with ash from the volcano

regulus black sat on the edge of a putrid lake that spouted bodies like a volcano spouts ash from its cone. he has been sitting there for fifteen minutes filling the loneliness with memories of a lifetime that has become too whitewashed to recall, only the other death eaters stand out like splashes of colour in green and red and black, all too angry at the world.

(he is going to die soon).

that was what they had been: angry, misguided children that had grown to commit acts of unforgivable nature. falling, one by one — drawn in by a gravitational pull exacerbated by the increasing number of friends who joined. the yes was easy; what came after was hard. and before anyone understood they were at war.

it became a conflict of attrition, expanding with voldemort’s power until they came so close to touching the light, and regulus’ discovery was an accident of curiosity. evan touching his knee ever so lightly before crawling off to bed and leaving regulus with his books; had evan insisted regulus would’ve gone with him: weary, defeated, suspicions festering.

the younger death eaters are a close band of unruly children brought to heel under voldemort’s spells; they are his foot soldiers, removing obstacles and dying with his black mark on their skin.

regulus, evan, wilkes, rabastan had compared their marks right away: their skin tingling with ink and magic and a sense of belonging. firewhiskey bottles, dares, duels — regulus remembers the elation then, laughing as evan kissed him against a lamppost, moths fluttering overhead. it had been a warm summer; wilkes catcalling, rabastan rolling his eyes, for regulus there had been nothing but his heart repeating a name, a promise.

and then the realisation came too late: they had always been fighting on the wrong side. they had been on the wrong side for so long they had grown into monsters. the understanding came to regulus at the crack of dawn following a long night of insomnia after discovering voldemort’s secret, evan’s breath slow and even next to him.

regulus black was cunning, he would find a way. because regulus and sirius black loved their friends from different sides of the war. and regulus never wanted his friends, his family to die.

this all had to end; the fall had to begin here, from within.

— untitled  || Eliot C. || inspired by(x)


Timelapse of ash erupting from Mount Turrialba, Costa Rica

The Wiccan’s Glossary

Bentonite Clay.

Bentonite clay benefits the body in many ways and can be used internally and externally! One of its effects which makes it so popular is its powerful detoxifying effects. It can draw out heavy metal toxins and reduce inflammation.

There are numerous healthy clay types which are packed with lots of benefits, but bentonite clay is one of the best.

Bentonite clay, also called Montmorillonite clay, is taking off as a wellness trend among people who are looking to help detoxify their bodies and defend against illnesses. The clay been used for centuries around the world to promote better health and ward off disease.

Bentonite clay is composed of ash made from volcanos.

It has a detoxifying effects, as aforementioned, thereby increasing your immunity and tackling in inflammations. 

It also is great for reducing the amount of acids in the body. Today, many of the foods served have high levels of chlorine (which bentonite clay reduces) and other harmful substances which result in acidic reactions in the body. This raises the body’s acidic level beyond the normal ones. Bentonite clay ,, when used internally or externally, can help fight this extra, harmful acidity and restore the body’s proper pH. This is called ‘alkalising the body.’

On top of being able to draw-out toxins from the body and kill bad bacteria and viruses, the clay itself has a range of nutrients. Bentonite clay is known to have an abundance of minerals, including calcium, magnesium, silica, sodium, copper, iron and potassium.

Bentonite clay can also remove impurities from the hair, making it cleaner, softer, and helping it grow more quickly.

Bentonite clay also benefits the body because it has the ability to produce a charge that is electrical in nature when it comes in contact with liquid — similar to how earthing/grounding (touching your bare feet to the earth, in particular wet grass). When the clay touches any type of fluid (normally water), it takes on a different charge and is thought to bind to any present toxins within the fluid.

Defiance, Part 8

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Summary: Katara never thought she’d take shelter from the Water Tribe in the Fire Nation. Zuko never thought he’d build a life with someone he is only supposed to be seeing for fun. And neither one knows just how close their countries are to self-destruction.

[For Zutara month, Day 8, “Spice”] 

Katara prided herself on her swimming skills, but the eelhound certainly would give her a run for her money, even including waterbending. It’s a shame they’re cold-blooded, she thought as her ride zipped across the open water toward the heart of the Fire Nation. Dad would love to speed through the ocean like this!

She clung with her knees, the way she remembered doing as a girl when she was still small enough to ride the penguins. Everything from her waist down was below the water line, but the ocean was so warm here, it would have been enjoyable even if she weren’t inured to the cold. By and by, she sneaked a glance at the Blue Spirit, as he apparently preferred to be called. His attention was fixed on guiding the eelhound, though one hand still lay steady on her waist. They were definitely making good time, but there was no reason for her not to help out a bit.

Bringing her hands out to the sides, she made a scooping motion and plunged them into the water. Every few seconds, she repeated the gesture on either side of her.

