with ashley benson again

Bring It On is the best series of all time and I'm gonna tell you why

• close to 90-100% of the characters are women

• features characters dealing with issues ranging from bullying and broken homes to racism and classism

• proves that competitive cheerleading is most definitely a sport

• also features male characters that do traditionally feminine things while still retaining their masculinity

• all the movies center around strong bonds between women

• tons of women in strong leadership positions

• great representation and PoC characters that are played by actual PoC actors/actresses

• female heros and female villains

• most of the movies end with the two opposing women/squads helping each other out or even joining forces and becoming friends

• gave us the gift of words like cheerocracy, cheergasm, etc

• Rihanna


I hadn’t seen this BTS video of them announcing each individual member as wrapped. omfg :(((((((((( now i’m crying again

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but then again celebrities like shay Mitchell and Ashley benson are shipped too. romantically and platonically. but they play it off and go with it...why? maybe bc they know there's nothing there. why does lauren get mad everytime Camren's mentioned? maybe bc there's something there that they can't show...