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(Missed being able to have the time to have done this the last time! The relief that I have this time around to be able to do and fix up a little post such as this again before I head on full swing in terms of my languages course next week!)

(I love nothing more than doing small ( in saying that…!) appreciation posts such as these, simply to express how thankful I am to every single contributionin terms of all sorts of interaction, from an odd message here and there, to talking every day with some of you, being able to thread and develop in terms of having Kaede as my muse for the length of time that I have been doing so now since February!)

(Such a long time I’ve been at this too… it’s crazy half the time to believe this is how long I’ve been floating about as a member of the NDRV3 RP community and as a member of the general Danganronpa community as a whole, and I’ve had overall, one of the best and most memorable experiences in my life in terms of roleplaying on tumblr. How long ago it feels that I was only a mere user on Pinterest and began this hobby there almost 6 years on!)

(Once more, I offer my absolute thanks to every single one of you, however small or frequent our interactions may have been throughout the months. Through chats on Discord, popping in with a message via my inbox or IM’s upon tumblr, they’ve always made my days so much brighter than I had knew them previously! I’ll begin to progress with the individual messages and mentions, but genuinely, as always when it comes to all of this, I have no words to express how much I believe I could thank you all for the amazing friendships I have within this community, the support I have behind me from the selfsame friends in everything I try to do and aim to do upon here. Thank you, and with the release in just a few more days, here’s to further interactions and more marveling over our muses! (XD I know I may be as such with Kaede anyway!)

(Just as a little disclaimer of sorts, I do want to apologize if I sound a little repetitive during any of this and for my shoddy workmanship on the above graphic! Photoshop was a little fiddly, but my thanks in advance for understanding!)


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do i chase the night (or does the night chase me)

Summary: Not long after making it back from Scarif, Cassian is surprised by a knock on his door in the middle of the night. (Cassian/Jyn)

Rating: All Ages || Word Count: 1168


Cassian jolted awake, breath caught in his chest, screams locked up as a lump in throat. He’d hoped when he collapsed into bed earlier that evening that the nightmares would be banished for a night due to sheer exhaustion.

He swung his legs over the side of the bed with a grimace and started working on regulating his breathing, on pushing the nightmare images out of his head. A shuddering breath escaped him and Cassian glanced back at his pillow longingly, knowing it was probably too much to ask to get some more sleep tonight.

He was just reaching for a datapad to catch up on reviewing some mission reports when there was a soft knock on his door.

Cassian frowned and struggled to his feet, at a loss as to who would be at his door at this time of night. When the door snicked open he was greeted with the sight of a small person with a blanket around their shoulders starting to walk away.

He blinked, certain he was imagining things. “Jyn?”

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Red is canonly autistic

I’m gonna say this because of many reasons

-Red is the Satoshi Taijiri’s Character who is based off himself as a child.

- The creator is autistic and has stated he is in the past. Keep in mind that autism, depression, OCD, etc. Is viewed very differently in Japan and because of this he never discussed it until later years.

- Red is mute and cannot speak. But you can say this for many game protagonist in pokemon however, he is outright canonly mute or at least only talks to those he trusts completely (aka. Blue/Green)

- His special interest of Pokemon is based off Satoshi Taijiri’s interests of collecting beetles as a kid and having them “fight”. His goal is to be the best there is.

- Even though he is shown to talk in the origins movie and manga this isn’t canon stated material as it’s a different universe or non-canon.

- He seems very anti social in the games and sometimes apathetic (again you can say this for many protagonists but they seemed more involved with the plot and caring about people.) Because his motivation is beating team rocket in the games seems to be only to be the best and that they are an obstacle so he has to beat them. This is my observation but yours can be totally different like below.

- He’s hyper-empathetic to Pokemon and in the first game the moral is loving and caring for your Pokemon and not treating them as things. He also hasn’t evolved his Pikachu due to the wishes of the Pokemon possibly not to evolve. If there was another goal of his to beat team rocket it would be saving pokemon from being stolen from trainers.

Conclusion: Since Red is Taijiri’s self-insert like Character of his experiences as a child it’s most likely that he is an autistic Character.

anonymous asked:

Why on earth are you shipping Drogo and Dany? It's a perfect case of stockholm syndrome! Drogo is a rapist and a barbarian! Dany deserves honorable Jon! And why are you shipping Sansa and Margaery? They are better off with Jon. Jon is the rightful king and he deserves all the girls for himself alone!!!!!!!!!

For about half a second, I thought we could have a meaningful dialogue about the intricacies of shipping, real world violence, redemption, and “honor”. Then you brought up Sansa and Margaery for absolutely no reason and everything your Jon-loving ass said went to shit.

Because you left me two lovely messages, I’m going to answer both here, and I’ll do something else with the other one. We’ll go in ascending order from plausible issues to “I want to troll this chick with the most ridiculous comments”

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anonymous asked:

Daisy furrowed her brows and asked her brother, “I thought yous and ‘arry loved each other?”

Eggsy glanced briefly over his shoulder to where his sister sat, staring resolutely at her colouring book and crayons with the concentration of a child who is still learning everything, before turning back to the sink and rinsing off the plate he had been scrubbing. 

“We do,” he tells her, a little less convincing than he had hoped, unnerved that he couldn’t even make it sound convincing to himself, “but sometimes it’s a lot harder than that.”

“What’d you mean?”

It’s been nearly two weeks since Eggsy moved back in with his mum and Daisy; two weeks and three days since he and Harry last talked to each other; longer even since this seemed like something he was willing to keep fighting for anymore. He had shown up on this doorstep, tired and defeated and heartbroken–but most of all relieved and the guilt at feeling not much else as time went on was nearly as unbearable as the prospect of losing Harry once was.

“It’s one of them things I’ll learn when I get bigger, yeah?” Daisy asks after he doesn’t answer.

Eggsy sighs, shaking his head, leaning with his hands pressed against the cool sink. “Oh, Dais, I really hope not.”

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fireaura08  asked:

I had a few questions that I wanted to ask after you beat the game to avoid spoilers: what do you think Shin's relationship to the Guardians are like now that they have been humbled by the experience of losing their Light? How was he affected by the loss of Light? What is his relationship with the non-City humans like both before and after the campaign?

Mate, we are clearly on the same line of musings here [highfive]. And for the record, if you have thoughts of your own on this subject, pluh-huh-hease share, I am keen.

As far as I know Destiny 2 didn’t add anything to Shin’s story besides an acknowledgement he exists? That could be a hidden primer to summarise it for new players in preparation for material further down the line, or it could just be random puff piecing; either way, there’s nothing that says where Shin is or what he’s doing during the game, which is a little unfortunate because that would really useful for sussing out his character. A Shin who has been helping a non-Farm group of survivors on the other side of the occupied City would be demonstrating a different set of priorities than a Shin who hesitates, looking back at the flames, and then continues dogging the trail of the Shadows of Yor.

So, you know, fair warning that without that canon specification the responses below are even more guesswork than usual.

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