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If you want to have an interactive pet who tolerates lots of handling (every day/other day/2 days), a reptile is not for you.

You shouldn’t force a reptile to be interactive. You shouldn’t pretend a reptile is acting the way you want it to (anthropomorphism is bad). 

If you aren’t comfortable with a more hands-off approach to keeping reptiles, then reptiles are not for you.

If you cannot appreciate a reptile for being a reptile, then it is not the pet for you.

That being said, there are interactive reptiles but many of them are high maintenance and/or have husbandry requirements that are difficult to achieve (especially if you want them to thrive).

me: I love wolverine

some person: uh but he’s boring and overrated and here’s why I think he’s terrible-

me: *continues to love wolverine aka logan aka james howlett even harder*

As I said

Yahiko is a Gryffindor born

actually tbh I’m also pretty sure his patronus is a lion 

While Konan is Ravenclaw and way more smarter when it comes to fight

This Is For You, Stranger - Masterpost

Summary: After a fight with someone very important to you, you hit up a bar, ending up in bed with a rockstar. Little did you know how it was going to change your life.

Pairing: Eventual Rockstar!Dean x Reader

General Warnings: Smut, Angst, Alcohol consumption, crappy attitude!Dean, Cheating


PART ONE (Smut) 





PART SIX (Smut/ This part can be read, but doesn’t have to be read, seeing as this is only smut)

PART SEVEN - Coming Soon

The real Attitude interwiev

x: Liam why do you read Larry signs if it isn’t real?


The Littlest Winchester - Sass Master

Character(s): Dean Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 841


           Dean’s daughter isn’t mouthy. Not usually. But there are times when she has no verbal filter. Sometimes it’s cute, and other times she’s walking a fine line. So today when the four-year-old gives him an eye roll to his ‘because I said so’ response, Dean braces himself to deal with a potential problem.

           “What was that for?”


           “The eye roll. Are you giving me an attitude?”

           “Bitch, I might be.” She accompanies the phrase with a sassy finger wave.

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