

“(Y/n)?” The soft voice of Mitch interrupted your pity party.

“Yeah, Mitch?”

“Are you okay?” His concern made you want to cry more. Everyone made jokes and teased him, but Mitch was truly a kind hearted boy.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” You wiped your face quick to dry your eyes, but careful enough to not ruin your makeup.

“Be honest.”

“Mitch, this isn’t your problem.” The look of hurt that crossed his face had you regretting your words.

“No, but it involves two people I care about a lot. And one of them really hurt the other tonight and I wouldn’t be a good friend if I let the one that got hurt cry in my room alone.” You laughed at Mitch’s somewhat confusing explanation.

“I probably seem so pathetic right now.” You sat down on the bed.

“No.” Mitch sat next to you. “Just in love.”

“I don’t know what I’m doing.”

“Does anyone?”

You wiped your face again forgetting about your makeup. “I don’t know.”

“I think you and Auston need space. I know we just met and I’ve only known Auston for a few months, but it seems like this relationship is draining for the both of you.” 

You shook your head “You don’t get it.”

“You’ll have the opportunity to grow, be happier, healthier, and when the time comes, get back together.” Mitch continued talking until you cut him off.

“If I tell you something you have to promise not to tell anyone. Not even Steph.” A look of apprehension crossed Mitch’s face, but he nodded.

“I’m pregnant.”


Sam Winchester x Reader

Synopsis: After a long, hellish hunt, you sit in your room, exhausted, emotionally and physically, letting your inner Demons run rampant through your mind. Sam comes to comfort you.

This is for my friend, @wayward-girl!! Love you bunches!!

Unloading your duffel bag onto the dresser across from your bed, you slam the door shut with your heel, relieved that you were finally alone at last. Your last hunt had gone horribly wrong, the family you had been trying to save, dying while you stood by, unable to help. Sam and Dean had both assured you it wasn’t your fault, that you couldn’t have done anything to save the Mom and her two young children, but the sight of their lifeless eyes would be burned into your memory for a long time.

Sighing, you changed into your comfiest pair of sleep pants, along with a ratted, old shirt of Sam’s, one that had thought had gotten thrown away a long time ago. You needed the comfort of familiar clothes and smells, and if you couldn’t actually cuddle with Sam, wearing his shirt that still held a hint of his smell was the next best thing.

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felix culpa, prologue.

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summary: you should always be suspicious when a professional assassin freely gives herself in.
pairing: namjoon x reader
word count: 1k
content: mafia!au

prologue, one, two

Your smile couldn’t be contained as your eyes wandered your surroundings. Your peaceful steps to wherever the escort’s captain was leading you were accompanied by - at least - a dozen police officers, armed and ready to act if you tried something funny. If only they knew you have already thought of thirty one ways to run away without much damage - another fifty if you were willing to really cause some damage.

For their luck, you were willing to stay.

Because you weren’t there for yourself nor whoever thought that could boss you - at the moment, you finally were your own boss. You were there for him and for him only.

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Chameleon [part 6]

Synopsis: [still in construction]
Requested: not at all
Pairing: Bucky×Reader
Warnings: nudity

Preview: Part 4; Part 5/ Masterlist

A/N: After quite long, I’m back. Enjoy!

It felt like hours until the door was finally open, but in reality it took only mere seconds for the Winter Soldier to do so. You were now facing the gorgeous man that was Bucky and if you could, you would just dive in his eyes that, for the most cliche that it could be, were just like two oceans. You hated how much cheesy and at the same time true this affirmation was. 

He had a no-feelings expression except he was actually feeling a nervousness run inside his stomach just from seeing you. And he knew it wasn’t for nothing, but for the simple fact that it was you. He still didn’t know if the thing in his stomach was good or bad, he only knew he wouldn’t be the first one to talk. 

Your mind was still trying to absorb so much realization since you talked to Vision and apparently you knew how important this would be to try showing Bucky how much of a human you still felt like. You had to remember multiple times that you were a good person, and you should just let him know your true colours. Maybe not at once but slowly as you had planned from the beginning for everybody else.

Certainly that he wouldn’t say anything until you did, you decided to start speaking. It was the moment you should use your best communication skills and talk to the man visioning the best situation possible.

“Hi.” good start, Y/N. “I wanted to talk to you if that is okay.”

“Sure.” He said but didn’t move an inch from the door to let you in. You could barely see what was behind the man.

“I am sorry.” his eyes were glued on you, they wouldn’t move until you were done. It seemed like he was examining all your expressions. “I didn’t mean to hold your hand to-”

“I felt violated.” His deep voice was being harsh on you. But he had a point to be like this towards you, no?

“I am sorry, Bucky. It wasn’t my intension, I just wanted your support.” in contrast with his voice, yours was low like a whisper. You just went there to make him believe you but you just realized how bad of a persuasive girl you were.

“Why would you want to hold my hand anyways? To give you moral support none of this was needed and still you had to copy my DNA or whatever is this thing you do.” Bucky barnes was getting mad but above that he was sad. Lucky you he doesn’t turn into a green massive creature when something get to his nerves.

“I can’t control it. I don’t know how to block my powers and stop copying combinations.” you told him and you notice some agents passing by the corridor where you were both talking. 

Bucky also noticed the movement and didn’t want to have anybody else participating the conversation. He finally opened the space for you to pass and enter his room. Your reaction was confused but once you got inside, you noticed how similar to your room was his. Nothing was in there, the walls had nothing hanging on them, there was no pictures on the shelves, the blankets were purely white, his clothes were all in the closet… It was lifeless. Completely lifeless just like your room.

“Bucky…” the soldier turned around to face you and you had no choice but feel overwhelmed at this moment. You didn’t know how to react anymore because now you were the one who had a million questions to ask. “I wanted to hold your hand.” the lump in your throat was present now. It meant you were nervous and were afraid to make this situation even worse. “I got here and everybody looks at me with their judgemental eyes. And I thought I could never fit in, that I could never make it right or the way Fury wanted me to do it. But then you were there and smiled to me as if you knew me somehow…” you stopped. A small laugh of self pity came through your nose and you couldn’t help but feel ashamed of how much of a loser you realized you were right then. 

“It was just a small gesture that made me notice how hard it was for you as well. And still you made it. I need your support because you were in a similar situation before. I didn’t think about your DNA, your skills, your brain. I just wanted a hand to hold.” he was impressed. You had convincing words that was making him believe in you. You hoped it really had worked because that was the pure truth and if not, there wouldn’t be a thing that would make Bucky Barnes smile to you again. 

“I also want you to know that I will never clone you in respect to you. I know you felt violated but it wasn’t my intension. I know now it is too late and all I can do to compensate is to never turn into Bucky Barnes.” 

