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There’s mild flirtation, which is exciting to say the least. I mean get rid of Daario, bring on the ladies! Why not?
Facts about Theon Greyjoy

- he shares his name (coincidentally) with a Stark ancestor and obssessed over it to the point of convincing himself that he had been named after him in spite of being Ironborn.
- wanted to be a Stark to the point of heartache.
- has a deep emotional connection to Winterfell - real or imagined. Feels its walls rejecting him in Clash. Finds his way around its ruins in Dance.
- becomes, in a sordid twist of fate, the remaining “Stark” in Winterfell in Dance.
- is a dreamer.
- develops strong attachements to objects he loves - his bow, his knife that he always keeps very sharp, his clothes.
- was admired by Robb Stark - perhaps due to an undeniable resilience (and sense of humor). Theon did tell Robb about his home, and Euron specifically.
- fantasized about his homecoming, knowing Winterfell would never fully accept him (he would have chosen Winterfell, if given the chance).
- has Wex Pyke and Jeyne Poole’s affection.


And here is Xanthe’s foal! Another beautiful long-legged filly :)

Brygarth Jinx
Born: 06/05/2017
Dam: Brygarth Xanthe
Sire: Stow Vincent

And as predicted, it’s clear already this foal has inherited Xanthe’s clumsiness… I did call it! 

So glad the foaling of the first time mothers is going so well this year so fingers crossed it all goes well for Asha and Merle too :)

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Humans and Angarans arent genetically compatible, but thats not gonna stop them from ending up with a lot of kids- of various species. Not that Jaal or Sera mind. Family is family, and family is precious.

Omlllllll I love kidfics so this was a joy to write. Thanks for the prompt! (And if you want biological babies, this fic exists 


That was all the warning Sara got before a little turian scrambled on top of her, practically sitting on her stomach.

“Oof! Veleus, what is it?” Sara groaned.

“Papa won’t let me feed Fluffy!” came the reply.

She sighed. She had told Jaal to let the kids handle pet-related chores. Generally, he was good about remembering, but this time, apparently, he forgot.

“Did he already feed the hamster?”

His mandibles clicked and shifted in a frown.

“Yes, but I want to feed him! Sinia fed him yesterday and Barsan the day before that. I want a turn.”

Sara sat up, moving Veleus to her lap. He was almost big enough that she couldn’t carry him without strain. When did that happen?

“How about tomorrow? I’ll make sure that you’re the one to feed Fluffy, okay?”

Veleus paused for a moment and then nodded.

“Okay. I wanna be like the big kids for once.”

Don’t grow up too fast. That was what Sara wanted to say, but she only smiled and kissed her son on the forehead.

“Love you, Mama,” Veleus said, pecking her cheek before hopping off the bed and running out of the room.

Sara smiled and eased herself out of bed.

Children of tragedy, orphans from fights against the kett. The Initiative had been desperate to adopt out as many of them as possible, as soon as possible.

Jaal and Sara couldn’t have their own children together: an unfortunate consequence of biology.

But they were more than happy to adopt a legion: human, angara, turian, krogan.

There were only the younger kids in the house, the rest of them off at school.

Veleus was one. And then there was the youngest: Asha.

Speaking of, where was she?

It didn’t take much looking.

“What are you doing?” Sara asked as soon as Asha came into sight.

The angara stopped her bouncing on the living room couch to turn towards her mother, looking vaguely embarrassed. Sara glanced behind her to see that Asha’s dolls were scattered on the ground, likely knocked off by the movement.

“Flying. Like Auntie Suvi.”

She bounced, once, twice, just as an example. Her blue skin was flushed ever so slightly from the exertion.

Sara sighed. “Please, Asha, you already hit your head once this week. Don’t do it again.”

Gods knew how scared she had been when she heard the thump and subsequent crying. Of course, omnigel patched up the little cut and bruise very quickly, but still, Sara worried.

Asha patted her forehead, looking utterly unconcerned for her wellbeing.

“Don’t worry, Mom. Uncle Drack said I have a thick head.”

Sara bit back a smile, knowing that Drack didn’t mean that in a good way.

“Come on. Get down from there,” Sara said, holding out her arms.

Asha reached forward and wrapped her arms around Sara’s neck, clinging to her. She was at least young and small enough that Sara could carry her. Sure, she could use her biotics to help, but she never liked using them around the kids.

Mostly because then they would insist that she do tricks with them.

Sara jumped to the sound of a crash from the kitchen area, followed by Veleus’s raucous laughter.

“Everything okay in there?” Sara called out, carrying Asha to the source of the noise.

