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Getting Creative [Jason Todd x Reader]

@cityofdespair9 requested: “Congratulations on 500 followers!!! Can I request an imagine where Jason and the reader are on a vacation on a secluded island and they have to make their own fun because they get too bored?”

A/N: Yes this idiot finally produced something, and a request no less!

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 665



You loved isolation, vacation and of course, your dear boyfriend Jason Todd, so when you added all three together, you should be ecstatic, right?


Very, very wrong.

“Jason, I’m bored out of my mind.” You complained like a child. Jason raised an eyebrow and glanced at you from his position under the palm tree.

“But isn’t this what you wanted?” He questioned with a frown.

You rolled your eyes. “When I said break I didn’t mean strand ourselves on one of Bruce’s private islands. This is ridiculous, there’s virtually nothing here! Why did he even buy it?” You exclaimed, knowing you were making a really good point. Bruce never did anything without reason so why did he buy a tropical island in the middle of nowhere with barely anything built on it?

“How the fuck am I supposed to know?” Jason countered, just as clueless as you were.

You crossed your arms as a pout formed on your face, showing Jason that you weren’t happy with this arrangement at all. The two of you had already swam on the beach, played all possible beach games with only two people and used all the items in the villa. There wasn’t much else left to do and Bruce said the helicopter would come to pick you two up in another week.

Another week.

“We could always swim back?” Jason suggested.

Swim back.” You repeated, unimpressed. “Not everyone is a crime-fighting vigilante with years of training under his belt Jay.”

Jason shrugged. “I tried.” He then resumed reading the book in his hands.

“Yeah,” you rolled your eyes, “it totally seemed that way.” You got off your hammock and began to walk around, staring at the forested area with curiosity. “Hey Jay?”


“How big’s the island?”

“Dunno, Bruce never mentioned.” Jason answered with disinterest. You hummed and thought for a moment, before a brilliant idea popped into your mind.

“Why don’t we find out?” You suggested with newfound excitement.

Jason looked from from the words on the page. “Huh?”

“You know,” you spread your arms, “explore the island! Who knows what’s out there!”

“Uh, I do.” Jason muttered, “bugs and reptiles and plenty of plants I don’t want anything to do with. And mosquitoes, let’s not forget mosquitoes.”

“Well I’m going with or without you.” You declared, walking away. You knew he would follow you either way, and soon enough you heard footsteps behind you, accompanied by quiet curses.

You walked deeper into the forest, taking note of all the strange, colorful plants and creatures peacefully residing on the trees. You could tell there were many more animals hidden, feeling afraid to show themselves. You weren’t as afraid of animals or bugs as the average person, so you found it easy to navigate the forest. You weren’t afraid of getting lost either since you knew Jason would remember the way back.

After an hour or two of walking, you found a small empty plot of land. It was in the middle of the forest and completely out of place. You frowned and walked to the center but felt nothing was wrong, but Jason thought differently.


He knelt down onto the dirt and… knocked on it? Curious, you lowered yourself down to his level beside him and watched as he started to wipe the sand away. Soon, you saw a grey surface underneath the sand.

A hatch.

You stepped back with wide eyes. “I guess we know why Bruce bought this island now…”

“Well… shall we?” Jason asked, mischief dancing in his eyes.

“Are you sure you want to make Bruce angry? He probably didn’t tell us for a reason.” You protested, feeling unsure.

“You started this.”

“Yeah, but I didn’t expect to find another one of Bruce’s man-cave.” 

“You have anything better to do?” He challenged, smirking because he knew you were bored and did in fact, have absolutely nothing to do.

“… fine.” You sighed, giving in. “But if Bruce asks, it was your idea.”

larry-1d-stylison  asked:

Do you think j ever chokes or playfully smacks Harley in the bedroom for extra dominance?

(J loves to hear the little gasp she makes when he’s behind her and playfully slaps her butt as he leans her down further into the pillow…. Also nipping her ear and growling things like “are you going to be a good girl for me?” which of course just makes Harley grin like an idiot lol)

JB Imagine - College AU (Part 8)

A/N - For the anon who asked about this series haha~ I don’t really know how long this series will be after this part but I don’t think there’s too much left to go. The final part (whenever that may be) will most likely be a flashforward into the reader’s future with Jaebum! Keep on sending in requests~

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 9

The way Jaebum felt was indescribable. Sure, had dated girls before and felt the electric feelings of developing a crush. But he had never been so sure of how deeply in love he was. He was completely, irrevocably and undeniably in love and nothing could convince him otherwise. He wanted to tell her right there and then; he wanted to shout it for everyone to hear. But Jaebum knew he wanted to make it special. He couldn’t just randomly burst it out. No, she deserved so much more than that. She deserved only the best and Jaebum was determined to do that for her. He had recruited the help of his closest friends to come up with a really cute date where he could have a deep conversation with her and tell her exactly how he felt. Neither of them really ever spoke about their feelings, opting to let their actions tell everything. While Jaebum was planning all of this, you were sat at home with your roommates just watching the tv. It was a Saturday so there were no lectures on and all of you took advantage of that fact. It had barely even crossed your mind that Jaebum hasn’t texted you asking to hang out since you were so preoccupied with doing nothing.

Later on in the day, you saw a text from Jaebum asking you to come and meet him in the same place the bonfire had been held a while ago. Confused at the meeting place, you sent a wary text back and went out to go and find him. You weren’t really sure why he’d ask you to go there since it was so secluded and away from everything. Usually Jaebum liked your dates to be more on the public side so he could show off how lucky he was to have you. As you arrived, you saw Jaebum sat on the grass, a little picnic all set up around him. Flower petals were scattered around and the scene looked like it was fresh out of a movie. He hadn’t yet seen you so you decided to sneak up on him and scare him. Careful not to make a noise, you slowly crept up behind him and as soon as you were close enough, jumped onto his back and shouted in his ear. Jaebum jumped and screamed in shock, making you burst into laughter.
“(Y/N), I swear you nearly gave me a heart attack!”
“Sorry, Jaebummie~”
“Acting cute won’t get you anywhere this time,” he said, trying to appear assertive and annoyed at you but failing miserably. He just couldn’t help but smile at the cute pout on your face as you apologised.
“Is there any reason you called me here? Other than so I could scare you like that.”
“Well, there is something I wanted to tell you,” he answered, his expression becoming much more serious. 
“You look so serious, Jae. Wait, are you pregnant?” You asked jokingly before placing your hand on his and smiling comfortingly. “I’m only kidding, what’s up, babe?”

Jaebum took a deep breath and began to say everything that had been running through his mind for the past few days. 
“I care about you a lot, (Y/N). More than you could ever know. More than I ever thought I could. In all the years I’ve lived and experienced crushes or been in relationships, never have I felt so strongly about someone. Never have I wanted to be with someone so much. Right from the moment I first walked into that classroom, I felt a weird feeling in my stomach. Something about you had me just captivated and I didn’t understand it at first. But now, sitting here everything makes so much sense. I’m in love with you, (Y/N). So so so much. I feel like even if I write down a little quote for you that declares my love, it doesn’t do my feelings justice. But the only thing that comes close is the one from F. Scott Fitzgerald. I do love you and it really feels like the beginning of everything. With you, I feel complete and I never ever want to lose you. I love you, (Y/N), so much.”
“Jaebum, I love you too. God, words can barely describe how I feel about you. And even if I tried, it could never live up to that. But I’m in love with you and I’ll say it over and over again if I have to. You’re my everything.” The both of you fell silent, just looking into each other’s eyes. Nothing else mattered but the two of you in your own little bubble.

