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Fun Fact: 

In 2013 Marvel hired Patty Jenkins to direct Thor 2: The Dark World, a move that was helmed and heavily supported by actress Natalie Portman, who played scientist and Thor’s love interest, Dr. Jane Foster. 

Long story short: they fired Jenkins very quickly. While both camps said the decision was amicable and mutual, a source said that Marvel feared that Jenkins lacked “clarity”, which was an interesting notion considering there was not yet a script. Natalie Portman was reportedly furious with the move, and its rumored to be one of many reasons why she did not reprise her role for the third movie. Marvel ended up going with director Alan Taylor. 

Thankfully, a few years later Patty Jenkins was brought on to direct Wonder Woman and god she did a masterful job and I hope Marvel is crying in the corner and Natalie Portman is smug as shit. 

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anonymous asked:

So I've been a fan of Tom almost around 3 years now and I didn't really get to watch any interviews of his since I've been kinda busy. Since I have some free times, do you have any good ones of Tom Hiddleston? Ps love your blog!!

Hello, little gray face!

Well, I’ve spent way too much time on this, so here are my suggestions. 

****Please keep in mind this is not exhaustive, I did not “forget” any; I am simply choosing personal favorites and a sort of Best Of.  These are all from Youtube, so let this help you start and then do your own poking around.  

— UPDATED MARCH 18, 2017 —

Long Interviews/Appearances:

Just for Funsies:

Behind the Scenes/Photoshoots/Awards Shows, etc.:

Promoting various films/plays: 

(Limiting myself to one each just to give a taste! Some of these are actual studio interviews, some are Red Carpet/Premiere.)

Causes/Campaigns/UNICEF, etc.:

Enjoy! You could literally spend DAYS watching everything that is out there of him, especially relating to Marvel and everything from promoting a few films and a television series in the first half of 2016!