She turned the corner to see Jaal hunched over a face-down casserole dish on the floor, Veleus sat at the counter with his hands covering his mouth in a poor attempt to squash his giggles.

Jaal gave Sara a long-suffering glance as he stood up with the dish and half of what probably used to be macaroni.

“I’ll eat it off the floor,” Veleus suggested, looking at the half that spread over the metallic floor.

“Me too!” Asha chimed in.

“No, you won’t,” Sara said firmly, sitting Asha down next to her brother. “Your Papa and I will make sandwiches after we clean this up.”

Jaal nodded, smiling jovially.

“Ah, yes, good idea, my darling wife.”

Jaal leaned over and kissed her, short and sweet, ignoring the two-child chorus of ‘ew’s’.

I hope that was good! (And sorry it took me 2 months to fill but…life and other things)

Everytime I sit down to write more of Asha in What You Leave Behind, I have to emotionally prepare myself. 

I’m sorry, but this is going to hurt, guys.

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       It had been greatly DARING, he knew, to be so direct with this inquiry of his ( really, it had been a decision made on a mere whim, more than anything ), but never had he been one to shy away from taking risks or upping the ante, particularly when it came to a verbal back and forth fought with nothing more than tongues and WIT. Asha Greyjoy was proving to be quite the match in that regard, and Jack was enjoying every tête-à-tête of theirs far more than he surely OUGHT to have been.

        Though perhaps he had bitten off more than he could chew this time. As dark, kohl-rimmed eyes remained FOCUSED on her, he couldn’t have possibly accounted for the way in which her words and entire manner were poised to REEL him in. Lips parted a fraction as he caught her glance, and true enough it was instinctive to lean in slightly as she spoke. Neither did he have an answer to her retort straight away, his hesitation plain but brief before he covered it up with a SMILE of his own, lowering his tone to purposely deflectWhat would it be to you if I did have an ulterior motive, mm? Not that I’m admitting to any such thing, of course.

       Now on the back foot, and determined to REGAIN the upper hand, Jack tilted his head up slightly, his expression knowing. But I notice you still haven’t answered me, captain. Afraid of blushing, are we?


I’ve had the reference photo for this sitting in my patreon pinterest board for a while now and I realised that it was perfect for these two. And as usual @feylen went above and beyond with delivering and I’m so happy with this! There’s no real au or story behind this, just a pretty picture with prettier people!

happy birthday rachel!!!

@erebones i am so happy we are friends and that i found your You’ve Got Mail fever AU, because it really changed my life forever. you and the rest of our crew are so important to me ( @carverly and @earlgreyer1 ) and i love you all and i hope you have a great birthday. have a ficlet.

The battle was done, and they limped bloody back to the Empress’ Pearl. At that late hour, few people were in the streets to question why four travelers were covered head to toe in gore and grime, and Asha preferred it that way. They shuffled slowly through Denerim, occasionally stopping for someone to readjust and accommodate a pain or catch their breath.

When they arrived, fires were banked low in the hearths of the tavern, and Asha collapsed into a chair before the one closest to the door. The buckles of Lukas’ leathers and Tane’s heavy metal breastplate jingled as they made their way to sit beside her. She took a deep breath and felt a pinch in her ribs, hoped it wasn’t broken.

Asha looked over at her companions. They all looked worse than she felt, and she knew there was a long night ahead of her. She tended to the smaller wounds that Andres and Lukas had sustained with just her healer kit and bandages, and they disappeared upstairs to their own rooms.

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Black Game of Thrones Fancast: House Tyrell and House Greyjoy

“Growing Stronger”

“We Do Not Sow”

Cicely Tyson as Olenna Tyrell

Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Margaery Tyrell

Corbin Bleu as Loras Tyrell

Danny Glover - Balon Greyjoy

Zoë Kravitz - Asha Greyjoy

Elliot Knight - Theon Greyjoy

Burnt cinnamon roll, too bad for this world, too evil: Euron Greyjoy

Defective cinnamon roll, not meant for this world, inedible: Victarion Greyjoy

Mediocre cinnamon roll, just right for this world, just edible: Aeron Greyjoy

Beautiful cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure: Asha Greyjoy

Sinnamon roll: Theon Greyjoy

Me handing out love notes to characters
  • me: sansa stark, two for you!
  • me: theon greyjoy! FOUR for you, theon greyjoy! you go, theon greyjoy!
  • me: ...and yara greyjoy? do we have a yara greyjoy here?
  • asha greyjoy: it's asha
  • me: oh, asha, here you go! one for you!
  • me: and none for ramsay bolton, bye.