with a spoon and everything

so i was just thinking about how lena luthor is a crier and it’s canon because of how many times she was actually in the verge of tears in the last ep no matter what and like i could have thought of a sad head canon but  all i imagined was lena dropping a spoon in the kitchen with kara there and kara just kind of stops and her eyes widen because she knows what’s gonna happen next and lena is like looking down at the spoon and starts tearing up and is all “everything in my life lets me down” and kara has to hug her and give her kisses a;l'skdfja;sldkgj

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ok but drunk Neil crawls into bed during some team retreat and accidentally nudges Andrew but when he doesn't flip shit Neil's all "ah, ok, he's awake" and then cuddles him. Only to wake next morning with Andrew in the doorway and he's spooning fucking Aaron. Grumpy Aaron is everything (Also hella salty -murderous- Andrew) (Also you're beautiful and wonderful and I had no one else to spew my nonsense to, you majestic celestial being)

HOLY SHIT (I changed some of it to fit in with how i think this situation would plausibly happen, i hope it’s ok!)

“Andrew, are you awake?”

There’s no reply from the sleeping mass on the bed, huddled under the blankets with only the top of his blond head peaking out. Neil knows there’s no way Andrew wouldn’t have woken up the second he stumbled his way into the room, so he assumes his silence is wilful.

“Andrew,” he repeats, and dares to poke what he assumes is Andrew’s shoulder.

Again, no response.

Neil, having just finished a two hour run with an exy stressed Kevin, concerned that ‘team retreat’ is synonymous with being lazy and neglectful of his rigorously implemented summer training schedule, is too tired to properly process what that’s supposed to mean.

So, he crawls onto the bed, and flops down on his side.

“You better not kick me in the morning,” he grumbles, before he closes his eyes. In seconds, he falls into an exhausted sleep.

He wakes up with the feeling of being watched, and instantly tries to sit up to assess the danger, only to find himself entangled in someone’s arms, their weight resting almost on top of him. He yelps, though more out of a sense of surprise than of fear, especially when he catches a glimpse of Andrew’s face in amongst their tangles of limbs.

Only, Andrew’s standing in the door way.

It is with a sinking feeling of horror that Neil realises the man clutching him tightly on the bed is, in fact, Aaron.

“Fuck,” he says.

Aaron opens his eyes.

As soon as he’s conscious enough properly take in the situation, Aaron recoils in disgust, all but flinging himself to the other side of the bed in his haste to get away from Neil. He’s making inarticulate sounds of revulsion, looking at him as though anything that just happened was Neil’s intention.

“You- you-” he starts, staring at Neil in horror. “You fucking shit.”

Neil groans, and covers his face with his hands.

“Neil, get up,” Andrew says.

Neil looks at him, and though his arms are crossed and he’s standing rigid in the doorway, there’s no trace of expression on his face.

“I didn’t- I thought-”

“Get the fuck out of my room!” Aaron finally yells, his voice breaking with lingering sleepiness.

Andrew stalks forward and grabs Neil’s forearm, hoisting him out of bed and tugging him out of the room and down the hallway. Neil allows himself to be manhandled, and says nothing until they reach what Neil realises is actually their shared bedroom, on the opposite end of the hallway. How did he manage to fuck up that badly?

Andrew tugs him into the room and closes the door behind them, before rounding on him and pushing him back against the wall.

“Before you say anything, I-”

“Shut the fuck up Josten,” Andrew growls, literally growls, at him.

Neil does.

But, then, Andrew doesn’t say anything, just glares at him with those burning eyes, his jaw tense. It’s almost unnerving, his strange intensity. Neil can’t help but stare back at him.

“I know that finding me in your brother’s bed isn’t exactly how anyone wanted to spend this morning, but I swear nothing happened,” Neil says, after the silence goes on for too long.

Andrew shifts his weight, coming closer, his hands pinning Neil’s chest to the wall. “Shut up,” he growls again.

“I thought it was you. I swear, I didn’t realise.”

“I said, shut the fuck up Josten.”

Neil can’t decipher the look on Andrew’s face, the slightest curling of his upper lip and the strength of his glare. He looks angry, but not. He looks at Neil as though he wants to devour him.

