with biases and hangul

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hi i want to start learning korean, do u have any essential tips?? sth u 100% believe in and would recommend to everyone who wants to learn?

HELLOOOO! i answered two similar questions here and here ^^ 

-HANGUL IS KEY. learn hangul. writing the names of my kpop biases helped me

-its up to you whether you want to focus on grammar or vocab, writing or speaking, etc. they are all needed tho so mix them up once in a while

-memrise and quizlet are A+ for learning vocab

-kpop is my favorite way to learn vocab!!! step 1: look up lyrics and translations. step 2: use dictionaries to translate individual words. step 3: listen to the song (and read the lyrics) every day so you can review. step 4: sing. sing along while reading the lyrics. sing without lyrics. sing without music playing. JUST SING AND HAVE FUN!

-Korean Grammar In Use is a Blessing for learning grammar

-Sounds of Korean is a good book to practice pronunciation (comes w audios)

-i was gonna make a post about this but anyway: download Lingoes. its a desktop program where you can download and use dictionaries (not only for korean!!!). its really good bc it works offline and you can download many different dictionaries so even if you dont find a word in one you may find it in another

-stick to just one or two textbooks/sites/apps. its all about FOCUS. too many sources distract you.

hope this helps you, its what works for me c: