with acid or something idk

Request - John Murphy

Hey could I request a murphy x reader imagine where they like kiss while trapped somewhere due to acid fog or something? Idk if that’s too specific or anything but yeah. :)

I seriously loved this prompt. I kinda went overboard with it maybe.

Warning: Bad language.

“I don’t need a personal bodyguard.” You growl as you walk ahead of him, fuming that Bellamy would order Murphy to follow you around and make sure you weren’t getting yourself into any trouble. Being the leader’s best friend sucked sometimes. You envied Octavia- Atom was a walk in the park compared to what you had to put up with.

“I’m not so sure about that.” Murphy argues, keeping your pace but walking a few steps behind you, giving you a little space. “You were almost captured by Grounders twice. I’m starting to think you’re attracted to danger or something.”

You had limited knowledge on John Murphy, other than knowing he was one of Bellamy’s cronies and that he was a grade-A dick. It annoyed you that Bellamy had to pick such an idiot to ‘protect’ you.

“Could you do your job without talking? Or do you only shut up when you’re sucking Bellamy’s cock?” You snap at him, smirking to yourself as you continue to walk down the trail toward the lake.

Suddenly Murphy grabs you, one arm around your waist, the other around your neck, holding your head in place. He moves his head close to you, his breath tickles your face.

“You wanna say that again?” He whispers dangerously in your ear, his voice all low and gravely and… strangely hot.

Before you’re given the chance to reply, a noise rings out and you both freeze in place. The fog horn.

“Acid fog.” You whisper, panicking.

Murphy lets go of you only to grab your hand and drag you down the trail, trying to find shelter. As you sprint along the path, you remember something Finn had said about a bunker and you try to remember where he said it was. When you pass a dirt trail leading off into the trees, you look up and see something.


Murphy stops, turning to follow your line of vision and spotting the door to the bunker. You both rush toward it with your hand still clasping his.

He opens the door just as you see the fog starting to roll in and you jump inside. Murphy hastily follows suit, stepping inside and locking the door behind him.

“Fuck…” You gasp, trying to catch your breath. Murphy stands by the door, his eyes flickering around the bunker, giving it a quick inspection, before his eyes land back on you.

“Are you okay?” He asks, sounding genuinely concerned. Rather than spit an insult at him, you just nod tiredly, sitting down on the makeshift bed while Murphy checks out the bunker in closer detail.

“No food. Few board games, though. Wanna play with me? It’ll pass the time.”

“How long will it take before it’s safe to go back out?” You question, looking at Murphy as he pulls out a blank book and some pencils. The expression he had on his face resembled what a kid might look like on Christmas. It was sorta cute.

“Four, five hours.” Murphy replies, staring at a packet of crayons he had found. Delicately, he places all of the supplies on the table and looks at you. “Maybe five and a half to be safe.”

Sighing, you stand up and go over to the table thinking that you might as well do something to waste the time. Murphy pulls out a chair for you and you look at him suspiciously before sitting down. He sits down on the seat next to you and without speaking he places a page in front of each of you. Then he puts the pencils and crayons in between the both of you.

“What’re we drawing?” You mumble, picking up a pencil. Murphy shrugs.

“I don’t know how to draw good.”

“You mean well. I don’t draw well. Don’t worry, it’s an easy mistake.” You respond, trying to help, and Murphy’s eyes open a little wider. “And why don’t you think you can’t draw well? You can probably draw better than me.”

“You’re being nice to me.” He says, it almost sounds like an accusation. “Why?”

Biting your lip, you chose your words carefully.

“You’re kinda cute when you’re not being a dick.”

Murphy’s face is completely surprised, eyebrows raised and mouth hanging open, a smile slowly making it’s way onto his face.

“You think I’m cute?” He asks, utterly bewildered.

“When you’re not being a dick.” You clarify, looking at him from the corner of your eye, trying not to smile. “And I’m pretty sure you’re a dick 90% of the time.”

Murphy scowls very quickly before he’s grinning wildly, knowing that he’s gotten under your skin.

“Do you want to um… can we make out then?” Murphy asks innocently and you almost choke on air, laughing out loud in shock. Murphy frowns at you, hurt that you were making a joke out of it. He puts both hands on the table and goes to stand, before you quickly place your hand on his.

Unsurely, the teen’s eyes flicker to your hand on his before he looks into your eyes.

“You wanna make out with me?” You smirk playfully up at him and his expression changes and he looks at you like you hung the moon, nodding slowly. “C'mon, let’s get on the bed then. More comfortable.”

Standing up, you take his hand and guide him over to the bed, sitting down on it.

Licking his lips, Murphy gradually moves his face toward you, his gaze moving from your eyes to your lips. It’s obvious he’s nervous, and even though it was his idea, you don’t want to push him so you wait patiently for him to kiss you, smiling encouragingly at him.

When he finally presses his lips to yours, he melts into the kiss, suddenly becoming very eager. Grinning against his mouth, you kiss him back with just as much fever, tangling your hands in his hair while he takes grip on your hips.

“Fuck.” He whispers into the kiss and you can’t help but feel a burst of pride at making him come undone like this so quickly. Wanting to taste him, you move your lips away from his mouth and start to kiss your way to his neck- open mouthed kisses against his skin, your teeth teasingly grazing his shoulder.

“Fuck, yes.” He whispers, his voice strained with pleasure. It was his first time making out, the first time anyone had kissed his skin. It made you a little… possessive.

Before you could convince yourself not to, you bite lightly against Murphy’s skin, sucking and licking the spot.

Murphy lets out a moan, hands crawling underneath your shirt, nails lightly scratching your back before he starts rubbing his hands all over your back and waist, wanting to touch you everywhere.

When you’re satisfied with the mark you gave him, you pull away and look into his eyes, wide and swimming with lust.

“Wanna keep going?” You offer, smirking at him. Without a second of hesitation, his mouth is on your neck, copying what you had done to him.

When you got back to camp that night, you were sure you had a million bruises on your neck- Murphy couldn’t stop smiling proudly at the damage he had done and you couldn’t stop blushing under his gaze.

As you make your way to your tent with Murphy by your side, you decide that him following you around all day might not be as horrible as you thought it would be.