with all the clasicos this year

Leo Messi: 30 years old, 30 records
  • All-time scorer for goals scored in a calendar year (91 goals in 2012 for club and country)
  • Most Ballon d’Or award, all time (5)
  • All-time leading scorer for the Argentina National Team (58 goals)
  • Most titles won with a Spanish club, all-time (30, tied with Andrés Iniesta)
  • All-time leading scorer for FC Barcelona (507 goals)
  • All-time assist leader in the Spanish First Division (137 assists)
  • First player to ever score at least one goal against each team in the Spanish First Division in a single season (2012-13)
  • All-time leading scorer in El Clasico history (23 goals)
  • All-time record for goals scored in a calendar year in the Spanish First Division (59 goals in 2012)
  • Only player in history to have scored in six different competitions in the same year more than once (2011 and 2015)
  • Most Golden Shoe awards, all-time (4, tied with CR7)
  • Most top-three finishes in the history of the Ballon d’Or award (10, from 2007 to 2016)
  • Most goals scored in a single season in club football history (73 goals in 2011-12)
  • Highest ever goal total for a Golden Shoe winner (50 goals in the 2011-12 season)
  • Only player in Spanish football history to score 40 or more goals in eight consecutive seasons
  • All-time leading scorer in Barcelona derby history vs Espanyol (17 goals)
  • All-time leader in game-opening goals for a player’s own team in the history of the Spanish First Division (78 goals)
  • Most titles won with FC Barcelona, all-time (30, tied with Andrés Iniesta)
  • All-time leading scorer in the Spanish First Division (349 goals)
  • All-time leading scorer in El Clasico history in games played at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in Madrid (16 goals)
  • Most trebles won, all-time (2, tied with Piqué, Iniesta, Xavi, Dani Alves, Busquets, Pedro and Eto’o)
  • Longest ever consecutive game goal streak in La Liga (34 goals scored over 21 straight games in the 2012-13 season)
  • All-time leading scorer in Spanish Super Cup history (12 goals)
  • All-time leading scorer in games played at Camp Nou (290 goals)
  • Most Champions League titles won, all-time (tied with Seedorf, Eto’o, Iniesta, Xavi, CR7 and Piqué)
  • Only player in the Spanish First Divison history to have scored in 13 consecutive games away from home in the same season (2012-13)
  • Only player in the history of the Spanish First Division to have scored at least 20 goals in 9 consecutive seasons (2008-17)
  • Youngest player in history to win three Ballon d’Or awards (24 years, six months, and 17 days old)
  • Most two-goal games in the history of Spanish First Division (101)
  • Most direct free-kick goals in FC Barcelona history (27)


 (Source: fcbarcelona.com)

i was watching the locker room on friday & ray said it’s possible this clasico could be ugly for barca, meaning that rm could get revenge for all the times we’ve destroyed them in recent years. after hearing ray say that, i began to fear that too given how inconsistent we’ve been but WOW, was he wrong! that was a euphoric clasico. & in all my euphoria, all i could say (in total awe) was “we witnessed that” to my brother. this season has been full of ups & downs, & the general feeling is that it’s been fucking draining as hell but we’ve also witnessed some of the best barca moments ever, like the remontada & this game. this season’s been the epitome of having to take the good with the bad but honestly, i’m okay with that

locker room surprise

author’s note: requested! i hope you enjoy :-)

It’s an El Clasico game day, which means that she’s scheduled to work.

She grabs a few of the fresh, clean kits – as many as she can hold in her arms – and makes her way down the hall to the locker room. It’s her job to set out the new kits before each game and to clean up the dirty kits out of the locker room after each game. It’s pretty easy work and she likes getting to see behind-the-scenes on match days, but she’s never been lucky enough to interact with the players.

Of course, she gets close – she’s even watched a few of the games from the sidelines, but she always manages to miss the perfect opportunities to talk to the players.

So when she rounds the corner into the dressing room and sees Rafinha – who must have arrived early – sitting on the little bench in front of his locker playing his guitar, she’s so surprised she drops a few of the kits.

“Hi,” he greets her cheerily with a big smile.

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Imagine #155 Let’s pretend (Pt.12- end)

  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11


I was finally inside, that was it. I had to talk to Neymar, I had to admit my feelings to him either he wanted or not.

“(y/n)?” I heard Mascherano behind me as I was running.

“Oh, the game didn’t start yet?” I asked confused.

“Well not yet, but it will in about 4 minutes. You looking for Neymar?”

“Yes, do you know where he is?”

“He should be in the changing room, come.” He said as I walked behind him.

Once we came there was many people walking around getting everything ready and helping the team.

“Ney, (y/n) is here.” I heard Masche once he opened the door, and all of the players started walking out.

“What are you doing here?” he asked once he was in front of me. His face was confused, shocked and it seemed serious. How I missed those eyes, I wanted to hug him, but it didn’t seem like he would enjoy it.

“Long story…”

“Is your father okay?” he asked before I could continue.

“Yes, he is fine. I came because I need you to kno…”

“Neymar, c’mon we have to go!” I heard Iniesta shout behind Neymar.

“I need to go, now.” He said as he ran away.

He did not even see I was wearing his jersey, it seemed like he did not even care that I came. I could not tell him my feelings, because the game was about to start. Therefore, I decided to wait until the end of the first half in the stands where I sit last time.