Jaebum’s hand caressed your cheek as you leaned your face into his touch. Your lips met his in a soft, loving kiss. The usual fiery passion that flared up every time you kissed was now gone and replaced with a much deeper feeling. You never wanted the moment to end. Jaebum’s arms moved to hold you closer to him, though you didn’t know if that was possible. Your bodies were practically melded together as you sat there in Jaebum’s lap. Soon, the passion built up and you could sense where it was going, judging by what you could feel between his legs. Jaebum moved one hand to slip off the jacket you were wearing, revealing a strapless top that he seemed dying to remove as well. Before things could go any further, shouts of familiar voices could be heard. You and Jaebum turned to the source of the sound and saw two of your friends: Jackson and Bambam. Both of them were wolf whistling and shouting inappropriate comments at you and Jaebum. 
“Looks like things are getting steamy over here!” Jackson teased. 
“This is a public place guys! Anyone could come and see you making out like that,” Bambam added. You looked at Jaebum and laughed. Of course they knew where you were and had decided to crash the date. What else would they do? Feeling too elated to care, you let them join in and eat some of the food Jaebum had brought. They were your best friends after all and you loved them. As your little group chatted away and ate, Jaebum whispered into your ear, “I love you, babe. And I’ll make sure to prove it later when these idiots aren’t here to interrupt us.”

The movie night

Pairing: Alec Lightwood x Reader    

Featuring: Izzy and Clary

Words: 1767

Warning: none

Tags: none

Request: none but @stormblastfanfiction gave me the idea to do it so thank you ;)

Notes: this is the sequel to “The Moment”, hope you like it :)

Originally posted by elementaltruth16

You decided to give Alec some time so he could take that shower he had mentioned, even when all you wanted to do was going to make some popcorns and go to his room as soon as possible. At the same time, you were still surprised that he invited you. You knew how reserved he was and there weren’t any signs of feelings towards you. The thought just made you nervous.

“Ok, calm down…it’s just a movie. As friends. Probably nothing will happen”, you repeated to yourself as a mantra over and over again but it didn’t calm your nerves at all. Suddenly your phone buzzed on the bed. When you took it you saw a text from Alec.

I’m ready, you can come when you wantJ¸ he texted you.

“Alright…” you mumbled and typed a quick answer saying you were on your way.

You looked at the mirror and sighed as you saw your tangled hair due to the shower but you had no time to fix it so you just pulled it into a ponytail and walked out of your room. Before going to Alec’s you stopped by the kitchen to make some popcorns.

“Movie night?” Izzy asked walking in the kitchen with Clary.

“Mmm? Oh yes”, you smiled a bit distracted.

When Izzy narrowed her eyes you turned around, pretending to be really interested in the popcorns. You knew that look. She used it when she knew something was going on and since she was aware of your feelings towards his brother, you knew she wouldn’t shut up if she knew your movie night was with him.

“Something you want to tell us?” She asked. Even in her voice you could hear that damn smirk.

“No, not really”, you said quickly. Probably too quickly.

“And which movie are you watching tonight?” Clary asked. You looked at them for a moment, to see them smirking at you with their arms crossed.

“I don’t know yet”, you shrugged.

“Mm…that’s strange. You always make popcorns once you have chosen the movie. Why the difference?” Izzy asked. With a sigh you took the popcorns out of the microwave.

“I was hungry”, you shrugged.

“I’ve heard Alec is hungry too”, Izzy teased.

Just hearing his name made you blush and cough like you were chocking on something. Damn them. With a sigh you turned and looked at them. They were now smiling widely. Busted.

“You’re going to watch a movie with Alec!” Clary exclaimed.

“Ok yes! I am, I don’t know why it is such a big deal”, you shrugged taking a bowl from under the sink.

“C’mon, you’ve been head over heels in love with my brother for months. Of course it’s a big deal!” Izzy exclaimed as you put the popcorns in the bowl. “I’m so happy you made a move at last”, she added.

“Actually… he was the one asking”, you informed with a small smile.

“No shit!” Clary exclaimed.

“Yep… I’m as surprised as you are”, you shrugged.        

“I knew he felt something for you too”, Izzy smiled as she nodded. “He cares too much about you, he’s always looking for you during our missions…there were signs everywhere!”

“You’re such a paranoid”, you said shaking your head as you took the bowl. “We are just watching a movie”, you added.

“Yeah sure”, Clary smirked.

“You know my brother likes to be left alone at night after a mission and still he told you to watch a movie. That means something and you know it”, Izzy shrugged.

“Damn, just leave me alone. You’re making me nervous”, you said passing by the two of them before they could keep on getting into your head.

“(Y/N) we want details in the morning!” Izzy exclaimed as you walked away as fast as you could.

You knew Izzy was just messing with you. Alec would never have feelings for you. There was just a friendship, like it had been for the past years. Nothing more. That was all and you couldn’t allow yourself to get your hopes up. Although you couldn’t push away the fact that Izzy knew Alec better than anyone else. She was his sister after all.

Once you got to Alec’s door you were so nervous you were almost shaking. Damn Izzy. She couldn’t just shup up.

“Calm down…” you whispered to yourself and knocked on the door. Of course, Alec opened immediately. His serious face turned into a smile the moment he saw it was you.

“Hey, you took your time”, he said opening the door completely so you could come in.

“Sorry, I went to make some popcorns and got caught up by Izzy and Clary”, you explained once he had closed the door. “You know how they are”, you shrugged. He chuckled and nodded.

“I know” he said with a small smile. “Well eh…bed or couch?” He asked.

“Wherever you want”, you shrugged with a smile. “The bed is more comfortable”, you added.

“Bed it is then”, he said taking the bowl from your hands.

With a smile you climbed on the bed from the left side while he did the same from the right side. You took the bowl while he took his laptop where he already had a movie paused.

What’s your number?” you asked with a smile.

“I know it’s one of your favourite ones so…” he shrugged. “But we can chose another one if you want to”, he quickly added.

“No, it’s ok. I like it. I just thought you would have chosen an action movie”, you smiled.

“Surprise I guess”, he smiled.

You smiled at him and got comfortable as you put the popcorns between the two of you as he played the movie and put the laptop on his lap so you had to scoot closer in order to have a better look of the screen. His closeness made you nervous and the fact that he looked so calmed made you want to kill Isabelle for putting such stupid ideas into your head.

“I love this part”, you mumbled when Colin and Ally came into her apartment after jumping to the water in the harbour.

“I know”, he whispered.

“You do?” You chuckled looking at the movie even when you could feel his eyes fixed on you.

“Of course I do”, he said. “You always smile like an idiot when this part comes up”, he added.

