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Porcelain and Window Panes

Prompt: Dan sees a a beautiful man doodling on a foggy window in a cafe and can’t get him out of his head. He comes everyday at the same time to see the beautiful stranger.
Word Count: 3671
Warnings: Cussing, light angst
A/N: Thank you to @philestergifs for this amazing prompt! It took so long to write this for some reason (I’ve been writing it since October???) and I’m so happy I could finally get it out! Special thanks to @theinsanityplays as well for giving me some feedback for this fic ^-^ I also didn’t have a beta so sorry for any errors but I hope everyone likes it!
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To say Dan was having a terrible day was an understatement.

He woke up late, having forgotten to set an alarm for work, so he had to rush through his morning routine. This meant he wasn’t able to take an hour long shower like he was used to and he couldn’t straighten his hair. Thanks to genetics, his hair dried in curly ringlets that stuck out in every direction.

He also had to skip breakfast, which is bad in itself, but he soon found out that his coffee machine had stopped working as well. Dan with curly hair and no morning caffeine? Not a good idea.

So he went for the best option of going to the nearest coffee shop and ordering a french vanilla latte to go.

The wait was nearly impossible to sit through, especially with Dan’s habit of being too impatient for his own good. He was bouncing on the balls of his feet, practically quivering in his shoes at each name that was called. His eyes were frantic while he tried to distract himself from the inevitable doom that was this horrible morning.

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The Joker x Reader - “I Love You”

You never miss a chance to say the magic words to him. The Joker doesn’t want to hear about it but you are not the one to give up so easily. Actually… I guess anybody can back down if pushed enough.

– During an important meeting with new business partners, Frost interrupts and brings in a little envelope to J, whispering you said it is absolutely urgent and imperative he opens it right away. The Joker wonders what the hell it might be, opens the letter and shakes it to take out the contents when a bunch of pink glitter flies all over along with your message on  a piece of paper: “I LOVE YOU.” The other guys fake cough, attempting to pretend they didn’t see crap while The Clown Prince of Crime gives them an icy glance, annoyed with your stunt:

“If I hear a single sound, I swear you’re all dead!!!!”

Goddammit woman, stop your shit! he thinks biting on his cheek, dusting off the sparkly dust off his shirt, but stashing your little note in his pocket.

– You are away on a mission for 2 days when his cell suddenly goes off at 1 AM, letting him now he has a new message. He is more than cranky he got woken up and checks to see what it is. A text from you: “ I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU.”

You must be kidding me! J growls, pissed you bothered him with such nonsense but saves the message in his drafts and goes back to sleep.

– One night he visits the club without you and gets out of his Lamborghini when the phone beeps.

What is it, the stupid words again?!  he scoffs when he sees your name on the screen.

“Look up!” the text simply says and he does, noticing the huge light up message on the top of the building across the street; “I LOVE YOU.”

This is getting beyond ridiculous, The Joker huffs but takes a picture of what you did and saves it in his favorites.

– After taking a shower in the morning, J goes in the front of the sink to brush his teeth and finally gazes at the mirror. There it is, written with red lipstick: “I LOVE YOU.”

He rolls his eyes, fed up with your behavior and erases the words, not before that wide smirk creeps up on his lips. He hears you giggle and goes back to frowning:

“Cut it out, Y/N!!!”

– You bring the white mocha to his office and place it right on top of his papers. J stares at it for a few seconds and sighs, lifting his blue eyes from the cup, complaining about what you wrote with foam: “I LOVE YOU.”

“Are you done with this rubbish, Princess?” he mutters while you just innocently lift your shoulders up, not answering. “Bring me another mocha and NO FUNNY BUSINESS, understand?”

You pout, disappointed he never appreciates your efforts and by the time you are back with his new coffee The Joker already finished the other cup.

“What?” he snarls when notices your smile. “Don’t get it to your head, Doll, I really couldn’t wait any longer so I had to drink it; you’re so slow!” he makes sure to admonish but kisses your wrist when you hand him the mug.

–During a heist you go with a few henchmen on the upper floor while he stays down with the rest, looking around for the diamonds and gold. You go behind a wall and dial his number. He picks up after 3 rings and you just say; “I LOVE YOU,” and hang up.

Really?! The Joker mumbles, astonished at your unprofessional conduct (that’s how he likes to call it). He simply texts back: “Shut up, Y/N!”


I totally can’t stand her; she really drives me nuts, he concludes, irked at your game, but saves this message in drafts too.

– J wakes up and his feet touch something cold and pretty sharp when he gets out of bed. You got him a ton of gold chains and arranged them on the floor to spell “I LOVE YOU.” His mouth opens on amazement, considering chocking the life out of you at this point. Your green haired boyfriend kicks the chains all over the place, mad again, but not before taking a picture of your accomplishment and saving it in his favorites. He hears you snicker.

“I said cut it out, Y/N!!!!”

– “Bubble bath is readyyyyyy,” you announce, proud of the nice evening you planned for the two of you.

J comes in, taking his clothes off, suspiciously scrutinizing the bathroom.

“Any hidden ‘I love you’ anywhere?” he smacks his lips, warning you he’s not going to tolerate your actions anymore. He had such a shitty day it’s not even funny.

“Nope,” you confidently declare, moving back in the Jacuzzi so he can sit by you.“Nothing at all, baby.” He’s starting to relax when you massage his shoulders, then lean over and kiss his neck, whispering: “I LOVE YOU.”

“That’s it !!!” he splashes all over, angered at your little stupid plan to squeeze in those stupid words again. “Quit bothering me, you pain in the ass!!!”

“What, you don’t want me to love you?” you raise your voice also, not understanding why he’s so worked up.

“I didn’t say that!” he yells back and you are baffled.

“So what’s the problem then?!”

“STOP SAYING IT!” he hisses at you, panting.
“Why should I?! Aren’t you happy that I love you?!”

“NO! I don’t need your stupid love!!!!!” The Joker has a fit, kicking all the candles and shampoo bottles in his rage, making sure to direct them your way.

You gasp in pain when one of the candles hits you right in the face since you didn’t have enough time to dodge it. You don’t say anything, just step out of the hot tub, holding your numb left cheek with your hand.

J stops his tantrum but doesn’t react in any other way as you leave him standing in the water, still fuming at your absurdities.

– The I LOVE YOU’s stopped. He doesn’t get any more letters, texts, hidden messages or sky lights on the buildings. So exciting you finally got it into your head you irritate him with your stupid feelings all the time! The King of Gotham doesn’t even hear it when you make love and that delights him.

The white mocha doesn’t taste the same though. When he asks why, you sassily respond:

“Because it’s not made with love so get used to it!”

“Cut it out, Y/N!” he snaps as you quietly walk away and couldn’t care less.

– He didn’t hear the words out of you in a few months and it’s perfect. Today he even went through his phone to delete all the useless pictures and drafts he saved from you.

– “Look up,” you urge him, pulling on his arm and his heart starts beating faster for some reason, but then all he sees is The Batsy signal in the night sky.

“He’s close, we should get going,” you tell J and he agrees, disappointed at the revelation. He kind of expected something else.
– Frost brings the letter to him in the meeting, whispering it’s urgent and J impatiently opens it to find inside just a dull piece of paper: “Dinner at 6, robbery at 7.30 . All ready to go.”

She could’ve texted me, he sulks, cramming your note in his pocket. He kind of expected something else.

– You are away for one night and he gets the text at 3AM. He immediately jumps out of bed and grins when he sees your name on the screen.

“This undercover mission you assigned me is very boring.” That’s all you sent. He grumbles something not very sweet and tosses the phone on the table, stretching and going back to bed, frustrated. He kind of expected something else.

 – He gets out of the shower and looks at the mirror just to see your insipid notation with red lipstick: “Be back soon.”

Why doesn’t she just text me if that’s all she has to say?! The Joker whines, grabbing a paper towel so he can clean your mess. He kind of expected something else.

– “Bubble bath is readyyyy!” you shout and he comes in, ready to unwind. You move so he can sit by you and begin massaging his shoulders, talking about a bunch of stuff that happened during the day.

