with all said and done

can you imagine being Khadgar right now?

the Legion is finally defeated; he’s gotten his final work done. sargeras is imprisoned, and, despite inflicting one last terrible wound to them all, it’s a wound that the denizens of azeroth can again come together as one to heal, and when all is said and done, there can finally be peace and rest and friendship. everyone as allies, champions of azeroth. he’s seen in through WoD and now through the Legion. Horde and Alliance working together

but then ….

they go to Silithus to the wound of the world, and the lifeblood of Azeroth being so powerful. so powerful, he thinks, that those who wish to rule the world will try to claim it at any cost

the dawning realization - the dawning horror - as the horde and alliance start claiming it, and trying to outmatch one another

the realization that resources are so low for both after the war with the Legion, that neither side can bring it in them to give the other a fair share. the knowledge that NEITHER can afford to lose anything, even to those who were JUST allies

that the people who want to rule azeroth are those who ARE ALREADY the most powerful

the realization, the horror, as he watches fights break out between this precious, immensely powerful, resource. how quickly old grudges come back. how fast generosity dwindles. the night elf mage needs that resource to help fuel the gardens of darnassus, to feed the kaldorei; they’re running low on food after the war efforts bled the gardens dry. the orc shaman needs it to help the water elementals they parched after pushing them so hard for fresh water on antorus for the horde effort. the dwarves need it for the dwindled supply of iron they used for weapons against the legion. all, in the end, for their homes. not for the others’. why share this with the alliance? the horde? we need it more.

the realization that the blow sargeras struck wasn’t simply superficial and fleeting. that everything khadgar worked for - peace for azeroth, an azeroth bound together, safe in the knowledge that if they defeated the legion, they can defeat anything - is literally crumbling before his eyes, and in the end, maybe sargeras will destroy the planet after all

RIP Khadgar, you almost had it all

one time this guy was super rude to me then he told me to forgive him bc it wasn’t him, it was his “depression” like grow up darren…everyone’s got depression you’re just an ass

Rules: It’s time to love yourselves! Choose your 5 favorite works you’ve created this year (fics, art, edits, etc!) and link them below to reflect on the amazing things you’ve brought into the world in 2017. Tag as many writers/artists/etc as you want (fan or original!) so we can spread the love and link each other to awesome works. 

I was tagged by the loveliest @chicklette and to be honest, I’m actually shocked at myself that I’m doing this, ‘cause I’m insecure af and don’t promote my fics, but at the same time I have a soft spot for them, both for them and because of how they came to be.
I don’t have 5 fics in 2017. I do, however, have 9 works that I published within a year – August of 2016 to August of 2017. So that’s what you’re getting.

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hi noah fence but unless you preface your “part 2 please?” with “wow this was really good i cant wait to see what you do with the characters” or something along those lines, just know your comment is completely ignored :)

Pt 1. of the Doctor Atem AU - moodboard by @iratheforeteller

fic by @van-ludwig-writes (me!)

When Yuugi Mutou broke his wrist, he didn’t suspect it would be one of the larger plot points of his life. After all, it didn’t feel like a bad break. It was uncomfortable, sure, and he’d had the misfortune of falling on his dueling hand, yes, but he didn’t imagine it would be all that cumbersome to play Duel Monsters in a cast. Katsuya felt terrible, of course, as he’d been the one who playfully shoved Yuugi down a flight of stairs. But Yuugi didn’t hold that against him. Their friendship, unlike his bones, were intact, and when all was said and done, Yuugi figured life would continue on as normal.

This was the mental state Yuugi Mutou was in when Doctor “Please, Call Me Atem” Ahknamkanon pushed aside the curtain partition and approached the elevated table Yuugi was sitting on, golden tanned skin stretched thin over the angular bones of his face and rippling cords of muscle in his forearms. His eyes, the loveliest shade of amber brown imaginable, fixed on Yuugi’s own, and the downright sultry smile that spread over full, kissable lips made Yuugi’s mouth go dry. “So I heard you had a little fall, Mr. Mutou.”

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Magic undulated around her, enveloping her in an otherworldly glow. Not even the Gods could touch her now. She walked the threshold between man and monster. When all was said and done, Faina could only fall in one direction. And Caitrin would be there to catch her no matter what.

Another protagonist from my novel. Faina is super cute, I love her. She makes fun anatomy practice!

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Haha. OL books are adventures there are plenty and many things happen with and around J and C. It’s will be a long roller coaster if they go through all the books. Get ready.

i NEVER said the overall story was done.   i only said the “Love Story” portion was done.   and ppl can disagree with me.   that’s fine.   but it won’t change my opinion.


Season 7 promo vs 7x04

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Why are you so anti La La Land?

I’m not anti-La La Land at all. I have nothing against it, it’s a cute movie and all. I just feel like movies like Moonlight are more deserving of all of the awards that La La Land has been sweeping up this awards season.

The reason why I want Moonlight to win so bad is because of its story. To have a movie about an African-American boy struggling with his sexuality while growing up is something I thought would never happen. It’s touching and relatable because it’s something that I went through growing up and to see someone that looks like me going through what I went through during my whole childhood really strikes a chord with me. Growing up African-American and gay is difficult because the stigma of showing yourself as weak or feminine is something still looked down upon in the African-American community if you’re a boy. You have to act as masculine as you can to prove yourselves to others or else you would get teased or picked on. Barry Jenkins telling of Chiron’s story through Moonlight paints a story of millions of African American males childhoods. Not only African American males but also other males of color as well.

When you compare that to a musical about a white woman wanting to be an actress and a white man wanting to save jazz, a genre deeply rooted in African-American culture and from slavery…she just doesn’t have the range compared to Moonlight, I’m sorry.

But none of this really matters anyway because we all know that La La Land is going to sweep at the Oscars just like it did with all the other major award shows this season so

Blaise (to Harry and Draco): I love the whole “good auror, bad auror” thing you two have going.

Harry: It’s not really a thing, it’s more like I’m nice and he’s not.

YOO here is yours trully once more! This is the finished giveaway portrait @overworkedunderwhelmed requested!

Probs the cutest marinette I made since I entered this fandom one year ago

if the senate invalidates you, just say the omens are bad and that the whole senate session ought to be forgotten and cancelled. now you are valid again.