“What are you doing here?” Joana smiled happily, as he noticed me walk inside.

“Oh thank God you are here.” I said as I hugged her, because I felt stupid being alone next to Antonella and other wags, “I came to talk to Neymar.”

“I heard about you leaving?”

“Yeah well my father is in the hospital, but he is getting better. And just yesterday I got a letter that a modeling agency wants me so I will sta in Spain and start working.”

“I am so happy for you! So you came to talk to Neymar to finish the plan you two had?”

“Um something like that. Exept this time I don’t want to plan this relationship, I want it real.” I said as I looked at Neymar who walked on the pitch.

“You are so cute. I hope you get him, I heard from Dani that he didn’t have a girl since Bruna, which was more than a year ago.”

“I hope he will let me be next to him.”

“I knew you had feeling for him, but you tried to deny it so hard the last time we were here.” She laughed making me embarrassed.

“Yeah, I hated him so much, but I seriously did. Then once I had to pass all this time with him I realized I was wrong about him.”

Then the game started and I was so excited to watch the famous El Clasico in real life not on the screen, but there in front of me with my own eyes looking around.

Neymar was playing good, but he didn’t managed to score a goal. It was a hard game, the players were all frustrated and angry at each other it was scary at some point, when Neymar got tackled by Pepe.

He was rolling around in pain; I was so scared he might injured himself badly.  

“He will be fine.” Suddenly I heard Antonella behind me as she smiled kindly, “it’s El Clasico, there will be many of this moments.” She said as Neymar finally got up.

“I guess…” I said as she introduced herself, “I’m Antonella, Lionel’s girlfriend.”

“I know who you are,” I smiled, “I’m (y/n).”

“Neymar’s girlfriend I suppose by your jersey.”

“Oh no. I am, I mean… let’s say it’s a complicate friendship we have.” I smiled not even understanding myself.

“I see,” she laughed confused, “but I hope you manage to get out of this status and work things out.” she smiled and then walked back as Thiago walked away.

Finally the 45th minute was over and the players walked to get inside their changing rooms. It was my time, I had to talk with Neymar so I ran downstairs to get to him, but Luis Enrique closed the door and I could not get inside, while he was encouraging the team.

I waited outside until finally after ten minutes Luis walked out leaving the team. I knocked on the door and looked inside.

“Oh look who is it! (y/n)!” I heard Rafinha, who walked to me as I was looking around for Neymar.

“Hey, how are you?” he asked as he hugged me.

“I’m good, can you call Neymar please.” I said and so he did.

“Ney, she wants to talk with you.” I heard him and not long after that, Neymar came closing the door.

“What’s wrong?” he was even more frustrated than before.

“Neymar I’m not leaving. I want you.” I said and looked at him with hope in my eyes, waiting for an answer that would put a smile on my face.


“Neymar, say something.” I said as I felt sick and stupid standing there.

“I, (y/n) not now. I can’t deal with this now. We have an important game and I need to focus, I just can’t talk about this now.” He said and then walked away, as if I was no one.

He left me there. Alone in silence.

I was shocked, but I was feeling as if there was no point to stay there. If he wanted me, he would say so. I guess what I felt between us he didn’t. I confused the lie with the reality, he knew this all along, and he even told me that.

I was a fool for believing that there might be something between us. Therefore, I decided to leave and go back home, and cry, as my heart was broken once again.

“You are back already? How did it go?” my best friend asked once I walked inside.

I didn’t say anything I just burst in to tears that I kept inside of me the entire ride home as she hugged me, knowing the answer by my reaction.

“Oh babe, don’t cry.” My other friend walked to me and caressed my back.

“He did not even say a fucking word, he stood there as if I was not important.” I said crying and then sit on the sofa in the middle of the two of them.

“What did you say?”

“I told him I won’t leave anymore and that I want him… All he said was that he can’t talk about this now… he could’ve just said no (y/n) I don’t want to be with you, sorry… not finding stupid excuses like this.”

“Maybe he wanted to talk about it after the game; you more than all of us know how much El Clasico means to footballers.”

“Yeah, but after all I did to get to him, a normal answer would be enough.” I said and then walked in the bathroom since I wanted to be left alone and clean my face from makeup.

I got under the shower, feeling like shit. I was upset, I didn’t imagine that would have been his reaction, I had hope and this devastated me.

I walked inside the room and in my bed. I noticed that people were posting how Barcelona lost. I felt even worse. I knew Neymar was probably angry so I guess it was better that I left earlier.

I was about to fall asleep when I got a phone call, Neymar.


“Hey, where are you?”

“At home, why?”

“Didn’t you want to talk?”

“You made your point Neymar, there’s no need anymore. Goodnight.” I said and then hung up, angry at him and annoyed.

I was sleeping when I suddenly heard a music that woke me up, it was a song I heard before, it was an Italian song “Nessun grado di separazione”

There’s no degree of separation

I gave less space to the heart and more to reason

Always a step back and with my soul on alert

And I watched the world from a door

That was never completely open

And from afar

I opened the window and looked outside as I noticed Neymar leaning on his car.

And no, there’s no hesitation, finally, inside me

No degree of separation

No type of hesitation

There isn’t any division between us any longer

We’re a single direction in this world that moves.