Just when they were about to kiss in the movie you looked up at Alec with a frown. Did he really pay that much attention to you?

“I didn’t know you…paid attention”, you said confused.

“I always pay attention when it comes to you. You just never notice” he said.

For a moment you thought his eyes travelled down your face to your lips, but that was probably just your imagination. What did he even mean by that? Why would he pay attention to anything you did?

“Good to know” you mumbled after a moment, forcing yourself to look away from those piercing eyes that looked like could see through you.

From that moment you couldn’t even focus on the movie anymore. It didn’t matter how much you liked it. All you could think about were Alec’s words. You wanted to know what he meant but you were too nervous and scared to ask. Maybe the best thing you could do was just let it go. Probably it was nothing. Probably he just meant that he cared for you and that was all. There was no need to overthink about it.

When the movie ended, Alec closed the laptop, leaving the room in the dark since the only light you two had was the one coming from the screen. You looked down at the bowl, seeing it empty when Alec turned on the light. You blinked a few times and looked at him, but he was looking at his phone.

Biting your lip you got up from the bed, stretching after so much time in the same position. With a sigh you checked the clock. It was almost 2 a.m. and you were completely exhausted.

“I should go to bed”, you said turning to look at him.

He put the phone on his bedtable and got up as well to put the laptop on his desk as you walked to the door after taking the bowl to return it to the kitchen.

“I liked the movie”, he said walking over you.

“I’m glad”, you smiled.

He smiled back at you and opened the door of the room. You looked up at him, praying he did something but nothing happened. He just stared down at you, seriously, wearing that stupid mask that hide his feelings. You just wish you were brave enough to kiss him but you knew there was no way you did that.

“Goodnight Alec”, you said almost in a whisper.

“Night”, he nodded watching you walk out.

You didn’t understand why he was so serious all of sudden. You did nothing…did you? When you heard the door closing at your back, you closed your eyes for a moment. You were such an idiot. You should have kissed him. With a defeated sigh you just started to walk towards the kitchen but stopped a little when you heard the door being opened again behind you.

“Wait”, Alec’s voice said.

You turned around, wondering what he wanted now. But you didn’t even have a chance to open your mouth when he grabbed your face gently and kissed you out of nowhere, taking your breath away and making you drop the bowl the moment you placed your hands on his chest. You had to stand on your toes in order to kiss him since he was so tall but you didn’t care. It was the best moment of the week and of your life. You were finally kissing Alec and he had been the one kissing you first.

“What was that for?” You whispered with a small smile when he pulled away.

“As I said…I always pay attention when it comes to you”, he smiled and kissed you again for a moment. “Goodnight (Y/N)”, he said.

Then he just walked back to his room and closed the door after he looked at you for a moment with a smirk. When he closed the door, you felt like you would just fall in you moved since you felt your legs like jelly.

“Goodnight”, you finally mumbled.

Definitely you were going to have details to tell Izzy and Clary in the morning.

“Damn you Alexander”, you whispered as you smiled before walking to the kitchen.

Imagine your boyfriend Benny getting jealous when another guy talks to you and you try to tell him he had nothing to worry about.

“Who was he?” Benny asked you, his jaw clenched and his arms crossed over his chest.

“Nobody!” You repeat for the third time.

“Why do you keep lying to me?” Benny shouted, throwing his hand up in the air.

“I’m not lying, you idiot! I love you!” You yell. You sat down on the couch and held your head in your hands as tears start to stream down your face.

“You- you love me?” Benny stuttered as he sat down beside you.

“Of course I do.” You replied, looking him in the eyes.

“I love you too.” He said, wiping away the tear from your damp cheeks.

“Then why-”

“I got jealous, okay? I can’t stand it when another guy talks to you or touches you or looks at you the wrong because I’m terrified that you’ll like him better than me and I’m so in love with you that I can’t help it.” Benny ranted.

“I would never leave you, you idiot.” You replied.

“I love you.” He added.

“I know.” You said with a smirk .

“Did you really just Leia and Han me?” He asked with a goofy grin.

Man of Honour (2/6)

Title: Man of Honour (based on the movie ‘Made of Honour’) 

Summary:  @stories-from-stark-tower ‘s Movie Challenge

Based on the movie Made of Honour (I won’t give it away if you haven’t seen it, but it’s fluffy…and lovely!)

Pairings: Bucky and Reader, Tony and Reader

Warnings: Swearing, nothing else I can think of, some kissing, a punch or two get thrown around, some drinking (no one gets drunk)

Word Count: 957

Author’s Note: This is the very first thing I am putting out there. I hope it’s not crap. I haven’t had anyone read it over so I suck. Please be kind! Also, I had originally planned on this being a one-shot…that didn’t happen. To keep each section shorter (around 1000 words), I’ve broken it up into 7 parts. I will be posting more frequently though. Let me know if you’d like to be tagged and I’ll try to figure out how.

The first few days you were gone, Bucky didn’t mind too much. He knew you were getting yourself settled in plus he was busy with his day to day life, as well. Besides, you had agreed to video chat after the first week so he had that to look forward to. Only, he missed your call because of the time difference; he couldn’t help falling asleep.

He awoke to about a dozen messages from you stemming from worried to annoyed to poking fun at him.  Without thinking, he quickly video called you. The call rang for a long time but eventually, you answered.

“Bucky?” you asked, sleepily, rubbing your eyes.

“Shit!” he exclaimed. “I didn’t even stop to think what time it was! I’m so sorry!”

“No, no,” you interrupted him, stifling a yawn. “How are you? I miss you!”

His face softened, “I miss you too.”

You chatted until you had to end the conversation, having to prepare for your day. You arranged another video chat for the week after, to which Bucky happily reminded you that you only had four weeks left until you came home.

You disconnected and Bucky felt unsettled. He hadn’t realized how much he missed having you there until you weren’t. Although it had only been a week, he was used to seeing you every day, even if briefly.  He shook his head and tried to snap himself out of the funk he was starting to fall into.

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Blind As A Bat // Spencer Reid x Reader

Prompt: Reader is jealous of how much time Reid and Morgan spend together. She’s really insecure, trying to get Reid’s attention and being really embarrassed.

Requested by: Anonymous

You couldn’t help but stare as Reid and Morgan made their way back into the office from their lunch. The two held bright smiles as they joked about something that had happened in that past hour, Spencer’s laughter filling up the room with it’s sweet sound.

It was a sound that wasn’t directed at you, and never quite seemed to be. It didn’t matter how many times you made a fool of yourself, or how many times you told jokes. Emily would laugh, Rossi would laugh, hell, even Hotch would laugh at your witty jokes. But Spencer, the man you made witty banter in the first place for, would simply chuckle at most and go on with his day.

It drove you completely insane. It was always Morgan who got him to smile so hugely that he looked as if his cheeks would tear any second. It was always him who Spencer would seem so calm and comfortable around.

Unlike you. Whenever you’d come around it was as if Spencer would immediately retract into himself. Sure, the two of you would make conversation but it never truly became a full blown friendship like you had developed with everyone else.