“Are- were you jealous?” He finally asks.

Andrew just growls, and steps in closer, now chest to chest. “No,” he says.

Neil grins. “Well, if this is you showing your possessive streak, maybe I should mistake you and Aaron more often.”

He knows he’s goading, and he’s never been less serious about anything in his life, but it’s worth it for the way Andrew’s eyes narrow, and his hands tighten.

“I am going to kill you,” Andrew says.

“Sure,” Neil replies.

Finally, Andrew kisses him, brutal and hard and utterly possessive, demanding entrance to Neil’s mouth and kissing him without regard for thought of air. Neil’s a gasping, desperate mess when Andrew finally pulls away.

“Don’t let it happen again,” Andrew says.

Neil can only nod, and chase after Andrew’s lips until he’s granted them again, and they kiss until Neil is dizzy and aching, and whatever lingering feeling of Aaron clinging to his skin totally and wholly replace with the hard press of Andrew against him, and his lips and hands and touch slowly taking Neil apart.

This was a wild ride, thank you so much sweet anon! I’m touched :’)

Shou: Ritsu say fort

Ritsu: fort

Shou: say it 3 more times

Ritsu: fort, fort, fort

Shou: now spell it

Ritsu: f-o-r-t, f-o-r-t

Shou: say it two more times

Ritsu: fort, fort

Shou: now, what do you eat soup with?

Ritsu: a spoon

Shou: what? you’re supposed to say fork. why didn’t that riddle work on you? it got everyone else!

Ritsu: i like spoons

Victim Behind the Gun

summary: reader and bucky escape from the states and find a small apartment in bucharest where they attempt to start their lives over. reader finds a job fixing electronics, bucky falls in love with ikea, reader is the big spoon and bucky finds comfort in painting. everything goes well until steve rogers shows up at their apartment and pulls them back into the world of politics, spies and super-soldiers. within just a few hours, it becomes evident that rogers blames reader for everything that has happened involving her father two years prior.


word count: 22k+ (no im not fucking kidding i’ve been writing this one shot since july it took me 6 months to finish it im drained)

warnings: ca:cw spoilers (a lot of them but im being pretty vague so you pretty much have to know the plot of the film to understand this??), light swearing, violence, smut, slight inaccuracy in regards to the plot of the film, ptsd, my knowledge of hacking is basically nonexistent so don’t shit on me

a/n: this should’ve been turned into like a multiple chapters fic but i’m not about that life so enjoy spending two hours reading a single one shot.

let me know what you think here

inspiration: one / two / three

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Sleeping Cullen

Most of the time Cullen likes to be the big spoon, but there are nights, nights when he needs to be the little spoon. When his Love is away the nightmares sometimes are almost as bad as they were before they’d met, but when she’s home sometimes being the little spoon helps him. When awake he does everything in his power to protect her, but when he’s asleep, it’s she who protects him. 

 When his nightmares are really bad and it’s one of those nights when she slips her arm over him and through his arm it changes his dream. It isn’t the Hero of Fereldan in Kinloch Hold. It’s her, she bursts through the door slaying his demons and leaving their corpses in her wake. Together they fight the thing Uldred has become and instead of leaving Kinloch as a disgraced half mad Templar on his way to Kirkwall the dream ends with the two of them crossing Lake Calenhad his arms around the Inquisitor and a smile on his face as they move into their future, his future happier than he ever thought possible.

Spoonie Witchcraft - what does it mean?

A small disclaimer first: I am by no means an expert nor are my words to be taken as the absolute truth. Witchcraft is a great tool but doesn’t replace actual medical care such as pills, going to the doctor/therapist, and so on. Also, I suffer from chronic mental illness and have no experience from chronic physical illness and thus I cannot speak for people who suffer from chronic physical illnesses.

The Spoon Theory

For chronically ill people, we have only a certain amount of energy to spend per day, or spoons. Various activities take different amount of spoons and the spoon amount might vary from day-to-day. Quite often you do not have enough spoons to do everything you want, so you have to either borrow from tomorrow’s spoons or juggle between choosing what to do.
In a situation like this, doing witchcraft is very hard - bigger spells, rituals, or anything that requires a lot of energy can easily take a good chunk of our daily spoons. This is why spoonie witches prefer to do low-energy spells.

