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Greatest Star Wars autographed memorabilia ever!!!

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How would the RFA react to a super famous K-pop idol MC? (If you aren't really familar with K-pop then just a really famous pop idol MC) ^-^ thanks!

ah thanks for reminding me I need to listen to that k-pop song my friend told me to listen to;;;; also that i need to listen to k-pop in general i’m so bad at catching up to things lol 

but thank you for the request! I hope you like it~ (´∀`) 

i know i usually put V in for everything that says ‘rfa’ but ahhhh i might put him in another post. someone tell me they want v for this too and i’ll do it lol 

[ route spoilers! ] 


  • when she came over to his apartment, he automatically knew her
  • and he was shocked! this whole time he’s been flirting with an idol??
  • he was a big fan of her work! and she was a big fan of his!!
  • this was actually amazing…except for one thing
  • now they have to really be secret because they both have sensitive publicity stuff
  • or do they?
  • well, they do, but not for long 
  • both of their fans get the news and are so surprised!!
  • they all ship it though and he and mc are living
  • jaehee is the head of their ship, she provides fans with pictures 
  • but anyways, at home, they both are just so comfortable
  • they forget about the stress of being famous and just be with each other
  • zen especially finds comfort in the fact that he and mc don’t love each other for their fame, but for what happens when they get home 
  • which is literally sit and cuddle on the couch and sing silly songs together 
  • they have messy hair days and don’t wear pants and go out to the roof to stargaze
  • and im rambling but im in love with him so oh well


  • so he kisses her as soon as he comes up to her at the party
  • but why did she look so familiar?? o  hhhh 
  • “oh my god” yoosung pls don’t faint bby please
  • he’s a fan!!
  • wants her autograph lol 
  • when she first introduces him to her fans, yoosung is a bit scared
  • but they like him!! they think he’s cute and that they’re cute together 
  • he’s so thankful
  • thinks mc has a beautiful voice and always buys her merch
  • not stuff with her face on it, but stuff with lyrics or her label
  • mc asked him to do a duet with him once
  • he was so nervous, so they just uploaded it on youtube
  • and the fans liked him more!!
  • he can sing well!!! 
  • they ask to see more. so they go out more often


  • of course she knows mc! she’s a big fan!
  • already has some of her merch and now she’s her best friend??
  • and now they’re dating????
  • mc never hid her sexuality and she’s had past girlfriends before
  • but now she’s dating jaehee!!
  • mc does little shows at the cafe sometimes
  • business really booms on those nights
  • also guess who helps mc in their songwriting process?
  • jaehee does!!!
  • the songs they work on together are so cute
  • jaehee also shows up in a few of mc’s music videos when she’s not too shy
  • some fans ask why they never kiss in said videos
  • mc tells them jaehee’s not a fan of pda
  • but once, jaehee kissed mc in front of the paps
  • the fans went Wild


  • pop isn’t his type of music, but he knows mc
  • he listens to her music again. really listens to it 
  • and he kind of likes it
  • of course, he helps spread mc’s popularity
  • and helps comes up with merch ideas
  • he’s also so supportive! 
  • mc is doing something that makes her happy and inspires other people to do the same, it’s great
  • the paps have a field day at the party, however, when he proposes 
  • side note i have alternate proposal hcs for him and the others but that’s not this request lol
  • because no one knew they were dating in the first place!! 
  • and neither of them answer that question!!! 
  • they’re both just like “oh, i’ve been married to my wife/husband for ‘x’ amount of time”
  • yes, but how long have you two been dating
  • they just don’t want to tell everyone that they only knew each other for 11 days lmao
  • they do have a healthy, supportive relationship, though
  • and a cat. sorry, an Elizabeth the Third

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • he knows, of course he knows
  • he’s also a fan
  • when he finds out, he buys a ton of merch
  • and when they meet, he gets to hear her sing live 
  • he loves it more than the recorded versions
  • while they’re on the run and stuff, trying to figure things out, saeyoung has nightmares sometimes
  • mc sings to him when they happen and it helps him calm down
  • they can’t be too public with their relationship
  • her fans know she’s dating him, but they know him as luciel 
  • and they’ve seen maybe two pictures
  • sometimes, they ask, but mc explained it as best she could
  • he’s still super supportive, though! 
  • goes to every event, helps spread new singles that she releases 
  • gave the fans an audio of him covering one of her songs
  • by playing it on stage as her birthday present whaaattt 
  • mc starts crying on stage, but happy tears awww

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I love you and this blog is amazing~ how would the rfa +V and Saeran (if you want) react to their s/o being apart of the theater and they are practicing Cell Block Tango from Chicago~

Thank you , dear! Ahhh !