And it irked you. The fact that you tried so hard to win him over and it seemed as if nothing ever changed. You constantly tried to grab his attention, purposely watching movies you knew he enjoyed in order to have a conversation with him, or renting whichever book you had seen on his desk out of the library.

Your need for validation was embarrassing. Spencer seemed to be the only one oblivious to it. Most of the team at least had some idea of your crush.

“Hey Reid,” you greeted with a smile as he sat down at his desk. He looked up at you with a small grin.

“Hey Y/N. Working on important stuff?” He asked as he noticed your multiple files open on your computer. You had always been more tech savvy. It was something that had bonded you with Penelope from the beginning.

“Yeah, a bunch of case files for Chicago PD,” you replied with a shrug.

“Yeah, they’re kind of a mess,” he commented with a chuckle as he opened up his own case files. You nodded, unsure whether to reply or leave him alone to his work. You decided on the latter and resumed your own work before abruptly turning back to him.

“Hey Spencer, I was wondering if you’d want to go get drinks after work?” You asked hopefully. He stared at you in surprise at the suggestion.

“I’m not a big drinker and it’s a weekday,” he replied with a furrow of his eyebrows.

“Oh, yeah. You’re right. Nevermind then,” you replied with a tight grin although you felt devastated at his rejection inside. You turned back to your work in embarrassment, sitting quietly for the next hour.

“Reid,” Morgan called out as he approached his desk, passing by you and ruffling your hair affectionately. You rolled your eyes and swatted his hand away, returning to the screen in front of you although your ears were perked up to their conversation.

“I was thinking about going to the club tonight to scout out some talent,” Morgan said with a grin. “Care to join me as my wingman?”

“I don’t know. I wasn’t that much of a help last time,” Spencer said uneasily.

“Kid, the girls love you. You just gotta learn to live a little,” Morgan replied with a chuckle. “Come on. Don’t leave me stranded.”

“Yea. Okay,” Spencer agreed with a sigh.

You felt a rush of embarrassment and envy flush through you at his agreement to Morgan’s plans. He had rejected your own invitation but accepted his. And to a club. It hurt more than you expected it to but this was Spencer Reid. The charming genius with disheveled hair and a perfect smile.

And he wouldn’t give you the time of day no matter how hard you tried.

You let out an exasperated sigh as you quickly shut down your computer and grabbed your things. Spencer and Morgan turned to look at you, surprised at the way you angrily grabbed your bag and threw it across your shoulder.

“Something wrong babygirl?” Morgan asked as you stood.

“I am not your babygirl,” you growled as you passed by him, glancing at Spencer’s confused expression. Your eyes narrowed as you continued to walk. “I’m leaving. Goodbye.”

“So why was she mad?” Penelope asked as Morgan and Spencer crowded her office. The two had gone to seek her out after your small outburst in hopes that she would enlighten them with what was wrong with you.

“Don’t know. She nearly bit my head off for using a pet name,” Morgan replied with a frown. “We were just talking about going to the club and she just left.”

“Ohhhh,” Penelope drawled on as she finally understood the situation. As your self proclaimed best friend, she knew you better than anybody. That meant she had figured out your crush on Spencer as soon as it had even developed.

“She was normal earlier,” Spencer added as he nervously scratched the back of his neck. “She even asked if I wanted to go for drinks after.”

“And you said no?” Penelope said with a quirk of her eyebrow.

“It’s Tuesday. We have work tomorrow,” Spencer replied bluntly. Penelope tsk'ed as she shook her head at his naivety.

“She was asking you out, Spencer.”

“Wait, what?” He asked in disbelief. Penelope scoffed at his reaction.

“You can’t actually pretend that you haven’t noticed the crush she has on you,” she replied with a roll of her eyes. Spencer frowned at her words.

“Oh come on. The fact she makes you coffee whenever she makes her own? Her constant attempts to make you laugh with her jokes? The way she started to fix herself up, trying to make herself prettier since she got assigned the desk in front of you? She’s been trying to get your attention.”

“I didn’t know that was all for me,” he replied honestly. He had noticed every one of those things but he assumed it was normal for you. You had been a pleasant sight since the moment you walked in and he assumed that your new makeup and different hairstyles was just you embracing your own beauty.

“Obviously! With the way you ignore the poor girl. She’s probably heartbroken after your rejection tonight,” Penelope replied sourly at the thought of her friend all alone and feeling humiliated.

“I didn’t reject her!” Spencer exclaimed in defense. “I didn’t know she was asking me out!”

“Kid, go find her. The club can wait another day,” Morgan suggested as he saw how riled up Spencer was becoming. Spencer stared between his two friends, Penelope nodding in agreement. The two watched as Spencer dashed out of the office within a second.

“He really didn’t know?” Penelope asked Derek in disbelief.

“He’s blind as a bat when it comes to women’s’ feelings.”

“What?!” You snarled in annoyance as you opened your front door after the incessant pounding. You were ready to murder whoever was at your door. All you had wanted to do was come home and relax but they were trying to make that impossible. Your eyes widened as you realized Spencer stood in front of you, looking completely out of breath as he held a finger up.

“I know,” he breathed as he doubled over, having just ran the entire way to your place. You stared at him in confusion.

“Know what? Are you okay Spence?” You asked genuinely concerned at his state. He took in deep breaths as he his hand pushed against the door frame to keep himself balanced. He finally nodded, breathing deeply before straightening himself up.

“I know you like me,” he replied as he finally made eye contact. Your eyes widened, making your dilated pupils even more noticeable and confirming what Penelope had said. You did like him.

You stared at him completely speechless as your mind raced. So he knew. You didn’t know how but he knew. And he had come to see you. He had ran from the looks of it.

“Do you want to come in?” You finally asked as you stepped aside. He nodded, stepping into your home for the first time. His eyes were instantly drawn to the back wall that was lined with bookshelves from one end to the other, a mirror image of his own place. He smiled softly as he felt a small tug on his heart as if it was reminding him of why he was there in the first place.

“Penelope told me,” Spencer said as he took a seat on your couch. You sat down on the single recliner, looking at him with a sigh.

“Figures,” you muttered beneath your breath. “Look, Spencer. I get it. You don’t like me that way and that’s fine. I’ve known it for a while. We can just go to work tomorrow and pretend today never happened.”

“What are you talking about?” He asked as his eyebrows knitted in confusion. “Why would you say I don’t like you?”

“You’re kidding right? You talk to me but only what’s required of you. You don’t ever laugh at any of my jokes, you turn me down when I ask if you want to go out-”

“I love your jokes,” he quickly interrupted. “They’re all clever and I have to restrain myself from looking like an idiot and laughing so hard like I want to. And I didn’t know you were asking me out,” he added. “If I would have known then I would have said yes.”

“You would have said yes…to going out with me?” You asked with a raise of your eyebrow.

“Of course I would have. Y/N, I’ve had a crush on you since the first week you joined the BAU. I mean, here came this beautiful girl who’s smart and witty and funny. I felt intimidated and honestly afraid to ever actually get close because I knew I would develop feelings.”

“Not that it mattered anyway. Those feelings still showed up despite how far I tried to distance myself from you,” he admitted with a nervous chuckle.