Said that, the soldier didn’t reply. He had things to say, of course, but he was still trying to organize his thoughts. He took too long to say anything, so you decided to just leave. There was no use being there anymore because you didn’t expect Bucky to speak again. His silence could mean two things and none of them were good. They still meant silence and it was something you didn’t like because you had experienced silence before, and it hurts because it screams the truth. You had your hand on the doorknob when you heard Bucky object.

“Wait!” you turned around and saw the face of a miserable man. It was curious. You pulled your hand back and waited as he asked. “I need you to do something for me.”

A favor. You didn’t expect Bucky to ask you for a favour but he did the moment he realized you could actually, for real, clone him. And by copying his DNA, when your body turned into him, it would be the pure and raw James Barnes, the one from the 40′s. Bucky had not think about it until then, until hear what you had to say and promise to do the right thing. But for now, one minute after your promise, he wanted you to break it. He wanted you to do what could really upset him if done in any other circumstance. 

“I need to see you in my skin.”

“What? No, Bucky, no. I just said I wouldn’t do it.”

“I am asking you to. I need to see it.” he walked closer to you and now you felt like his proximity wasn’t because he forgave you but because he wanted something from you. 

“Why?” you shouldn’t have asked. Bucky would feel like humiliating himself if he answered. You notice how tense he was now and his hands were in fists. You took notice of his metal arm and your mind clicked instantly. You debated about it in silence whether or not to do what he asked you to. You didn’t know what impact it would cause into him. But you looked back up into his eyes and saw how much he wanted and needed to see good old himself again.

You looked down at your clothes and knew how it wouldn’t fit for this moment. You turned your head to look behind you where was Bucky’s closet and pointed to it. “Can I?” he didn’t answer but you already had walked over the closet’s door opening it and looking for just a pair of pants a shirt. You didn’t bother going to the bathroom to change, you just did it there in front of Bucky as if you had nothing to hide. And you didn’t. As you were getting rid of the clothes quite slowly, Bucky was frozen on his spot just watching you not knowing for what he was more nervous about. 

When you finally got completely naked, you put on the pants and the shirt your chose from his small variety. You turned around to face again the man in the room. His clothes didn’t fit you but it made you look adorable anyways and Bucky took notice of it hoping could remember you in this condition. He smiled. It was all you wanted, a smile. It gave you the motivation to keep on going and finally do your thing. In mere seconds, your body was changing, was changing form completely in such impressing way that Bucky had his mouth partially open, completely amazed. 

You were taller now. You felt your body heavier and larger. Whenever you turned into a man was always hard for you to get used to the new shape. But it wasn’t the main issue now. You were facing Bucky looking like him and the way he checked you up and down was heartbreaking. He was nostalgic and sad. 

You decide to approximate your figure so he could see it from close. You lost your balance almost falling still not used to his stature and weigh. He got you before you smashed your face on the floor. When you went back to you posture, Bucky touched both your arms. He was so scared but amazed at the same time that he didn’t even know how to react. He was seeing himself from about 70 years ago and it was crazy! 

“Aren’t you gonna say anything?” your voice came out sounding just like his and it made him take a step back scared of it. 

“Jesus…” his eyes wide open clearly showed how weird was being this situation. Much more than it was with Natasha. Maybe because she was much colder than was Bucky. 

And suddenly look down at yourself, you saw the complete imagine of Bucky, the one you haven’t met. It caused you a headache as if your brain could remember, through your powers, things from Bucky’s past. It wasn’t much and the memories weren’t clear at all but you knew how much this view of your body was affecting your memories. You knew your power could bring some memories with it, of course. It brought personality, skills, and a little bit os basic info. 

He didn’t know what you were feeling, Bucky didn’t know you were quite capable to do much further than just cloning. But there were you, feeling a little bit of Bucky’s emotions and getting scared of maybe knowing or feeling too much. You changed your focus from “your body” to the soldier who still looked shocked.

“How are you feeling?” you asked carefully not to scare him again. 

“This is insane.” he said. “I… I miss my old self.”

“Is it okay if I turn back now?” you asked feeling uncomfortable under his skin. It was being too much for you to participate of such intense moment.

Gladly Buck nodded and you did as you wanted, quickly going back to your original form amazing the man one more time. He looked at you back in his clothes and the purest look in your face, he knew how much it also had touched you but you could never, ever, ever, feel what he felt looking at the past right in front of his eyes. 

“Thank you.” he said in a whisper. 

Of course it wasn’t anything usual to happen and you both decided to keep it as a secret. To remain the good relationship growing between the two of you, it would be your little secret, your shared moment that nobody would ever know about. And because it wasn’t any ordinary thing, you decided to move on from it. The less you thought about it, the best it would be to maintain yourselves healthy and safe. 

Next: Part 7

-Pearl Writer

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Not so bad after all

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Request: This was requested from @letmetellyoumyfairytailme „Could you do one were the reader and Loki are total opposites but they both need each other because she can’t attack and he cannot defense but they do it for each other and they like fight with the avengers against Ultron, they safe each other’s life and kind of stare each other in the eyes and smile and finally start liking each other. It has to have a lot of emotional details and be in 3rd person.”

Author’s Note: First of all, sorry that it took me so long, but I have been so busy and have other requests and it just took me forever for the next part of Feelings and Work. But here it is, I hope you like it. Please leave feedback if you like, so I can improve my writing. And this is probably going to stay a one shot. I have so much on my list, that I don’t have time to take it further anytime soon.

Enjoy now.



When Ultron came up, you were called in, knowing you were the best at defending the team. You swore to never attack someone, even robots, but you promised to protect everyone and defend them. You were a great sniper, but also the best at hand-to-hand combat.

Then Thor showed up, with is brother alongside him. You weren’t fond of that idea, you knew his history, but Thor swore that he was there to help and he might be useful.

You don’t trust him . At all. He is called the trickster and was on the other side before. Why would he help now? You kept an eye on him the whole time, making sure he wouldn’t change sides again.

Nobody is going to hurt your friends and you loathed disloyalty the most. As he was known to not be loyal, you didn’t leave him alone for just one second.

Everything from that point on was a blur, because it all happened so fast. Now here you are fighting an army of robots on a flying city. You are keeping them away from your team as good as you can, even though they are everywhere and your team is everywhere, too. So you try to keep it balanced, making sure to defend them as good as you can. Including Loki, you don’t want to, but he is part of the team after all. You get up on one of the bigger building to get a better view.You hated it, that you couldn’t be everywhere, normally you had a good view and shot on everyone but here you couldn’t. The anxiety that someone is going to get hurt, krept up inside you, but you pushed it down, focusing on the task at hand.

You see Tony flying around, trying to get as many robots to follow him as possible. Steve and Thor are fighting together, Clint was making his way through the town, followed by Wanda, Pietro getting as much robots as fast as he can.

