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I Don’t Disappoint [M]

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Jay was greeted by the scent of his girlfriend cooking as he entered his kitchen. He had promised you he would be home by 6 but Hyunjung’s had a few worries about her new album and so Sunghwa and Jay decided to stay back helping their newest member; more to calm her nerves than anything. Jay smiled once he saw you only clad in an oversize wife beater. He could see the side of your boobs from how low the curved of the sleeve fell. He bit his lower lips knowing you were not wearing a bra.

You glanced to look at him and returned back to cooking as if his return didn’t surprise you.

You had one hand on your hips and the other holding a spatula as you stirred the chicken in the pan. You were not the greatest cook but you could manage a few dishes without burning it and especially if its healthy food. You were never good with frying anything with oil and you have a scar just above your thumb to prove it. “Hello,” he called out from the doorway of his kitchen.

You only hummed out in reply and turned to flash him a quick smile.

“Is there a panty underneath that or have you discarded the idea of wearing anything underneath a shirt?” he continued on leaning against the doorway with a smirk beautifully carving his lips.

You tried to suppress a grin and managed to fake a small smile. “I’m not wearing a shirt.”

“You’re barely wearing anything.”

“Are you complaining?” you turned your head, perking an eyebrow at him.

Your eyes followed his tongue as it moisturizes his pink lips. You could see his eyes tracing the outline of your figure and you purposely stood up straighter pushing your lower body outwards as you leaned to take a whiff of the scent of your cooking. “Does it smell good?” he asked and you inhaled in the familiar scent of your black paper grilled chicken.

“Uh-huh.” You answered seeing he walked towards you.

“It smell better than it looks at least.” He snickered as you pointed your spatula at him threateningly and he quickly held his hands up in surrender.

“You better be careful Park. You’re late.” You waved the spatula in front of his face and his eyes followed its movement making you smile accordingly. He puts down his hands once you returned back to cooking, throwing in a few cherry tomatoes into the pan. He leaned against the counter with his palms holding him up at his sides.

“You haven’t answer my questions.” He added once the only sound in the room was the sizzling sound of the chicken you’re cooking.

“I’m wearing underwear.” You answered nonchalantly and cursed when you accidentally knocked the packed of tomatoes when you reached for the bottle of herbs. Jay let out a small laugh at how clumsy you were and you sent him a glare before kneeling down to pick up the tomatoes, but of course you had to put the accident to your advantage. You took your time kneeling down making sure that Jay’s eyes were focused on your ass. You could feel the material of your wife beater moving upwards and Jay laughed knowing your intentions. “Wait, hold up let me take a picture.”

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your heart’s desire

inspired by new girl and the lack of any cute cs scenes in the house. its like 1am so all mistakes are mine:)

“Swan.” Killian says, coming to stand beside her as he waits patiently for her to look up from where she’s mixing the pancake batter.  

“Hm?” She checks the batter for any lumps before she tilts her head to look at him, “What’s up?”

“This color is absolutely horrendous.” He holds the little palette up, his eyebrows twitching together in a frown.

Her mouth hangs open and she drops the spatula into the bowl, turning to face him with a hand settled on her hip, “Excuse me?”

“Wood should be a dark shade, love.” He throws the palette of paper that she had given him this morning, telling him that this is gonna be the colour of our wooden floors.

Despite the Evil Queen running around town, Killian and Emma had decided that they will find their quiet moments, that they will live out their normal domestic lives, and one of them included renovating this house which is home now in every sense of the word, but is just so…white.

“Okay, I agree that this place is too bright right now, but if we get really dark wooden floors then it’ll look weird cause the kitchen cabinets are all white.”

“Then we’ll change the kitchen cabinets.” He shrugs as if it’s the most obvious thing ever, his eyes doing a weird (adorable) thing.

She holds up her fingers as she counts them with every word, “We agreed on changing the floor, changing the bathtub to a bigger one wide enough for two people, and to turn the fourth bedroom into a library. We’re not renovating a perfect kitchen.”

“Wouldn’t this steel cold storage thing look better surrounded with darker shades?” He points towards the fridge, raising an eyebrow.

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“Let her go,” Shiro grits out. The woman steps right into his space, a swish of sound. Her robes brush over Shiro’s shoes. His hand scorches.

“You have no grounds to be making demands,” the woman laughs, her clicking fingernails hovering over the spatula. Sweat collects at Shiro’s temple, sliding over the line of his jaw. The pain in his arm is unreal. “Your powers have grown so spectacularly. Perhaps I will allow you to have this one. Grow, Champion, and we will meet again soon.”

Fan art of the fanfic “Something Strange” by @ashinan which in turn was inspired by the AU art by @legendary-defenders. :D

anon requested 6. “It wasn’t supposed to happen like that.”

It wasn’t supposed to happen like that.

Snow watches from the door as Ruby try to snatch a cookie fresh from the oven, only to have her hand swatted by Regina’s spatula.  Ruby yelps in what is obviously fake pain, cradling her hand against her chest like a wounded paw, lower lip protruding and eyes large, round and doleful.  Snow bites her lip as Regina’s stern exterior melts into mild amusement and, with a roll of her eyes, she takes Ruby’s hand into her own, bringing it to her lips and placing a gentle kiss on her knuckles.  

Snow had pictured Regina’s integration back into her family in many ways, but none of them involved her falling in love with Snow’s best friend and staunchest supporter.