“Well?!” he interrupts your speech, turning his head towards you.

“Well what?” you ask back, not getting the point, already forgetting what you were talking about and it annoys you.

“Say it!” he commands, slowly blinking, elbowing you.

“Say what?” you squint your eyes, trying to remember the topic he just made you forget.

“You know what, Pumpkin. Say it!” he mutters through his clenched teeth, not thrilled he has to bring it up.

You take a deep breath and gaze at each other for a few good seconds before finally kissing his neck and enunciate: “I LOVE YOU.”

“Good, I was wondering about that,” he grouchily comments, leaning backwards so he can rest against your body. “My white mocha better taste great again, Doll,” The Joker makes sure to point out, closing his eyes.

“With or without foam?” you tease J and since he’s such a difficult person he sure deserves it.

“With and it better spell something,” he reaches his hand to tug on your wet hair.

“It might if I still have the skills; it’s been a while,” you debate and it’s actually the truth.

 “Don’t care, make it work,” he puffs, not giving a damn; he just expects it.

You want to laugh but can’t: your strategy worked- it was learned from the best. Your boyfriend should be proud since manipulating things to obtain what is desired happens to be his specialty. 

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😊Now or Never? (Ethan x Reader)

Summary:  “meeting the boys at like a meet and greet or something and whispering “hi daddy” or something like that to ethan and him being shook and yeah, ethan’s daddy kink will be the death of me - your fav ethan girl, sam”

Warnings: Mention of daddy but not much else

A/N: Y/S/N-Your sister’s name. Thanks for all the notes on my first imagine you guys! Means a lot to me! Requests are OPEN!

Also all the love for Sam @dolantwinswriting :) <3

I did not want to get up this morning, but I needed to. I had to meet my sister to go over some stuff for her wedding this summer. Thankfully we were meeting at Starbucks and her fiancé works there so we get discounts. I crawled out of bed and walked to my closet. I didn’t want to dress too fancy but I also didn’t want to look too bummy in case the cute barista Kyle was working. I decided to wear an oversized powder blue t-shirt with black leggings. I applied a little amount of eyeliner and baby pink lip gloss. I brushed my hair down hoping it wouldn’t frizz to terribly. I threw my black vans on and ran down the stairs and out the door muttering ‘bye’ to my mom who was standing in the kitchen with my dad. I felt the cold wind brush my skin. I sucked in a breath, wishing I had grabbed a jacket. Thankfully, Starbucks was about a 5 minute walk from my house so I didn’t see any reason to grab one. After all, the high for today is 70°F degrees so I’m not too worried. Hopefully the walk will warm me up.

I was wrong. The weather was getting chillier than normal. I could feel my teeth slightly chatter. I checked my weather app on my phone which read 54°F. Thankfully I could see the Starbucks in the distance. Instead of ordering a caramel frappucino I decided I’ll get something a little bit warmer. I pulled open the glass door and I saw my sister inside wearing her varsity jacket and glasses. Her hair was pulled up in a messy bun and her black framed glasses rested near the tip of her nose. I made my way to the barista who was smiling at me.

“Hey Kyle.” I said blushing a bit. His dark slicked back hair looked really good in his green hat. His dark eyes and big hands grabbed a venti cup as he wrote my name.

“Hey Y/N! Caramel frap extra whip?” He asked me and I shook my head. “What? Y/N are you okay?” He asked setting the cup and marker down. I could hear my sister laughing from a few tables away.

“Yes I’m fine but it’s also -2 outside so I’m feeling something on the warm side.” I said looking up at the menu. “Ooo a white chocolate mocha latte sounds good. I would like that.”  I smiled as his marker wrote on the paper cup. I paid the discounted price and I went over and sat with my sister. “There the soon to be bride!” I exclaimed and she covered her face.

“Hopefully we can pick dresses and flower arrangements today. The colors are pink and charcoal so the guys will have pink boutonniere and the gals will have pink bridesmaid dresses. And you Y/N will wear a charcoal dress with a pink bow around the waist, yes?” My sister says and I scroll through all of my social medias on my phone. Y/S/N was still talking and going on and on about this wedding this August. I didn’t really care at this point. I would rather be at home in my warm bed watching 13 Reasons Why. I was scrolling through twitter when I saw one of my favorite twins had tweeted.

@ethandolan: Just finished editing the video for this week you guys. Probably Gray and I’s favorite so far! See you on Tuesday!

I smiled at my phone. “Hello?” I snap out of my thoughts and look at my sister puzzled. Her eyebrows were furrowed like she was confused but her lips were in a flat line as if she knew I wasn’t paying any attention. “Y/N have you been listening to me at all?” Y/S/N asked and I decided to lie.

“Of course Y/S/N! You and Tyler want flowers at your wedding.” I saved and she rolled her eyes, obviously not impressed.

“What kind?”


“Tyler’s mom is allergic to daisies. We want orchids. Gosh if I would have known you were going to be on your phone the whole time I would have just invited mom to help me.” Y/S/N lectured me when I heard the sweetest sound.

“White chocolate mocha for Y/N.” Tyler, sister’s fiance, says and I look at my sister. I hear her huff as I stand from my seat. I walked to the bar and grabbed the little plastic piece you can stick in the mouth hole to keep you hot drinks from spilling. I decided I wanted to add some milk to tone the heat down. I looked around before I saw the touch up station which had sugars, cream, milk, etc. so you can make your coffee how you wanted.

As I was pouring my milk into my drink to help cool it down, I heard the bell ring signalling someone had walked into the store. I turned my head and I almost dropped the milk when I see two familiar faces. Ethan and Grayson Dolan had just walked into Starbucks. The Starbucks I go to on a weekly basis. The Starbucks my soon-to-be brother-in-law works.

“Eth what do you want?” Grayson asks as they both walk up to the menu. He was wearing a black snapback and a long sleeved shirt with jeans. Obviously he knew it was chilly outside today. I am shook right now. I look around to see the only people in the Starbucks is my sister, me, baristas (like 5), the twins, and some old guy. This was my chance.

“Caramel frappuccino extra whip? Why do you even ask.” He says as he runs his fingers through his hair. He was wearing his 4OU hoodies and some sweats. He must have been at his house just chilling and editing when he probably got a craving. He looked extremely attractive right now. I was about to ask for a picture until my sister snaps at me.

“Y/N!” I heard my sister snap. I look towards her and I notice the boys also look my direction. Embarrassed, I scurried off to my seat across from my sister and I’m basically hyperventilating. I want to go up and ask for a picture because how often does this happen? Never! Ethan and Gray don’t casually always come to the same Starbucks as me. Then again, I don’t want to bother them. They are probably just getting coffee and leaving to go finish for the video for Tuesday. My sister looked towards the twin and then mouthed ‘is that them?’ to me. I nodded and put my finger over my mouth signalling her to please not say anything. “Go ask for a picture.” She says and I shake my head. She looked back at the twins who were talking and waiting for their coffee.

“Y/S/N please.” I begged.

“Hey!” She shouts and the boys turn their head towards us. “Are you guys the youtube kids?” She asks and I bury my face in my hand. I could feel my cheeks changing temperature from a nice cool to fire burning red right about now.

“Yeah I’m Gray and this is Ethan. We just finished this week’s video it will be up Tuesday.” He says smiling at me. Ethan was smiling at me too and I blushed even harder.

“That blush is super cute just saying.” Ethan says and I could feel butterflies in my stomach. I didn’t know what to say.

“Excuse me?” I said and Ethan laughed again.

“Your face is as red as Winnie The Pooh’s shirt. I said it was cute.” He says changing his posture to be standing taller.

“T-Thanks. It’s nat-natural.” I said awkwardly stuttering. Ethan kept smiling. He even licked his lip, cracking a wider smile.

“Sorry she doesn’t get out much and plus she’s a big fan.” Y/S/N said and I lightly hit her

Shoulder which made Ethan laugh.