Basically the team is split all over the city, making it impossible for you to keep an eye on all of them. But still you manage to blow up some robots, that your teammates couldn’t cover.

Suddenly you see a lot of movement from the corner of your eye. Loki is surrounded and is fighting as much as he can, but the robots are circling him, attacking him from all sides. He tries his best but there are too many, even for him.

You quickly shoot some of them from the building you are on, but see that it’s not going to help him as much, because there are even more coming. Your sense of protecting everyone kicking in, causing you to quickly make your way down and run towards him, getting as much robots as you can, on your way over. You shoot yourself a free path and join Loki.

“I can handle this alone.” he says.

“I saw that.” You sass back. You stand back to back towards each other, as you take a look around. Loki attacks them and you are trying your best to keep the ones that are trying to attack him and you away. Surprisingly the two of you work in sync with each other, blocking robots, passing them on,  connecting your attacks. Him lending you a hand, to throw you up towards a robot that was shooting the two of you from above.It’s great but on the other hand it feels weird, considering you never foight on the same sode together. You weren’t even as in sync with anyone else as you are with him now.

It took you two forever to take all of those robots out. And the both of you still got beaten up pretty bad. You turn towards each other still holding your posture, breathing heavily, even though you both wanted to hunch down in pain.

“You did really good, considering you are a woman.” He said, with a mischievous smile on his face, letting you know he was just teasing.

“You did really good yourself, considering you are a selfish asshole.” You replied, staring at him, not knowing what to expect. You couldn’t read him and it made you a little uneasy, but at the same time even more interested in him.

“That’s not nice to say to someone who just saved your life a couple of times.” He answers.

“Same goes right back to you.” You smile. The two of you keep smiling and looking into each other’s eyes. He extends his hands to you and you take it with a smile and shake it. But the movements causes an insanely strong pain on your right site, causing you to hunch over and hold your rips.

“Are you okay?” he asks, moving an arm around your shoulders and his other hand around your right arm., surprising you that he even cared.

“No…. rips… pain.. probably broken.” You hiss and can’t even straighten up again. Then you hear and see the helicarriere and that the civilians are moved onto it.

“Come on. Let’s go, seems like the battle is almost over. Well over for you anyway.”

“Thanks for those comforting words.”

He chuckles and starts to slowly move you over towards the gathering crowd.

“I always had my way with words.” He simply answers.

“Oh yeah, bet you didn’t have luck with woman than.”

“See, now you are underestimating me.” He smiles the mischievous smile again, winking at you.

You chuckle, causing you to wince in pain. The two of you slowly make your way over and board one of the ships, where Loki slowly moves you down on a seat.

“Well aren’t you two just the cutest.” Clint says, seeing the two of you together.

“Shut it, Barton.” You sweetly say to him. He winks at you and leaves to help gather more civilians.

“I’m gonna go and see if my brother needs some more help.” Loki turns to you and nods, before turning and trying to leave.

“Try to not get all the attention on you. I’m not able to safe your ass again.”

“You do realize who you are talking to, right ?” he answers.

“Oh sorry, I’m not able to safe your ass again, your highness.” You reply with a smirk and wave your hands in an attempt to bow in front of him. He smiles back and chuckles, but moves on.

“No comment? Now I’m disappointed.” You call after him.

“Just wait, I’m just showing mercy.” He has an evil grin on his face and moves on.

Well that is going to be interesting. Maybe he isn’t so bad after all, you think to yourself as a smirk makes its way on your face.

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Request: Could you do a Alex Karev imagine of being Derek’s baby sister (who also works at the hospital but as occupational therapist) and him and Mark get over protective big brother when they realize there is a actual feelings behind all your bickering and flirting ?? And you don’t stand for it because they’re overprotective idiots??

Alex Karev x Reader


“Whoaaa-” Derek and Mark squeezed between you and Alex making him pull away from your cheek. 

You sighed as the both of them straightened their posture trying to seem more intimidating. “What do you think you’re doing?” The two of them eyed Alex, sending him death glares.

Alex scratched the back of his neck. “Kissing a pretty girl on the cheek?”

“Oh no you’re not. That’s my baby sister!”

You rolled your eyes and walked around Mark so now you were in the middle. “Will you stop it!” You narrowed your eyes as you looked between Derek who was your brother and Mark who was just as much like one.

“I’m not a little girl anymore and it’s not like we were making out in the hallway. It was just a kiss on the cheek.” You argued and you saw both of their faces soften a little - until of course, Alex spoke up again.

“Yeah, we save the making out for the on call room.” He gave a smug smile and your eyes widened as you saw the anger wash through your brother’s faces once again.

“H-he’s kidding.” you gently patted them both on the shoulder trying to calm them then quickly spun around taking Alex by the arm and dragging him away from their murderous looks.

“Do you want your head ripped off, Alex?” You snapped making him throw his head back in laughter.

“It would be worth it.”

The Return of the Hounds Pt. 2

Part two! If you have any requests for Sherlock fics please let me know!!

Pairing: Sherlock x Reader

Word Count: 3,122

Part 1


You opened your eyes. The two were gone. With the coast clear, you sat up, kicked your legs over, crinkled your toes, and stood, your bare feet nearly sticking to the freezing floor. Achy and weak, you shook, clutching the drip stand with white knuckles to regain your balance. Before you left the room, you searched for anything that could be used for a weapon to defend yourself from whatever the hell was going on.

A small drawer revealed an assortment of scalpels. You picked up the one with the largest blade and tucked in your tight fist, ready to fight.

You limped through the halls until you came across a closet marked “RESTRICTED: AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY”. You knocked before you realized it was ajar, and left unattended. You looked around, slipped in, and shut it behind you.


The two followed the sound of the gunshot into the ICU as they expected. The heart rate monitors beeped for unconscious victims. A puddle of blood was smeared on the floor. A body was dragged 3 yards, then abandoned.

John gagged as Sherlock searched the body for any clues. Anything to tell him what the hell was going on. In the left shirt pocket, he felt something stiff. It was a small printed x-ray. He lifted it to the dim light to revelation the sharp outline of a sickly, decaying brain. A warning.

His blood ran cold. He had to get to you before this happened again. He and John followed the signs along the walls to any room that might shed some light on the disease.

Before they did, they stopped in the room they had left you in. The door was shut and locked, but Sherlock kicked it in. His eyes searched the empty room, but there was no sign of you. Sherlock looked hopelessly at John, who tried to take a step back and think logically.

“Well she was barefoot, wasn’t she? Footprints?” He suggested.

Sherlock’s eyes lit up. “Yes…” he said quietly. He dropped to the ground, scrutinizing the painstakingly clean floor for the disruption caused by your small footfalls.


He saw them. The staggering, dizzy, bare footprints that dotted the room and led the pair out into the hallway.