Ruby’s arms slide around Regina’s waist, drawing her closer and moving to some rhythm that only the two of them are aware of.  Snow hears Regina murmur a protest about moving the cookies to the cooling rack but Ruby just laughs and kisses her and that seems to be the end of the discussion.  

Deciding that she can wait to put her mug in the dishwasher, Snow turns to leave them in peace.  A smile tugs at her lips as she realises she’s never seen either of them look as happy as they do right now.

Maybe this is exactly how it was supposed to happen.

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Just a random imagine at 1am in the morning. Please don't hate me TT

“Oh, V. You’re here again.”

V found Luciel in the kitchen. It’s a surprise, really. He thought he’d find him sitting on his favorite armchair, munching on his bag of Honey Buddha Chips. Then again, V thought, everything changed when he met her. He just couldn’t figure out if it was for the best, or for the worst for Luciel.

“What are you doing?” V asks, taking in Luciel, his hands holding on a spatula, and the eggs he was just about to crack on the frying pan. There were two.

“I’m making breakfast for me and MC. She might get hungry when she wakes up,” Luciel says, smiling.

V winces. “I’m sorry, Luciel. For not being there.”

“It’s okay. You’ve been coming by more often lately.”

How could I not, V nearly answers. Instead, he says to Luciel, “You have to start going back to work, Luciel. Everyone’s worried. You have to go back. At least start anew.”

“Nah,” Luciel says. “MC and I are happy,” he says, as he places the eggs on the plate.

V watches Luciel as he starts grabbing three cans of PhD Pepper from his fridge.

Luciel hands V a can, drinks from his own, and places the other on the table.
“For MC, when she wakes up.”

V watches Luciel, and remembered that time, when Yoosung was inconsolable after seeing those PhD Pepper on the supermarket. He remembered how Yoosung stopped playing LOLOL.

He remembered how Jumin piled up his work, how he stopped logging on the messenger. How Elizabeth the 3rd was left in his care for months.

He remembered how Zen stopped taking on musical roles. How he stopped acting, because it’s too hard to pretend, he’d said.

He remembered Jaehee, who flooded herself with more work. How she tried searching for someone to fill the hole Zen left in her heart. She can’t. She hadn’t realize, that there were three.

Then, he remembers Luciel.

“You can’t do this, Luciel!! Stop it!” V nearly shouts.

Luciel puts his index finger on his lips. “Shhh.. You’ll wake her up.”

V takes in a breath. He wanted to grab Luciel’s shoulders. He wanted to shake him, knock some sense into him.
“Open your eyes, Luciel!! She’s gone!! She won’t ever wake up!” V’s voice broke.

“What are you talking about? She’s sleeping up stairs,” Luciel says, smiling.

V looks at his friend and starts a sob. Was I this lost with Rika? When did I start recovering? But he knows the answer. He remembers the long haired brunette. How she changed his life too. How she breathed life in the RFA after Rika’s death.

Everything was going fine. The RFA was going stronger. They were getting better. They were recovering. And just when things were going great, everything went wrong.

Someone hacked into the system. Luciel saw the countdown. He tried to disable it. He ran to the apartment when he realized there was no disabling the bomb. He ran, but he was too late. He saw the apartment blow up in his face.

They all saw her final message in the chat room.

“I’m sorry, Luciel. I love you.”

V remembers how Luciel stopped eating Honey Buddha Chips. He remembers how Luciel stopped searching for his brother. He remembers how he stopped hacking into computers, or anything, at that matter. V remembers how slowly, Luciel stopped talking to the others. He remembers how Luciel never cried, even during MC’s funeral.

“MC’s waiting for me. I’m taking her food upstairs. Make yourself at home, okay?” Luciel takes the tray he has prepared, and starts going up the stairs.

It’s been one year. V wonders how he’s going to fix this mess. Everyone’s starting to heal. Just not Luciel Choi.

I was feeling emotional. And this came out of nowhere. I’m sorry TT

Imagine finding out what you and Barry had done the night before while you were drunk.

You were not prepared for what you were being told, and neither was Barry. You looked over at him with wide eyes as he hid his behind his hand.

“… and then you started to have some sort of barbeque meltdown because you couldn’t get the hot dogs to cook evenly…”

“… so I suggested that you just put them in the oven and y/n tried to hit me with the spatula and claimed that it would take away the flavor…”

“… and Barry came to her rescue but he accidentally spanked you with the spatula in the process, which was really funny, I have to admit it, your face was hilarious…”

“… Oh yeah, it actually was pretty funny, and then you two started to fight over who was going to get spanked next and you ended up falling in the pool…”

The more that Cisco and Caitlyn went on, the more you felt you could never look Barry in the eye again.

Don't Leave Me

“WHY DID SHE LEAVE, CAS?! I FINALLY HAD HER BACK! IT’S BEEN 33 YEARS SINCE I LOST HER, AND SHE JUST LEFT?!” Dean aggressively threw the cap of his beer bottle across the room, it clattered against the wall and rolled across the kitchen floor, settling at Cas’s feet.

“Dean…” Cas said gently, hoping to grab his attention, but Dean angrily pulled at his hair and jumped up from his seat.

“I thought she’d care! I thought she was just adjusting to everything, and then she hits me with this! She doesn’t even see us as her sons!” He busied himself with the mess on the counter as he ranted, shoving the dirty plates and cutlery into the sink with as much noise as he could manage.

