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Law Sanji Combo Appreciation post

But seriously, even Law appreciates Sanji more than the stupid fucking Vinsmokes. And he’s a sourpuss. (I still love him.)

Sanji: “Tanomu!” 
Law: “Ore nii makaseru!” *proceeds to ‘room shambles’ the fuck out of whoever was bothering Sanji*

*Sanji begins babbling like an idiot*

*Law replies in a cute competitive way*


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And of course, I saved the best for last! Sanji and Law attack combo!

Best wife combo from me and my imouto-chan’s @shitcook-idiotswordsman 2 otps (ZoSan and LawLu) XDDD Law’s hat is so FLUFFY! Also, this was in the “Dream Log”, so none of these battles made sense, but I got to see Law after timeskip! (which usually doesnt happen until you meet him at Marineford ad I havent reached that chapter in game yet) and also Sanji in his Fancy-pansy kimono~! XDDD

Of course, for all you people out there who love Law X Sanji, this is something for you too to enjoy! ;)

Y’all gotta stay away from comments on FB spoilers...

They aren’t worth getting worked up over, which is why I don’t read them. Of course there are gonna be idiots people who will fight hell and high water to convince themselves and anyone dumb enough to listen that any non-Michonne female added to the show is gonna be Rick’s new wifey (especially if this female happens to be of the fair skin persuasion, but that’s an entirely separate discussion that I don’t feel like getting into lol). To be blunt, Rick and Michonne could be in the midst of a primal, passionate session of love-making, or reciting their wedding vows to each other, and those idiots people will still be waiting for the next basic redshirt chick for them to slap the label of “the new love of Rick’s life” on.

WE know what’s coming. WE are the ones who are going to be right in the end, which is all that matters. And if idiots people choose to ignore what is right in front of them… that’s their problem.

You can’t fix stupid. So try not to let it bother you.

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