Computers filled the walls in front of you. A virtual control room. A screen was open to a search engine. You sat at the desk behind the projector, covered in research papers and exam results, envelopes marked classified and restricted, x-rays and MRIs. You saw a box of slides and CDs. One rested on top with the title “CS Pitch T6.” You took it out of the case and put it into the laptop. It flashed over the screen. A movie clicker with a title the same, and a well-dressed blond man smiling on screen.

“Hello.” He started. “I’m Culverton Smith. Many may recognize me for the innumerable philanthropic contributions I’ve made in my home country of England, and now, I’m ready to stake my claim of the American dream. I’m bringing my wealth and charity to you, the great people of America, and all you have to do is welcome me with open arms, and an open mind.”
His crooked smile churned your stomach, and his lack of sincerity was transparent to you. An abrupt voice in the video cut off your train of thought.

“Alright, cut! That was good, Mr. Smith, we can probably move on from there.”

A crewmember combed his hair back into place, and another brought him a script.

“Now you’re explaining the study.”

You fumbled through the box for the films from the study.

Aha! You tossed them into the projector and started the slideshow as the clip continued to play. You followed along with the video, flipping through dozens of aged x-rays and brain scans, each more damaged than the last. Captions came after each photo. You skimmed them, reading lightly. It was enough to get the idea. A group of scientists researched the effects of a gas that makes its victims “incredibly susceptible to suggestion” as a form of biochemical warfare. The project was abandoned after many of its subjects turned inexplicably violent, resulting in horrifying homicides. You sat in front of the projector, enthralled. You noticed the same unsettling man from the videos in the last few slides, followed by a study from just the past year. The medicine promised to clear the mind, remove memories from the past few hours, depending on the dosage, and even block new memories from being formed. It failed the clinical level of approval, but the next slide promised tweaks and more tests.

You were glued to the projector as the door suddenly flew open. You jumped up out of the chair, swaying slightly due to the speed, and pulled out the scalpel, ready to face your attacker. You faced the two men who were in your room before, who were just as surprised to see you as you  were. They put their hands up in defense, but they both seemed more relieved than frightened.

You dropped your attack posture, placed the scalpel on the desk and fell back into the chair, attempting to hide your weakness.

“Now,” you began slowly.  “I don’t know, much. I mean, I don’t remember anything from the past-,” you thought carefully. “Oh god,” you said, defeated. “Few years, I guess? But I think that’s the point. I think I’m a part of this study.” You pointed at the screens. “And, I don’t know who either of you are, but I have a feeling you know me. And I’m not sure I trust you completely, but I’m ready to help you figure this out, if you’ll have me.”

The two looked at each other and nodded.

You focused on the taller of the two. His blue eyes were pained and fatigued. He looked as if he hadn’t slept in days. But there was something familiar about them, you just couldn’t put your finger on it. It was comforting, in a way.

You cleared your throat. “So um, well, I found all of this. Someone tried to create a chemical, that-“

“Made its users incredibly susceptible to suggestion. The HOUND project.” Interrupted Sherlock.

You nodded. “Right. But it didn’t work out because-“

“The subjects turned homicidal. Uncontrollable.”

“Yes. How’d you know?”

“The case. The Hounds of Baskerville case.”

“Case? Are you a detective? Is that why you’re here?”

He clenched his jaw.

“So what does the study have to do with memory?” John interjected.

“Well, some bloke from the UK came over and brought the study back, you know, funded it and stuff. It got rejected a second time by the US Federal standards of medicine whatever, but he promised in this video-“

You rewound the CD and played it.

“-that he’d keep testing until it worked. He’s bloody determined, I’ll give him that.”

Sherlock and John were glued to the screen.

The video played out and the men stood back, exchanging a glance.

“So,” you asked quietly, waiting for the men to respond. “Know him?” You asked.

“I know exactly who he is,” the tall one replied.

“Friend of yours?” You asked

“Something like that,” he said. He explained the story of how he very nearly died under the “care” of Culverton Smith a little under 3 years ago.

“It was right before we met.”

John busied himself with searching the files for anything to reverse the effects of the medicine as Sherlock took a seat next to you.

“What was I like? I mean, I know who I am, I know who I was at University, and at my first job, and even in my own flat, but then it just stops. I can’t remember who either of you are. You, feel familiar, but I just can’t remember.”

His eyes filled with tears, but he blinked them away.

“You,” he started, his voice shaky. “You were involved in a hit and run. The case seemed simple enough, just find the car that hit you and get on with it. But it wasn’t. We visited you in hospital, and you snuck out with us. Said you “needed to find the bastard that hit you and take care of him yourself.” You stayed with us on the case for two weeks. And we found the driver. And you-“ he laughed. “You took care of him yourself. By hitting him with your car.”

“Oh god, what happened?”

“He’s fine, just stayed in hospital for a few weeks. But then you kept coming back to the flat. You helped with dozens of cases that I couldn’t solve myself. You were,” he sighed. “Mine.” His voice cracked. “You were,  we were…”

“Oh god…” you sighed quietly. “I’m so sorry.” You reached out, gently taking his hand in yours. He scanned your eyes for any sign of your next move, but he never could have anticipated what you did next.

You did the only thing you could think of in a situation like this. You threw your arms around him and pulled yourself close to his chest. He paused for a minute, then did the exact same. You didn’t know who he was, but you knew a broken person when you saw one.

“I want to remember,” you whispered to him. “I really do.” His grip tightened, and he rested his head on yours.

Suddenly, a sharp pain erupted on the side of your head. You kicked back, sending the wheeled chair rolling backwards. You clutched your head with both hands as you cried out.

“John, what the hell is happening?!” Sherlock yelled, stopping the chair.

John darted over, peeling your hands away to examine your head. You were shaking and screaming, horrible, blood curdling screams that sent Sherlock into an even deeper panic than before. A drop of blood rolled from your ear as you carried on, the pain spreading to your forehead.

“This doesn’t make any sense; all the studies say that the patients only showed these symptoms when continuously fed the chemical and she…”

Sherlock looked at the drip feed. The bag was marked saline, but he would have bet his life on the idea that that was what was killing you.

He tore it from your arm and threw the stand across the room. You continued to whimper as the two picked you up and rushed you to a nearby exam room. They nearly dropped you when greeted by the face seated in the corner of the room.

“Good evening gentlemen. I would address your friend there, but it’d be a bit of a waste, don’t you think? Poor thing doesn’t have much time left.”

“What do you want?” Sherlock hissed.

He stood up and walked towards you, leaning in close to Sherlock. Culverton’s acrid breath puffed in his face as he spoke.