“Haha don’t worry about it. We’ve had girls who were hysterically crying to the loudest most boisterous people ever so we’ve seen it all. What’s your name?” Grayson asks us with a smile.

“Y/N.” I replied smiling.

“Well Y/N would you like a picture? Your sister can be in it too if she wants.” Grayson asks and my sister looks at me.

“I wouldn’t but she would.” My sister points to me. She pulls out her phone and Grayson stands in front of the muffins and other baked goods.

“Come on Y/N.” Ethan says as he pulls out my chair making me get up. I stand to my feet and walk over to them smiling. My sister follows and stands a few feet in front of us.

We take normal pictures, funny pictures, even pictures of them kissing my cheeks. They were honestly the sweetest most down to earth guys I have ever met. We even did a picture where they picked me up sideways and held me. That one took a few shots because we all kept laughing.

“Dolans!” The barista shouts.

“I got it.” Grayson says leaving just Ethan and I by ourselves. I looked at Ethan who was smiling which made me smile.

“Sorry for being awkward earlier and thanks for the picture.” I said picking at my jeans. He chuckled throwing his head back.

“Don’t worry about it. Want to do another picture? Just us two?” He asks and I nod. I pull out my phone and angle it up. This was my chance. I was never going to see them again and I was just going to be any other fan. Ethan kisses my cheek and I snap the picture. I showed Ethan and he nodded his head. “Make sure to tweet that to me so I can follow you and so I can have it on my phone. I love meeting fans.” Ethan says as Grayson walks up with coffees.

“E we have to get going. It was nice to meet you Y/N.” Grayson says giving me a hug. I hugged him back of course. I turned to Ethan. Now or never. I lean in for a hug.

“Thanks daddy.” I whispered in his ear. I could feel him freeze. I pulled away with a kiss on his cheek. I heard him gulp as I pulled away from him. “Hey Y/S/N ready to go?” I hollered at my sister not even worrying about the shocked Ethan that was standing still. “Hopefully I’ll see you guys around!” I said with a wave. Grayson waved back and Ethan stood frozen in his place.

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Helping hands - Lafayette x Reader x Jefferson

Request: onelastfic said: Fic Idea: Laf x Reader x Jefferson where Laf & Thomas are picking out clothes for the reader and fight over what style looks best on her.

Time period: Modern

Word count: 1076

Ship: Lafayette x reader x Jefferson

warnings: slight innuendo

A/N: this was satisfying to write bc my daveed thirst is REAL, thank you @onelastfic for the request, feel free to request more!!

Originally posted by thegameofnerds

You sat under a pile of clothing as you held your phone to your ear.

The phone rang a few times before your best friend Lafayette picked up “Allo?”

“Hey Laf I’m going on a date tonight and I need your help picking out an outfit.” you groaned.

There was shuffling and some talking on the other end of the phone. “I am hanging out with my friend called Thomas, it is okay if he comes too, non?”

“Yeah, I guess, I don’t really know him though.” you blushed at the thought of a stranger seeing your messy room.

“Not to worry, Y/N! As long as it is okay with you that he comes, the two of you will get along great.” he assured you. “We will leave now then! à plus!”

You had just put the last piece of clothing mountain back in your closet when the apartment buzzer rang. You knew it was Laf so you buzzed him in and put the kettle on while you waited.

Lafayette didn’t bother knocking and let himself in, engulfing you in a hug and spinning you around.

“Y/N” he cried dramatically, setting you down and kissing your forehead. “It has been too long.”

“Laf, I saw you yesterday.” You laughed.

He put his hand to his forehead. “Too long.”

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Why Him? Pt. 4 (Thomas Jefferson x Reader)

Time Period: Modern (College AU, Soulmate AU)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8

Word Count: 1,339

Warnings: Language as usual.

A/N: Ah! There are so many things I want to happen in this story, but I have to build up to them. So without further adieu, here is part four!!

Tags: @bjwrites @robotic-space @pietro-no


You and Thomas Jefferson sat in a small booth at the back of the café and you fidgeted with your hands under the table. You weren’t nervous, per se, you were just used to being on your guard whenever Jefferson was around. Thomas, you reminded yourself. His name is Thomas. You had both ordered a moment before and were waiting for the waitress to return with your coffee. “So… You come here often?” You asked lamely, attempting to make small talk.

Thomas chuckled lightly. “Yeah, this is usually where I come to do my homework. I just like the atmosphere. What about you?”

You looked around at the small coffee shop taking in the sight of it. The small tables in the center of the room were old and rickety, but they had a certain charm to them. The leather booths that lined the walls were worn and fading, but strangely comfortable. Edison bulbs hung dangled over the tables and off-white Christmas lights lined the corner where the ceiling met the flaking brick walls. Soft jazz music played throughout the vicinity and the entire place felt warm and inviting. “No,” you admitted. “I’ve never been in here before. But I think I like it.”

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Bound || pjm v. jjk [1]

Originally posted by ashtonxbts


The Prologue | 1 | 2

Characters: Jungkook x Reader x Jimin

Categories: Angst, Fluff

AU(s): Soulmate!AU

Based loosely off of this soulmate au prompt and BTS’ Perfect Man Cover:

Where for whatever reason, your clock is stuck/frozen/it’s not counting down anymore but it hasn’t reached 00:00:00:00 yet and you’re freaking out because this hasn’t happened to anyone before.

♡ ◇ ♡ ♡ ◇ ♡ ♡ ◇ ♡

Bright lights blur your vision when you awake from your stress-induced slumber. The steady sound of a beeping monitor immediately makes you realize where you are and you jolt up. Your eyes dart all over the room; from the flowers that adorn the corner of the room to Jimin, your emergency contact, and apparent soulmate who is not technically your soulmate.  

  “Y/N?” Jimin presses your hand into his own tenderly, but the mere touch makes you wince in pain. Mocha orbs widen at you as he hastily moves back in devastation. Dammit, Jimin thinks to himself, I knew this would happen.  

  You turn to face him, eyes softening at his frazzled state.  

“You see, soulmates are genetically and biologically modified to feel everything that you do.” A somber voice belonging to a tall man with short black hair styled into a quiff pauses to adjust the pristine white lab coat. “Say, for example, a soulmate sprains their ankle. Quite similarly, their soulmate will be alerted with a small dot near the end of their clock and their clock speeds up, if, and only if, they have not met their soulmate. However, if they have met their soulmate, the pain is much worse.”

He steps around to yours and Jimin’s table, eyes narrowing at the two of you. His eyes catch Jimin’s long sleeves despite the room being well over seventy degrees and he huffs before turning back to the rest of the class. “However, if there is a one-sided soulmate,” The man turns to face Jimin and stares at him head on. He pauses for a second, eyes lingering on Jimin.

“Why is he looking at you?” You murmur to Jimin, in confusion. Despite all the times you have heard this speech (a total of three times for each year of middle school), the professor never bothered to explicitly look at anyone as they spoke this.  

Jimin’s jaw clenched at the prospect. “I don’t know,”

“The pain is detrimental – not physically, but emotionally.” The professor smirks lightly before turning back to the board.  

“What happened?” You murmur to Jimin once more. The soft timbre from your voice takes Jimin out of his trance and his smile weakens ever so slightly. Were you honestly in this predicament because of him? The last thing that Jimin ever wanted to do was hurt you – but he knew that you had to learn at some point who his soulmate was when you would never be invited to his wedding.

A lump swells in Jimin’s throat and he says nothing. Your inspective eyes skim over his appearance; evidently rough and ragged from the lack of sleep that he has gotten and the extra mental pain that he had to go through since you had, in fact, been his soulmate. Your eyes halt on his right arm, where your arm is etched beautifully across his skin.  

“I never wanted this to happen.” Jimin utters when enough confidence has coursed through him. “I wanted to hide it for as long as I could but you always kept nagging about how my soulmate was and how wonderful the system is and I-”

“I understand, Jimin.” And your words render him speechless. That was the last thing he thought you would say. “It is not fair or even remotely acceptable that I’m your soulmate and I’m not yours.” You sound rigid and you know that Jimin can sense it, but he says nothing. Perhaps this is the best, is what runs through his mind. “Personally, I still would want to find my own soulmate… but I don’t exactly know if my soulmate is my soulmate anymore.”

