with a small child

re: kaz scaring the crap out of a child

you know what really gets me about kaz’s interaction with hanna?
he kneels down to speak to her.
for him, it would probably be easier to not kneel because of his bad leg, but he does it anyway. why is this important?

i work with kids a lot, and my number 1 rule when talking to kids is: if you want to tell a kid something important, you crouch down to talk to them. this does 3 things:
1) they will take you seriously because you make eye contact
2) they feel like they are taken seriously because you put yourself at their level
3) they will actively listen and remember what you say because you aren’t distant

hanna believes that kaz is the monster under her bed. imagine her fear when the bogeyman kneels down, looks her in the eye, and pets her dog. kaz could have gone with a ‘ominous monstrous threatening from the shadows’ approach and tried to manipulate her without letting her see his face properly. but his far more effective strategy is to be very direct and personal (he uses her name, he uses her friends’ names, he asks her which is her favorite dog - all tools for effectual communication with children) and it’s terrifying.