“Did I accidentally give you the serum too? Do you not remember who I am? I’m a serial killer! I want to kill you, Mr. Holmes! For good this time. But the thing with you is you don’t think you have feelings or friends. But you do. You have so few, that’s your problem. That’s why it hurts so much to lose them. You like to think you have fewer feelings than everyone else, but it’s not true. You just divide them up amongst fewer people. I want her to suffer, because it makes you suffer. You’d give your life any day, hell, you’d even take it yourself! But I want you to watch her dissolve. Then I want to kill you. Then obviously, I’ll save her. No point in wasting two lives when one will suffice.” He pulled up your head by your hair. White foam dribbled down your chin, your eyes were shut, but you still breathed, your heart still struggled to beat. “I’ll save her for later.”

He dropped your head back down.

“That’s why I know you won’t kill me. Because I’m the only one who knows how to save her. I’m the only one who can guarantee her safety.”

“And that’s why I know you won’t kill me.” He leaned over to john. “Because what will happen to you and Sherlock if you kill the one person who has control of his little bloodhound? I’ll be dead, but then you’ll watch her wither away in agonizing pain, fits of seizures, possibly choking on her own vomit, oh it’s gruesome, but the list goes on and on. That’ll put a damper on the relationship won’t it!”

“You’re right,” You murmured under your breath.

“What?” He swung around, genuinely surprised.

“They won’t kill you.” You strained yourself to simply lift your head up. “I will.”

“No!” Sherlock screamed, attempting to hold you back.

Using the last bit of strength you had left, you hurled yourself at him, slitting his throat with the scalpel before collapsing onto the floor beside him. His eyes were wide with terror as the life drained swiftly out of them.

Within minutes, Culverton Smith was dead.

Your breathing became shallow and ragged as the two picked you up gently and placed you on the bed.

“I don’t want to die.” You laughed lightly with tears in your eyes. “But if I do, at least I’ll be the last.”

“You are not going to die, you’re not.”

“Mind palace!” John yelled.

He slammed his eyes shut and locked himself in. His hands flew in front of his face, pushing and pulling imaginary scraps of information from the air.

“Blood!” He yelled. “The serum was injected through her bloodstream. You gave her a tranquilizer, which slowed her heart and slowed the spreading of it. Clean blood should help it out of her system.”

“And where are we gonna get clean blood on such short notice?”

Sherlock rolled up his sleeve.

John shook his head. “You sure this is going to work?”

It has to.

“Well what’s your blood type? Are you two even compatible?”

“My blood type doesn’t matter. She’s AB+.” John sighed and got to work, collecting the tools to create his own transfusion machine. It had to work.

“We need to take some blood out of her first.” John said, placing on needle in her left arm. It dripped into a small container that sat on the floor. He waited. Your fingers grew cold, your lips dimming. That was his cue. He placed a second needle in her other arm, and a third in Sherlock’s.

“You sure you’re okay with this? You’re not exactly the poster child for clean blood.” He nodded to the fading scars on Sherlock’s arms, a stark reminder of his drug laden past.

“I wouldn’t be doing this unless I knew I was 100% clean. I have been for 4 years.”

He sat beside you, watching you carefully. Softly, you wrapped your hand around his, and squeezed before nodding off.


You rolled over and opened your eyes. It was morning, but it wasn’t the next morning. Four days passed before you finally woke up, to the relief of your nurse. She set down your breakfast and checked your charts.

“Good morning honey,” she said softly.

“Where am I?” You asked. Your body ached, your head throbbed. But you could finally remember. “Where’s Sherlock Holmes?” You yelled, interrupting your nurses description of the past night’s events.

“He popped out for just a minute, I think. I could grab him if you’d like?” You nodded quickly as she stepped out of the room, smiling. You fidgeted with your blanket as your heart began to race. Growing anxious, you pushed off your covers and stood. You could feel rapid footsteps approaching. Sherlock suddenly appeared in the doorway, his eyes wide.

Tears welled in your eyes. “Oh Sherlock.” You cried. You’re memories of the night before were foggy, but you felt so overcome with emotion when you saw him.

A relieved smile ripped across his face as he ran towards you, scooping you up and wrapping his arms tightly around you. You pressed your head against his chest as he pulled you in closer, resting his head on yours.

When you finally pulled away, your wide, teary eyes smile greeted him. Your nurse interrupted, gently helping you back into bed. Sherlock sat beside you, explaining the events of the entire night.

“So that’s why I couldn’t, well, can’t remember anything? TD-12?”

“Used in low doses in surgeries, but can be overdosed very easily. Which leads to muscle degeneration, headaches, and death.”

“You’ll be in rehab for a month or two sweetie,” your nurse piped as she entered the room with your lunch and medications.

“Two more months in America? Sherlock, it’s very nice here, but I’ve been here for one week and I barely survived.” You were joking, but in all honesty the only place you wanted to be for the next two months was curled up with a hot cup of tea in 221B Baker Street, solving crimes with Sherlock Holmes.

“I’ll see what we can do.” He pulled his phone from his pocket and dialed a familiar number.

“Mycroft, I need a favor,” he started, disappearing out the door to finish the call.

Days passed, and as promised, you were on one of the first flights back home, courtesy of the British Secret Service. The private flight provided pull out beds, room enough for two. Unlike the flight in, you now had no problem consciously resting your head and sleeping away the trip on Sherlock’s shoulder. He had the same idea.

John helped you with rehab once you returned back home. It was fairly easy; the serum wasn’t in your body for long enough to cause lasting damage. Mrs. Hudson brought you a daily cup of tea after your sessions.

“Without this, you’d be in rehab for three more weeks love, I’ll put money on it.” She giggled.



“Are you kidding me? Double homicide, triple suicide, one suspect, who couldn’t possibly have done it? This is as good as it gets!” You contested.

“There’s nothing else? Are you kidding?”

“Wait,” you stopped, straightening. You put your cup down and adjusted the computer in your lap.

“Amnesia virus eradicated in US, last afflicted patients see new hope in blood transfusions,” you read, smiling at Sherlock, who stood above you. He wrapped his arm around your shoulders and pulled you in, giving a tight squeeze before returning to his throwing stars.

“Oh no,” you said as you read more into the article. “Virus spreads to 4 other countries.”

You took a sip of your tea, and closed out if the article.

“Not our division.”

Sherlock laughed, and sent one final star through the middle of the fluorescent smiley face spray painted onto the damask wallpaper.

The Mistress - Chapter 8

Summary: The reader spends the night with Negan and gets to see a different side of him.

Characters: Negan, Reader (OC), Dwight, Michael (OC)

Rating: Mature

Warnings: Swearing, but overall kind of a fluff piece. 

Notes: I was asked to something that was a bit of a fluff piece with this story, so here it is. 