“I talked with her,” Cas said a little louder. Dean stilled, turning around with a spatula clutched in his hand.

“What—?” he breathed, eyes wide and glossy. Cas took a second before answering. It would possibly hurt him even more, like rubbing salt into an open wound.

“She felt like she didn’t belong here. She asked me how long it’d take until she would fit in.” Cas followed Dean’s slow movement as he laid the spatula down, wiping at an imaginary stain on the countertop.

“And what did you say?” he asked quietly, without looking at the angel.

Cas sighed, shifting in his seat, “I said that I’m not sure. Sometimes I feel like I don’t belong either…” His eyes slipped down as he traced patterns on the kitchen table. Dean stared at him for a second, seeing the unsure slump of his shoulders.

“Cas…” he said brokenly, “Cas.”
He resolutely moved to his side, sitting down on the bench as he placed a hand on his shoulder, squeezing.
“You do belong here, you kn—”

“That’s what I said to you mother,” Cas muttered, “Still, she left.”

“Cas, I don’t know what you’re trying to say, but if you’re telling me that you’re leaving too, I swear…”
Dean shook his head slowly, his voice quivering. Cas saw the muscles popping in his jaw as he gritted his teeth together.


“No, Cas!” Dean gripped his hand, stopping the tracing, “You’re not leaving, okay? I can barely deal with Mom abandoning me, so don’t you dare leave me too.”

Cas lifted his eyes from their joined hands to look at his face, a tear had escaped his eye and rolled down his cheek. He shifted, lifting his hand to wipe the tear. His thumb smoothened over his cheek, feeling the stubble graze against his skin.
“I won’t leave,” Cas whispered, cupping his face. “I’ll always be here, with you.”

Dean’s lips quivered, and he leaned into Cas’s touch, more tears falling from his eyes. “Shhh,” Cas took his face in both hands, wiping them away with his thumbs as Dean’s fingers curled tightly into his trenchcoat.
“I’m here.”

Dean pulled him closer, burying his face in Cas’s shoulder as sobs wracked through his body. Cas wrapped his arms around him, stroked his fingers through his hair, rocked him gently, and rubbed a comforting hand across his back as he continuously whispered shushing words into his ear.
He felt every shiver that ran across Dean’s spine, every hiccoughing breath that he took, and every ounce of pain that this man carried with him.

It took a while before Dean calmed down, but he didn’t move. He stayed still, with his face hidden in the crook of Cas’s neck as the angel rubbed slow circles across his back.

“Cas?” he sniffed suddenly, his voice hoarse and small. His hands slipped around Cas’s middle, bringing them closer.

“Hm?” Cas hummed, relaxing into their intimate position.

“Thank you,” Dean said sincerely, pulling back slightly to look him in the eye.

“For what?”

Dean offered him a small smile, his deep sadness momentarily overshadowed by something entirely different, “For always coming back to me.”

A warm feeling uncoiled in his chest at those words, and with a nod, Cas returned the smile.
Dean sank back into his embrace, and Cas knew.

He loved him.

Except from A Manor Atop a Corpse

Give me somea’ that sweet bean piss.“ Gnarled, yellow teeth hissed past cracked, bloody lips.

The waitress behind the counter blinked, raising an eyebrow as she clutched her notebook tight in her hand. A notebook as yellow as those teeth.

"I’m…I’m sorry? The what?” She found herself asking. Somewhere in the back, the chief could be seen leaning out the order window, dark blue eyes locked on those same yellow teeth, clutching his heated spatula ever tighter.

Those damaged, dark yellow teeth revealed themselves again, opening to let out a raspy, hate filled laugh. “Maybe I wasn’t very clear, here. I said, and let me repeat this as slowly as I can, I want some of that there bean piss.” A bony, gray finger pointed towards the coffee machine just behind the waitress, the appendage trembling violently before setting back down.

“Coffee.” The waitress responded, more bitterness in her tone than perhaps she meant to show. “That’s coffee you wanna order.”

“More fun tha way I said it.”

“More disgusting you mean. No one calls it bean piss.”

“God-fucking-dammit!” Those yellow teeth gnashed together as cracked lips ripped into a snarl, blood trickling down the man’s chin. “Just pour whatever the fuck you wanna call it into a goddamned cup and bring it here!” Everyone in Merv’s Diner grew awfully quiet, a sense of dread filling the room. “And bring me some bacon too. Better make it scream on that grill right there.” The man closed his mouth once again, leaning back on his stool.

The waitress took a step forward, throwing her notebook to the counter. “No one’s giving you shit, mister. Now I don’t very much like your tone, and I sure as hell don’t like your presence here. So…” She came eye to eye with him, smelling the combination of garbage and soot drenched on his skin. “Get. The. Fuck. Out.”

LIghtening quick, a hand gripped one of her own, those wrinkly gray fingers pressing hard against her skin. No words were spoken, for none were needed. When their eyes met again, his were different. They were red, small black pupils piercing her very soul. She couldn’t look away, as much as she wanted to, she could only stare, sweat trickling down her forhead.

When he released her, she stumbled back, holding her bruised hand, feeling an odd, burning sensation coming from her flesh. The man? He just sat there, not even smiling, not even proud of what he did. An air of indifference filled his form, like he was patiently waiting for a bus. The waitress looked for any help, none coming from the chief, who simply nodded, turning his back.

