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300 (Fulton)

Brewery : Fulton
Beer : 300
Style : IPA
Variance : None

8.5 / 10

Tonight, we dine in hell! This…Is…Sparta! Prepare for glory! Give them nothing… but take from them everything! Fuck I love that movie. It’s a shame that the second one was kind of a clunker but this beer definitely mirrors the first movie much closer with it’s awesomeness. Also, Gerard Butler is wayyyyyy more baddass than Sullivan Stapleton. I mean come on, he didn’t even have an eight pack! Loser. Anyways, this beer is anything but a loser with it’s huge flavor and drinkability so let’s get into it. This has a great mix of pine and grapefruit flavor to start bringing a heavy bitterness before some resin and mild sweetness mix in to help balance things out a bit before a floral hop and malt flavor mix in to end things. If I had the opportunity to kick every commercial IPA into a pit like Leonidas did to that Persian bitch ass and only drink this I would do it in a heart beat not only because almost all commercial IPAs suck, but because I would love to see the slow motion stylized Zack Snyder scene of the beer falling in while slowly spilling all of it’s contents and disappearing into darkness. For the hop lovers out there, pick this puppy up because it packs a serious green nugget punch and will satisfy your hoppy needs. For the n00bz out there, this is probably going to be a bit much for your first bitter Journey but don’t stop believing and hold on to that feeling and work your way up. See what I did there? Journey…

Written by : Steve B.

Zapfler Brewpub, Shanghai

Ever since the crackdown and closing of the Yong Kang Lu bar street last year, people here in Shanghai have been wondering whether their favorite watering holes would be opening up in new locations. Well, yesterday we found out first hand that Zapler Brewing has a brand spanking new brewpub in the old Datong Mill underground plaza, now renovated and renamed Found 158. We popped in for the pre-pre-opening party last night to check out the new space. Here’s a look…

The taps aren’t on yet, so the beers were served out of kegs with old school pump taps…

Their Bohemian pilsner was flowing when we arrived…

When they officially open, all their beers will be available on tap, as well as a few new brews they will rotate in as they brew them on premises…

This new Zapfler Brewpub will also feature a full kitchen where they’ll be serving a menu of German favorites, like warm pretzels, schnitzel and currywurst, which we go to sample…

Zapfler has also start distilling schnapps, which they’ll be selling and serving here as well…

They expect to be open and fully operational in the next few weeks so we’ll keep you posted. Prost!!


Inside Round 158

158 Julu Lu (near Ruijin Yi Lu)



New spell: Crying

Gets rid of the Bad Water.

Warning: ITS gone a. Come out of your eyes. Fucked up I know but your ween only knows about Yellow Bad. This is for the soul which isn’t real but you still gotta clean out its Bad Water. Look lady I just teach spells don’t blame me because magics stupid. YOUR stupid now go cry.

ASK ME FOR SPELLS I’m the realest freak of the m all you’re welcome.

yet another Saturday

I had a bit to drink
on this Saturday evening,
so I sat around and thought
of all the things that could and wouldn’t be.
the blurry city lights are monotonous,
yet pretty, just like beer-
tastes the same but every time it’s different.
I had a bit to drink
on this Saturday evening,
so I sat around and thought
of what to discuss in this “poem”;
what every word should have meant.

my nails are bitten,
my curls are dry,
my eyes are kinda watery
and my thirst calls for alcohol.
I liked the music in the car,
when my friend drove me home
and I couldn’t thank him enough
for making me laugh a couple times.
he had the patience
while I figured out which directions are correct
against where the alcohol made us drive.
they call it poison,
but it just makes me smile
because jokes are the funniest after a few beers,
when your friends finally make you feel loved.

lunaaltare  asked:

i wanna know why you like beer, that's what i wanna know. beer tastes like shit melissa. it tastes like diarrhea in a can. and it barely has any alcohol - I might as well drink Malta

OK LISTEN I LOVE BEER. Catch me at the local brewery. Catch me traveling to other towns for breweries. I am a beer nerd OK!

Is this another thing I can blame on my white mom??? I’m gonna do that.

Mash & Vanilla is a English Barleywine style #beer brewed by @thebruery in Placentia, #California. 92 out of 100 on @beeradvocate. .
A classic bourbon barrel-aged barleywine. Already oaky, sticky and sweet, amplified its barrel character with the addition of fresh vanilla beans. This vanilla prominence is complemented by the woody bourbon flavors and coconut notes that are present due to its extensive maturation in oak bourbon barrels.

Summer: Gram V

Ejnar wished for a party, so they invited some of their neighbors to celebrate.

Thea is now able to make comfort soup. (I don’t want my sims to die. Whenever there are guests and there is also a sim, who can make comfort soup, it will be served.)

Sparkly food from the garden!

Helen Silbermantel and Aske Kornblume are now in love… though Aske simultaneously thinks about Mirijam… well… ok.

Anna von Amselmai thinks Ejnar is ugly…

With all those strange people around Alf needed some attention. (I can almost hear all these sims talking about the little Alfi…) <3