A stifled laugh vibrated from the Blue Spirit’s chest. Katara couldn’t blame him; it must look like she was trying to dog paddle her way to the main island.

“Having fun?” he asked.

She splashed him affectionately. “Someone has to.”

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Tattoos on Trains (The Series)


Photo and poem by my-fickle-muse

rust gathers like soot - a burial of grey ashes - falling from a volcano that always seems to know where I am - the destruction that watches over me like an angel - an angel that God placed so close to the edge that it was destined to fall - 

I age like metal over a lifetime - corroding - the ferocity of decades of weather under an apathetic sky that feigns emotions with bright colors and fluffy clouds - throwing fits of disdain - floods and famine - passive-aggressive punishment  -

we cope with the carelessness of chaos - a struggle without reward - like a train following the tracks its whole life - then easily discarded - left on crooked stilts to rot - a dilapidated angel - forgotten by heaven.

The name of the animal represented by this model, Mei long, means “soundly sleeping dragon,” and the little animal was either covered by an ash fall as it slept or poisoned by toxic gases from a nearby volcano. Fossils preserved in a life pose are rare, and this one looks very similar to that of a sleeping bird. Learn more in Dinosaurs Among Us before it closes on January 2.

Star light, Star bright...

It wasn’t that the massive continent was closed off or cloaked from the rest of the world. There were plenty of people who traveled to and from the massive land. Plenty spoke eagerly of it to others, of the bountiful lands and welcoming people who lived there. The problem lay in the fact that no map existed of the continent outside any library or study on the land itself.

People had drawn up maps of it before, but attempts to take them off the land had the maps go missing, or even go up in smoke according to more outlandish tales. Others stated that the ink on the entire map evaporated, leaving a blank patch of ocean where the continent sat. 

As a result of this, those that happened upon the land for the first time were always stunned to find it. An even bigger shock was often the fact that the place was well inhabited, and quite functional. An entire society, fluidly woven together with every part of it contributing something to the rest. Crystalline water from the north, well developed lumber from the south, bountiful crops from the east, and rich mineals and ores from the west.

Each quadrant of the immense continent had a powerful Guardian overwatching it, tasked with overseeing both land and people. One such Guardian was settled near the edge of the border between West and South, several heavy, large baskets settled around him. Half of them were full of a dense, thick ash, likely gathered from the small ring of volcanoes at his back. The remaining baskets were steadily being filled with more ash, which he himself was gathering.

“I wish I was an apple a- hangin’ on a tree… Every time a true love passed, she’d take a bite of me.” Humming happily as he dug, the redhea was quite obviously tone deaf, and didn’t seem ashamed of it in the slightest, with his arms in a pile of ash up to his elbows.

“I wish I had a bushel, I wish I had a peck… I wish I had a pretty gal with her arms around my neck.” Letting out a soft groan as he straightened and popped his back, a happy sigh escaped him as he cast a look around the sandy terrain. He enjoyed quiet days like this…

God's Funeral

God’s Funeral
By: Aaron Crespo

Shattered hearts and broken faiths
Once the house of God but now his final resting place
The pews are loaded with sobbing priests
The heavens filled with torn dietes
Buddha hoping God found his peace
Hades welcomes him with open embrace
Jesus is upset to say the least
Preachers confused on what to tell the followers
The father just lost his own father
How to react when the Lord has fallen
Lucifer has answered the calling
Earth riddled with dread and despair
Once fresh air now poisoned with ash from the volcanoes flare
Now I stand at the podium
As the pope even I’ve lost all my hope
Instead of Hell freezing over
Heaven has begun smolder

A villager looks on as Mount Sinabung volcano spews thick volcanic ash, as seen from Beganding village in Karo, North Sumatra province, on May 19, 2017.  Sinabung roared back to life in 2010 for the first time in 400 years. After another period of inactivity, it erupted once more in 2013 and has remained highly active since.


Bungy jumping on the edge of Taupo Caldera and lake, New Zealand. Those cliffs are probably ash from the caldera forming eruption.


Pick out the ash clouds from the other clouds!

INDONESIA, Karo : Ash from Mount Sinabung volcano fills the sky over an abandoned church during another eruption in Karo, in Indonesia’s North Sumatra province on June 19, 2015. Sinabung rumbled back to life in 2013 after a period of inactivity, since when around 10,000 people have had to evacuate their homes. AFP PHOTO / Sutanta ADITYA                        

Thought I’d try my hand at animating a walk cycle!
Here we have a Volcanic Ashling, pottering along. These creatures are born from the ashes of volcanoes and have a singular purpose in life; distributing seedlings!
This is why we sometimes find tree species growing in places where they shouldn’t! A lot of people think it’s because of birds and animals, but we know better, don’t we? ;)