A smile appeared on my face as he was showing me some signs with the translation written on them. I immediately ran downstairs, while I heard people from the street shouting annoyed for the loud music.

“Hey,” he said once I walked in front of him.

“What are you doing here?”

“I came to give you an answer.” He said smiling as he grabbed my hand slowly pulled in his arms, as he rested his hand around my waist.


“I was trying to focus on the game before, but we lost either way. I was angry about it and I was upset, but something deep inside of me was not as upset as I wanted to be.”

“What was it?”

“The thought of your words. I couldn’t stop thinking about those three words you said to me.”

“So?” I smiled.

“So here I am, after fighting myself to keep you safe and leave you out of my world, I lost the fight.”

“I’m glad you did.” I said as I leaned closer and he finally kissed me. It felt like it was the first time, I was happy, I felt different, and it was a real kiss with real feelings.

“I knew you would fall for me, it was just matter of time.” he joked as he hugged me tightly.

“Oh shut up.” I said and then felt his lips on my head as he kissed me.

“Awwwwww!!” I suddenly heard from the window noticing my two friends spying on us.

“Want to come to my house?” he then asked as I nod my head and walked inside his car.

The entire road to his house he kept his hand on my tight, as if I was about to run away, I was so happy to be with him.

We walked inside and then walked in his room as it was already midnight and I was already sleeping once he came over.

“Tell me what happened that you came back.” He said once he got in just his shorts, shirtless next to me in the bed as I rested my head on his chest.

“Well I got a job as a model.” I said, as he laughed surprised, “what?”

“You used me to get a job didn’t you?” he joked laughing.

“Oh no, you found out!” I played along.

“I’m happy you did, you really were good last time. Plus you are not so bad looking.” He smiled messing with me and then kissed my lips.

“You are such an ass.” I smiled back.

“You know what I realized, we don’t have to plan anything, I mean we are a real couple at this point.”

“I guess so.” I smiled shy at the thought of him being my real boyfriend.

“Let me captured this moment.” He said as he pulled out his phone and posted a photo of us resting on Snapchat and captioned “Realxing”

“You know what I want a photo of us,” I said and then also took a photo with him kissing my cheek.

I decided to post it on Instagram once he walked out of bed to the bathroom.

“We’re a single direction in this world that moves <3” it was a quote from the song he played for me, our song.

Then he walked back and since he took his phone to the bathroom, he came back smiling and jumped on the bed and kissed my lips, “will this be our song then?”

“Yes,” I said and kissed him passionately.

“Thank you, for letting me inside.” He suddenly said.

“What do you mean?”

“To the real you.” he said and kissed me once again as we then fell asleep wrapped in to each other’s arms.


i know that there existing more about 1000000 pictures of sergio and iker, but these are my favorites. it’s not, because sese is crying;and i’m sure there are enough pictures with iker in which sergio is happy and smiling. no, i love these pictures so much because it shows how deep their friendship really is. and how..emotional it is, although without description. they know each other about 9 years now, had so many ups and downs together. euro 2008, world cup 2010, lost clasicos, winning copa del rey and la liga, euro 2012. and then this emotional cl semi final happend, they all fighted with all they had but it wasn’t enough. sese was captain and he believed so much that they could make it; that they would win la decima in 2013 like he promised. but they didn’t made it and he broke down after the game. iker was there for him, even if he didn’t played; comforting him because he knew that sergio would need him now. i’m sure that he was proud, that sese was the captain today. because he did everything what was possible, fighted so hard. they may have lost, but it showed us this perfect friendship and how close they are - despite of all the drama who may were and is going on at real madrid. of course you can say that this is just a speculation, but i think, these pictures speak more then 1000 words.

“Fuck,” I grumbled as the very familiar island accent that I could only associate with my brother, Cristiano, made itself known in the room. The whole dressing room fell silent with the arrival of my brother, and I very hesitantly pushed myself away from my boyfriend, Neymar, who was seconds away from crying — the loss was upsetting, I guess, and this wasn’t helping. I whispered to Neymar telling him that I’d be back, and as much as I wanted to stay and console the team, I needed to get my brother the hell out of here before he said something he’d regret. Cris would never hurt someone, I know that, but I was afraid that he might say something. Don’t get me wrong, Cristiano is the sweetest brother I could ask for, but if you get him upset and or provoke him, he’ll blow up.

“Cris,” I breathed out in a huff, grabbing his bare wrist and dragging him out of the dressing room, but not before giving the team as a whole an apologetic smile. “What the hell are you doing here?”

Cristiano allowed himself to be dragged along, which was surprising to me, but I didn’t stop to think about it and analyze his willingness to be dragged around by his little sister. But once we stood outside —far enough from the pitch that nobody would see, but also far enough from the dressing room, so nobody would hear — he tried to calm himself, but I knew that this was only the calm before the storm.

“I could ask you the same question, irma.” He said, folding his arms above his iron cast chest, sliding his thick black shades further up his face, sealing his identity from any onlookers. If it wasn’t for the accent — and the stature, because damn, my brother is six foot two — I wouldn’t have known it was Cris, I would’ve assumed it was just another guy.

“My boyfriend plays for Barcelona,” I replied, placing my hands on my hips, “What are you doing here, irmao? You don’t like having connections with Barca, right? Because you play for Madrid. Why are you here?”