~Omg this brings me back to my dancing days lololol I love this so much


  • Omg his cheeks were redder than Saeyoung’s hair when you told him
  • Fangirled over you hardcore
  • Asks for your autograph lol
    • “Yoosung, you have me?? What do you need my autograph for?”
    • “Soo…is that a no?”
  • Gushes about you to his guild on LOLOL nonstop
    • “So anyway guys my super hot girlfriend is going to be in this play thing an-”


  • Not too keen on the idea of other guys looking at you while you perform
  • But if it’s something you truly want to do he won’t stand in your way
  • Sat in on a few practices and actually quite enjoyed it!
    • “You looked so beautiful under the stage light. I’m going to invest in a show where you are the star, I’ll call assistant Kang right now to get a script going…”


  • HUGE supporter omg
  • Helps you practice all the time and pushes you to be the best!
  • Is amazed at your talent
  • You guys sing together
  • A lot
  • Karaoke, anyone???
  • Has a calendar marking down the days until opening night
  • Is dead set on working on a show with you in the future its his dream


  • Fan mode-ACTIVATE
  • Collects anything and everything having to do with the show
  • Treats you like you’re made of glass because she doesn’t want you injuring yourself before the show
  • Makes you tea before bed to help your voice
  • On social media gushing about the show and gathering a fan base for you


  • Immediately took to the comp to make your show spam and gather publicity
  • Asked if he could borrow your costume
    • “No.”
  • Is just so excited
  • Tests your flexibility >.>
  • If you ask him to do something he makes you perform a small bit in exchange


  • He loves performance art so he is super supportive
  • Adamant that you get plenty of rest after practices
  • Constantly making you drink water and eat a healthy meal
  • Attends every practice, he loves to sit and listen to the music
  • Always has a rose for you after it’s done


  • Also makes a point to attend your practices and rehearsals because he is protective
    • “Who’s that scowling guy over there?”
    • “OH! That’s my boyfriend, heh…”
  • He really doesn’t care for this stuff at all
  • But he has to admit he enjoys seeing you on stage
  • Would never tell you that out loud
  • Let’s you know in other ways
  • Also goes online a lot to see what people are saying and raise the hype for the show
  • If it’s important to you then it’s important to him, too

Kaji Yuki’s autograph evolution requested by @kyaraish (*^∇^*)

(The order might be wrong…)

Feel free to request any seiyuu’s autograph that I haven’t got to include yet!

>> autograph list

Bonus: Kaji and Hirotan breaking down their autographs (from Radio Misty 12/25/2008)

At that time, Kaji’s autograph was still the first version (top left). According to himself, the perpendicular strokes plus the stuff underneath is the kanji of his last name, “梶”; the part that looks like a heart is the hiragana of the first syllable in his first name “ゆ(yu)”; the little comma thing is the second syllable “う(u)”; and the last syllable “き(ki)” is somehow written horizontally but I really can’t see it…

Also Kaji said that he had come up with this autograph back in 8th grade, when he first started thinking about becoming a seiyuu. Hirotan was really impressed. (lol)

J2M & cockles ops // Chicon 2016

I complained about how my hair stopped behaving somewhere between j2 and these but my friend tells me I’m fishing for compliments so

Anyway, without a sign to hold I’m back to my wooden posture and face hahaha

But at least my handwriting is legible WOOOoo

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family reunion??? Omg imagine like Clarkes little cousins all climbing over Lexa and falling in love with her and Lexa passing all the interrogations from Clarke's family

“Interrogations” lmao Clarke’s fam wants Lexa’s autograph more than anything lol