Coffee was poured, and burnt bacon was served, the man giving a nod towards the waitress, fingers dancing against the charred meat before him, never bringing it to his lips. The coffee was much the same, untouched, cooling on the counter. Every now and then, he’d look, almost as if he were trying to remember how to consume either. He’d shake his head, lower his eyes to the counter, and leave them alone once again.

A Game Of Chess//Chapter 2

“Sir, just hold out your arm,” The purple haired girl advised, a desperate look on her face. In one hand she held a wooden bowl, in the other she held a long, flat wooden spatula. “The wax will start to cool soon.”

Gakushuu only backed further away from her. “Why do I need to be waxed? I doubt anyone will notice my hairy arms.”

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spanking isnt abuse you little whiny millennial. stop saying youre abused just because your mommy spanked you because you were probably being a brat.

okay, but you know what is abuse? pushing you down stairs. choking you. pulling your hair. grabbing your jaw and screaming in your face. pushing you into walls. punching you. making you put your hands in a sink of scalding water when you ball up your fists in anger at her. being beaten if you cry while being hit. being the outlet of anger. beinfg constantly told you’;re goign to hell. having  everything valued over you. smacking you in the mouth with a hot spatula for saying “oh my god”. forcing religion upon you and being punished when you respond negatively. gory threats. being toldyoure crazy and dramatic for having a mental illness. being denied treatment for your mental illness. having no privacy. gaslighting. guilt tripping. lmao you can fucking die 

The 4th Day of Christmas--Holiday Spirits

Alyss made Christmas breakfast for every one and tells them all how much she deeply appreciates them all indulging her holiday fever. Joker thinks its sickeningly sweet and wants to hurl.

“I swear, Joker…If you eat anymore bacon, I’m going to kick you in the shin. Save some for everyone else.” Alyss muttered.

“But I’m hungry now.”

She smacked the back his hand with the spatula she was using to flip pancakes, as he reached across her to the plate piled high with turkey bacon for everyone except Tali and Garrus—they had their own dextro-friendly plate. She was making breakfast for everyone and hadn’t even started on dinner; everyone’s families would be there later to celebrate the holidays with them, but she’d made all their friends come over a day early so they could be together first. Kaidan looked up from where he was cutting fruit, laughing at their exchange.

Shepard rolled her eyes and pushed him gently to the island counter of their vacation home’s kitchen, steering him away from the bacon. There were too many people for him to keep eating as she cooked though this should’ve been expected. If he was going to be in the kitchen the least he could do was set the table and help out with the transporting of food from one location to another.

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Special valentines ||c.h.

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The sun beaming through the white curtains lighting the whole room. Half awake, y/n turned to Calum’s side of the bed wanting him close. But instead feeling empty blue sheets of where he would be. Confused, y/n sat up in bed yawning, stretching her arms. The clock above the door showed the 8:28 am which is odd for Calum to be this early.

 Y/n got up from bed to check on what’s happening. The bedroom door creaking open quietly following the sounds of pots clinking and little giggles through out the house. She walked down the main hall to the kitchen seeing her husband stand over the stove watching over the pancakes with a spatula in one hand still wearing his pajamas and messy bed hair. Their daughter Violet running from the kitchen back to the living room with the doll in her hand. “Stop running around and watch cartoons.” he demanded. “Daddy I’m hungry!” she whined. 

“There almost ready I promise, just go watch cartoons.” flipping the pancake. 

“I want to flip a pancake! Violet cheered jumping up and down in excitement. Calum smiled down at her, “You think you can handle it.” raising an eyebrow. “Yeah!” 

Calum handed Violet the spatula picking her up so she could reach the stove, he guided her hand so that the spatula was under the pancake. “Now flip it!” he encouraged. Violet turned her hand the left flipping the heart shape pancake. “Daddy I did it I flipped it.” she yelled wiggling out of her dads grip Calum set her down on the floor, she ran around the kitchen with the spatula in her hands laughing. “Your going to wake your mom.” he laughed. 

“Already awake.” y/n interrupted walking into the kitchen, “Mommy I flipped the pancake! I flipped it!” she excited, y/n leaned down to her eye level giving her a soft kiss on the forehead, “I saw that good job sweetie.” she smiled. “How long have you been standing there.” Calum questioned turning off the stove, putting the pancake on a plate. “Long enough.” she shrugged. 

“Well happy valentines day baby.” walking up to his wife, giving her a kiss on her slightly chapped lips pulling her in by the waist. Violet ran to her room dropping the spatula on the floor. She came back with a drawing in her hands“Happy valentines day!” Violet said holding out a piece of paper. “What’s this?” Calum wondered.

“A drawing I made in school!” she smiled, it was a drawing of the three them with hearts everywhere with the misspelled words of valentines.

Y/n took the drawing out her hands “I love it.” hanging it up on the fridge, Calum picked her up giving her a huge kiss on the cheek making her giggle. “Thank you sweet pea.” 

The three of them sat together on the glass table eating the heart shape pancakes. Violet was engaged on the cartoons shown on the screen shoving food in her mouth.  “Slow down Violet.” y/n told her. 

“Y/n we have to be ready by 7 for dinner reservations.” Calum mumbled with food in his mouth taking in more bites. 

“What about Violet?” y/n questioned. 

“She’s spending the night with Michael.” he smirked winking at her. Y/n let out a chuckle drinking her coffee. 

“Uncle Michael!” Violet cheered. She loved spending time with him but Violet always came back with some ridiculous story that happened or even with her hair a different color.