AO3 Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/9366677/chapters/22985679

Tags: @jasoncrouse @ronweaselz @hiddlesdowneyjr @ali-pennell @melodicdolls @namelesslosers @deepsouth @shanaatjelove11 @warriorqueen1991 @caitydestroys @acklesdowneyandhiddles-ohmy @jaylaelizabethw @prettyepiic @negans-dirty-girl @mamaredd123 @jdmsgal @alyisdead @memphisgirl1977@negans-network *As always, please let me know if you want to be added to the tags or if you wanted to be taken off!*  

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Everything You Need to Know About Meditation Posture

External image

Do you rest down for reflection and also wonder if you’re doing it ? Learn about the global reflection pose here.

There are a million types of meditation in the world, yet if you explored the globe taking photographs of individuals meditating numerous of them would certainly look quite similar. Why? Because there are some basic aspects of the reflection position that are employed around the world in order to relax the mind as well as align the body.

Seven-Point Meditation Posture

I originated from a Tibetan Buddhist background, so the framework I generally utilize is the 7 points of Vairocana. The Buddha Vairocana is usually represented sitting in this position at the home of a mandala of the 5 principle Buddhas. He is the lord of the buddha family, all white standing for the wisdom of all-inclusive room, as well as it’s specific contrary, the really lack of knowledge that is the driving make behind our cycle of suffering. He stands for, in component, the idea that our lack of knowledge could be changed into huge space, which can fit every little thing. Not a bad shining example, right?

First Point of Position: Resting Down

For those of us who are useded to positioning in a chair, you might be a bit daunted by the idea of sitting on the ground in a cross-legged style. This is a great time to give it a try. If you locate that it is difficult, you could assume among the simpler cross-legged positions I mention below.

There are a couple of variations on sitting cross-legged on the ground, however all them are most ideal supported by having an official reflection cushion. I like those marketed at Samadhi Cushions as their seats are durable and firm. It is worth the financial investment to purchase a pillow if you’re visiting launch a regular meditation practice. And also if you are going to make use of cushions from your sofa or bed that’s all right, however it takes a lot of adjustment to obtain you sitting high enough to ensure that it’s not unpleasant. That claimed, if you wish to snatch some sturdy pillows as well as rest on those to obtain going, go with it.

More from our partner: What to Do with Your Mind Throughout Meditation

Six Ways to Sit for Meditation

1. The Quarter Lotus

External image

Here you can rest on your reflection seat with your legs loosely crossed as well as both feet resting below the other thigh or knee. I advise this method.

2. The Half Lotus

External image

This is a variant on the above. Your legs are gone across with one foot hing on the other thigh. The other foot can fold underneath the top leg as well as remainder here the knee or thigh.

3. The Full Lotus

External image

Your legs are crossed with both feet resting atop your other upper legs in Padmasana (Lotus Posture).

4. The Burmese Position

External image
If you could not rest with your legs went across, that’s fine. Merely rest with both feet laying on the floor in this relaxed location, aka Sukhasana (Easy Pose).

5. Seiza

External image

Instead of sitting with your legs crossed you could likewise kneel as well as place a cushion or yoga props between your legs. This standard meditation posture is basically a propped-up Virasana (Hero Pose) or Vajrasana (Thunderbolt Posture).

6. Chair

External image

Finally, yes, you could make use of a chair if you have to. No embarassment in it. Merely make certain to rest far from the back of the chair and area your feet firmly on the floor, straightened with your hips and also knees.

Sometimes individuals ask if they could practice meditation resting. You can, yet you’re most likely to sleep. If you’re going to do that you can put your feet on the ground with your knees up in order to keep a feeling of wakefulness.

Second Issue of Position: Lengthen the Spine

Having developed this firm foundation it is very important to raise on your own up with your back. Conventional analogies say that your back should resemble an arrowhead or a pile of coins, one atop the other. It is as if a pole might undergo the top of your head and also down through your bottom. You intend to feel boosted when you sit down to meditate.

Third Issue of Position: Relaxing Your Hands

The easiest thing to do with your hands is to relax them on your lap. You could lose your hands at your sides and pick them up at the elbow then drop them hands down on your thighs. This is an organic center point on which to sit them, giving far better assistance for your upright spine. In his new book The Relaxed Mind, Kilung Rinpoche points out that sitting with your palms down has the tendency to relax the flow of power throughout your body.

Alternatively, you can put your right-hand man in addition to your entrusted your thumbs very gently touching, relaxing them on your lap at your navel. Kilung Rinpoche has remarked that this produces more warmth and power in the body, which could be beneficial if you are feeling sleepy. Symbolically, the left hand stands for wisdom as well as the appropriate empathy. In this gesture you are bringing the 2 together.

Fourth Point of Posture: Loosening up the Shoulders

Let the muscle mass in your shoulder as well as back loosen up. Your shoulders can be pressed slightly back. This establishes a strong back while opening up the front body. There is a touch of vulnerability in this issue of posture as we expose our tender heart.

Fifth Point of Position: Embeding the Chin

Slightly put in your chin. You do not desire to go so much that you are looking directly down at your lap yet you do not want your head held until now upwards that it may tire you out.

Sixth Issue of Pose: Opening the Jaw

Bring a sense of leisure to the muscular tissues in your face to make sure that your jaw puts up open. Area the tongue up versus the roof covering of your mouth to allow for clear breathing and also slow down the swallowing procedure, which could sometimes be distracting.

Seventh Issue of Position: Relaxing the Gaze

Relax your look two to 4 feet ahead of you on the ground in an unfocused fashion. Do not select patterns in the rug before you. Merely preserve a loose look. Sit your eyes. Occasionally folks do not comprehend why they must open their eyes throughout reflection. For one, we are always gazing at our world– why should we treat our meditation technique as a time to conceal from our life? It is as an alternative a time to look straight at who we are. Our eyes can be open as a gesture toward that intent. On a functional level, you are much less most likely to drop off to sleep with your eyes open.

If you are not able to meditate with the eyes open you can close them. It is necessary to make a conscious option just before beginning to contemplate which you will do or you will fidget back and forth the whole reflection session in between those options. It has been said that closed eye reflection causes a lot more ideas, daydreams, as well as distraction. However if this is not the situation for you, you can definitely practice meditation with your eyes closed.

If you take the time to establish your reflection pose properly, you will certainly locate it is much easier to sit your thoughts as well as get in touch with the things of your meditation. When you go via these 7 issues you will enter your practice feeling loosened up yet uplifted.

“First Meetings” Series: Kim Namjoon

Endless possibilities open up when you first meet somebody. Will they be a fleeting acquaintance, a cherished friend, a lover, someone who’s going to change your life? Regardless, they all begin with that first fateful meeting.

Author’s Note: First up is Leader-nim! As I said in my previous post, I’m posting this one first and I’ll update a few more members’ stories tomorrow ~ Enjoy the Nams!!