Different levels of spoons

Because our spoon levels can vary from day to day, I have adjusted my witchcraft to them. I will present some examples that can give you an idea of what I do on days with certain amount of spoons.

Critical spoons - this is the lowest I can go. I usually don’t even get out of bed or maybe I get up enough to grab my laptop and go back to bed. On these days I prefer only to study and read, maybe say a chant and just hold my crystals to absorb their energy. Most often I don’t do anything because of how low my energy is.

Low spoons - the most common days I have. These are the days when I can cast a few small/simple spells and activate sigils. Rituals or bigger spells are still out of my league. I can probably manage to do the most critical daily tasks but not all.

Big spoons - once in a blue moon. These days are what I suppose “normal” people have. I have enough energy to complete my daily tasks and have a bit of extra even after that. Rituals and bigger spells are achievable and do not drain me completely.

Huge spoons - I’ve had such days more often than “a lot of spoons” -days, which I find a bit funny. On huge spoon days I feel like I can do anything and everything, so on these days I do tasks that have been waiting around such as cleaning and cleansing, laundry, and other tasks I consider very big and energy consuming. I also tend to charge my crystals and sigils on such days so I can draw their energy on days I don’t have as many spoons.

Am I a spoonie?

A lot of people can relate to the spoon theory, but what does being a spoonie actually mean?
It means that you are suffering from an illness that limits your daily life considerably. Everything in your life is dictated on how much energy you have and/or how much you are suffering from your illness on that day. You might not shower for a week because you don’t have the energy for it. You might not eat for two days because you don’t have the energy to make food. Two weeks’ worth of laundry is waiting but you can’t do anything about it because just the thought of it makes you exhausted. You can’t get out of bed because everything hurts so much and you just want to sleep forever.

I personally didn’t feel comfortable in calling myself a spoonie before I had medical papers in front of me that said I had a chronic mental illness. Of course, not every spoonie can get these papers or see a doctor, so it is mostly up to you to determine whether or not you’re a spoonie.
Some chronically ill people feel it disrespectful if you use the term when you are not diagnosed with such illness, so please keep that in mind.

Spoonie tips

  • Take your time. Your craft is not going anywhere and taking breaks is more than okay. Taking care of yourself is the number one priority. Always
  • On big/huge spoon days charge up crystals/sigils that will act as your “batteries” on low/critical spoon days
  • Lighting up candles will usually make you feel better
  • If you don’t have energy to clean and cleanse, lighting incense or opening a window can do wonders
  • Spend some time with your crystals, even if you just hold them in your bed
  • If you have plants, keep them near your bed so you have someone to talk with
  • Drink a lot of water. You can also charge the water in the sun or moon and infuse the water with intent
  • Draw sigils on your pill bottles, on your favorite mug, above your bed, in your phone’s cover, your hands, your comfort items, your heat bags… Anywhere and everywhere
  • On days when you can go outside, absorb light and the energy of the earth into yourself
  • Remember to ground and meditate (I find it really helpful)

Spoonie blogs

Here are some of my favorite spoonie blogs. If you want to be added to the list, please do contact me!


RFA reacts to MC’s birthday

(this is just something really self indulgent as it’s my birthday today! Please enjoy a lot of fluff)

-Keeps you up until midnight so he can be the first to wish you happy birthday
-Also makes you put your phone away because he doesn’t want someone else to try to text you first
-Will cover you in kisses
-Hopes you never stop smiling the entire day
-Gets up at horrible oclock in the morning
-So that’s what a sunrise looks like
-Makes you breakfast in bed
-Spends literal hours making sure everything he cooked was perfect
-Feeds you spoon fulls and holds you super close to him
-Present time?
-You just know this boy has been trying to figure out the perfect gift for you for months
-Inside the little box you find a locket with a picture of both of you
-it’s engraved with “Forever Yours
-You definitely feel like tearing up, but turn to look at him when you hear him sniffle
-The poor boy has overwhelmed himself with his own gift giving
-You tell him how much you like it and he tells you there’s one more thing
-He’s arranged to take you to your favourite restaurant for dinner
-You both come home late and all dressed up
-You’re greeted with the loud sound of people screaming surprise
-Of course he wanted to tie the night off with the rest of the RFA
-When it gets late he shooed everyone away,he has one more thing in store for you
-Tries to pick you up bridal style but has hardly any arm strength
-Ends up giving you a PIGGYBACK RIDE to the bedroom
-It’s honestly so romantic and the perfect day, wow you love him so much

