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since the semester just ended, here are some important reminders

🌹it’s okay if you struggled

🌹it’s okay if you had trouble understanding the material

🌹 it’s okay if there aren’t all As on your transcript this semester

🌹it’s okay if you asked for help

🌹it’s okay if you just made it, or if you didn’t pass something

🌹it’s okay if you didn’t always have the spoons to do everything all at once

🌹 it’s okay if you didn’t do as well as you had hoped

🌹it’s okay if your mental illness/disability/chronic illness made things difficult for you

🌹 it’s okay if dysphoria made things hard too

🌹it’s okay if you decided that maybe school isn’t for you, or that this might not be the right time

🌹 it’s okay

because you still made it. you did your best against whatever odds you faced, and you still came out of it and learned some important things not just about your classes, but about yourself. you tested yourself. you pushed your limits. you learned your strengths and found out what you need to work on in the future.

even if it was hard and it felt like it was impossible and the world was falling apart, you came through. and thats worth noting.

take this time now to relax and recharge. take this time to take care of yourself and focus on your strengths. take this time to celebrate everything worth celebrating about your life and remind yourself that even if things don’t always go according to plan, you’re here and you’re living and there’s no one else like you. take this time to build yourself up so you can do better, instead of beating yourself up for your mistakes.

be kind to yourself. be gentle with yourself.


Victim Behind the Gun

summary: reader and bucky escape from the states and find a small apartment in bucharest where they attempt to start their lives over. reader finds a job fixing electronics, bucky falls in love with ikea, reader is the big spoon and bucky finds comfort in painting. everything goes well until steve rogers shows up at their apartment and pulls them back into the world of politics, spies and super-soldiers. within just a few hours, it becomes evident that rogers blames reader for everything that has happened involving her father two years prior.


word count: 22k+ (no im not fucking kidding i’ve been writing this one shot since july it took me 6 months to finish it im drained)

warnings: ca:cw spoilers (a lot of them but im being pretty vague so you pretty much have to know the plot of the film to understand this??), light swearing, violence, smut, slight inaccuracy in regards to the plot of the film, ptsd, my knowledge of hacking is basically nonexistent so don’t shit on me

a/n: this should’ve been turned into like a multiple chapters fic but i’m not about that life so enjoy spending two hours reading a single one shot.

let me know what you think here

inspiration: one / two / three

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Shou: Ritsu say fort

Ritsu: fort

Shou: say it 3 more times

Ritsu: fort, fort, fort

Shou: now spell it

Ritsu: f-o-r-t, f-o-r-t

Shou: say it two more times

Ritsu: fort, fort

Shou: now, what do you eat soup with?

Ritsu: a spoon

Shou: what? you’re supposed to say fork. why didn’t that riddle work on you? it got everyone else!

Ritsu: i like spoons

Sleeping Cullen

Most of the time Cullen likes to be the big spoon, but there are nights, nights when he needs to be the little spoon. When his Love is away the nightmares sometimes are almost as bad as they were before they’d met, but when she’s home sometimes being the little spoon helps him. When awake he does everything in his power to protect her, but when he’s asleep, it’s she who protects him. 

 When his nightmares are really bad and it’s one of those nights when she slips her arm over him and through his arm it changes his dream. It isn’t the Hero of Fereldan in Kinloch Hold. It’s her, she bursts through the door slaying his demons and leaving their corpses in her wake. Together they fight the thing Uldred has become and instead of leaving Kinloch as a disgraced half mad Templar on his way to Kirkwall the dream ends with the two of them crossing Lake Calenhad his arms around the Inquisitor and a smile on his face as they move into their future, his future happier than he ever thought possible.

fibro!tsuna and the dark age
  • WARNINGS: ideation of self-mutilation, suicide, depression? it's dark. slightly funny. dark humor? morbid humor? tsuna at negative spoons.
  • ...
  • tsuna: i wonder if rearranging my spine would make everything hurt less.
  • reborn: that just might give you full body paralysis
  • tsuna: meaning i won't feel anything right? no pain? no pain no gain.
  • reborn: go to sleep
  • tsuna: I Can't
  • tsuna: It Hurts
  • ...
  • tsuna: how much does a kidney go for on the black market?
  • reborn: tsuna, why
  • tsuna: so i can give it salvation from being in this suffering pain-infused body of mine. it Deserves a Better Life
  • tsuna: speaking of, how about livers? does being riddled with painkillers lower its market value any?
  • reborn: you can't be the vongola boss if you take part in black market organ trade
  • tsuna: that's the best news i've heard in my entire life!
  • ...
  • tsuna: is it true that you can't feel anything once you reach third degree bur--
  • reborn: Stop
  • ...
  • reborn: maman, does tsuna ask you these things too? it's not very healthy of him.
  • nana, way too chipper: oh, of course! he's such an inquisitive boy. i try to answer everything i can.
  • tsuna: mom knows A Lot of stuff.
  • nana: only to satisfy that curiosity of yours, tsu-kun. please don't actually do any of that, though.
  • tsuna: uh, yeah. of course not.
  • tsuna: it all sounds very painful to go through
  • tsuna: i don't like pain
  • tsuna: haha,,
  • ...
  • tsuna: what doesn't kill me leaves me awake at 2am wishing it did
  • reborn: i know. i'm the one you keep up at night while wishing you were dead
  • reborn: which reminds me
  • reborn: is that why you were up at 2am googling 'how to safely get a spinal cord injury'?
  • tsuna: you're the mind-reader, you tell me
  • reborn: all i hear in your mind is constant screaming
  • tsuna: then?? why are you still asking
  • ...
  • tsuna: the only reason i wake up in the morning is to see if i'm still alive
  • tsuna: and if i am, how do i fix it
  • gokudera: that's so inspirational, juudaime..
  • tsuna: you're a good friend, gokudera.
  • tsuna: although it's kind of worrying that you think my depressive tendency is inspirational