“You have feelings for me?” You asked softly. He nodded, stretching his hand out to you. You silently placed your own hand in his and watched as he rubbed circles into your skin.

“So, how about dinner? Instead of those drinks,” Spencer asked with a smile. You blushed and nodded as he stood and pulled you up with him, your chest colliding against his. He slowly leaned down as he pressed his lips against yours in a gentle kiss.

“Oh,” you said softly as he pulled away, your cheeks burning red.

“I probably should’ve waited until after our date to do that,” he said sheepishly as his own cheeks flushed pink.

“You can do it again later,” you replied with a small smile. You watched as his face broke out into a broad smile.

“I think we should make it a daily occurrence,” he replied, an excited gleam in his eye as he pressed his lips against yours once more.


One Piece Favorites: Ep. 323 - Distinction of the Manly Usopp Duel
“I’M SORRY!!! I’m sorry for my stubbornness!!! I was wrong!! Even though I was stubborn until now… Even though I said I was leaving the crew..! I want to change all of that, but I can’t!!! I can’t… so I beg of you! Please take me back with you guys! Just one more time…! LET ME BE YOUR NAKAMA!!!!"—Usopp

Come Back Home

Summary: There are people who are meant to stay and people who don’t, to Dean, you’re the one he hopes to come back and stay.

Pairings: AU!Dean x Reader

Warnings: angst (but fluffy), swearing

Word Count: 1418

Happy New Years guys! And sorry for the long ass wait! <3

Dean looked at sheets on his bed, yours and his bed, now empty, he looked up and saw none of your things around. He closed his eyes and imagines your movements around the room while you two got ready to sleep after a long days worth of work. He imagined seeing you scramble to get your things ready for the next morning and pulling you to his lap instead of letting you finish. He’d chuckle as you whined for him to let go but secretly not wanting to. He opened his eyes to see just how gloomy his room got even with the nicest view of the city through his large, tall windows. He ran his hands through the sheets and imagined you being there, laying on your side as you two talked and he’d caress your legs unknowingly.

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Law Sanji Combo Appreciation post

But seriously, even Law appreciates Sanji more than the stupid fucking Vinsmokes. And he’s a sourpuss. (I still love him.)

Sanji: “Tanomu!” 
Law: “Ore nii makaseru!” *proceeds to ‘room shambles’ the fuck out of whoever was bothering Sanji*

*Sanji begins babbling like an idiot*

*Law replies in a cute competitive way*


Originally posted by teendotcom

And of course, I saved the best for last! Sanji and Law attack combo!

Best wife combo from me and my imouto-chan’s @shitcook-idiotswordsman 2 otps (ZoSan and LawLu) XDDD Law’s hat is so FLUFFY! Also, this was in the “Dream Log”, so none of these battles made sense, but I got to see Law after timeskip! (which usually doesnt happen until you meet him at Marineford ad I havent reached that chapter in game yet) and also Sanji in his Fancy-pansy kimono~! XDDD

Of course, for all you people out there who love Law X Sanji, this is something for you too to enjoy! ;)

Dear first love, i’m sorry || d.h

Summary: Sometimes love gets tired.

Word Count: 683

A/N: Everything I write seems to be generally sad so I’m sorry, I hope you enjoy nonetheless! Please let me know what you think, I would appreciate  it lots c; 


Dan’s Pov

Don’t cry. It’s not so bad, we can still be friends.”

That’s what I wanted to say. Of course, I didn’t vocalize it. In fact, I didn’t say anything. Despite my empty mouth, the words are in my mind. I loved her, once. But now I’m just tired. Her love wasn’t exciting anymore. Her words didn’t make me smile. Her presence was anything but necessary in my life. Her touch didn’t produce any feelings, and that’s all I wanted. I so desperately wanted to feel, something, anything.  So I guess when I stopped getting what I wanted, I started to forget. I forgot to hold her hand. I forgot to talk to her. Our love was now blurry picture, drifting away on the wind and yet no one seemed to make an effort to catch it. We just let it be. Maybe because the memory captured in that picture was just not worth it or maybe we are just tired, and it seems purposeless to even try.


I watched her cry. I watched the tears fall to her cheeks while she tried to catch my gaze. I saw her while she tried to lift her hand and reach my face. I backed away, too scared that if she got too close, she would change my mind.

“I’m just tired” the words came out of my mouth unannounced.

“Of me?” her voice was fragile, almost breaking. I heard the pain in her voice. It made me tremble.

“Dan, answer me.” 

Her voiced sound harsh, for someone that hadn’t made feel much lately, she was making me feel everything right now.

“No, of course not.”

That’s what I said. 

“Yes, of you, of everything.” That’s what I meant. 

 “Look, it’s not you..”

“ ‘Its me’ are you seriously going to pull that line on me? ‘It’s not you, it’s me, I’m so sorry’ I don’t wanna hear that I want to listen to the truth, Dan. I didn’t ask you for anything but your honesty, but you can’t even give that to me can you?”


“Leave” she whispered.

“Wait,, (y/n) I..”

“You what? Are you gonna tell me what actually happen? The real reason why after two years you want to end this like it didn’t mean anything to you. I’m not stupid Dan. I noticed how much you changed. Your indifference kills me, and… just tell me why… Please” He voice getting lower as she finished her sentence.

“I’m… I’m Moving. To London, actually with Phil. I just need to get away you know? All this uni stuff, I just feel lost and with no purpose; and also I.. I think maybe it would help if we saw other people… I just think it would be better that way, Please understand.”

The look she gave me, the one look I’ll never forget. Sadness and hurt all mixed with confusion and anger. That look that filled me with doubt, the look that almost made me take all my words back and kiss her, just hold her, all just so she would smile. She didn’t deserve all this hurt. While I didn’t love her anymore, I still cared about her. Yet, as horrible as it sounds, it seemed that whatever we had wasn’t worth it. Whatever we had was just tiring and time-consuming; I felt guilty. This love has dried up and stayed behind.  

“if I stay I’ll be a lie” yet again, of course, I didn’t say that I stumbled to the door then choke on words I’d always hide.

“I guess It’s over isn’t it, ”

I said awkwardly immediately regretting my idiotic comment.  

“Excuse me love, but we’re through. You made that pretty clear” she sighed. 

After a moment, she just added:

“Just leave.”


“Leave, leave! Don’t you understand? Have fun with your new life Dan Howell and just leave” Her hands were on her face, uselessly trying to prevent the sobs from coming out. She took one hand out of her face and ran to the door, she opened and eagerly signal me to leave.

“(y/n) listen”

“Goodbye, Dan”

“Forgive me.”

But once again, those were words I couldn’t say.

PROMPT; here
COMMENTS; I adore Pietro and I hope that you do too! I tried to make this fluffy and funny and I’m not sure whether I achieved this but I hope you like it!
I hope you enjoy it and feel free to request here!
WARNING; aou spoilers and fluffiness

“Who do you think is faster?” My head raised slowly, my eyes lifting from the text of the book I had clutched in my hand. I tilted my head to the side as the white blonde boy in front of me cracked an apprehensive grin. I lifted an eyebrow, watching as he hopped from foot to foot, seeming excited. “Me or Usain Bolt?”