“Soph told me you were here,” Damn it, Soph! Why did she tell Cris? “I came to pick you up.”

“No, Cris,” I whined stubbornly, stomping my foot childishly, “The players and wags are going out for dinner, even if we lost. I’m going.”

Cristiano gave me an incredulous look, and he looked amused. Ladies and gentleman, Cristiano Ronaldo had the most amused expression on his face, all his amusement being shown in one of his arrogant grins that I knew all too well. “If ‘we’ lost? When did you start supporting Barcelona, irma?” My brother asked, curiously, “You’ve been supporting Real ever since we lived in Madeira. But, this suave player comes along, and now you change loyalties? That doesn’t sound like you, sister.” He looked upset; hurt, even.

“Things change, Cris,” It was a pathetic answer, but he had to deal with it. I zippered my jacket, and slipped my hands into my jacket pockets, cold due to the very faint breeze. “And now I support Barca, deal with it, irmao.”

“(Y/N), do you hear yourself?” He pointed to the Barcelona club symbol that was printed above my chest on the left, “You’re rooting for them now? Not Madrid? Where your own flesh and blood plays for? C’mon, irma.”

This is what I mean; Cris takes things too literally sometimes, which in some cases id a curse, and in some a blessing. Not a damn blessing in this case. “Cristiano, I could support both, damn it! I love Madrid; my heart lied there for years, you play there, I love it. But, right now, everything in Barcelona feels right. I’m not giving up Madrid!”

“You can support both? So when El Clasico matches come along, who will you support, irma? Where do your loyalties lie then? With your own flesh and blood; with a club that you’ve loved all your life? Or with a silly boy you just met; with a club that is foreign to you?”

I didn’t think of El Clasico — I wanted to avoid it, but I guess it’s pretty much inevitable. Cris took my silence as enough of an answer, “You’re choosing him over me..?”

“Oh damn it, Cris, you’re being petty! Stop! I’m not choosing anyone, I’m trying to remain neutral! You’re my brother, I love you. I love Neymar too, but in a different way.”

Cris was fired up now, I could tell my the look in his eyes; it was fierce, the look he had when he was determined to get something. He scoffed, “What do you know about love, irma? Honestly, please, do tell. You’ve had one serious boyfriend and he —”

“Shut up, we don’t mention him, Cristiano!” A while ago, I had dated a footballer, who I was head over heels in love with. I would’ve done anything for him — anything and everything. I cared for him so much, I let him blind me from who I cared about the most; Cristiano, my brother. But, he never loved me. Never. Our relationship was a lie. He used me, he used my title of ‘Ronaldo’s sister’ to his own gain.. Then he broke up with me. I was devastated, I cried for days. Looking back, I should’ve gotten over him, I shouldn’t have cried for him. But I did. That was two years ago, and I haven’t dated since then. I see why Cris is upset, I get it, but he needs to stop it. If I root for Madrid, I root for Madrid, if I root for Barcelona, I root for Barcelona.

Hell, maybe I’ll stop supporting La Liga clubs, an I’ll go to the Premier Leagues and start rooting for Man U! Who knows. Everyone wins. But it isn’t that simple — my heart lies with Madrid, but now, after a few months with these Barca idiots, I love them. Cris has a point, though; will I support a new club, or a club I’ve loved all my life? Hell, I don’t even know.

“He hurt you.. I don’t want Neymar to do that. I can’t let you get hurt again, don’t you get that? You’re my sister, you’re my priority! He’s going to hurt you, (Y/N). I don’t want you hurt, that’s all.” Cristiano explained, looking very vulnerable and sad in this present moment, but I could only be mad at him.

“He won’t! Get that through your head! Or is your hair so fucking gelled that you lost all circulation to your brain?” That makes no sense, what am I saying, (Y/N), get yourself together, “I’m going out with the team, and you can’t stop me.”

And without a word, I turned on my heel, walking right back into the dressing room, leaving my superstar brother alone. That’s what I wanted right now; to be alone. But, surprisingly, I just had to bump into someone.

“Perdon!” yelped a very familiar Spanish voice, and I noticed it was — who else but — Messi. “Lo siento, (Y/N).” He apologized, but I waved my hand in an dismissive manner.

“It’s fine, Leo, d-don’t worry a-about it.”

“(Y/N)? Are you okay?” Messi asked, his voice calm and kind, as always. If he was Geri, I would’ve shot back an sarcastic reply, but I wasn’t getting anything pass Messi, I guess.

“No.” I confessed, giving Messi a big hug, not knowing what else to do at the moment. “Cris wants me to choose between Madrid and Barca, and Neymar and Him and I don’t know what to do, Leo.” I was never this open with anyone, not even Soph. After the first stage of breakup recuperation, I became more sarcastic; but I also concealed my feelings. But, Leo seems so nice, I feel like he won’t judge me.

“(Y/N). Do what you want to do. Don’t worry about Cristiano. He’s not living your life, you are. Do what you want. If you want Madrid, root for Madrid, us players will support you. We see you as a friend of the club, no matter what team you root for, or who you’re related to. If you want to root for Barca, root for Barca. Whatever you want, he should respect it. Neymar, will respect you, no matter what you decide. I promise.”

“Leo, you are a Godsent, I swear,” I wiped the stray tears off my face, “Thank you.”

