with all my queue

hey everyone, just letting you know i’ve finally set up a queue to post regularly throughout the day, mostly with posts from the early days of the fandom. I’m still planning on reblogging new edits/fanart/etc as soon as I see them! 😄

The dilemma


hi friends!! u may have noticed I haven’t been on here all that often as of late!!! I started uni, and i’m trying rly hard to focus on my classes and do well!!! but doing that requires quite a bit of study, so unfortunately enough, i’ll be putting tumblr kinda on the backburner for a bit.

I will still be around! just not as often as I usually am;;; sorry y’all. I will try and get my queue back up and running through the day while I’m at school!!

that being said, if you do wanna contact me and chat (and believe me, ur more than welcome to!) since I won’t rly be checking my tumblr notifs all that often, my kkt id is hyuktv !!

PSA that I won’t be using Tumblr anymore/ very little from now on.

I don’t want to delete because I might come back eventually but for now I’m leaving

@sehunicorne @52hz @narcissisthyeyeon @shesdreamingofchen @gabster-rabster @sehungotbaek @jeunocchi I love you guys 💕

I’m doing this because I really don’t feel like using social media lately and I have a lot of schoolwork to worry about so yeah,,

If you see me on your dash at all it’s most likely my queue

Hey all, I’m loading up my queue and taking a break for a while. I’ll be on here and there (watch me not hold myself to staying away), but I need a mental health vaca.

Hopefully I can get some more of those prompts written and get more work done on the One Heart, One Life, the Hamilton AU, and the Persephone/Hades AU.

Fandom Fic Rec Days

The Fandom Fic Rec Days are back!

It is easy to make people look at art; all you need is a reblog. But when it comes to make people want to read fanfiction, it can get just a little more tricky.

To give writers more recognition, and to celebrate their stories, we’ve decided to organize the Fic Rec Days.

On February 10th, 11th, and 12th, you’re invited to rec your favourite fics, from the all time faves to the WIPs you’re currently enjoying.

How? In any way you want!

  • Create a post saying why people should read the fic!
  • Draw some fanart!
  • Create graphics/aesthetics!
  • Make a fic rec list!
  • Make a mix!
  • And so on.

Anything, really; there’s no way of rec’ing worth less than another.

This way, you will:

  1. Promote writers’ fics, and maybe get them new readers.
  2. Make their day, they will be super happy!
  3. Maybe encourage them to write more (win-win!)

Any rules/extra information?

  • Tag your posts with #ficrecdays
  • Tag your fandom/ship.
  • You can always queue if you’re not available!
  • Readers, please consider leaving a comment on the fics you liked!

Above all else, have fun, make people happy (writers and new readers alike!)

Reblog to spread the word, and see you then! :D

WHO IS THAT!?!?! oh, steve, you scared me, i didnt recognize you in that baseball hat, hoodie, and sunglasses

concept: chat noir wearing a shirt that says ‘if found, return to ladybug’

and ladybug wearing a shirt that says ‘i am ladybug’

(no ‘keep him’ quips, no ‘not ladybug’ quips, just full admittance that yes, that is her kitty, yes, if he gets lost she would like him back, and yes, she wants to keep him by her side)