-I’m sure you already knew he’d been planning something
-Tells you he’s been telling people for months he can’t work today
-He has to be with his one true love on their birthday
-Takes you out for a lovely lunch
-He didn’t want it to be too crowded
-But he also has other plans for the evening you’d be sharing together
-He gives you his gift while you’re at lunch
-The first gift was a white box and you suspected he’d got you one of your favourite cakes from a bakery you love
-Little did you expect to see his face printed nicely on the icing
-Of course you can’t help but smile, it’s such a Zen thing to do
-You tell him you absolutely love it and reach for the other bag he’d brought for you
-You pull out a picture frame and give it a look over, smiling to yourself before gazing back up at him with so much love
-It’s a picture from your first date together, something you both hold as a very special day
-”Please keep it with you when I can’t be around, I never want you to feel lonely, and this way, you’ll never be without me. We’ll always be together in heart and spirit”
-You can feel tears pricking at your eyes, you loved this idiot so much
-When you get home, you don’t know how he did it but the whole place it candle lit and covered in roses
-He offers you a hand to escort you into a world of passion and love
-Zen loves being praised and hearing his name
-Lets just say he heard it a lot that night

-You got an adorable letter from her in the mail inviting you to her house on your birthday
-You get dressed up and meet her in the evening, excitement bubbling in your chest
-When you get there, you’re greeted with a big hug before being invited in to sit down
-She’s already brewed your favourite coffee and placed it on the coffee table
-She has gorgeous romantic music playing in the background and you could tell she had gone out of her way to clean extra, just for you
-She came and sat beside you, and bit her lip, she looked a bit shy before she finally started to talk
-She so adorable when she’s nervous
-”I wasn’t sure what to get you…so I made something for you instead”
-She quickly gets up and goes to the kitchen before slowly coming back with what looked like one of the most extravagant cakes you’d ever seen
-The cake read “Happy Birthday ‘____’ and was covered in gorgeous icing roses and intricate design and details
-You couldn’t help but gaze at it, unbelieving that someone would put so much time and effort into something for you
-You help her place it down and without a beat missed you pull her into a kiss
-Soft and warm and slow
-All your passion and gratefulness pushed into a kiss
-When you pull back she’s totally rekted 
-Her face is red and she’s almost stunned
-Almost as if on queue the music changes
-You smile and offer her your hand to dance
-You both dance slowly in each others arms
-Of course when you get to the cake she’s praised greatly
-It was the best thing you’d ever tasted
-You were almost sure you’d never see her blush this much again

-You know he could give you anything you wanted
-But you tell him all you want for your birthday is a night with him
-Of course he does whatever he can to take the evening off
-You both decide on a romantic night in
-You both just wanted to be with each other, no one else
-What you weren’t expecting was him to buy a new suit just for the occasion
-Walking out of your room to find a sexy Jumin, a gorgeous meal and a small gift waiting for you made you blush and almost like you wanted to walking back into that room to prepare yourself
-He acts quickly with coming over to you and bringing you into a slow deep kiss
-He escorts you to the table and pulls out your chair
-Dinner is amazing
-But you could hardly think of the food with Jumin staring at you so intently from across the table
-When you finally ask him what’s up he tells you you look especially amazing today
-He finally slides the box across the table to you and you can see the anticipation in his eyes
-You open it to find a small ring, the middle stone shaped like a heart, is your birthstone, accompanied with two diamonds on either side. 
-You look up almost as if you’re questioning it and he gets up to come over to you
-He takes the ring and you suddenly feel like you’re going to faint, he’s not??? no???
-He smiles and stops to kiss your forehead “Before you over react, no, I’m not”
-He replied almost as if he was reading your mind
-He takes your hand and slips the ring onto your finger
-”it’s simply a reminder that I’ll always be yours, and that, when the time is right, I’ll make that promise to marry you.” 
-He pauses for a moment and you smile up at him
-”But also…it’s a warning to every other man that you’re mine, and not to touch you.”
-You feel your heart beat a little harder and you pull him into a deep kiss, dragging him by his newly bought tie
-It doesn’t take him long to pick you up and take you to the bedroom
-You both didn’t get much sleep that night~

