with all the clasicos this year


Javier Mascherano before El Clásico.

“It’s a different game from all the others because there’s are a lot of things going on but it’s also just a football game. Like other games, there are 3 points at stake. The repercussions of the pre- and post-game are what make it truly special. Above all, in recent years, during which there has been 2 very strong teams. Teams who have won a lot and that creates big expectations from people.”

How FIFA & La Liga protect Barca: UEFALONA

1.) Quarter finals of the UEFA CL draw: Atletico vs. Barca- they go on and give Barca the easiest rival smh [they always get the easiest draws btw: Bayern, Manchester City, PSG, ect)… I mean it’s not like they’ve kicked out Barca from the CL before and are the team that most complicate shit for barca. If Fifa weren’t up Barca’s ass all the time and didn’t want them to win they’d pair them up with a tougher team like Wolfsburg, so Barca would really suffer *sigh

2.Transfer Ban: Remember when FIFA punished Real Madrid & Atletico with a transfer ban for a whole year and left Barca unpunished despite there being the same irregularities in transfers from all 3 teams??? … oh wait

3. ‘El Clasico scheduling’: FIFA go and schedule an international break right before el clasico and in these international breaks the south american teams will be playing qualifying matches. This all, clearly in Barca’s favor: have their 3 best players play 2 important matches half way across the world and then have them finish off later than the rest of the Europeans who played friendlies that week. Messi, Neymar & Suarez made it back to Barcelona later than anybody which was an obvious boost for them during the game ughhh 

4. Aggressions: Barca players get away with so many fouls. Fouls like these happen throughout the league, and go unnoticed by both the refs and the media.

(exclusive footage of Messi deliberately crashing into Ramos’ leg)

(Suarez making disgusting fouls on players without the ball being disputed) 

WHERE’S THE CRITERIA FFS?! all other teams play fairly and never do anything wrong and yet only Barca is favored =/

5. Penalties: FIFA knows damn well that Barcelona players are expert at penalties and that penalties are the only thing that can make them win a game!!! Barca constantly need penalties to survive and so of course FIFA gives them all the penalties they want =/ I mean it makes no sense at all that a team that has the most possession, that attacks the most, and that is constantly creating danger in the area has the most penalties right?!?! 

6. Refs: THE DAMN REFS, Barca’s biggest boost in the last decade. Not the fact that they have the best player in the world playing for them, not because they have the best trio up front, and definitely not because they have a talented and skillful team that stays true to their playing philosophy. Nope, the treble (x2), 6 league titles in the past decade, 4 CL titles since 2006, and the fact that Barca is likely to win the league again, is in the CDR final, and managing well in the CL this season can only be explained through the refs! We don’t know when it happened, one day for no reason whatsoever, the refs just started favoring us. Maybe because our president is such a genius, or maybe because Barca is Spain’s favorite club, idk but for some reason FIFA sat down one day and decided to make Barca their holy one. In this pact, refs from all over the world would always favor barca, never make a call against them, never let a rival team finish off a game with 11 players, and always making sure Barca would win a game. They might go and pick at us a little by citing the club for Cataluyna-independence chants/flags, they might let us lose once in a while (for some reason they let their holy club lose on Saturday in el clasico?!?! *yikes) or hit us with a transfer ban leaving the club unable to buy players for a whole year, but it’s all love in UEFALONA <3 <3<3<3  Barca know that all they have to do is arrive on the pitch, and the refs will take care of it all. KEEP CALM AND UEFALONA WILL GUIDE YOU HOME…[that’s the motto btw] ……