Jimin, for the first time since you awoke, turns to face you. His pupils dilate at your words. A swell of hope runs through Jimin like a wildfire and he hates himself for it, but another part of him makes him grin at how simple but encouraging your words were. As much as Jimin wished that you were not his soulmate, he understood perfectly fine how this could happen.  

“I don’t care about you feeling that this will be unrequited or one-sided or whatever the pamphlet calls it.” Immediately following you speaking the words, an ice noose encloses itself around your heart almost immediately, but you choose to ignore it. “But I care about you, Jimin.” You subconsciously dart your eyes to the IV in your arm as you speak the words, but you know that the physical pain is nothing compared to how Jimin must be feeling right now. You did not want to think of what you were doing as a sacrifice because it wasn’t, you sincerely cared about Jimin and adored every aspect of him. Hell, if you didn’t have the clock, you would have certain that he was your soulmate. “And I want you to be happy because you deserve every amount of happiness just-”

“But he doesn’t,” A voice cuts in, causing both Jimin’s and yours attention to focus on the doctor. His short hair and black glasses reminded you of the men you often looked up to when you were little; how you rushed into their offices for monthly and annual check ups on your soulmate clock and how wonderfully working yours was. Back then, those comments never made sense but now; it made perfect sense. “Miss Y/N, you are here due to a fracture in your clock. Fractures are quite common when meeting your soulmate but the odds of a fracture with someone who is not your mate is approximately 0.0349 percent of the time.”  

The doctor sensed the animosity that radiated off of Jimin; thus garnering the boy full attention he felt he was entitled too. “If you choose to pursue this relationship,” He adjusted the glasses on his noses. “Your health will decline exponentially and your true soulmate’s will as well. While unrequited soulmates are a rare occurrence, there happen to be plenty can fill support groups in which your delightful friend,” The doctor makes the point to make eye contact with Jimin. “Park Jimin can join in assistance with his problem.”  

“Problem?” Jimin snickers under his breath.  

Despite the antagonism from both Jimin and the doctor, you found yourself weighing your options. For the a vast duration of your life, Jimin had been by your side. He protected you from any harm that may had come to you and quite honestly, you felt as though he was your soulmate if he was not your biological one.  

“Now, Miss Y/N.” The doctor turns to face you with a malicious smile on his lips, but you manage to smile back despite the urge not to. “The fracture in your clock cannot be fixed but that is perfectly fine. Your soulmate simply has more time to find you, that’s all. Now if you want, we can have Mr. Park escorted from the premises so that you can make a clear, level headed decision of how you want to continue finding your soulmate. If you would like, we would be happy to help you track your soulmate.” Upon hearing those words, two guards saunter in, weaving weapons and facing toward Jimin as if he was one of the most infamous criminals that ever walked the face of the Earth.  

Escorted from the premises? The doctor’s words reminded you of the mantra that Jimin often cited to you prior to his telling you that you were soulmates. In the society you lived in, if you did not have a soulmate, you were what was called defective; you were seen as less than a person and ultimately a criminal for not having the genetically modified behavior that was given to everyone else. In school, presentations and assemblies had been dedicated to the defective and how horrible they lived – in alleyways and zoos because of how ‘primitive’ they were considered to the rest of the population. Was that life you wanted for Jimin?  

“I don’t want to find him.” You bluntly state. The room stills at your statement and you swear you still the slightest glint in the Jimin’s eyes despite the smile that never reaches his lips. “He may not even exist – the soulmate system is wrong and corrupt anyway. I wish to pursue this relationship.”  

“What?” Two voices screech in unison at your hasty reply.  

“But Miss Y/N, what about your true soulmate? You’re being quite unreasonable about this decision.”

Jimin’s mouth hangs ajar in midst of disbelief, but not for more than a minute alone.“Y/N-”

“I would like to be discharged.” You quip back at the doctor with a smirk on your lips, but on the inside, the noose around your heart continued to tighten.  

Months had passed and Jimin eventually became more accepting to the idea of you giving up your own soulmate to be with his. Personally, you were certain that Jimin was your soulmate and your clock had been late to get the memo, but you were forced to pushed that thought away when you learned that Jimin continued to think otherwise. The idea of Jimin feeling insecure because of you made your heart sink with each passing moment.  

Though, nothing could have prepared you for when your soulmate clock actually stopped.    

You were trembling once you had realized what in the world just happened to you. Your skin was ablaze while Jimin overturned your left arm, his fingers repeatedly poking your arm, where your clock should be, more importantly, where it wasn’t anymore. His mouth hung open, his eyes darting from your numberless arm and back to your glazed over eyes.

  “Jimin,” Your throat is dry. Your voice is hoarse, barely louder than a pin drop. “Please tell me that there are ticking numbers on my arm.”  

 "Y/n-ah, I—“

 "No, Jimin.” Your voice is weaker than before. “Please tell me that my soulmate clock is still there. Tell me that it’s still ticking. Jiminie,” Jimin stands there completely quiet, sworn speechless by the fact that you hadn’t called him that nickname since the two of you were in seventh grade together. “Tell me that I’m still going to have a soulmate because oh my god, the clock is gone!”  

  And just like that, you’re on your knees crying on your best friend’s rug.

 "Jagi, it’s going to be okay.“ Jimin has sunk to his knees beside you. His arms wrapping around your trembling body. He isn’t sure if it’s the fact that the ideal that you had been believing in for seventeen years has come to an end or that the clock on your arm that has been clicking since the moment you were born has suddenly stopped – halting all the bodily functions that it seems to control; especially emotional cognition.  

 "I’m not going to have a soulmate, Jimin.” Your words feel like a papercut against Jimin’s heart; light but painful. These words are more on the side of you being insensitive to the world around you which especially focuses on Jimin. His grip on you loosens ever so slightly before tightening around your torso. Jimin’s pouty lips press against your temple.

 "You shouldn’t say that, jagiya.“ Jimin tilts your head up, a strained smile on his rose petal soft lips. A forced chuckle escapes his mouth. "I’m your soulmate.”

  Then it hits again. A hurricane that is Jimin overtaking you as you stare in front of you. He knows that this is exactly what you want to hear, not what you need, and that’s what makes your heartstrings tug too hard for someone who is supposed to be platonic. Your breath hitching up in your chest. Your lungs are on fire. Your torso falls forward to further embrace Jimin’s body as he holds you tight. The empty look in your eyes is permanently etched into his brain and as much as he could help it, he never wanted to see that look on your face ever again.

♡ ◇ ♡ ♡ ◇ ♡ ♡ ◇ ♡

No great love story lasts forever ~ Jeon Jungkook {Angst}

Group: Bangtan Sonyeondan
Member: Jeon Jungkook
Type: Angst
Warnings: Hella trigger
Word Count: 2063

Love is an unfair game, only won by those who play unfair.

            Each time you cross my sight, I die a little inside even when I pretend to be fine. In fact, it hurts a little more each time I think about how well you tricked me into thinking that I potentially meant something to you. The way you toyed with my feelings for such a long time and just left so easily after you were done playing with it and it shattered.
I guess you knew how fragile my heart truly was and how easily you could break it, yet you stepped on it like I never meant anything to you. And I guess that was always the truth, I was your toy, just too blinded by my love for you to notice. And it hurts so much more with every day that passes, every day you pretend not to know me, like I was never part of your world, like our love wasn’t real. Tell me, did you enjoy destroying my barriers and once you got to me like no one else before you did, enjoy seeing me fall? Because if so, I’ll greatly be nothing else but your entertainment because in the end, our love was only a terrible love story on screen, only playing for me.