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

          Namjoon once again ripped out a piece of paper from his spiral notebook frustrated, and once again, he didn’t rip the paper out completely which deepened his annoyance. He had spent so many late nights trying to come up with an idea for his philosophy paper, but nothing seemed to flow or fit. Nothing spoke to him. He didn’t know what to write about and the deadline was tomorrow. Running a hand through his hair, he exhaled. Philosophy was his favorite subject, which was probably why he was pressuring himself to write something that could be considered a masterpiece.

           He was a naturally deep person, much attuned to long-winded sharing of opinions on an unanswered topic rather than small talk and pleasantries. Countless nights he slaved away at this coffee shop, which was conveniently in the center of their University library. He had wanted to start this paper early, but his mind betrayed his eagerness despite being in an academically conducive environment. Now here he was, like many of his peers, trying to type it out last minute. Except for the fact that he was staring at a blank document in front of him with no words or ideas flittering through his head to inspire him.

           You walked into the coffee shop happily, waving to your co-worker, who was relieved that she would finally get to go home. Glancing over at the people who occupied the tables curiously, your eyes fell on him: the tall male student that came to the coffee shop and the library frequently. You would always found him with his nose in a thick book or typing away hurriedly into his computer. By that time, you knew his regular order so he didn’t even need to look up to converse with you; all you had to ask was “Having the usual?” to which he would nod nonchalantly.

           You enjoyed watching him from afar. Your shift wasn’t particularly busy or exciting, considering you always picked up the late night to early morning shifts because you had chosen afternoon classes to sleep in more. But it made going to work more exciting when you wondered what new outfit he was going to put together and during work, you looked forward to getting a glimpse of his deep dimples whenever a part in a book made him chuckle or whenever he seemed proud of what he had typed.

           Tonight, however, you were surprised to find him with his head on the table, notebook on his lap, and arms dangling down to his toes lifelessly. There were balls of crumpled paper littering the table and his coffee had long since been pushed to the edge, signaling that he had finished it. You had never quite seen this boy like this. You had pegged him for the hard-working straight-A bookworm, perfect all-around type of student. But you guessed that even perfect students had moments of frustration. Biting your lip, you crept over to see if you could get him another cup of warm coffee.

           "Having the usual?“ You asked your normal question, but soon, you felt yourself flinch when his head shot up, looking at you closely for the first time.

           Namjoon always tried to catch you on your shifts because you didn’t try to converse with him like the other servers. He found you intelligent and sensible for taking note that he was busy or preoccupied and to not engage in any unnecessary conversation. Gratefully as well, he noted that you were perceptive and detailed enough to know when he had finished his coffee every single time. He respected your work ethic and what that said about your personality.

           Today, with all of the questions he was rummaging through in his mind, hearing your voice made him wonder what you looked like up close. He was even more curious as to why you never followed protocol and built rapport with your customers like the others. Had you realized the unspoken routine he depended on you for? Your stunned expression confirmed that you were aware of the almost silent communication between you two. He smiled warmly, feeling sorry that he had startled you and broke the routine. For some reason, he felt that switching up his "regular” would give him a fresh start, so he shook his head.

           "Maybe I’ll try that hot chocolate I’ve been eye-ing.“

           You chuckled and nodded, cleaning up his table carefully. His hand grabbed your wrist when you were about to grab the discard notebook pages.

           "I might need those still…” he mumbled and you stepped back obediently without a word, your cheeks burning from the simple touch.

           "I’ll be back with your hot chocolate.“

           He nodded then went back to stare at the white screen teasing him with its emptiness. Glancing around, he saw huddles of hoodies and laptops scattered throughout the shop and the library, the desire for rest evident in their eyes. He pressed his hands on his face in exasperation. Time was ticking and he was not any closer to being struck by an inspiring idea that could be related to philosophy, which he found ridiculous because everything revolved around a philosophy.

           You frowned as you watched him anxiously bouncing his leg and shifting in his seat. You knew he was in some serious trouble if he was breaking his long time routine. Seeing as you had no customers to attend to, you decided to also break your habit and talk to him.

           "Paper?” You questioned while you placed the hot chocolate on his table.

           "Yeah…“ he groaned.

           "Due tomorrow I’m guessing?”


           You pursed your lips, wondering if you were going to overstep your boundaries, but you pushed yourself to ask. "Is there anything I can do to help?”

           Namjoon slowly lifted his face up to stare at you once again, a little taken aback by your concern. “Can I ask you a question?”

           "Um sure…“ You shifted uncomfortably.

           "How do you always know when I finish my coffee?”

           You blinked. You weren’t expecting a trivial question like that. “Umm well you put it down and push it closer to the edge when you’re done with it. Normally when you drink, you sip it often then place it down within an easy reach.”

           Then your brain registered your explanation. “I hope that’s not creepy or anything! A lot of people do it and I got kind of good at observing little habits like that….”

           Namjoon chuckled. “I didn’t even know I did that. How interesting.”

           "I think it’s hard to fully learn about yourself just from yourself.“ You blurted out then blushed at your serious tone. "If that makes sense.”

           He raised an eyebrow intrigued and tilted his head. “Oh? That’s an interesting thought. You don’t think you can learn about yourself completely just from introspection and careful observation of your own actions and thought processes?”

           You laughed, “No, not at all. While I think you can always learn a great deal through self-reflection, I do think interacting with other people and hearing their perspectives of you and your behaviors will really give you a holistic view about your entire self.”

           "But what encompasses this ‘self’ then?“ he retorted then his grin widened excitedly, exposing those adorable dimples openly. "Oh my goodness! I love you!”

           Your eyes widened in shock, flabbergasted at the sudden confession. Your heart fluttered despite knowing that it was merely said out of relief and enthusiasm. He stood up excitedly to hug you out of gratitude but in his haste, he knocked over the table. Both of you gasped. Hurriedly, you grabbed the scalding hot chocolate cup to prevent his papers and computer from damage while he fumbled to grasp hold of his computer. He hugged his computer tightly to his chest, his heart racing and his cheeks flushed with embarrassment. Your eyes met as you let the echo of the accident dissipate and the attention you had rendered, die down. Then you both bubbled with laughter at your frozen postures and your quick reactions.

           "Why didn’t you grab the table silly?“ You giggled.

           "Yeah, I wasn’t thinking straight.” he scratched the back of his head guiltily as he straightened up the table. “I got too excited. You gave me a great idea for my paper.”

           You grinned as you placed the hot chocolate back on the table, happy to have helped him out. “Well, I’m glad we have an idea and no casualties.”

           He laughed, “I’m a bit clumsy so I’ve been glad you don’t make me get up to re-order, who knows how many tables I could knock down on my way there?”

           You chuckled, “Well then I’m glad to know that I had been saving the library from chaos and destruction this entire time. Please remain in your seat in the future.”

           You both smiled at each other, refreshed from the meaningful yet simple conversation. There was just an air of comfort between you two and the banter seemed to flow as if you had been friends forever. Namjoon was even more intrigued by you now.  