I let a sigh fall through my lips as I tried to turn my attention back to copy of Nineteen Eighty Four, but I couldn’t concentrate as my boyfriend bounced about, his whole body leant forwards as his musical accent filled the room. He’d been going on and on about being the fastest man in the world; that was until Clint had decided to rain on his Sovokian parade and point out that the world already had a fastest man and it wasn’t officially Pietro Maximoff, but a Jamaican powerhouse who liked to dapple in Virgin Broadband advertisements.

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Present- A Robbie Kay One-Shot

Title: Present
Request: What is you woke up Christmas morning and your favorite character or celebrity was just casually sitting by the Christmas tree with a bow on their head and was just like “oh good you’re finally awake”…..I would to see what you do with Robbie and this plot….
Pairing: Robbie Kay x Reader

It was about 10 am, and Y/N finally woke up from a great night of sleep.
She stretched and got up, realizing what that day was.
“Merry Christmas to me!” she smiled to herself.
Picking up her phone, she texted her boyfriend Robbie, who was at work on the set of a TV show.
“Merry Christmas babe.” she texted.
Putting her phone down, she got dressed and walked out into her living room to make breakfast.

When she walked into the living room, she saw Robbie sitting under her tree with a bow on his head.
“Oh good you’re finally away. Merry Christmas!” Robbie smiled.
Y/N laughed, “Robbie how are you here? Get up and hug me you idiot.”
Robbie stood up, and hugged her tightly.
She took the bow off his head, “Best present ever.”
“I hoped so.” Robbie laughed.
“Seriously I thought you were at work?” Y/N smiled, hooking her arms around his neck.
“I was, but I got off work. I had to be with you for Christmas.” Robbie responded.
“I love you.” Y/N smiled.
Robbie smiled back at her, “I love you more.”
He then kissed her gently.
“So I thought I’d make breakfast? It was gonna be for one person, but now for two I guess. French toast ok?” Y/N said.
“Sounds amazing.” Robbie responded, following her into the kitchen.

As Y/N cooked, Robbie had his arms around her from behind the whole time.
“Thanks for cooking.” Robbie said as Y/N put the french toast on the plates.
She handed him his plate, “Thank you for being with me.”
They sat on the couch, the fireplace turned on, and ate together.
“This tastes amazing.” Robbie said, stuffing the food into his mouth.
Y/N laughed, “I try.”

After they ate, Robbie got a small box out from under Y/N’s tree.
“Robbie we said we wouldn’t get presents for each other this year! I feel so bad now…” Y/N said taking the box.
“Don’t worry about it. This is a present for both of us.” Robbie responded, “Now open it!”
Y/N smiled, and opened the box.
Inside was an ornament that had both their names on it.
“Pretty.” Y/N said.
She flipped the ornament to the other said, and it read, ‘Move in with me?’
“So?” Robbie asked.
“You want me to move in with you? Of course! I’d love to, oh my god Robbie.” Y/N smiled, lunging forward and hugging Robbie.
Robbie hugged her back, “Good. I want to spend all my free time off work with you, and living together will do just that.”
“We can even get a dog!!” Y/N exclaimed.
“Sure, if you want to.” Robbie chuckled.
“I love you so freaking much!” Y/N laughed.
“I love you too, even if you’re crazy.” Robbie added, “You’re mine, my crazy idiot.”




Blackinnon, He comforts her after she finds out she can’t have children, for whatwelearnincharms

He found her sitting in his living room, about five hours after the Order meeting they had in the morning. She had left hurriedly after it, staying only for the most important part.

Someone had come up with the brilliant idea of taking a photo of all of them, and because of that, practically the entire Order was there, even those who were on their missions, making sure to include themselves in the photograph before leaving hastily again. It was a simultaneously joyful and saddening event; Sirius couldn’t help but think, how many of them should have been here? And only a month later, how many of them wouldn’t be anymore?

It was a frightening thought, knowing that no more than half of them, probably less, would live to see that photograph yellow with age.

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High School AU (Nessian Fic)

Okay, okay okay. So, @elnabu , remember this post you made?


I hope you guys like it!

None of the characters used are mine. All copyright of Sarah J. Maas.



“C’mon, Cassian. You’re afraid to ask her out? She’s my sister! She told me she likes you,” Feyre told Cassian exasperatedly.

Cassian, Rhysand and Feyre were walking down the hallway towards their usual spot outside for lunch. And like any other day, Feyre was interrogating Cassian about why he still hasn’t asked her sister, Nesta, out on a date.

“You know I’m not scared. She just…hates me, Feyre. I know it.” He muttered shyly.

“Just leave him, darling. We both know he’s scared,” Feyre’s boyfriend, Rhysand, said while his arm was wrapped around her shoulder.

She laughed, nodding her head before facing forward. Feyre was a new junior student that only transferred to this school last year with her sisters. Rhysand immediately had a liking to Feyre and one thing led to another before they started dating. Honestly, Cassian was already a hundred percent sure they’ll be the couple that gets married right after university. Although he knew Rhys would never pressure her into anything she doesn’t want.

Ferye’s eyes immediately widened as she saw who was approaching. A mischievous grin took place on her face.

“Well, speak of the devil and he shall appear. Or more like she for you.”

Cassian glanced at the direction where Feyre’s eyes were directed and his eyes widened.

Damn it. Why now?

It was quite well known in their little group of friends that Cassian has the biggest crush on Feyre’s older sister, Nesta. Considering that she is in the same senior class as Cassian and his friends while Feyre is a junior, he has a couple of classes with her that only added to his crush.

Ever since the Archeron sisters transferred schools here he’s always had his eyes on Nesta Archeron. She always had that confident vibe around her that Cassian loves so much. She doesn’t take shit from anyone and is one of the most brilliant students in the school. She’s a leader to many different clubs but she’s most known for her leadership in the math club. Of course, when Cassian went up to her to befriend her on the first day, she completely ignores him.

I bet she thinks I’m an idiot cause I’m the quarterback of the football team and is, therefore, brainless.

Cassian confesses that he isn’t the smartest student at school but, at the same time, he doesn’t get bad grades either. He was always finishes his work on time and doesn’t hand in anything late but he has those occasional days where he gets lazy in studying. He was well known throughout the school given his position in the football team and also his easygoing personality. But that isn’t an excuse for him to slack off on work.

Cassian thoughts shifted towards Nesta as he realizes that she was nearing them. Her leather backpack was hung on her shoulders and a binder was tucked underneath her right arm. Her walk exuded confidence that shows she gives absolutely zero fucks to what anyone around her may think of her. She had her big, black rimmed glasses on today and was wearing a pair of jeans with a beige sweater.

She looks beautiful, Cassian thought to himself.

He has always loved Nesta’s simple look. But, to him, she could honestly show up in anything and his crush for her would only grow.

Lost in his thoughts about Nesta, Cassian didn’t realized he’s on the ground and staring up at the grey ceiling of the high school hallways.

Wait. What the fuck happened?