“Okay but tell Michael not to dye her hair this time-or an R rated movie.” she warned giving Calum a stare. 

“Mommy I want my hair to be the color purple!” 

“No way.” shaking her head “Come on baby, she wants to do it so let her.” Calum defended. 

“Okay okay fine.” she sighed. 

Calum and y/n dropped off Violet at Michael’s apartment before they went out to dinner, y/n telling Michael what not to do. “Wait-does that mean we cant watch deadpool together?” Michael asked. 

“No! She’s four years old, she cant be watching that.” y/n panicked. 

“Fine, we’ll just watch spongebob or something.” rolling his eyes. 

“Spongebob!”  Violet excited, jumping around laughing. 

“Thanks so much for watching her for the night.” Calum added. “No problem man, she’s my little valentine.” Michael smiled petting her hair. “Can you color my hair.” their daughter asked. 

“What color sweetheart.”

“Purple! Purple!” she excited. Micahel laughed picking her up. “Deal, we just need to go to the store and get some color okay?” 

“Yeah!” smiling super big. Y/n sighed in disagreement, “Just be careful okay, dont give her too much junk.” 

“Yeah I know.” 

“Thanks again Mike.” Calum thanked. Calum and y/n both said their goodbye to their daughter giving her a kiss, “We’ll see you tomorrow okay sweet pea? Be good and have fun.” Calum said giving her a hug. “Okay bye mommy bye daddy.” 

“Goodbye sweet heart.” leaving Michael’s apartment. Calum walked his wife to the car with of course cameras everywhere taking pictures, he opened the door for her, she got in from the passenger seat, closing her door and getting into his seat on their way to the restaurant. It was a comfortable silence between them with music playing quietly on the radio. Calum’s hand on her bare thigh feeling the hem of her red dress while steering the wheel with his other hand. Y/n couldnt help but how good her husband fixed himself up wearing a black button up with matching pants. “You look great by the way Cal.” breaking off the silence. He smiled a bit gripping her thigh tighter still focusing on the road, “I can say the same thing about you too.” glancing at y/n. “Were going to have fun tonight baby.” he added. Y/n hummed in response, she leaned over to Calum whispering in his ear, “I know we will.” kissing his cheek. 

A/N: Happy Valentines day babes <3  

vague speculation but not really about what damon’s “ultimate sacrifice” could be in the finale ft. bonnie making breakfast

with vampcakes, may 10th nostalgia, ms cuddles and the goddamned letter thrown into a one shot all signs point to fluff!! but lol jokes on u its super angsty because apparently i hate joy, whoops

Holding the spatula in one hand and staring down at the calendar in front of her, Bonnie flipped through the past months, a dedicated uniform X carefully drawn through each day. Turning back to the current month, she crossed out the today’s date.

May 10th.

Bonnie flipped the pancakes bubbling on the stove and pulled the plate closer to the pan to slide the finished product onto it. In front of her sat various bowls of fruit and syrups and after a brief moment of consideration, she grabbed the can of whipped cream and a handful of blueberries to carefully decorate this particular breakfast.

A smiling vampcake stared up at her. She couldn’t bring herself to smile back. “Alright pancake, time to work your magic.”

Enzo watched Bonnie from the doorway of the Salvatore kitchen and gently held her elbow on her way out with the plate.

“He’s not in there, love.” She pulled her arm out of his loose grip. “No one would blame you for walking away. It’s been ten months.”

Annoyance flushed in her chest. “He’ll break through. I’m not giving up on him yet.”

“His heroics in the woods for you was admirable. But the man who was willing to die to pull you back from the brink, the man who walked into that vault exposing himself to the darkness to give us time to sever you from the Everlasting, the man we knew is not in there anymore. He saved my life too, Bonnie,” Enzo added quietly.

“And you plan to repay him by giving up on him entirely,” she said, her words slipping out harsher than she’d intended. “Damon’s not gone.”

“Just because he finally did right by us doesn’t mean we have to devote ourselves to the shell of the person we once knew for the rest of our lives. Stefan has already said his piece. It might be time to consider saying our goodbyes as well,” he said. “You saw what happened to Alex.”

“Damon isn’t Alex,” Bonnie said roughly, walking past him to the steps leading to the basement. “I’ll see you later, Enzo.”

Pushing his words out of her mind, Bonnie approached the locked door and hovered outside. She rolled her shoulders and stretched her neck, mentally preparing herself before slipping inside.

He was right where she’d left him. His arms hung limply in chains above his head and his chin rested on his chest, hair covering his eyes.

“I made breakfast,” Bonnie said and laid the plate in front of him. She dragged the chair from beside the door and sat backwards on it, facing him.

His head lifted slightly revealing his eyes from beneath his unkempt hair. They still looked like Damon’s eyes. Technically they still were. But somehow it wasn’t Damon staring back at her.

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4) Making breakfast

“Emma, I think you have the griddle too hot,” Regina sidled up behind her and reached around Emma’s waist, turning the heat down from hot to medium. “You keep burning the pancakes.”

“Yeah, sorry…I’m feeling a bit warm cause of the griddle,” Emma mumbled her apology, acutely aware of Regina’s presence so close.

“Here,” Regina moved her feet even closer and wrapped her fingers over Emma’s and guided her to flick her wrist as she flipped the pancakes with the spatula. Regina whispered in her ear, “Just like that—smooth and easy.”