-He’s hardly slept in three days because he wanted to take your birthday off
-He climbed into bed 2 minutes before midnight and drags you close to him
-He wishes you happy birthday and kisses your neck slowly 
-”I don’t have much money to buy you something, but after days of hard work, I’m all yours for the next 24 hours”
-Honestly thats the best gift ever???
-You both plan a big fun day out together
-You guys go to an amusement park and make out on the ferris wheel
-Then to a bad horror movie, where eventually, you end up making out again
-Honestly this boy can’t keep his hands off of you all day
-After a long drive he tells you you’ve made it to your final destination
-You aren’t sure where you are but there’s a large dome and you seem to be in the middle of no where
-Saeyoung greets the security and they let you in
-The room is dark so you hold onto his hand tightly and he bring you over to lay down on the carpeted floor with him
-He sighes and pulled you close to him and kissed your forehead before looking up
-You followed his gaze and suddenly the ceiling switched on
-There before your eyes, was the gorgeous sky, no…space
-The place he always said he’d take you, it’d felt like you both had finally made it
-He turned to look at you, face in a blush and a soft smile on his face
-”Even though I can’t take you to space, I hope this is enough for you. Honestly despite how beautiful it is in here, I can’t seem to take my eyes off of you. Please, never leave my side, now that we’ve made it to space, we can do anything”
-You try your best to hold back tears
-You can’t help but roll onto him and kiss him
-You both spend the entire night there, together, in your own world, floating in space
-But this time
-You did a little more then make out

When You Don’t Have The Spoons To Bath/Shower #19

It’s a bit embarrassing for some of us but when we don’t have many spoons, a bath or shower can be one of the worst things to do. For me personally, it doesn’t just use up a bunch of spoons. When I get out of the bath, I feel super achy, my joints feel more fragile, and everything needs more spoons.

So here are some tips to help you survive those times when you need an extra day or two. I’ll add to this if I find or think of any more.

-Dry shampoo! If you have long hair and it’s a bit too oily, use some dry shampoo. Look for what works for you. You can get white spray on ones or powder ones, that you rub in and then brush out. You can get ones that are coloured so you don’t need to brush them out. Dry shampoo gets rid of that greasy look and gives your hair some volume too. 

-Invest in a really good deodorant. If you have a good deodorant, you will feel fresher for longer. I personally love Mitchum deodorants. They work much better than any other brand that I’ve tried drastically. I think they live up to the ‘lasts for 48 hours’ line more than any of the others. 

-If you can’t have a bath or shower but you really need to have a wash, have a wash at the sink. Fill it with hot/warm soapy water, use a flannel/sponge/whatever and just do what you can. Just wash the important parts basically. It’s not perfect but it’ll do when you need it. 

-Try using a shower stool. It can make a pretty big difference when it comes to spoons. When I really don’t have the ability to have a proper bath, I sit on my stool and have a shower. I do what I can then get out. I find it makes cleaning your lower body much easier too. I recommend it because it really does make having a bath/shower much less spoon consuming. (thanks to biggunzcdb for reminding me of this!)