           The welcoming scent of coffee wafted through the air, calling to my weary legs to come take a rest. A metallic table reflected the sun, almost blinding me for a second. The sun has heated the chair and it felt comforting and warm. My cup of Mocha warmed my freezing hands as I stared out into the white scenery of Seoul, letting out a deep breath. The park across from my favorite coffee shop is covered in a thick blanket of white, statues peeked out under their new white caps, footsteps and paw prints crisscrossed each other around the labyrinth of paths. Aside from the brown of the denuded trees, the only other color is the vivid saffron staining around the base of each lamppost, tree and shrub. I gently blew on my Mocha and took a sip, gazing out as I watched people walking past the shop.
The sound of traffic invaded my thoughts. The street seemed to be getting busier. More people, carrying more bags, spending more money. Arguing with their partners loudly as the stress gets to the most patient of people.
           I felt a tight pain deep inside my past as I could’ve sworn I saw us just walking past the window, smiling as we talked about our day, my hand fitting perfectly into yours like it was meant to be. But as they moved on in their busy lives, they turned into the couple we truly were. They were practically in each other’s faces, yelling at each other for the most unnecessary reasons, not noticing that it was killing what they once thought love was. Their love wilted into nothing, a red rose faced with the bitter cold of winter. Like a thorn on a flower, I knew I’ll get pricked but I wanted him. Oh I wanted him so.
I wrapped my hands tighter around the mug in my cold hands and squeezed my eyes shut, trying not to invite him into my mind once again. I knew he’ll soon forget the sound of my voice and what color my eyes were. He’ll forget how much I loved music and how I adored your smile. Soon he’ll see me as a stranger; walking by without recognizing me; he won’t even know me while I’ll be getting drunk, trying to forget his name. Love is an unfair game, only won by those who play unfair. Sadly, when you never learned how to play so; you’ll never know how to trick your opponent into thinking that you played unfair when in reality all you did was use your mind.
I took the last sip of my cold and bittersweet Mocha before getting up and walking out into the snow. I pulled my coat in tighter around me, tugged my scarf up higher as the cold winter breeze entwined my body, sending shivers down my spine.
I quickly made my way over the busy street, focusing ahead of me on the park, the snow crunching beneath my boots. The street looked like an unfinished painting. So much of the canvas was still perfectly white, as if waiting for the artists’ hands to return. The morning light struggled through the murky cloud, but even in its weakness it was enough to blind. The air was of course cold, but I hadn’t expected the same dampness that comes before rain. Moving from the overbearing heat of the cozy coffee shop to the streets was like sipping on ice-water in the height of summer, until my lips went blue.

“You break me into pieces, yet you’re still doing fine while I’m over here hurting.” I yelled out in frustration, my words coming out louder than intended. He looked at me with concern, as if he never meant to hurt me the way he did. I bit down on my lower lip to conceal the emotion I claimed I don’t have.
           “I knew I couldn’t be comparted to her, she was everything and me? I was nothing.” I chuckled and my voice cracked. “Her beautiful image and perfect character was everything compared to mine. I thought you actually started to feel something for me over the months we have started talking but then you mentioned her.
How much you missed her. That was my occasional alarm bell, to not give you my broken heart. Besides, I guess it’s already too late, I’m going to be another lost girl with a broken heart.”
I looked up at him through tears, my gaze meeting his as I tried to find the slightest hint of sorrow in his face. I tried to feel sympathy for him, stayed awake every night to understand the situation he must have been him to create such a big lie. Deep inside I always thought he created it to protect me from the hurtful thought but in reality, he only created it to protect himself from being the reason another girl cries herself into sleep by the thought of him. Everything he did was for his sake, he didn’t care for me. My feelings seemed like a toy to him and once he got done playing with it, he threw it away. His hand slammed down on my shoulder and he looks at me pleadingly, as if he wanted me to understand him.
“I realized that it was never you I truly loved,” he whispered to me and I broke a little more inside- the pieces becoming shards. “We went into this relationship head over heels, without even being sure of our feelings for each other.”
I stopped him by pushing his hand off my shoulder, trying to smile at him with the tears streaming down my reddened cheeks. “I was clear about my feelings for you.” I whispered, my voice almost too quiet to be heard.

I wiped a stray tear off my cold cheek, wondering how it managed to escape in the first place and scoffed at the cold. I tilted my head upwards to stop the tears from flowing and continued walking along the powdered grass. Tiny snowflakes fell miraculously from the sky as I sat down on a park bench. I had a good view of Hangang River and stared out at the calm sea, listening to the birds chirping high above my head. I couldn’t help but wonder if he missed me as much as I did. If he still thought about me the same way I did about him. If he treasured our memories well, looking at them every once in a while to stay in the memory of what we once used to be.

               “How are you doing?” A voice associated with pain ripped me out of my thoughts about him and I felt my heart skip a beat when I noticed who was standing above me, smiling down at me so brightly. He knew he shouldn’t have asked that question and yet, this question kept him up at night for a certain girl. His chocolate brown hair dripping as the tiny snowflakes melted on his heated face. His eyes were the type of brown that was like a sweet chocolate. The chocolate that melts at the slightest bit of the heat from love, or happiness. But that chocolate can also grow hard from the cold harsh reality that is apparent in this world. Heartbreak, or the depression that he hid from all those around him so well. My breath caught in my throat as I tried to find the proper words while trying to contain my feelings from spilling out all at once.

           “Do not ask me that question.” I replied, tears seemingly falling down my now pale cheeks that had once been pink due to my constant happy state. And just as he began to ask me why, I replied with a sudden fire in my eyes, “You can’t ask how a person is doing after tearing them apart Jungkook. You have no right.”

He looked at me like a stranger, yet worse. Instead of the fragile soul I loved for so long, I saw an enemy. It’s as if all that love became pain, pain became fear and the fear sowed hatred strong enough to break us.

I felt my heart shatter as Jungkook looked at me with the hazelnut eyes I adored so much and I noticed that the love for me I once saw in them has died. That he has moved on while I was still trying to learn to live without him.

               “It’s been a while.” he answered, suddenly taking his eyes off me as if he saw the pain he has caused. As if he experienced all those nights I thought about what has caused this love to fail in the minute of our meeting.

I couldn’t avoid the sarcastic chuckle to escape from my lips as I listened to his terrible attempt of pretending that nothing changed. “It might have been easy for you,” I snorted, lifting up my head and squinting at the sun as more tears flowed down my cheeks. “But I couldn’t ignore the feeling I got deep inside my stomach when you broke my heart. It’s like all the butterflies just died.”

I noticed Jungkook catching his lower lip between his teeth, desperately trying to find a respond to my words but I quickly realized there was no use. When you’re struggling to find the right words, it’s clear that there are no more words left to be said. I wiped the remaining wetness away with the sleeve of my sweater and got up, walking away from him slowly, a smile tugging on the edge of my lips as I looked back at him one last time. Once I turned my head away from him, I couldn’t hold the emotions back any longer. All I was, was sadness, every other emotion pushed from my being. Where there was the love, the light, the laughter is an aching hollowness. I was honest, truthful and full of more love for you than you can ever understand. I have been soft, kind and gentle - yet apparently all that is negated by being too intelligent.

          “Don’t live in the memory of us for too long.” he yelled after me and I stopped in my step, turning my body around to him again. I felt sudden anger raising inside of me by his words and wanted to scream at him, wanted to make him feel all the emotions he just pushed aside but instead, I just nodded at his words.

          “I should be saying it’s okay but I would be the biggest liar in the world if I said that.” I replied, smiling at the ground. “So it’s not okay and it will never be. I bet you had no idea what impact your words would have, no idea it could ruin my life but it did. In fact, you probably hadn’t even realized that I was right there, listening to everything but I did. I hated the fact that you never knew what your words did to me. But now you know and I’m not even sorry~”


Tom Holland Imagine - 11

Can I have your number?

A/N- Tried my best, hope you like it, anon!

“White chocolate mocha.” You told the barista, handing her your money. 

She took your money. “Name?” 


You walked across the little shop and set at the bar facing the window, setting your laptop down. The little bell above the door rang and you looked over. It was Spiderman! Well, the guy who plays him anyways, Tom Holland. And that guy he always he had with him. “White chocolate mocha for Y/N?” The barista called. 

