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Is it a Birthmark on Benji's face? honestly as someone who has a birthmark all over half the side of their body, it means so much;; i don't see many sims with birthmarks <3

Omgg first of all hellooo and thank you for asking about himss ;-;; 

But yes he doesss have a birthmark now. While I was creating his SL appearance I played around with different features to make his avatar more unique I guess. I thought a birthmark covering the complete side of his cheek would look pretty cool and it was that simple as me giving it to him. It exceeded my expectations and IMO I think it compliments his character quite well so I made sure to do the same for him in TS3. My only regret is not giving it to him sooner ;-;;;

And dzfkjhsdgkj that’s so special that you have one! I’ll always love odd genetic quirks and things of that nature because it personalizes who you are. Whether it’s birthmarks, stretchmarks, freckles, scars, tattoos, etc.. I try to make sure I give all my chars/sims realistic details which is why I spend an unhealthy amount of time working on their skins.

Me when I remember that we’re never gonna explore Narti’s relationships with the other generals because the show decided to throw her into the fridge:

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Day 17: Basket

“I don’t think that’s what the prompt was about, but anyway. What are we doing here?”

“all the stuff we’ve been wearing needs a washin’, you know that.”

“Isn’t this art a day late, by the way?”


“Who said that-


“You’re both idiots.”

Romee Strijd, Lais Ribeiro & Jasmine Tookes attend the 11th Annual Golden Heart Awards benefiting God’s Love We Deliver on October 16, 2017 in New York City.