Emma shivered and swallowed, “K, great thanks, yep, got it.”

Regina let go of her hand and nodded, turning to go get more eggs for Mary Margaret to scramble. Leroy came through the line for the third time, and raised his eyebrows, leaning close to leer at Emma. “Maybe if you didn’t spend so much time checking out the Queen’s ass and day dreaming you wouldn’t be burning them,” he winked crudely and held out his plate expectantly.

Emma pursed her lips and seethed, “I am not… I did not check out Regina's—never mind, enjoy your pancakes.” She heaped a stack of three on top of his plate and glared at him as he went on down the line to the sausage station.

Storybrooke’s first annual pancake breakfast came about when the Merry Men’s campfire got out of control one night and they had a hard time putting it out after it caught fire to a nearby tree. The Merry Men were all going through training to be volunteer firemen and the breakfast was a fundraiser to help purchase new equipment and supplies.

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Kara wasn’t aware of how much it affected her the first time it happened.

It was a cold morning, they were late for work and somehow, Cat’s very special coffee beans had ended up in one of the higher shelves. She began to jump around, trying to catch it and when that didn’t work, she grabbed a spatula, trying to pull the can to the edge of the drawer. Without warning, Kara placed a hand on her low back and stretched behind her to reach the coffee. The blonde handed the can, not expecting the kiss she got as a thank you. It was sweet and a bit too enticing for the morning, but it took her breath away and left her with Cat’s expensive lipstick smeared all over her lips.

The woman went about her day, leaving Kara in the kitchen, a bit dumbfounded.

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More Like Fog

Prompt from redphlox: Clean this apartment right now! Gratuitous sappy fluff ahead, be warned. 

Soul shuffles sleepily into the kitchen when he smells pancakes. Maka is humming along to the radio, some oldies station, and dancing with her spatula as she flips them out of the frying pan, apparently unaware of his new presence in the kitchen.

“Good morning.”

She freezes and turns around slowly with her spatula in one hand and a batter covered spoon in the other.

“Nice dancing,” Soul comments smugly when she doesn’t say anything.

“You saw nothing,” she mutters, her face turning an increasingly dark shade of fuchsia.

“Oh I saw everything,” he laughs, “you have nothing on me.”

Her eyes grow increasingly wide and increasingly angry and she reaches out slowly to smear a line of pancake batter on his face with her spoon. “Oops.”

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Preference # 1. He catches you doing something embarassing and records it.

Preference #1: He catches you doing something embarassing and records it.
Written By: PunkIsNotDead2318
This is my first preference ever so feeback is appreciated. Also! Send in some prefs!! And thank you to my bug that requested this!



Dressed in simple panties, one of Luke’s flannels and a pair of white, knee high socks, Y/N pranced around the kitchen with a spatula in hand. She held the plastic to her mouth and horribly sang the lyrics of her favorite 5sos song while shaking her hips side to side. She spun, only to twirl and dip like a ballerina, then turn and push the eggs around in the small skillet.
With sass, her head moved side to side as she sang with Calum, her dance stopping so she could stomp out the beat and lift her right arm to shake her fist at the ceiling.

Completely occupied by her singing and twirling, she didn’t hear the front door open, nor did she hear the soft call of her name when Luke entered their shared apartment. He heard the music and smiled; continuing to walk through the living room and to the kitchen, but stopping dead in his tracks and stuffing a hand to his mouth when he saw her standing in the middle of the kitchen, both of her hands up above her head while she did her best to twerk, which was extremely horrifying. She never really was coordinated.

Luke back away and hid behind the wall to give himself time to pull out his phone. His long fingers swiped a few times across the screen, then sneaked back around the wall and held his hand up and began to record, all while doing his best to keep his snickers silent.

Y/N spun out of her twerking session and twirled in a circle, her eyes closed, lips pursed shoulders shaking with the beat of the song. Her favorite 5SOS song ended, a Bruno Mars song soon followed.

“Ohhh shit!” Y/N hooted and threw her arm up, as if the song was her jam and began to fist pump to the big band music. She lifted the spatula back to her lips and sang without shame while her knee high socked legs did a weird prancing to take her towards the counter. She did a final spin then ran a few steps and attempted to slide across the tiled floor of the kitchen.
Her arms flew above her head and she quickly lost her balance. She slid across the kitchen floor on unsteady feet and screamed when her foot slid out from under her, causing her arms to flutter like a chicken right before she landed on her ass.


“Oh, shit! Babe!” Luke gave up his hidden, sneaking spot against the door and ran into the kitchen, watching Y/N lean to the side and rub at her bruised ass. “You good?”

Y/N’s eyes widened as she stared up at Luke, his blonde hair a mess but a stupid, teasing grin on his lips.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” She hollered and watched him get up to turn off the music and the stove.

“Watching you dance, baby.” His brows lifted and he smirked again. “You’ve got some great moves.” He finished and held up his phone only to shake it at her.

“…are you recording me?” There was a warning tone to her voice and she felt herself tense.
“Not now, but I did catch that fantastic twerk moment of yours…along with the part where you busted your ass.”

“Lucas!” Y/N whined and covered her face. She fell onto her back and shook with a quick, child-like tantrum. “Delete it!”

“Hell no! I’m showin’ all the boys!”

She whined again into her hands and shook out her legs.

“Aw, babe come on. It was cute”

“No it wasn’t.” She removed her hands from her frowning face and sat up, she took the hand Luke offered and was gently pulled to her feet.