“I guess you can call me.. MESSIah.” He made a weak attempt at a joke, but it was so unbelievably stupid, I laughed.

“Leo, babe, stick to soccer.” I ruffled his hair, as he offered to take me to where Neymar was, sitting with Dani and Rafa. Leo then waved goodbye, and headed in the direction of Javier.

“Hey guys.” I sat I between Dani and Ney, and Rafa give me a little wave and one of his friendly smiles.

“What happened back there?” asked Dani, looking at me, curiosity written all over his face, “With Cristiano and all?”

“He’s just being an ass,” I brushed it off, even if it wasn’t exactly something small, “No problem. But, I have a question..” I turned to Neymar, a mischievous look in my eyes, “When’s your next match against Real Madrid?”


It was about two weeks since the fight between Cris and I, and we still haven’t spoken, except for his several texts that had insisted I come to the El Clasico match — which was today — and root for Real. I didn’t reply back, therefore he wasted ten texts, since I wouldn’t be answering him.

“(Y/N), don’t you think this is a bad idea?” asked Soph, my best friend since childhood. She had moved from Spain to Madeira when she was very young, since her dad had work in a nearby town. Despite the language barrier, we became very good friends. I have her to thank — and in a way, to blame — for bringing me together with Neymar. “Maybe you should root for Madrid today? Ronnie’ll be upset..” She was one of the only people to call him that, since Soph and Cris had seriously dated a few years ago, when Cris had just started in Man U, but their relationship had been secret. They had broken up in 2010, for reasons unknown. Now he was with Irina, but they both cared for each other deeply, so obviously, she cared if she was upset. Now, I think she’s with Marc Bartra — they’re always together, and I suspect something, but every time I bring him up, she blushes. Today, she’s wearing his jersey, with the number 15 on the back. When I asked where she got it, she blushed and said she bought it at a store — but I knew that he gave it to her.

“Don’t care, Soph,” I replied, adjusting my number 11 Neymar Barca jersey, the one he had given to me, after I informed him that I’d be rooting for Barcelona in today’s El Clasico match. For all Cris knows, he thinks I’m rooting for Madrid — and deep down, I knew I was only doing this to spite him. “I’m rooting for Barcelona. I have friends; my boyfriend, plays there. Leo, plays there. Pique, plays there. All my friends are there.”

“What about Marcelo? And Sergio? And Isco? And Gareth, who you’ve had a crush on for —”

“Be quiet!” I screamed, at her mention of Gareth. I had the biggest crush on him, and Cris approved of him, obviously, they were friends. We were so close to dating, but when I went back to Portugal for a few months, that faded.

Soph rolled her eyes, but continued, “What about all your friends on Madrid? And not to mention, your brother?”

“All my friends? They’ve dime nothing. But Cris? He can go to —” I paused. Was I really going to bash my brother? No, the words wouldn’t come out. “Whatever. Let’s go, Marc should be here —”

A loud beep erupted from outside, and a sleek, black Audi pulled into the space next to Soph’s car. “Perfect timing.”

We both rushed to the car, and nevertheless, Marc was surprised to see me in his friend’s jersey. “You both look very pretty.” He told us both, but he was staring at Soph. Yeah, they were totally dating. I knew it!

“Thank you, Marc.” I told him simply, and in reply, he gave me a simple nod.

“Next stop, Camp Nou!”


We had arrived at Camp Nou in about twenty minutes, and hot damn, it was crowded. Marc had gotten us past the crowds though, since he was a player, and I couldn’t help but notice that he was holding Soph’s hand. Like I said, dating!

Once we had gotten in, I had excused myself, deciding to go find Cristiano before everything. When people realized who I was, there were gasps and whispers — Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister, rooting for FC Barcelona? It was unheard of.

I had slipped past the Real Madrid dressing rooms, and gotten in. I had almost not gotten in, since the security guard didn’t think I was Cris’ sister, since I was wearing a Barcelona jersey. But, Iker was passing by to get his goal keeper mits, when he saw me, and vouched for me. The guard let me in then, because if the Iker Casillas says to let me in, you let me in. He seemed disappointed, because of my jersey, but he didn’t mention it.

The whole room fell silent as I walked in, and Cris was talking to Gareth. At first, they both were initially happy to see me. But then they looked down, and saw my jersey.

“What the hell are you wearing?” asked Cris, and I knew I was in deep, deep trouble.


Javier Mascherano before El Clásico.

“It’s a different game from all the others because there’s are a lot of things going on but it’s also just a football game. Like other games, there are 3 points at stake. The repercussions of the pre- and post-game are what make it truly special. Above all, in recent years, during which there has been 2 very strong teams. Teams who have won a lot and that creates big expectations from people.”

it’s a new year and there’s a lot to be thankful for in the past year - even after the upsetting 13/14 season, tito, some of our favourite boys (cachai, cesc, PUYI, pinto, valdes!!!) leaving, our board f-ing shit up as usual, the world cup final, etc - and there’s also a lot more to look forward to, you guys know it. (: if we survived the 13/14 season, we can survive anything.