Only moments later did Rhys’s face come into view as he waved a hand in front of his face.

“Hello? Cassian! What is wrong with you today, man?”

“What happened?” he asked in a daze, shifting his head left and right before lifting his upper body by his elbows.

“You hit the pole! That’s what happened! You walked right into it!”

Cassian stared at the pole in front of him that was near the school doors. It held the school flag with its mascot on it.

Of  course. Of course he would embarrass himself in front of Nesta because of his thought on Nesta.

Cassian groaned as he shifted to get up. He stood up straight and brushed his shirt and letterman jacket off of any dust bits that may have gotten onto him. He shook his head then turned to face his best friend. Instead, the sight of Nesta who had a small smile on her usual stoic face greeted him. He stumbled back a little in shock before he straightened his stance again and smiled nervously at her.

“Hey, Nesta,” he muttered, fiddling with the corners of his letterman jacket like he always does when he’s nervous. He glanced behind her quickly to see Feyre smirking at him and Rhys grinning.

Thank me later, he mouthed before leaning against the lockers with Feyre.

They were staying to watch! Oh, why.

Cassian brought his attention back to Nesta as one of his hands absentmindedly rubbed his forehead where he hit the pole.

You’re such an idiot, Cassian.

Nesta’s smile barely widened but, nonetheless, it grew a little. Cassian turned nervous, preparing himself for any sort of insult from her.

She never smiles at me! She’s going to do something.

As he stood there expecting the worse, Nesta wrote something on a piece of paper in her binder and ripped it out. She folded it in half before handing it to Cassian. He grabbed it nervously, a smile still on his face though.

“Don’t make me regret it, Cassian,” was all she said before she continued her walk down the school hallways.

He glanced down at the small, folded piece of paper in his hand before he unfolded it quickly. His eyes widen from the message inside.

Maybe I made assumptions too quickly. Call me. Nesta.

He kept re-reading the short message, making sure that it was real and the phone number was actually there. He suddenly jumped up and ran towards Rhys and Feyre before bringing them into a bear hug and completely ignoring his fallen backpack on the other side of the hallway.

“You guys!” he yelled, “Thank you!”

They could only laugh as one of their best friends left to pick up his backpack and started planning his date through all of lunch.

Henchman meets Henchgirl (FrostXOC)

IMPORTANT NEWS! :D Guys this story will be continued very soon but I have to make a quick announcement, this fanfic will return with two writer’s instead of just one (me). A wonderful friend of mine and I decided that we will make something special out of this story, more informations will follow tomorrow, but be prepared for something that you haven’t read yet. ;D

P.S: If you want to read the chapter again, you will notice a hidden detail about …? Do you know what I’m trying to say? ;)

So guys for everyone who wanted a little FrostXReader here it is, hope you’ll enjoy tell me what you’re thinking and if I should continue the story, because this one should’ve been just a One Shot but I left the ending open for you guys to decide if I should write more or not. :) <3

Henchman meets Henchgirl

Frost’s POV

“Frost” Mr J growled.

The voice of his boss sounded not at all delighted and Frost knew this time, it was his fault.

Oh boy did he fuck things up today.

“Question”, the Joker snarled and circled his right hand with a menacing look written all over his face.

“What was that today, hm?”

“Boss, I’m sorry I wasn’t focused”, Frost stated with his usual stoic facial expression.

The Joker nodded his head than looked back again to his first henchman.

“And why weren’t you focused, Frost?” the green haired man asked obviously pissed.

Today Joker and his men were about to rob Gotham’s most expensive jewelers shop, not because of a few gold necklaces or diamonds and stuff no this time there was something in that store what has been more important than anything they had ever stolen.

Last week the Wayne Foundation donated a fife hundred thousand dollar valued sapphire to the shop and the profit that the shop would’ve made after selling this jewel would also have been donated for a worthy cause.

But this of course wasn’t the Joker’s plan, no way.

He decided to steal the sapphire because this little sparkling blue stone could’ve brought him even more than just fife hundred thousand dollars of cash.

With this tiny little thing he could’ve been the proud owner of one million dollars and an entire part of the whole city in which he had planned to open up another big night club.

But all those dreams were now past, because his first henchman that never ever had made a mistake all the years he had been working for Mr J fucked it up today.

“Riddler’s goons just surprised us, we couldn’t do much about it”, Frost explained, but this was only the half of the truth.

Yes the Riddler stole the sapphire before Mr J, but Frost never have had any problems with surprise attacks, he was the most skilled and intelligent out of Joker’s goons and those abilities made him become his right hand, but this time even a Jonny Frost wasn’t prepared for what has happened a few hours ago and he didn’t dare to tell his boss the entire truth.

But he still saw those crystal blue eyes gleaming at him, and these beautiful lips curled into a coquettish smile as she took the sapphire into her small gloved hands presenting it to her boss.



“Frost it’s the Riddler! Hurry up or the boss will kick our asses down here!” one of the shark heads yelled at the first henchman.

He didn’t hesitate or even looked back to the goon who had talked to him.

Frost already shot four of Riddler’s men down making the king of riddles scream out in frustration.

The sapphire was just a few inches away from Frost’s hands and he already was about to shatter the glass around it with his gun, but before he could do what he was told to, a sharp knife-like thing whirred scarce past his right ear and broke the glass around the jewel in one hit.

At first Frost thought it was a Batarang because the thing looked like one at first sight, but giving it a closer inspection he saw that it was a metallic pink and purple throwing knife with a nearly illegal sharp blade.

This thing could’ve killed him within a blink of an eye.

“Sorry didn’t mind to kill you”, a soft female voice behind him suddenly said.

Frost turned his head and a strange feeling started to grow in his chest, it felt like he was getting sick with a tad of a tingle behind it.

The voice that has spoken belonged to a young girl with cherry red curly long hair and beautiful crystal blue eyes which were hidden behind a black mask.

She was hanging down from the ceiling on a few black ropes, that spy’s would use to invade a forbidden place.

Obviously she wasn’t a newbie to all this, even though she looked quite young, she probably wasn’t older than eighteen or nineteen.

“What? Never seen a girl that stole something right in front of your nose?” she smiled but it wasn’t a devious smile, it was … what was it?      

And what was he doing here?

He stared at her like an idiot although he should’ve killed her for taking the sapphire that his boss wanted more than anything else.

“Well it was nice to meet you, but I have to go, business. Maybe we’ll see each other again” she said and a few seconds later she was gone, just like the sapphire and all Frost could do was watching the girl leave the place together with Riddler’s goons.

It took him a while to notice what just happened.

This girl stole the jewel for which his boss would’ve burned the entire city down and he didn’t do a shit to get it back.

After all those years working for the Clown Prince of Crime Frost never had experienced such a failure and this time everything was just his fault.


“Frosty, Frosty, Frosty. You’ll better make this up to me, or I have to do something very painful”, the Joker growled.

“Every other person would’ve been dead by now, I hope you appreciate that. Bring me this sapphire back, or this had been the last heist in your present life, am I clear?”

“Yes, boss” Frost responded.

“Good, go I don’t want to see you idiots for the rest of the day.”