“Her name’s Y/N, mate.” You heard the friend tell Tom. You grabbed your cup and went back to your computer. The only people in the small New York City coffee shop was you, Tom and the boy you now know as Harrison (thanks to a quick google search.) I can’t talk to her. She’s too pretty. She looks too smart for me. But damn it, I’m in love. He thought as he watched you open Google Docs. 

Tom approached you as you typed furiously, finishing your short story for your Fiction-Writing class. “Um, Y/N? Sorry, I know it’s creepy I know your name.”

You finished the sentence you were writing and looked up. “Yes? And I know your name, too. Tom.”

“Can I sit here?” He asked, his face was flushed. You nodded. “So. What are you writing?”

You closed your laptop, embarrassed. “Just my short story for my Fiction-Writing class. It’s due in a few hours.”

“So, um, can I, um, maybe get your number?” He asked looking down at his coffee. You’re fucking this up Tom. She could be the one, He thought to himself. 

You smiled. “Sure.” You pulled a piece of notebook paper out of your bag and tore a corner off, then started to write. Holy shit! She’s giving me her number. And Haz said she was out of my league, He thought.

“TOM! Let’s go we are going to be late!” Harrison yelled as he ran up and dragged Tom away from you. 

Tom’s coffee spilled on the floor and then he yelled, “HAZ! Stop!” But it was too late. Tom was shoved into a taxi. You were so close to going on a date with Tom Holland. So. Close. Well, all you could do know was finish your cheesy love story. 

It had been an hour of you sitting, typing, and staring out the window. Only a hand full of people had revolved in and out. The door slammed open and you jerked your head up. It was him. It was Tom. “You’re still here! Yes!” He leaned out the door. “She’s still here Haz!” 

You laughed at his excitement. “Yup. Still here!” You yelled back.

He walked over to you and sat down. “So, can I still get your number?” 

You handed him the piece notebook paper. “That’s it. You’re actually going to text right? You aren’t like those other guys who get a number and then ignore it?” He shook his head. “Good. I would hate to think that Spiderman doesn’t text.”

Your phone buzzed. It was Tom. You wanna go get something to eat? I swear I’ll ditch Harrison. You laughed and texted him back. Harrison (or Haz,as you call him,) can come. But he can’t take you away again. 

“He’s a horrible wingman. I’m ditching him. Let’s go?” You nodded and packed up your things. Then you followed the greatest guy you’ve ever met out into the busy crowds of NYC.

His Eyes

Josh Dun Imagine #1

(A/n Hey guys this is my first Imagine ever so I would love if you could give me some feedback & btw don’t be afraid to request something)


As you walk down the aisle with your beautiful white dress you look at those mocha eyes that belong to the man you love, those eyes that have seen you on your best and worst days, those eyes that make you feel safe and loved, you look down and smile as the memories of you first meeting and how nervous you were.

You reach the end of the aisle and turn to face Josh, he hasn’t stopped smiling since you walked in the church, his calloused hands grab the white veil and gently moves it to the back of your head, his eyes widen in awe as he looks at his soon to be wife thinking about how lucky he is to call you his wife.

After the vows that had brought you and various other family members to tears the priest speaks once again “Joshua William Dun, do you take (your full name) to be your lovely wedded wife in sickness and in health for as long as you shall live?” “I do” he says as he looks at you “And do you (your full name) take Joshua William Dun to be your lovely wedded husband in sickness and in health for as long as you shall live?” “I do” you say as you look at him with tears brimming in my eyes “I now pronounce you Mr and Mrs Dun” “You may kiss the bride”

Josh looks at you with loving eyes and cups your cheek before bringing you into the most heartfelt kiss making you weak at the knees.

You can’t wait to spend the rest of your life with this man.

Got a request for coffee shop AU Klance, where Keith knows nothing about coffee. Enjoy!


“Aside from being gorgeous, what do you do for a living?” Lance leaned up against the counter, black apron tied around his waist. He was smirking in what he assumed had to be a totally charming way, his free hand on his hip.

The girl standing across the counter raised one eyebrow, laughed, and shook her head. “Um, I’ll have a white mocha, please.”

Lance felt himself deflate at the way she ignored his pickup line, frowning a bit as he typed the order into the kiosk. “Size and name for the order?”

“Grande, and it’s Becca.” She replied, pulling out her card. “And Lance,” she paused to lean forward, reading his name tag. “Don’t write your number on the cup.” She said, swiping the card. “I don’t need a receipt, thanks.”

From the pasty display case a few feet away, Hunk whistled. “Wow, that was brutal.” He laughed.

Lance shot him a venomous glare, printing out the label for the cup and slapping it on. “Shut up, man. I wasn’t even gonna write my number in the first place.” He grumbled, turning to make the drink.

“True, you did use one of your worst pick up lines.” Hunk responded as he finished rearranging the pastries, sitting back to admire his work.

“Hunk! That’s one of my best lines!” Lance argued, putting the lid on the cup and sliding it across the counter. “Grande white mocha for Bertha-” he called, shooting the girl, Becca, an innocent smile. “Enjoy!”

Hunk rolled his eyes, closing the pastry display and standing up. “I’d get onto you for being rude, but she wasn’t being all that nice either.” He said, patting Lance’s arm. “Better luck next time.”

Lance huffed out a breath, turning back to the counter and nearly jumping when he saw a figure there. “Sorry, man, I didn’t even hear you come up.” He said, laughing.

“Don’t sweat it.” The guy replied, shoving a hand into his pocket as he scanned the menu.

The boy standing in front of the counter had messy dark hair and a worn, red, leather jacket. He looked windswept, so much so that Lance guessed he’d been driving with the top down. “Holy shit, is that a mullet?” Lance asked, laughing loudly.

The guys cheeks heated up immediately, color rising all the way up to his cheeks. “What the hell, man-”

“No, no, I’m sorry,” Lance laughed, shaking his head. “If it helps, I’ve never seen someone with a mullet look so good.” The compliment took the both of them off guard, and Lance felt his own face warm. “I mean, ah-”

“No, it's—it’s fine.” The boy replied, chewing at his bottom lip.

“So, what’ll it be?” Lance asked, leaning against the counter with a grin.

“Actually, I don’t know what I want.” The guy admitted, shooting a somewhat nervous glance up at the menu again. “The most coffee I drink is the black tar my roommate makes, and it’s not the best.” Shifting, he rested his hands on the counter, squinting at the options above Lance.

“Well, what sort of stuff do you like?” Lance asked, turning to glance in that direction as well. “The menu won’t do you any good if you don’t know anything about coffee. It’s like a language of its own. I can help you figure something out.” His smile was genuine, and after a glance around the mostly empty shop, he hopped up on the counter. “So, first things first. Hot or cold?”

“Um.. Hot? Isn’t coffee supposed to be hot?” The guy asked, looking confused. “I mean. How do you serve cold coffee?”

“You, my friend, need a lot of help. What’s your name, by the way? If you don’t mind me asking. Since we’re becoming such good buddies.” He joked, winking.

The boys cheeks heated once more, and he shrugged. “Keith. Yours?”

Lance brandished his name tag proudly. “Lance, coffee master. Nice to meet you, Keith.” Hunk shot Lance a look, and Lance just rolled his eyes, because he didn’t know what it meant. “So, cold coffee. There’s iced coffee, cold brew, and frappuccinos. Frapps are basically coffee milkshakes…”

“Maybe we should just stick with warm, then.” Keith said, rubbing awkwardly at his neck. “But not too bitter?”

“So maybe a latte or cappuccino…” Lance nodded to himself, hopping off of the counter. “Here, I’ll make you a sample of each, and you can taste. Do you like any flavors? Like caramel or mocha or vanilla?”

“Not really? Which one is the best?” Keith followed him over to the machines, tall enough to watch Lance work.