mason jar desserts are good in theory… like they’re aesthetically pleasing but realistically?? the holes are just too small and trying to jam a spoon in there to get everything out is just impractical and disappointing

Ever notice how when an anti-fandom person says “I read about _____ when I was 13 and it made me think _____ was okay! And that let me be preyed on!” They never post examples?

They never say “I read xyz ship when I was 13” or “ when I was 13 I read abc book/fic with xyz problematic content”

It’s always generic. Never specific.

Edit: I forgot how dense people on here are. To clarify for those who need everything spoon fed to them:

This is talking about those who come into a shipper’s post, and, without being asked to, give some details about their own abuse. They say “I was abused when I was X years old because fiction and ships made me think it was okay”. Again: no one asked them to share those details. Yet, they never say “ship xyz” or “problematic book”. They keep that vague. Which is weird, right? To blame a non-specific thing for your abuse? Which you talked about when no none asked?

Talking about your abuse is fine. Telling people they are supporting abusers because what they write about is close to what happened to you is not.

It is also worth noting those who blame fiction and demand certain things not be written about never go further than that. It is only the fiction’s fault, according to them. If their intent were to help, they would help others learn to spot abusive behavior. But instead of using their experiences to help people, they use it to belittle others. Without even saying what they actually read?

And if a shipper responds with “I’m a survivor too” the anti demands details. Or tells them to stop romanticizing abuse. Or flat out tells them they are lying. Or worse: tells them they are gross and should cope write in private.

Shippers or those who write “dark fic” don’t need to hear your personal stories to believe something is upsetting to you. What they do say is your feelings are no more, or less, valid than their own. If something is upsetting to you, for whatever reason, ignore it, block it, move on. Find something you do like and which makes you feel happy.

Some Soft Caryl Things

  • Daryl sitting on the porch steps. Carol sitting between his legs one step lower, leaning back against him. He has the hiccups, and every time he does, she smiles.
  • Both of them dozing in the living room. She’s curled up in a recliner. He’s sprawled out on the couch. She falls asleep with a book in her lap. When it falls to the floor with a thump, Daryl snorts himself awake.
  • Carol coming out of a shower in the morning and climbing, wet and dripping, on top of Daryl, who’s curled up in the warm blankets in bed. He feebly groans and halfheartedly swats away her chilly, wet hug.
  • Daryl classing everything he cooks as “stew.” Canned beans and chicken? Stew. Squirrel meat and peppers? Stew. Opossum and gravy? Stew. Snake and potatoes? Stew. Carol being the official taste tester. He holds the spoon out with a sample for her and everything.
  • Daryl tying mosquito net around a hula hoop and hanging it from the ceiling fan in their room so the netting falls around the bed like a curtain. This way, they can open the windows on hot summer nights and not get eaten up by bugs.
  • Daryl and Carol’s wounds have all long since healed, but they conveniently act up when they’re feeling lazy. Picture them in bed in the morning: “Could you make me breakfast in bed? My leg hurts.” “My shoulder is almost locked up. I can’t.” “Your legs still work!” **long pathetic groaning**
  • Carol lounging on the couch with her arms stretched over her head. Daryl walking by and leaning over, kissing her elbow “since you cain’t lick your own elbows, I’ll do it for ya.”
  • Giving each other soap mohawks in the shower.
  • Surviving a northern winter by spending as much time as possible in cuddle puddles together.
  • Sleepy Caryl, both of them in fluffy sweatpants and soft cotton shirts, bed hair and big, loud yawns.
  • Carol doing walk-by butt pokes to Daryl with a “boop!” Daryl reciprocating at odd times in public, the stealth butt poke, and murmuring the tiniest “boop!” in her ear. Everyone else wondering why Carol is suddenly having a giggle fit.
The Kylo Soup: An Interactive Review

Kylo soup shapes: a stormtrooper, Darth Vader, R2-D2, and Yoda. I feel like Kylo himself approves of only one of these options.