As I said, I’ll add to this over time. But for now this is it. If you have any ideas I havent mentioned, let me know :)

fibro!tsuna and the dark age
  • WARNINGS: ideation of self-mutilation, suicide, depression? it's dark. slightly funny. dark humor? morbid humor? tsuna at negative spoons.
  • ...
  • tsuna: i wonder if rearranging my spine would make everything hurt less.
  • reborn: that just might give you full body paralysis
  • tsuna: meaning i won't feel anything right? no pain? no pain no gain.
  • reborn: go to sleep
  • tsuna: I Can't
  • tsuna: It Hurts
  • ...
  • tsuna: how much does a kidney go for on the black market?
  • reborn: tsuna, why
  • tsuna: so i can give it salvation from being in this suffering pain-infused body of mine. it Deserves a Better Life
  • tsuna: speaking of, how about livers? does being riddled with painkillers lower its market value any?
  • reborn: you can't be the vongola boss if you take part in black market organ trade
  • tsuna: that's the best news i've heard in my entire life!
  • ...
  • tsuna: is it true that you can't feel anything once you reach third degree bur--
  • reborn: Stop
  • ...
  • reborn: maman, does tsuna ask you these things too? it's not very healthy of him.
  • nana, way too chipper: oh, of course! he's such an inquisitive boy. i try to answer everything i can.
  • tsuna: mom knows A Lot of stuff.
  • nana: only to satisfy that curiosity of yours, tsu-kun. please don't actually do any of that, though.
  • tsuna: uh, yeah. of course not.
  • tsuna: it all sounds very painful to go through
  • tsuna: i don't like pain
  • tsuna: haha,,
  • ...
  • tsuna: what doesn't kill me leaves me awake at 2am wishing it did
  • reborn: i know. i'm the one you keep up at night while wishing you were dead
  • reborn: which reminds me
  • reborn: is that why you were up at 2am googling 'how to safely get a spinal cord injury'?
  • tsuna: you're the mind-reader, you tell me
  • reborn: all i hear in your mind is constant screaming
  • tsuna: then?? why are you still asking
  • ...
  • tsuna: the only reason i wake up in the morning is to see if i'm still alive
  • tsuna: and if i am, how do i fix it
  • gokudera: that's so inspirational, juudaime..
  • tsuna: you're a good friend, gokudera.
  • tsuna: although it's kind of worrying that you think my depressive tendency is inspirational
Every Little Thing (Karamel)

PLOT: [Set after 2x13] Mon-El and Kara are laying in bed and he ponders. Also there may or may not be an argument about who gets to be big spoon.

SHIPS: Kara/Mon-El

WARNINGS: Fluffy as shit, only be wary if you’re allergic to adorableness (if you are though, you probably shouldn’t be watching Supergirl anyways I mean she is so cute she could kill someone–which could be detrimental for your health).

A/N: Big spoon!Kara is everything bye Also: GIF ISN’T MINE!

CHAPTERS: One-shot :)


Mon-El looked down at Kara as she laid on his shoulder, her cheek pressed hard against his skin and her hand toying with his, lacing their fingers in and out of each others’. He loved the way she frowned when she was thinking; loved that little crinkle in her brow. He surmised that it was a normal side effect of ‘liking’ a person.

He also liked it when she accidentally broke things. He’d never tell her, and he’d always sort of chastise himself for thinking it, but goddamn was it cute. She always looked so surprised and embarrassed. Of course, she never had any reason to be any such way or feel any such emotions, but watching her was like watching a movie; almost all her emotions played out on her face.

Often times though, the mystery of her mind boiled down to what exactly was making her feel such a way. She was so compassionate and intuitive; any number of things could make her concerned, or upset, or happy. He often wondered what it would be like to merge with her–with anyone–like martians do. How strange would it be; having your thoughts, and knowledge, and skills put onto another person? He could only imagine the vast number of amazing and beautiful things she was thinking, and although he’d love to know just one, he decided that he firmly believed their heads would practically explode if they shared minds. (Too many overwhelming emotions and inklings for even both of them together to handle).

His eyes traced the bridge of her nose, watched her beautiful blue eyes as they studying his long, arching, fingers. He spread them further apart, and she slipped hers into the gaps he made. She gripped his hand, and he grinned, laughing slightly as she squeezed it.

“Careful, you’ll break something.” He teased.

She smirked at their palms and then looked up at him. Her eyes moved back and forth between the gray ones he called his own. She slipped her hand out of his, and touched his cheek, tracing invisible lines only she could see.

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