“It is cute, your dance moves are my favorite…along with your singing.”

Y/N cringed at both parts but leaned into Luke’s side but broke out into giggles when Luke began o nosily kiss all over her face.

“How’s your butt?”

“Oh, shut up!” Y/N yelled and slapped at his arm, her body turning and trying to escape his teasing, grabbing hands that were reaching for her bottom.

“What?! I’m just trying to help! Maybe give a quick massage!” Luke laughed and chased her around the kitchen, her giving in and letting him catch her. She smiled when he pulled her into his arms and pressed a solid kiss to her lips.



Michael was tired; his shoulders felt slumped and heavy, his eyes probably red and aching. He sighed and opened the door to the apartment he shared with Y/N. Once he entered the building, he turned and quietly closed the door, almost sure she was up in bed fast asleep. It was late, so he continued to tip toe down the short hallway, only to freeze and allow his head to snap over to the direction of the living room when a loud, very angry yell echoed around the room.

“You stupid mother fucker!”

Y/N’s voice was stern and serious so, naturally, Michael’s heart began to race when his girlfriend yelled at him.

Michael sighed again and let his head drop; he was sure she was tired of waiting up for him, but he walked into the living room and stopped again when he saw her standing on bouncing feet while holding an Xbox controller tightly in her hands. Her thumbs were flying across the buttons, her lips puckered up into a snarl while she mumbled curses under her breath.

Y/N played videogames often, but it wasn’t normal for her to be nearly pacing the living room and cursing like a pirate.

So on silent toes, Michael back tracked, stood behind the catch and pulled out his phone. He licked at his lips and began to record, a little snicker shaking his chest when she started up again.

“What the fuck?! Just kill the hooker and take her money! What’s so hard? Ass!” She screamed and bounced up and down twice when on the screen, her Grand Theft Auto character was driving on the sidewalk in a beat up truck…not even close to killing a hooker and taking her money. Michael laughed again and shook his head at her, even though she played often, she wasn’t very good.

He zoomed in on her and continued to watch the screen, little giggles catching in his throat when her character finally stopped the car and got out. The man ran in a few circles then found a hooker, only to fall to the ground when a random man shot her character.

“Fuck!” Y/N literally screeched then turned and fell face first onto the couch. “I hate my life!” Her muffled voice cried as she punched the cushions.

That was it, Michael couldn’t take anymore. With a loud laugh, he stopped recording and fell against the wall, his hand to his chest as he had a hard time catching his breath. Little tears gathered in his green eyes while he continued to shake with laughter.

Y/N stood up from the couch, her eyes widening, arms crossing over her chest while her leg stomped twice.

“Stop laughing at me!” She walked around the couch and stood in front of Michael, her mouth dropping open when she saw the phone resting in his hands. “Did you record me?!”

“W-wait, just hold on.” Michael tried. He lifted a hand and begged for a minute to collect himself, his tired face now pink and pinched from all the laughing. “Oh, God.” He wiped at his eyes and stood straight against the wall.

“Stop laughing.” Y/N pouted again and fought the urge to punch him.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. What are you still doing up?” He rubbed harshly at his face to try and push the uncontrollable giggles away.

“I was waiting for you.”

“That’s sweet.” Michaels stepped forward and cradled her cheeks; she was still angry at her game, her foot tapping against the carpet. “I think you need some more practice…”He trailed and broke out into loud snickers when she pulled back and pointed an accusing finger at the large TV screen.

“It’s the stupid hooker’s fault! But you recorded me!”

“I did,” Michael laughed and held up his phone. “But I won’t show it to anyone…”

“That’s a lie! You’ll show it to everyone!”

“Damn right I will!”



His beautiful brown hair was shining, his eyes making her weak at the knees as she stood in front of him and softly sang a slow, beautiful, romance filled song. Her hand lifted and rested on his smooth cheek as he smiled at her.

Calum entered the apartment and paused when he heard no sound. That was suspicious, Y/N always had music playing all day. His brows furrowed, his hand silently putting down his keys and walking towards their bedroom. He quickly skipped steps up the stairs and rounded the corner. He entered the bedroom and saw her. He smiled and was about to call her name but he shut his mouth, his brows pinching together even tighter than before.

He watched her.

She reached over to her iPhone and put a song on; it was faster, bouncy, a One Direction song. Y/N’s hands clasped to her chest and she began to dance on bouncing toes in front of her wall.

Calum leaned in further into the room, trying to see what she was dancing in front of. It wasn’t till Y/N boogied side to side did he see it.

Calum had to throw a hand over his mouth as he turned away from the room and pressed himself to the wall. Finally, he leaned forward with a hard, silent laugh, his hand already digging in his pocket to pull his phone out.

Already recording, Calum turned back into the room but kept a hand over his face as she sang to the poster of Harry Styles on her wall.

“Baby look what you’ve done to me! Oh!” Her long hair sprung all over the place as she shook her head, her eyes set on the poster in front of her while continuing to dance.
With shaking hands because of his laughing, Calum held up the camera even higher so the video was able to capture who she was serenading. He was able to keep his laughing in control, but it burst form his chest when she leaned in a kissed all over Harry’s face.

“Bravo! Bravo!” Calum yelled while clapping against his arm, still recording. “But, should I be jealous? That’s a good looking lad you’ve got there.” He teased and watched her eyes grow, an impressively fast, blush shading her shocked face in a bright pink.