           "I’m Namjoon by the way.“ he outstretched his hand.

           ”________“ You shook his hand lightly.

           His hands were softer than you had imagined or was it because you had slightly burned your hand on the drink and it was a bit sensitive to touch? But your thoughts froze and you felt your heart race as you heard the next statement come out from Namjoon’s mouth.

           "Can I continue to ask you more questions in the future?”

           "I guess I’ll have to answer them if you ask.“ You grinned cheekily, trying to hide the growing blush on your cheeks.

           "Over coffee then.” he raised his cup, grinning suavely.

           "Well I’ll be here all night.“ You smirked, trying to leave on a mysterious yet playful note. "And the next night…and the next.”

           "Guess I can’t stay away from the library then.“ He mumbled to himself as he watched you walk back to the counter happily.

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rinvargaartwork  asked:

Hi there! Do you have any advice for a beginning freelance illustrator on how to avoid aches, pains, & future joint damage when you have to make art every day to meet a deadline? I'm trying my best to finish illustrating a children's book on time, but I've been arting for hours almost every day for a month & now that I'm at the digital painting stage, it's getting physically taxing even with frequent breaks! I did invest in a wrist brace, and I try to sit properly while supporting my elbow but..


i know how you feel, it’s a tough situation to be in! my best advice is simple: set a timer every 20 minutes on your phone while you’re working to remember to stretch and have something to drink or eat. now, you don’t have to eat every twenty minutes but make sure to eat five times per day, proper meals. and eat a fruit or some other energy snack to keep yourself focused. how are you sitting? make it a habit to sit up straight every now and then. walk around. look up carpal tunnel exercises, those are great for artists. take a walk every now and then, it’s good for you and can also be inspirational! 

and if you’re working from home it’s easy to sink into habits where you don’t get dressed or shower or eat by your workplace. make it a daily habit to get up a certain time, take a shower, eat a proper breakfast. do this away from your workspace or take out your material after finishing. eat at your own pace. set out times for lunch and dinner and small meals in between. take breaks, take walks, and STRETCH both your body and hands every twenty minutes. 

for me it’s easy to live by my work. i eat while i work, i brush my teeth while i work, i do my work first thing in the morning and last thing before i go to bed. i currently don’t have a desk where i live, so i work from my bed. i do not recommend this. it’s both bad for your posture, your body but also your mental health. when you spend your entire day in your bed you forget to eat, get up, get dressed, shower, brush your teeth and just. general hygiene and health stuff that’s important.

take care of yourself, reminders on your phone is an easy way to do that! you hear a tone and it’s time to stretch - or do something else you’ve forgotten! (also, open a window or a door in your room to get some fresh air and circulation!)

my god, i’m rambling and answering more than you asked for. i hope you don’t mind and i hope this helps! good luck! x

Imagine Lee Pace always moving your stuff to the top shelf in the kitchen.


Wordcount: 709

“LEE GRINNER PACE, GET THAT FIRM ASS OUT OF BED AND IN THE KITCHEN, NOWW!!”  your voice roared through the entire apartment and you knew it would not fail to wake him up and perhaps some other people in the building as well. Within seconds Lee stumbled into the kitchen, wearing nothing but pajama pants and that stupid innocent look on his face. 

“Yes Ma’m?”
Normally you’d deem it adorable, but right now you could smack the innocence right off it with everything you had in you.
“Stop putting my stuff on the top shelf! You know I can’t reach it and how annoying I think it is! At first I thought it was funny and a few times after too. But as of late it has become really annoying! So why do you keep doing it?!. You had your hands on your hips and took a firm posture. Showing him you were actually serious and mad at him for doing it again. The features of his face changed from that innocent cute expression to a worried and slightly ashamed one. 
“Y-you really don’t like it?”
“No I don’t! what makes you think I actually did? It is really annoying to having to ask you all the time to get stuff for me!” You raised your voice, getting irritated because he did not seem to get your point of view on the situation. 

Lee gave a defeating sigh and ran his hand over his face. He was in slight doubt to tell you the truth behind his actions. He knew you knew he was debating to either keep it to himself or to confess his thoughts. So he decided the latter. 
“Because I don’t wan’t you to become independent.” 
“When I first met you.. you were so amazing. You made your way to the top all by yourself, not needing anyone to help you to get there. It is one of the things I love so much about you. When we started dating I noticed that you also did not depend on me, you still did everything yourself, not once asking me for help. Whilst me on the other hand, I depended on you a lot more. I asked for your opinion on matters, for your advise, for you to be there when I wake up. And I… I don’t like that. That’s why I put your stuff on the top shelf. You’d have to ask me for help.”
His confession made your posture relax, you now had both arms hanging next to your body. He took this as a good sign and took a few step closer to you, he grabbed your face gently and made you look at him.
“I want you to know that I am worthy of your trust, you can lean on me when things get to hard, when you can’t handle them, when you can’t reach them. I am there for you, always. I just want you to know that, to get that in that through that thick skull of yours.”

You smiled and placed your hands on top of his, turning your head slightly so you can kiss the palm of his hands. 
“I know. and I want you to know that I do trust you. I might not depend on material stuff  or verbal verification like you do, but I do depend on you. I depend on you being there for me when I need you to be. Without me asking, I- I have had a tough life Lee and you know it. You should know that I depend on your love all the time. The fact that I know you love me as much as I love you is what keeps me going, it is what makes me want to be independent. To show you that I am worthy of being with you.”
Before you could say anymore lee pulled your face close and kissed you with the best kiss yet. You released his hands and wrapped your arms around his waist pulling him closer. 

Things might not be perfect now, things might be still unclear and in doubt, but the two of you are getting there. Step by step, closer to each other.

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A/N: Thought I would try my hand at a Sherlock fic too. Sherlock himself is a bit out of character, although that’s what I need in this moment so that’s what happened.

Summary: Y/N gets into a fight with her parents

Sherlock x Reader

Leaning against the door of the cab you sat in, you watched the London cityscape go by in a blur. With a thick feeling in your throat, you tilted your head to that your forehead rested against the cool window. Closing your eyes to try to stop the onslaught of tears, your face crumpled up as you move your hands to cover your face. You had once again had a fight with your parents, and had spent a disastrous few hours sitting at their dinner table while they once again nitpicked everything about you.

Everything about you was a target; from the clothes you wore to your job. The biggest thing that you fought about though, was your involvement with both the cases and the personal lives of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. They learned that you had acquainted them after they saw a picture in the tabloids with all three of you in it; jokingly calling you ‘The Three Stooges’. To be quite honest, they were horrified when they learned that within a week of meeting both John and Sherlock you had begun to help them on cases. What they didn’t know (and what would drive them absolutely up-the-wall mental) was that you were in a relationship with the brilliant detective, and had already moved in on Baker Street.

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