2015 is a v busy and v important year for me, because this year i have A-Levels. i’ve also committed myself to other projects which i really want to see through, and at the same time there are people i want to spend more time with. so this is me, taking a year-long hiatus from tumblr starting monday (will still be actively pursuing football! just not on tumblr). i’m planning to come back in november or december, but who knows. if you want to stay in touch, there’s twitter and instagram, or message me off-anon for anything.

this is in a way also a goodbye and thank you note to everyone. i’m shy here, i’m not funny, i don’t make good edits or gifs, but thank you for following me and talking to me. even if you aren’t listed here, thank you for making my tumblr experience so wonderful; it has been a lovely three (or two? and a half?) years here. stay safe and lovely and wonderful and healthy, you guys, and always remember to check your sources before posting or reblogging anything!!!!!

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and those blogs which aren’t active anymore, here’s a tribute
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at the same time here’s a shoutout to the people who’ve made the biggest difference in my tumblr experience. there are constants here who i appreciate so much, then there are those who i’ve only just seen and started talking to this year. you guys are the real inmessionante, and you know who you are (:
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anonymous asked:

So what is this thing about pep and mourinho? I'm new to football and it confuses me sm

Okay anon, here we go.

So, Mourinho used to be a translator at Barcelona, and him an Pep used to be friends, or close to being friends. Then, Mourinho left and famously became an manager an Chelsea and Porto. Soon after, Mou became the manager of Inter Milan, and this Inter team knocked Barcelona, the defending champions, out of the champions league. He said this about the win:
“It is the most beautiful defeat of my life,” he said. “It is a style of blood not skill. We were a team of heroes. It’s a pity I could not play because I have got the same blood. I have already won a Champions League but today was even better. We made huge sacrifices.” Mourinho went on to win the treble, just like Pep did, a year before.
So at this stage, I guess you could say it was 1-0 to Mou.

But then, a year later, Mourinho became manager of Real Madrid, and here is where things started to get ugly.
The first challenge was el clasico. Now Mourinho had to prove himself, to his new team and to critics, as he was the new manager. Winning his first el clasico would be the best way to do this. But the date was the 29th November 2010, and we were about to witness history. I particularly like this description of the beginning of the game by barcablaugranes.com:
“Five minutes. That was all it took for me to be convinced that we were going to witness something special. The reason? Lionel Messi. The Argentine was given time and space on the ball in the right-hand side of the Madrid penalty area, so naturally, he tried to lob Iker Casillas. This was the same Casillas who just a few months previous had lifted the World Cup as captain of Spain, but Lionel Messi didn’t care. The ball looped over the Spaniard and struck the far post. Fans and commentators alike let out a gasp – how did he nearly do that? From that moment onward it was obvious that Barcelona were out to humiliate Real Madrid.” With goals each from Xavi, Pedro, Jeffren and 2 from David Villa,Barcelona won 5-0. Not the start that Mourinho wanted. So the score is 1-1 between the two managers.
That season saw Barcelona winning La Liga, and Real Madrid winning the Copa del Rey, beating Barcelona. Pep was furious and gave hints that he thought that the linesmen had external influences. Mourinho hit back by saying “Up until now there was a very small group of coaches who didn’t talk about referees and a larger group who did,” “Now, with Pep’s comments, we have started a new era with a third group, featuring only one person, a man who criticises [the referee] when he makes good decisions. This is completely new to me.”
Pep responded by saying:
“As senor Mourinho has called me Pep, I’m going to call him Jose,” “Tomorrow at 8.45pm we will face each other on the pitch. Off the pitch he’s won. He’s been winning off the pitch all season. Let them give him a Champions League for it so he can enjoy it and take it home. In the press room he is ‘el puta jefe’ (the bitch boss) and the one who knows more than everyone else.”

So it was 2-2 between the managers.

It was about to be settled in the UCL semi final between Barcelona and Real Madrid.

The first leg saw none other than Lionel Messi score twice to put Barca 2-0 ahead. For the fifth game in a row (including Inter Milan) Mourinho had a player sent off against a Guardiola side. Pepe was shown a red on 61 minutes and Mourinho himself was dismissed for protesting. Mourinho then said that Barcelona were buying referees, in the press conference.
The second leg saw a draw and Barcelona go through to the final, and eventually win the Champions League. 3-2 to Pep.

However, the Spanish Super Cup match in August saw Mou poke the late Tito Villanova in the eye. Barcelona won the match. 4-2 to Pep.

Barcelona won the next el clasico 3-1, despite the fact that Benzema scored the fastest ever goal in one.5-3 to Pep.
But Real Madrid didn’t lose after that, and were clear winners of the La Liga title, 9 points ahead of Barca. 5-4. to Pep. Real Madrid then won the next el clasico. It was Barcelona’s first home defeat in 55 games, Real’s first Clasico win since 2008 and their first at the Nou Camp for five years. 5-5 Between the managers.

Pep then left to go to Bayern, and Mou returned to Chelsea. The teams in The UEFA Super Cup match, with Bayern winning on penalties. After the game, Mourinho was quizzed by the press on his poor record against Guardiola - he had only won three of their 16 meetings.

“Your statistics are wrong and very wrong,” Mourinho said. “Go there and see what happened with Inter in the Champions League semi-final. I won the Spanish cup final in Valencia, I won the Super Cup in Spain. I was champion in Spain. I won the match for the title in Barcelona with Real Madrid.”
He still only won 3 matches though.whereas Pep had won 8, the rest being draws. So at the end of that chapter it was 6-5 to Pep. Time will tell what happens next.

anonymous asked:

Why does messi deserve the ballon d'or sorry if this comes off as rude I'm just trying to prove a point to a friend and it would be lovely to have some more help.

