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「MARGINAL#4 ROAD TO GALAXY」Story & Character Profiles

MARGINAL#4, who performed a successful live at Ryuuseikan ──
Kirihara Atom, Aiba Rui, Nomura Eru, Nomura Aru.

who ended their world tour with a bang ──
Makishima Shy, Himuro Kira.

The stage they have their eyes on next is Pythagoras Fes?!

Shindo Tsubasa, who is cocky but is aiming to be a top idol together with his members.
Takimaru Alto, whose emotions are unknown to others, who appears in and at the most unexpected places and moments, and whose many words and actions are strange.
Nakama Teruma who has a pure heart and is always positive.

With MARGINAL#4′s junior unit “UNICORN Jr.” joining in,
the nine set their sights on a new stage in order to bring a shower of stars ──

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MARGINAL #4 the Animation

The impossibly colorful guys of Marginal #4 present their favorite things for you in poster art by key animator Nana Mori (森七奈), issued for the Otomedia+ WINTER 2017 (eBay | Amazon Japan).

dailysakuraiba #1-100 | subtlesakuraiba #83 - vsa 【2017.02.16】