“Eh, they’re all good in their own ways. I personally prefer caramel, so I’ll make you that.” Lance hummed as he went, looking totally in his element as he made the two drinks, going as far as making a cute design on the top of the latte. “Alright, they’re kids temp so they won’t burn you.”

Taking a sip from each, he wrinkled his nose at the cappuccino. “A little strong.” He said, setting it down and switching to the latte. “This is better. Still kinda strong.”

“So you’re one of those.” Lance joked, rolling his eyes. “Don’t worry, I can throw in some half and half.” He said. “So, do you want to try that, or would you rather try something else? There’s like… Tons of stuff on the menu.”

“Maybe I can come back to try it all.” Despite the fact that the comment wasn’t particularly flirty, when Lance met Keith’s eyes, the guy was blushing hard. “S-so, ah. I’ll have a caramel latte, and…” He paused, glancing down at his hands. “Your number.”

Lance couldn’t help it. He laughed. In the back of his mind, he knew it was a shitty thing to do, but he couldn’t help it.

Keith immediately bristled, his blush intensifying as he glared. “Okay, you’re an asshole-”

Lance could hardly breathe, unable to stop laughing. “N-no, no, I’m so sorry.” He paused to wipe away tears of mirth, shaking his head. “I just can’t believe you used a pick up line worse than /mine/.” Picking up the cup, he scribbled Keith’s name, followed by his own name and number.

“I only said it because I heard your friend talk about your shitty pick up lines!” Keith argued, though he seemed to deflate when he saw Lance write on his cup. Lance made the drink with a roll of his eyes, sticking on the sleeve and sliding it across the counter.

“Sorry, sorry. Give me a call, pretty boy, we’ll talk.” He winked, “Be careful, this one is normal people temp, don’t burn yourself.” Lance’s smile was kind enough that Keith just shook his head, cracking a tiny smile.

“Yeah, okay. Seeya, Lance.”

The moment Keith left the store, Hunk whooped from across the room. “You’ve gotta stop giving away free coffee to every cute person who walks in. But, still. Score! He was totally gorgeous, dude! I can’t believe you held off with your shitty pick up stuff and talked like a normal person!”

Lance felt his cheeks warm yet again, pushing off of he counter and turning to immerse himself in work to ignore Hunk’s teasing gaze. “Shut up, man, he asked me for my number.”

“Yeah, but you wanted it.” Hunk grinned, patting his back. “He seemed pretty eager to get back, though.”

Lance glanced over at his phone as the screen lit up with an incoming message.

‘Sorry for the crappy pick up line. I never do that. I have no idea why I did that.’

Lance grinned. “Yeah, he does.”

When We First Met

Summary: Soulmate au where if you draw on yourself, it shows up on your soulmate’s skin.
Warnings: None
Word Count: 1815
A/N: Thanks so much to @wanderingforhome for telling me to do this and giving me the energy to actually write something for once c: It’s based off of a post from tumblr but i couldn’t find the post again so creds goes to whoever thought of this yikes (EDIT: The post can be found here) xD Thanks for reading!
Song Creds


Dan grew up in a world of art. Where there was a pen, there was always skin to draw on, and that meant people would be able to walk the streets with art down their arms, wondering where their other half could be. Because Dan lived in a world where you could draw all over your skin and the exact same drawings would show up on your very own soulmate; the person you were meant to be with for the rest of your life.

People were absolutely obsessed with the idea of finding their soulmate. Whereas Dan didn’t particularly care if he found his straight away (Let’s be honest, he’ll find them one day so he’s not in any hurry right now), everybody was a scrambling mess of writing and drawing all down their arms so they could find theirs. That was why most people worse shorts and short sleeves, to show off the ink on their skin in hopes they would come across someone else with the same exact marks. Of course, they could always just write down their name on their skin, but that would be breaking the law.

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I like you a latte

A SnowBaz fic for the Carry On Countdown

Simon hadn’t seen Penelope all summer and he missed her like crazy.  She was like his other half – in the most platonic way possible, of course.  Meeting at their favourite coffee shop had been her idea, and as far as Simon was concerned, the idea was a good one.  He pushed through the door and a wave of cinnamon warmth washed over him, almost like the world was breathing a sigh of relief.

           Penny hadn’t arrived yet, so Simon joined the queue and stared up at the menu.  He wasn’t big on the hot drinks this time of year, and besides they always burned his mouth to the point where he couldn’t taste for days.  He scanned the cold drinks and settled on the most chocolatey one he could find.  He stepped forward to order, fumbling with his wallet.

           “How are you today,” said a soft voice.  Simon looked up.  And up.

           The barista was tall, or at least that was the first thing Simon noticed.  Tall and sharp.  He had warm brown skin and black hair long enough that it reached his shoulders, even pushed back like it was now.  Simon was so busy noticing how silky that hair looked that he almost forgot to respond.

           “Um – good.  I’m good.”

           The barista wore an expression that wasn’t quite a frown, and his eyebrows were arched in expectation.  A sort of curious indifference.

           “Oh, right,” Simon stammered, “an iced double chocolate mocha, please.”

           The corner of the barista’s mouth twitched upward as he tapped Simon’s order into the till.  “Was that everything?”

           Don’t panic. He’s just weirdly hot, no reason to panic.  Not even when he smiles like that and it makes you want to melt.

           “Yep, that’s everything.”

           “What was the name?”

           “S-Simon.”  Stop stuttering you idiot!

           The barista scribbled on a cup and passed it to a shorter girl (well of course, everyone was shorter than him) beside him. Simon dragged his eyes away from that mouth and that hair and down to his nametag.  Baz.  What kind of a name was that?  A hot one, Simon reasoned.

           Once his drink was ready Simon sat down at a table not far from the counter, taking a sip from the straw.  Perfect.  He tried to calm down and not stare at the gorgeous boy at the till.  The line was thinning, the other tables filled up. Simon kept an eye on the street, watching for a trace of Penny’s purple hair in the crowd.  He took another sip, glancing down at his cup, and nearly choked.

           There was his name written in beautiful looping handwriting.  Beside it was a heart.

           The blood rushed to Simon’s cheeks.  Could it be a mistake?  A slip of the hand?  He snuck a peek at the counter.

           Baz’s gaze dropped immediately, and his blush matched Simon’s.

           Nope, not a mistake then.  Definitely a heart.

           “Sorry I’m late.”  Penny slid into the seat across from Simon, who shook his head to clear it.  

           “S’okay,” he assured her, “I’ve only been here a few minutes.”

           “I’m gonna get a drink, be right back.”  She bounced over to the counter.  A new barista had taken Baz’s place at the till. Baz was now over by the lids and straws, wiping down the countertop.  As Simon watched, Baz’s eyes rose tentatively to meet his own.  Simon smiled shyly.  Baz did the same, then went back to his wiping.  Simon looked down again, barely able to contain his grin.

           Another careful glance and he found Baz was grinning, too.


Baz didn’t normally make moves like that, drawing hearts on the cups of cute boys.  He usually just blushed his way through their orders and forgot about them later.  But then again, they weren’t Simon.  Baz hadn’t been able to stop thinking about yesterday’s shared glances since the beautiful Simon had left with a tiny wave.

           So when those same bronze curls bobbed into the coffee shop just before noon, Baz could practically taste his heart jump into his mouth.

           He was almost relieved when the new girl, Trixie, got to the till first.  Baz did his best to hide behind the coffee machines, as if that were possible considering his height.  Why was Simon back?  Was that girl Penny coming again?  Was she Simon’s girlfriend?  

           “Everything alright?”  Agatha appeared beside him, mixing a latte.  “You look like you’re… failing to hide.”

           “Look who’s here.”

           She peered over the machines, standing on tiptoe to see.  “Is that the bloke you wrote a heart on yesterday?”

           “Not on him, on his cup.”

           “Damn.  You really know how to pick ‘em, don’t you?”

           “What is he doing here?”

           “What’s he doing in a coffee shop?  I dunno, Baz, if I had to guess I’d say he was getting coffee.”