And with those words Frost closed the door behind him with a buzzing mind.

How should he bring the sapphire back?

This stupid little stone was with the Riddler now and he had no idea where this idiot had his hiding place.

Or maybe the girl that stole it knew it …

Oh stop it, dickhead. She was the reason that this happened.

But she was the only clue to this whole situation.

Maybe if he could find her, she was willing to make a deal with him.

But first of all Frost had to find her.

Just good that he knew someone who could help him with that.

Ricky Preston was the man’s name that had been working for the Riddler before he decided to make business with Mr J.

Or at least Mr J didn’t let him the choice, so it would be easy to squeeze something out of him.

Frost had parked the black SUV outside the bar where Ricky often used to get himself as drunk as possible to forget his miserable life for a few hours.

“FROST! YO MAN WHAT’S GOING ON?” Preston yelled from across the room as soon as Frost had entered the bar.

The henchman rolled his eyes, just a drunk jerk that was all that you could say about Preston.

He wasn’t intelligent at all he was just useful if you needed information’s quickly, he was like the last bus stop on a stormy day.

“Preston” Frost just greeted him with a nod.

“I need your help.”

“Of course, of course! Come on sit down, take a drink”, Preston slurred.

“No thanks I probably have to drive the entire night. I need some information.”

“Ah, always busy aren’t ya? How’s Mr J? Heared his club is going well.”

“Yeah he’s fine. Listen, I know you’re not working for the Riddler anymore but do you know anything about a girl that is working for him now? She’s quite young, probably very skilled in doing burglaries.”

Preston frowned and looked at Frost as if he really was trying to think about his question.

“Yes … I think I know who you mean. I’ve never met her in person but man … if I had a girl like this I wouldn’t be sitting here and drinking shit” Preston laughed.

“Preston” Frost reminded him impatiently.


“Do you know her name?” Frost asked.

“No man. No one knows her name. She’s like a query, but the old boss always calls her like that. Little query you know, because-”

“Because nobody knows anything about her, yes got it” Frost responded a little annoyed.

“And do you know where I can ask for her?”

“Not exactly, she comes and disappears like the weather. But maybe you could try it uptown at the hidden alley … Rumor has it that she likes the old jazz bars in there. A few of our people says that they’ve seen her there lately. If you’re a lucky man she’s there tonight.”

Preston took a draught on his beer, before he smirked at Frost.

“Why the effort, Frost? Fallen in love, already?” the idiot laughed.

Frost ignored him.

“Thanks for your help. I have to go”, he said.

“Don’t let the little query break your heart!” Preston shouted behind Frost.

“Never thought you have one …”

“Me too, Rick” Frost added silently before leaving the pub.

Back in the car Frost was already half on his way uptown when his phone started to ring.

It was Mr J.

Perfect, he thought sarcastically.

“Boss?” he said after taking the call.

“How’s it going?” Mr J asked sharply.

Of course he wouldn’t give up on Frost until he brought the sapphire back.

“Good. I found our first liaison, I’m on my way, I’ll call you back when I found more”, Frost said.

“I knew you wouldn’t fuck it up a second time, good man, Frost” Mr J said then he hang up the phone.

Frost sighed.

This girl better be uptown.

a kane/toews fic rec list!

because these two idiots are in love and i can’t stop reading fic about these dumb hockey players

** = favorite, ~~ = trigger warnings under the summary, ♦♦ = bottom jonny

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A prompt inspired by StatsBritain on twitter: 88% of Britons can’t marry you because they married Tea in Vegas in 1999 and forgot to have it annulled. A university adventure meant that Q is among that 88% and now he has to tell Bond.- spiritofcamelot


“… so, will you marry me?”

Q looked deliriously happy, and Bond agreed that he should; it is the first and last actual marriage proposal James Bond will ever issue, and somehow the person it ended up being said to was his Quartermaster and real-life sexuality crisis who he loved with all his heart and soul and wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

Which was why Bond became rather alarmed at the look on Q’s face.

“… okay,” Q said, looking at Bond a bit uncertainly, and back to the ring. “Firstly: yes. Absolutely and unequivocally yes, I want to spend the rest of my life with you and I definitely want to get married but there is something quite important I need to tell you first.”

Bond had never been so frightened in his life.


“I’m already married…”

Bond’s heart stopped beating.

“… to tea.”

There was an awkward moment of painful silence.

“You’re what?”

“I’m married to tea.”

Bond raised an eyebrow, wondering whether or not to laugh hysterically. “Any particular type?”

“Earl grey, as it happens, but that’s not really the point.”

“What the hell do you mean?!”

Q reached out for the ring with a slightly pleading expression; Bond took it out of sight until such a time as he explained properly. “I was twenty, and we went to Vegas – me and some friends, I mean, uni trip – and then there was a lot of alcohol and for some inexplicable reason pertaining to Vegas and various bits of stupidity and a lot of alcohol and very irresponsible friends I ended up marrying tea in absentia.”

Bond looked at him, watched him, waited for the moment that Q would laugh and tell him it was all a big and rather bizarre joke.


“… oh my god, you’re serious.”

Q shrugged apologetically. “And the important thing is that I never really bothered to get it annulled, because I got headhunted by MI6 and realised any chance of a social life was gone let alone romantic…”

“So you’re still married?!”

“Sort of. Yes.”

Bond was truly, honestly lost for words.

“So you…”

“I’ll deal with it, obviously,” Q added hastily, “but it’s something I thought you should probably know.”

“Yes,” Bond replied, still completely shell-shocked.

“But I do still want to marry you.”

Bond nodded dizzily. “Good. That’s excellent.”

“… ring?” Q hedged.

Bond seemed to remember where he was, and nodded, retrieving the ring box: “I hope you like it.”

“I do,” Q grinned, sliding it onto his finger – perfect fit, perfect fit, god alone knew how – and leaned in to kiss Bond. “I’m an idiot, I know.”

“Beyond an idiot.”

“Love me anyway?”

Bond smirked, leaned in, and pressed a kiss to Q’s lips. “Of course, my idiot,” he said fondly, and let his fingers brush over Q’s ring, delighted and deeply bemused.

anonymous asked:

Ok, BeChloe prompt: a sad one... Beca writes down her feelings for Chloe which she thinks she would never reciprocate. Chloe finds Beca's notes...

It should just be in the front pocket was what Beca had said when she asked Chloe to stop by the dorm to pick up the choreography notes she’d forgotten for Bellas rehearsal that afternoon, but when the redhead found Beca’s bag (after silently praising the heavens that her God-awful roommate wasn’t there to sue Chloe for trespassing), it was filled with nothing but a few throw-away recents, a half-eaten bag of Cheetos, the remains of a crushed up piece of gum, and a few meticulously folded pieces of paper. 

Chloe never considered herself a snoop - she’d always politely defined her instinct to push privacy boundaries (think: shower curtains and a strangely satisfying duet of ‘Titanium’) as rabid curiosity - which was why she didn’t hesitate in the slightest to open the papers; they could, after all, be the notes she was looking for…so it’d be silly, really, to not make sure. 

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