with all the v's


the bias tag well, in my case it’s biases tag bc i couldn’t decide who is my actual bias bc there are like thousands of them what a surprise wow so these are some random people i rlyrly like //also these are not similar bc im lazy ass and didnt feel like taking new selfies but V and i are both in turtleneck lol//

i was tagged by that (such a prettypretty) loser, Jung Jeffrey’s soulmate Yuri Plisetsky aka @why-jaehyun ty 💕

k, so this is my alien-like face 👽 i look weird, i know and i feel like these are three different people but its just me???? dont ask bc idk why, enough

aaand i tag @leeminpuppy @bbyeskimo @jaacksonwang @allthingsjaeyong @bless-joo @rocky-minhyukkie @frealyong @xumoon @markhyucklee @haechannie @chicagoboijohnny @nctgiri @jenowhat @jminies @warmwinwin

feel free to skip that (but first read the message below)

and also! it’s ok when you debate whether to post your face on the internet or nah, but what i want to tell you is that you shouldn’t be ashamed of dat pretty face of yours, just don’t feel ugly bc it breaks my hearteu, k huns? c: 💕🌞

gratixsa  asked:

/*is hiding in a bush in the kitchen all nonchalantly while taking notes and drawing sanji*

❤; @gratixsa


“Where the hell did this bush come from? Is Usopp fuckin’ with his plants again?”

zaldrizotresy  asked:

"That makes no sense. We pay so much money to get in here and we still have to work? What is that bullshit? I thought we paid to live here and hang out a bit and at the end we would get our degree. Also, I never realized that gossip equals having to be social. It sucks that I did not figure it out any sooner. Perhaps I would have picked up knitting instead."

      “How were you the fastest sperm?”

THIS IS A HIGHKEY SHOUTOUT TO MY WONDERFUL MCCOY BOYS !!  ( @spacehated & @steadyhanded & @entermedic )  honestly all equally amazing writers and each with the greatest love for the grumpiest space doc :’) if you aren’t following them already, who doesn’t want some more of that southern charm lighting up the dash ;))))))


addict with a pen


love you like fireburst (4/8)
↳ from jungkook to taehyung