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The only thing we need to worry about is the next minute. 

If you want to have an interactive pet who tolerates lots of handling (every day/other day/2 days), a reptile is not for you.

You shouldn’t force a reptile to be interactive. You shouldn’t pretend a reptile is acting the way you want it to (anthropomorphism is bad). 

If you aren’t comfortable with a more hands-off approach to keeping reptiles, then reptiles are not for you.

If you cannot appreciate a reptile for being a reptile, then it is not the pet for you.

That being said, there are interactive reptiles but many of them are high maintenance and/or have husbandry requirements that are difficult to achieve (especially if you want them to thrive).

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peter parker

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soulmate au *

sleepovers and confessions *

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first “date?” *

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startled states and supposed studying  *

wounds and bad moods *

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i think i’m in love 

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the stages of love *

beautiful insecurities 

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sleep talk *

pesky play

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Being best friends with Peter Parker

Being a “fake” couple with Peter Parker *

Walking in on Peter Parker naked *

Jealousy with Peter Parker *

True Love with Peter Parker

Enemies with Peter Parker *

Peter Parker walking in on you naked 

First Fight with Peter Parker *

Caught Making Out with Peter Parker *

Falling in Love with Peter Parker *

Mistletoe Moment with Peter Parker 

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 no pretending

 pretty tears

night lights

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emotions - care  fear  three  four (coming soon)

stark over saxophones - one  two   three four (DISCONTINUED)

tom holland

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slow hands

sweet stares

- series

spiteful soulmate - one  two  three  four  five (coming soon)

 steve rogers

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secrets and snarky statements - one  two  (complete)

bucky barnes

- series

I’m Not The Only One - one  two  (complete)

pietro maximoff

- imagines

squeals and sudden states

me: I love wolverine

some person: uh but he’s boring and overrated and here’s why I think he’s terrible-

me: *continues to love wolverine aka logan aka james howlett even harder*

They’re probably watching Varric and Bull betting on some dumb shit tbh

Anyways here is another beautiful commission I got from the phenomenal @flurgburgler of my inquisitor and his bf hanging out! :D

So green it’s almost St. Paddy’s!

Ssssoooooo! Finally the Jacksepticeye x Marvel package arrived this morning and I HAD to take ALL OF THE PICTURES WITH IT!

This morning arrived also the third and last gift my Man got me for Christmas… And look who popped out of the gift bag!

I legitimately cried.

And yesterday I went to buy some stuff at Flying Tiger and I got THIS BOY

It’s a ring with a mobile pupil. As soon as I saw it I fetched it, as it screams ANTISEPTICEYE to me!

So yeah. I am the happiest almost thirty kid ever.

BONUS: Hey look @therealjacksepticeye! Ivy loves her new friend!


Beyoncé x Normani