“Ca-Calum? Uh, what are you doing home so early?” She stuttered and quickly turned off the music.

“Aw, I liked that song.” He smirked and laughed again when she turned and ripped the poster from the wall. “And I liked that picture!”

“Calum,” She whined.

“What, baby?” He cooed, pushed his phone back into his pocket and walked to her, his arms wrapping around his waist. He was expecting her to continue to pout, but, instead, her eyes narrowed and Calum knew he was in trouble.

“You were recording me…”’


“Yes you were.” Y/N watched Calum’s eyes look every place but her face. “Delete it.” She begged with batting eyelashes.

“I didn’t record your beautiful serenade of Harry Styles.” He worked around her accusation and teased her again, smiling wide when he was successful, another huge blush covering her face. “You’re fucking adorable.” He kissed her cheeks and heard her laugh once.

“And embarrassed.”

“Don’t be. It’s cute.” Calum pulled Y/N further in his chest and let his right hand dig sneakily into his front pocket. His left hand soothed her hair as the other hand pulled out the phone and let his arm wrap around her, keeping her nice and close. While she began to softly rant about her embarrassment and the burning in her cheeks, Calum chuckled and let his thumb fly across his phone, which was hidden behind her back. He sent it to Luke first, knowing the laughing blonde boy would send it to the other two boys like wild fire…it wouldn’t take long before the three boys were calling, texting and harassing Y/N with wild giggles and teasing, so Calum leaned back and pressed his lips fully into hers, knowing he wouldn’t be getting a good kiss from her once her video was shared among the three boys.


It was Harry Potter weekend on the Family channel and Y/N was watching starry eyed with a blanket wrapped tightly around her shoulders. Ashton was at the studio and expected to be there for the next few hours, so Y/N did what felt natural.

She stood with a powerful bounce and wrapped the blanket around her neck only to jet up the stairs and into her room. She pulled out her fake pair of Harry Potter glasses and pushed them onto her face, then grabbed a random red Christmas hat and threw it over her wild hair. But she needed a wand!

She fell back onto her knees on the floor and let her mind wander on what to use as her wand.

“Yes!” She hollered and threw her index finger into the air. With excitement making her body jitter, Y/N pushed to her feet and ran to Ashton’s practice room, her blanket of a cape trailing behind her.

She entered the empty room and frolicked over to the drum set, her eyes growing while a smile curved her face when she caught sight of what she wanted. She captured one of Ashton’s many drum sticks and smiled down at it like a crazed woman. She squealed and spun on her heel, only to fly out of the room, down the stairs and into the living room. She jumped on the couch and bounced twice, her eyes glued to the TV.

“Expecto Patronum!” She yelled along with the character on the screen. She pointed her drum stick at the TV and giggled when a blue mist-like fog exploded onto the screen. Y/N jumped from the couch and landed on the floor on steady, stable feet. “Expelliarmus!” She yelled again and pointed her stick, entirely oblivious to Ashton standing behind her, his chest silently shaking with laughter, his hand lifted and recording her crazed, spell throwing actions.

“Oh, babe.” Ashton shook his head and watched Y/N’s shoulder stiffen. Slowly, she turned and stared up at her boyfriend, her hand reaching up and pulling the stupid Christmas hat from her head. Next was her Harry Potter glasses with the tape in the middle. She let them thud to the couch and she cringed when she couldn’t get her cape untied. So she tried her greatest confusion spell.


Ashton’s lips pursed and he stopped recording. He let his phone fall back to his pocket and he ran his large hands all over his body. “Hmm…I don’t feel any different.”

“Ash!” Y/N complained. “That was a confusion spell!”

“Oh…oh! Okay, uh….Y/N what are you doing? Why are you standing in the middle of the living room not watching Harry Potter, not wearing glasses and a hat and not running around with a cape on…?”

“Oh, nothing, Ash…just chilling…”Y/n blushed and smiled, her shoulders lifting to hide her face.

“I do like your wand, though.” Ashton smiled and walked to her, his hands rubbing up and down her arms.

When he mentioned her wand, that’s when she realized how horrible she probably looked and sounded when he walked in.

“Oh, my God.” A hand covered her face and she leaned into Ashton’s chest when he began to giggle at her, now allowing the laughter he kept quiet to come out in strong waves. His giggle was infectious, one of the most beautiful sounds, so naturally, it caused Y/N to begin to laugh as well, her snickers muffled as her face was still pressed up to Ashton’s chest. “I’m embarrassed.” She was, but still, she couldn’t stop laughing and neither could Ashton.

“You’re great.” He smiled and pulled away so he could capture her face.

“And I wanna see that video.” She burst out again and wiped at a small tear that gathered in the corner of her eyes. “I wanna see how ridiculous I am.”

“Ridiculous but gorgeous as hell.”

Y/N blushed again, pulled away and walked to the couch to pick up her Harry Potter glasses. She placed them on Ashton’s face and smiled.

“What a cute muggle.”

Ashton pressed a small kiss to the tip of her nose. “Not as cute as you.”

“Well, don’t just stand there. I didn’t call you here as my makeshift exterminator for no reason,” her eyes were glued to the kitchen drawer where she spotted the cockroach earlier. Her eyes popped open when the black creature revealed itself from behind the sugar canister and sprinted across the table top. She began to shout, her grip tightening on the spatula in her hand as she waved it in the air, “It’s on the move. Get it, get it!”