(Also, who has a Campbell’s collection? Who is collecting cans of soup? Kylo what the fuck are you getting up to on the Finalizer? Do you need help?)

Kylo soup is ready!






(Friend in the background: “Just add salt, it’ll be fine.”)


Well now the soup called me a murder fetishist and screamed about the spoon touching it inappropriately. I have already seen three callout posts about spoons. Also I have a sudden urge to vomit profusely over everything I do not like.

All in all, 1/10 for the Kylo soup. Would not recommend. Wait for the reformulated release of the Ben Solo soup. 

Red Velvet Reaction to: Taking Care of You When You’re Sick

Irene: typical mom type. makes sure you’re bundled up in bed, drinking lots of fluid & hot drinks. makes you soup every night. drops everything to sit by your bed and spoon feed you. which she does while playfully chastising you; “I told you not to go out without a jacket on!”

Originally posted by baejoohyuned

Wendy: “ah, you got sick? that’s your fault, why are you complaining to me about it?” will pretend she doesn’t care, that’s you’re gross & icky but is there for you as much as she can be. shows up after her schedule with medicine, cooking you dinner & making you eat every bite. “you need your strength to recover!” she’ll remind you. “but don’t expect me to be this nice next time you’re sick!” lies

Originally posted by wendythegood

Seulgi: can’t hide her worry. “do you think it’s super serious? should I ring the doctor? WHAT IF YOU DIE?” but once she sees that you’re just sick, not dying, she’ll insist on doing everything for you; cooking, cleaning, picking up grocery’s, etc. she would even give you a sponge bath if you let her. doesn’t realise that touching you = her getting sick too so after you’re recovered, she rings you with a blocked nose like “I wonder where I caught this from?”

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Joy: although she wants to help you, looking at snotty tissues & hearing you vomit make her feel like throwing up. so she’ll buy you all the medicine you need, cook you hot soup then leave the room bc “eww, your nose is dripping.” will be nearby if you need help but avoids touching you or looking at your pale, sickly face

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Yeri: is the type to avoid you as much as possible but if she has to be around you, she’s got hand sanitizer & is wearing a mask; “if you infect me then istg I’m deleting your number from my phone”

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anonymous asked:

You know when you do something and then later you're like...why? Why did I do that? I knew it was a bad idea. That's me after reading that antis reponse to your masterpost. I'm just.... really? My favorite part, if Briana and family say Louis mistreated her I believe them WTF but your in full support of Louis and family against nasty larries, oookay. I'm not sure where I stand, I leave room for doubt but I always come back to the larrie blogs because unlike antis you guys are open minded & nice.

yep i know that response to my post was a hot mess from start to finish. regardless of what you think of larry/babygate there’s no denying that briana and her family are vile. it just goes to show that even the antis who claim to be on louis’ side don’t give AF about him or his well being they only care about him being straight.

after the year from hell we’ve endured i don’t blame anyone for questioning things or for not being sure where they stand and having doubts. but like … i think 2016 has just made it all the more obvious that briana and her family are horrible people. that’s pretty much the only thing that’s been made clear as opposed to murky in 2016.

Victim Behind the Gun [part ii teaser]

summary: reader and bucky escape from the states and find a small apartment in bucharest where they attempt to start their lives over. reader finds a job fixing electronics, bucky falls in love with ikea, reader is the big spoon and bucky finds comfort in painting. everything goes well until steve rogers shows up at their apartment and pulls them back into the world of politics, spies and super-soldiers. within just a few hours, it becomes evident that rogers blames reader for everything that has happened involving her father two years prior.

READ PART I HERE (beware it’s long)

a/n: so this is just a teaser and the whole thing - all 15k+ of it - is coming in a few days. i decided to write it bc y’all need to stop making buck suffer in your fics he deserves to be loved and cared for ok

The painting was a rather messy one, a combination of acrilic and watercolour mingling together to show a chaotic portrait of Steve. There were droplets of watered down paint running down the canvas, dripping onto the newspaper covered floor and staining it with various shades of blues, pinks and purples.

The look in Steve’s eyes was one of absolute defeat and Y/N’s mind wandered back to the day Bucky told her about recognising his old best friend during a mission. Y/N instinctively wrapped her arms tighter around the brunette’s middle, as if in a feeble attempt to protect him from his painful memories.

“I don’t remember much about him,” Bucky muttered quietly, placing a hand over the arm Y/N had wrapped around his middle. She kissed his shoulder once more, encouraging him share his thoughts if he wanted to.

Bucky sighed. “I don’t remember much, but I wanted to put down what I do remember,” he stated. “A way of… making sure I don’t forget, I guess.”

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