Becoming La Liga top scorer in History

It’s a mark that stood for more than 60 years. Messi scored a hat trick against Sevilla that equalled and later overtook the record that has been their for 60 years! 

Becoming Champions League top scorer in History

A few days after he became la liga topscorer, he also became the CL topscorer, again with a Hat Trick. And that with way less games played.

Also he has the best Best Goals-to-Games Ratio in the Champions League

His 0.81 (75 goals in 92 games), is far better than Ronaldo’s 0.65 (73 in 115 games), per Messi vs. Ronaldo, and Raul’s 0.50 (71 goals in 142 games).

He also became the all-time top scorer in El Clasico matches, also with a Hat Trick. 

58 Goals in a ‘Bad’ Year

Much has been made of Cristiano Ronaldo’s incessant rate of scoring in arguably one of his best years, yet his 61 goals in all competitions is just three more than Messi managed in a supposed bad year for him. We tend to forget that Messi’s start of the year was disrupted by serious injury.He tore his hamstring, and Messi had to take a while to get back to his very best.

Most Chances Created in 2014

What sets Lionel Messi apart from any other player is an exceptional all-round ability. The numbers don’t lie and his value to the team is clear. 

Per WhoScored, the Argentinian created 97 chances in La Liga during 2014. That was an astonishing 24 more than any other player in the league. Lionel Messi is about more than just goals. Much more. He also completed 164 dribbles in 2014, which was 63 more than his nearest rival Athletic Club’s Iker Muniain.

Over 30 Man-of-the-Match Awards

In 2014 Lionel Messi received more than 30 separate awards.

Best Player at World Cup 2014

He single handedly brought Argentina to the WC final. Although he was unable to score during the knockout stage, Messi created the most chances, made the most successful dribbling runs, made the most deliveries into the box, and produced the most through balls of any other player throughout the World Cup!! And lets not forget his multiple match winning goals and four consecutive man of the match awards prior to getting his team to the final.

For me personally the Ballon d’Or is for the best player in the world. Not just how many title the person has won, but how they got there. How did he participate in getting his team there, with assists, goals, creating chances etc. But now it’s about who shouts and campaigns the loudest. It has been a political game and they ruined the Magic that came with this Award. 

For me Messi will always be the best player in the world, he has contributed a lot to the succes of Barcelona and he continues to do so.

As for this ceremony, it will be between Ronaldo and Neuer with Ronaldo being the most popular to win. Not that there is anything wrong with that, absolutely not, they have been very succesfull this year and they deserve to be on this stage. 

How FIFA & La Liga protect Barca: UEFALONA

1.) Quarter finals of the UEFA CL draw: Atletico vs. Barca- they go on and give Barca the easiest rival smh [they always get the easiest draws btw: Bayern, Manchester City, PSG, ect)… I mean it’s not like they’ve kicked out Barca from the CL before and are the team that most complicate shit for barca. If Fifa weren’t up Barca’s ass all the time and didn’t want them to win they’d pair them up with a tougher team like Wolfsburg, so Barca would really suffer *sigh

2.Transfer Ban: Remember when FIFA punished Real Madrid & Atletico with a transfer ban for a whole year and left Barca unpunished despite there being the same irregularities in transfers from all 3 teams??? … oh wait

3. ‘El Clasico scheduling’: FIFA go and schedule an international break right before el clasico and in these international breaks the south american teams will be playing qualifying matches. This all, clearly in Barca’s favor: have their 3 best players play 2 important matches half way across the world and then have them finish off later than the rest of the Europeans who played friendlies that week. Messi, Neymar & Suarez made it back to Barcelona later than anybody which was an obvious boost for them during the game ughhh 

4. Aggressions: Barca players get away with so many fouls. Fouls like these happen throughout the league, and go unnoticed by both the refs and the media.

(exclusive footage of Messi deliberately crashing into Ramos’ leg)

(Suarez making disgusting fouls on players without the ball being disputed) 

WHERE’S THE CRITERIA FFS?! all other teams play fairly and never do anything wrong and yet only Barca is favored =/

5. Penalties: FIFA knows damn well that Barcelona players are expert at penalties and that penalties are the only thing that can make them win a game!!! Barca constantly need penalties to survive and so of course FIFA gives them all the penalties they want =/ I mean it makes no sense at all that a team that has the most possession, that attacks the most, and that is constantly creating danger in the area has the most penalties right?!?! 