           “Two days in a row?  And dressed like that?”  Baz snuck a peek at Simon, who was wearing a white collared shirt and ironed black pants, a very different look from yesterday’s jumper and beanie.  It wasn’t even cold enough for a beanie.  The adorable bastard.

           “Maybe he’s on a break or something,” Agatha shrugged daintily.  Everything she did turned out dainty.  That was just Agatha.

           “Where do you think he works?”

           “You should ask him.”

           Baz glared at her.  “I can’t ask him where he works, that’s like a date question, not an I’m-serving-you-coffee question.”

           “Well, then I guess you’ll have to get him to go on a date with you.”

           “Have you lost your mind?”

           Agatha tossed her platinum hair over her shoulder. “No, but I’m worried you might.” With that she stalked away.

           “Hey Baz,” came Trixie’s high-pitched voice from behind him, “can you hand out the order please?”

           Baz groaned when he saw the name on the cup. “White mocha for Simon,” he called, hoping his voice hadn’t cracked or wavered, or sound too bored.  Or too excited.  Or too anything.

           Simon appeared from around the tower of to-go cups. He grinned at Baz, and Baz did his best not to pass out on the spot.

           “Hi again,” Simon murmured.

           “Hi,” was Baz’s lame reply.


           “No one with you today?” Baz ventured.

           “No, actually I came to speak with a manager. I was hoping to see about a job.”

           Baz froze.  “H-here?”


           Baz felt as though his blood had frozen and melted at once.  “Oh,” he managed, “that would be… cool.”  Cool?  Really? That’s all you’ve got?

           “Yeah,” Simon repeated, not dropping his gaze from Baz’s.  After a moment he took his drink and sat down, his gaze out the window.  Baz tried not to stare.  His stomach was doing flip-flops, and he tried to make sense of his brain.  He should be happy, shouldn’t he?  The boy of his dreams might end up working with him, that would be… good?  Or maybe Simon would decide that Baz wasn’t so great in person, and then Baz would be stuck falling more and more in love while Simon fell more and more out of it.

           He thought about what Agatha had said, about asking Simon out.  Would it be too soon?  Maybe not, it happens in the movies all the time. But this wasn’t the movies.  This was real, and the real world had a tendency to go very, very wrong.

           But maybe it would be better to bite the proverbial bullet and skip the hypothetical “work relationship”.  Then again, Simon wasn’t guaranteed to get the job.

           Baz stood there wiping the counter in repetitive circles as his mind went in the same shapes as his cloth.  To ask him out, or not to ask him out.  That is the question…

           A napkin slid into his line of vision.  Baz stopped wiping.  It took him a moment to register that there were words on the napkin. No, not words, numbers.  Numbers in that perfect, heart-fluttering sequence that could only mean…

           As Baz looked up, he caught one last glimpse of Simon, grinning and blushing as he pushed out the door.

leave a light, leave a little of the night on (Lara Jean/Peter)

Title: leave a light, leave a little of the night on
Summary: “Maybe all relationships are collisions; you move on but you always carry the pieces with you, like splinters of glass.” / Peter and Lara Jean make one last list. Oneshot. 
A/N: NOT as angsty as it sounds I promise! I was rereading the books and remembered how much I loved these two (MY CUPCAKE COUPLE) so I wrote fic because the world needs more Peter and Lara Jean. I’m a little bit nervous about this because I normally steer clear of first person for fic but I felt like it didn’t have the right atmosphere when written in third, so I hope I got Lara Jean’s voice right ? so yeah, have some gratuitous fluff.  for @adribug, @thethiefandtheairbender, and @datte-ba in particular since I know they’ve read the books; happy (belated) New Year’s ?? / ok end long author’s note

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The last day of summer arrives full force, my alarm blaring throughout my room and sunlight hitting my face as someone yanks the curtains open.

“Lara Jean, Lara Jean!” Kitty pounces on me, the bed sinking with her weight. “It’s 8 o'clock!”

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Chance Meetings (Part 2)

Summary: Through a series of chance encounters, you discover more than you thought possible. (College AU)

Word Count: 799

Warnings: None.

A/N: This is so fun to write :D 

Part 1

Two whole weeks. Two weeks went on before you would ever think about that encounter with the rude man that had you furious for the rest of the day. In fact, he completely soiled your studying and you spent the following hours throwing back shots with two of your dorm-mates. Wanda and Natasha both laughed at you as you told them what had gone down and they wouldn’t stop until you threatened to throw heavy books at their heads.

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Pumpkin Spice

((Another fic, and this time Bucky. I wrote a Cap one I’ll save the Christmas time… for now you’ll see! I hope you guys like it!

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 2k

Warnings: None… oddly. ))

You had been struggling with sleep since joining up with the Avengers. It wasn’t that the team itself was so scary, but it was just something new. Using your powers for good this time, and not just hiding, felt weird. But then again sleep and you had never gotten along all that well.

What you discovered when you struggled with sleep after the first week was that there was another who frequently had the same challenges.

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Hands - C.H.

Requestcan you do soulmate!cal?

Summary: Each person has a soulmate. You’re born with their name imprinted on your hand, and your mission in life is to find that soulmate. Some people have waited their entire life to meet their soulmate on their dying day, and some people have been unknowingly best friends with their soulmate the whole time.

Pairing: soulmate!cal x female reader

A/N: I will not be making this a series. If anybody likes the plot and wishes to write a continuation, just message me first and give credit. x

Calum Hood. Y/N would doodle those nine letters all over her notebooks in grade school, daydreaming over her soulmate- wherever he may be. Y/N didn’t know who he was, how old he was, or what he looked like. What if he was a charming prince like in the Disney movies, coming on a white horse to save me from the horrors of life and take me to a magnificent palace? Y/N would dream about this Calum for years, unaware of when her dreams would fade into reality and she would be united with her love at last. 

When Y/N graduated high school, she went to Australia with her friends to kick off their journey of the world. One night, Y/N was out getting drinks with friends when she saw a tall man just a few seats down, with smooth caramel skin and curly brown hair. Something about him ignited a fire in her- whether it was the confident way he carried himself, or the pillow-plush fullness of his lips. What if that’s Calum Hood? 

Y/N left the bar that night, filled with regret over the fact that she didn’t talk to the stranger. 

Just days after the situation at the bar, Y/N found herself waiting for her drink at Starbucks, scrolling mindlessly through her phone until she heard the words venti white chocolate mocha being called. Without looking, Y/N stepped closer to the counter and reached for her drink, her hand brushing somebody else’s. 

Y/N looked up from her phone, eyes instantly landing on the black ink on the stranger’s hand. Y/N Y/L/N. Her eyes travelled up, lips parted in shock as she saw that the man beside her was the man from the bar. She stuttered, her eyes wide. “Calum Hood.”

what the signs remind me of
  • aries: books, hugs from behind, doodles, sad music, trying not to laugh, cut up clothing
  • taurus: bruised knees, art shops, noodles, doc martens, painted skin, bubble tea
  • gemini: walks in the woods, dogs, sunday roasts, waffles, grazed knees, muddy boots
  • cancer: bloodied fists, cigarette butts, midnight trips to mcdonalds, stick n pokes, group hugs, good jaw lines
  • leo: peppermint mochas, cinnamon, forehead kisses, broken bones, freckles, arm wrestling
  • virgo: homemade gifts, pixie cuts, scary movies, broken blunts, old televisions, black coffee
  • libra: falling asleep on peoples' shoulders, daisies, scarves, cold eyes, numb fingers, dumb crushes
  • scorpio: road trips, white lies, pressed flowers, sleepy hugs, throwing knives, empty vodka bottles
  • sagittarius: metal bracelets, broken braces, tobacco stains, littered streets, gossip, long walks
  • capricorn: concert venues, warm hands, denim jackets, red hair dye, cigarette smoke, art galleries
  • aquarius: shampoo in eyes, worn down leather, piggy backs in fields, daisy chains, messy fringes, crying in bookshops
  • pisces: 5 hour phone calls, glasses, theories on the universe, fresh sandwiches, stupid dances, old songs