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omg, this is so random, and I'm sorry, but I was backreading and saw the post about Bäckström being a startled cat, and I COULD NOT AGREE MORE because I actually named my cat Nicky after him because she's got such stare-y, startled eyes and face, lmao!!

NICKLAS, LOOK LIKE A CAT? I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT. Neither do you because it’s been a billion years since you sent me this I’m sorry

So I just realized the most significant long-term impact of All-Star Superman, by a long shot.

I realize that seems like a bit of a stretch, but bear with me here. For starters I know that a couple lines from All-Star made it into Man of Steel, but I think less people in the general public particularly remember that 4 years later than watched the first season of Supergirl. And I’m pretty sure you can trace a straight line between the two.

Cat had been out of the Superman books proper for years by the time of All-Star, written out after Toyman killed her son Adam (which Geoff Johns semi-undid years later by having it be a glitching Toyman robot, and was taken out altogether with the New 52), but when Grant Morrison decided to pull on members of the Daily Planet from a few different periods to staff his ‘iconic’ version of it, she made the cut. And while I haven’t read many of her appearances in the 80s and 90s, her personality in here seems to have been a huge if not the primary influence in Supergirl’s take on her - I could most definitely picture that scene up above playing out with Calista Flockhart, with the picture-perfect look of lightly amused contempt Quitely gives her there. And we know the writers of the show are at familiar with All-Star, given they worked in the dwarf star key to the Fortress later on.

Fast-forward a couple years, and in as far as I know the only instance of the main Superman books trying to seize on the success of All-Star, Geoff Johns and Gary Frank’s Action Comics brought back Steve Lombard, Ron Troupe, and Cat Grant (of course Johns might have done that anyway as a pretty old-school fanboy, but given it matches the All-Star lineup and none of them play any major role before he left the book, I have to assume it was at least on some level to try and capture a little of Morrison and Quitely’s lightning in a bottle). She was a very different character in there - framed as a shallow celebrity gossip-hound going through a mid-life crisis and overcompensating for past tragedies, she ended up making her first major connection with Supergirl here, albeit a pretty different one:

So not what we’d get, but at least present as an ongoing force in the books, thanks I think it’s fair to say to All-Star. And because of that we got her in the New 52, establishing her own media company with Clark for a little bit during his time away from the Daily Planet in the main Superman book. So when it was decided that Supergirl was going to get her own TV show, and that she’d need a mentor figure - preferably from in the larger Superman family of characters - and they wanted to keep the show largely centered around women, she was surely the obvious choice. And that choice has since looped back around into the comics.

So I’d say that on the whole, that’s the biggest influence All-Star Superman ended up having on the franchise: starting the roundabout path to making Cat Grant a major figure in that world. Not that I wouldn’t like to see plenty of other stuff from there in tone and content in other books and media too, but after years of thinking “man, they sure blew it in not using any of what made that work elsewhere,” it’s nice to realize it in at least one way actually did have a pretty positive influence, going a ways beyond Superman himself.

I had an unfinished cat painting sitting on my shelf for an entire year, so I turned it into a portrait of Elizabeth the 3rd this morning~

This painting is dedicated to Jumin, Mr. Shin Yongwoo, and all the Jumin cosplayers and fans out there HAHAH <3 you guys rock :3

torra-kitty submitted: I saw people telling you about their cats so uh.. this is mine! Her Name is Kitty and she’s an old lady. She cant see v well and accidentally scratches her nose alot but she’s really sweet and fluffy

OH GOODNESS SHE’S PRETTY what a regal old lady. I love the pink splotch on her nose! She seems like a very sweet lady thank you for sharing! Please tell Kitty I think she’s wonderful and give her lots of pets for me

Ghibli Movies according to the Internet (SPOILERS)

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My Neighbour Totoro: 1st ever Ghibli Movie

Spirited Away: 2nd 1st ever Ghibli Movie

Princess Mononoke: Scary Deer Jesus

Pom Poko: Balls

The Cat Returns: Everyone’s Unexpected Furry Awakening

From Up On Poppy Hill: You May be My Brother But I’d Totally Do You

Ponyo: The Little Mermaid But With Kindergartners

Grave of the Fireflies: Greatest Movie Ever Made That You’ll Never Watch Again

Only Yesterday: Greatest Ghibli Movie Ever Made That Barely Anyone Has Ever Watched (j/k: Best Ending Ever)

Whisper of the Heart: I Wish My Teenage Life Was This Idyllic

Kiki’s Delivery Service: Too Many Bloomer Shots

Laputa: Castle in the Sky: Falling From Terrifying Heights: The Movie

Howl’s Moving Castle: The One With The Hot Bishounen

Tale of the Princess Kaguya: Fucking Moon People