6. Refs: THE DAMN REFS, Barca’s biggest boost in the last decade. Not the fact that they have the best player in the world playing for them, not because they have the best trio up front, and definitely not because they have a talented and skillful team that stays true to their playing philosophy. Nope, the treble (x2), 6 league titles in the past decade, 4 CL titles since 2006, and the fact that Barca is likely to win the league again, is in the CDR final, and managing well in the CL this season can only be explained through the refs! We don’t know when it happened, one day for no reason whatsoever, the refs just started favoring us. Maybe because our president is such a genius, or maybe because Barca is Spain’s favorite club, idk but for some reason FIFA sat down one day and decided to make Barca their holy one. In this pact, refs from all over the world would always favor barca, never make a call against them, never let a rival team finish off a game with 11 players, and always making sure Barca would win a game. They might go and pick at us a little by citing the club for Cataluyna-independence chants/flags, they might let us lose once in a while (for some reason they let their holy club lose on Saturday in el clasico?!?! *yikes) or hit us with a transfer ban leaving the club unable to buy players for a whole year, but it’s all love in UEFALONA <3 <3<3<3  Barca know that all they have to do is arrive on the pitch, and the refs will take care of it all. KEEP CALM AND UEFALONA WILL GUIDE YOU HOME…[that’s the motto btw] ……

Honestly this edit is so basic, but hey, back to basics am i right.
Anyway I have had this blog for a year now and tbh it’s been a mess,
like if u compare this FF from my first u can tell I unfollowed a
lot of ppl lmao but w/e tbh I’ve met some rly cool people and some
rly extra ppl who are not in this FF for obvious reason.

I’m not gonna say it’s been all cool because some of uare rly
annoying sometimes and it makes me want to not get on tumblr just
to avoid you I SWEEEEAR. but it’s all ok after whatever match is

That’s pretty much it. also, it is tomorrow but like El Clasico and
tbh im gonna be so angry at so many of you maybe so I’m gonna just
post it today instead.

1yr 22.03.2015
I’m also really lazy so not A-C D-F order just cmd+F your URL :-)

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…let’s have some consistency with who we call out, okay.
You should be especially invested in calling out your faves, imo, because if you like somebody, you should be able to assume that they’re going to be able to do better, and educate themselves.
And if you’re going to pull the “cultural ignorance” bullshit, it applies to everybody else, not just the players you like. Because Europe is a really fucking racist place, and yes, you can make some argument for cultural ignorance, but once the public has called out on it and you’ve decided to ignore it, it becomes a willing act.
Making jokes/making a deliberate choice to use slurs related ethnicity and race, unless you are a member of that ethnicity or race, isn’t cool. Black/brown/red face isn’t cool.
This goes for Götze’s African American comment about AK’s hair from 2 years ago, this goes for Benzema’s use of the n-word in that Instagram post last year, this goes for Vardy’s verbal assault of the Asian man in the Casino last summer, Ramos’ blackface, this goes for Suarez’s use of language against Evra, this goes for Busquets calling Marcelo a monkey in el Clasico, this goes for Terry for his comments about the lesser known Ferdinand, and the list goes on.
None of it’s okay, and it all needs to be talked about, but as a genuine discussion of why these sort of things aren’t cool, not as a “my club/fave/national team” is better than yours, because at that point, it becomes less about the people who this negative language and action affects and more about you patting yourself on the back; and it also allows for you to feel justified in not talking about the fucked up thing your faves have done because “somebody else did something worse, so I’m alright, Jack”.
But also understand there are levels.

Happy 113th Real Madrid:

- Santillana, who is Real Madrid’s fourth-highest all-time top goalscorer, retired from football      in 1988 at the age of 36. 
- Santiago Bernabeu was Madrid’s club president for almost 35yrs: 6 European Cups 16 La       Liga 6 Copas del Rey 1 Intercontinental Cup 
- Zidane retired after the 2006 World Cup at the age of 34, having spent the last five seasons   of his career at Real Madrid. 
- Del Bosque spent 30 years in total at Real Madrid (first team and reserve team). He won        nine trophies as a player and seven as a coach.
- Benzema has scored two goals or more on 25 occasions for Real Madrid. 
 - Madrid’s longest-standing player is Iker, who has won 18 trophies for the club. Gento holds     the Real Madrid record with 23 titles. 
- Munoz is the club’s longest-serving coach, totalling 15 years and 604 competitive matches.      He won 14 titles during that span. 
- Between 1961-80, Los Blancos were so dominant in Spain that they won 14 La Liga titles      in 20 seasons. Between 1961-90, Madrid won 19. 
- Real Madrid’s biggest victory in any competition was against Barca as Los Blancos beat      them 11-1 in a Copa del Rey 1942/43. 
- Real’s biggest defeat in La Liga was against Espanyol when they lost 8-1 in 1929-30. 
- Cristiano Ronaldo’s 46 goals in La Liga in 2011-12 is the highest by any Madrid player in        La Liga.
- The exact time was 44:36 when Zidane scored his left-footed volley for Madrid in the 2002       Champions League final. 
- Ferenc Puskas was almost 39 when he played his last season for Real Madrid in the 1965/66 campaign. 
- Despite spending much of his time on the bench, Isco made more appearances (53) than       any other Madrid player in 2013/14. 
- Florentino Perez is 67 years old but turns 68 on March 8, his birthday just two days after       Real Madrid’s anniversary. 
- Mourinho won 128 of his 178 games to record a 71.91% ratio in his three seasons in charge   at Real Madrid.Ancelotti has 77.23% so far. 
- Real Madrid have a slight edge in the Clasico, with 92 wins in official matches to                 Barcelona’s 88 victories. 
- Raul played 741 times for Madrid, but Iker has featured 711 times for Los Blancos and is still    only 33. 
- Madrid have scored 113 goals in all competitions so far this term. Their highest total came in    2013-14, when they netted 160. 
- Figo was the 15th player to switch directly from Barca to Los Blancos. The first was Alfonso    Albeniz.