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dating yoongi

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  • yeah, yoongi’s fucking grumpy
  • but that doesn’t meant he’d be grumpy towards you
  • no no no
  • i think yoongi would actually be really caring
  • but not in the traditional sense of the word
  • don’t expect too much kissing and pda and that type of shit
  • he’s not the type to hug you out in public or hold hands as you walk down the street or kiss you as you wait in line to get your coffee to go, he’s just not into that
  • he never understood why people have the need to do those things
  • when there was a time and place for those things, somewhere in private
  • i think he’s more of the type to express his care with small actions 
  • however, his way of caring is something you would have to get used to
  • at first, you’d think he wasn’t that into you
  • you’d be like why isn’t he hugging me??? i want to hug him all the time
  • i want to suck his face off 24/7, why doesn’t he want that??
  • what am i doing wrong??? 
  • he’s literally perfect and i don’t want to fuck this up !?!?
  • he wouldn’t hug you as much as you wanted him to
  • he wouldn’t want to suck your face off 24/7
  • he wouldn’t be all touchy feely like the guys you usually go for
  • you’d get all concerned about it and you’d start thinking he really wasn’t into you
  • but with time you’d learn to appreaciate his signs of affection 
  • like making you coffee in the morning, giving you his hoodies to wear, sending you random texts about his day
  • “i swear to god i’m going to kill one of them if they don’t grow up”
  • “these fools won’t stop messing around”
  • “i fucking hate dance practice with them”
  • “they made me TWERK”
  • “how much time would i serve for six murders?” 
  • “and would you wait for me until i got out?”
  • “sweden is beautiful, we should come here together some day”
  • and you’d know that he thought of you and wanted to share parts of his day with you and that, in his head, that was equal to expressing his emotions in physical ways
  • also you’d live for his late night phone calls
  • he’d call at three am, hoping you were still up
  • “i just finished producing this song, you have to hear it, i promise you’ll love it” *screeching*
  • “i’m done filming for the day, just checking up on you”
  • he’d always show you he cares when he’d call 
  • he’d call just to hear your voice before he goes to bed
  • you’d talk for a minute or two
  • but you’d know it means a lot to him, and that it was his way of being intimate
  • and he’d say things that mean i love you in yoongi language
  • like “did you get home safe”
  • “were there any problems at school today”
  • “don’t catch a cold, wear something warm when you go out”
  • “don’t forget to take your passport”
  • “i’ll call you in the morning so you don’t sleep through your alarm”
  • “don’t drink too much, and if you do, make sure you eat a lot”
  • {crying}
  • i said no touchy feely stuff
  • but don’t think that includes cuddling  !!!
  • he likes to sleep
  • and he loves to sleep with you
  • your head on his chest makes him fall asleep a lot faster, the sound of your breathing lulls him to sleep on cold afternoons as you snuggle up to him covered in blankets
  • he loves it when he’s cold and your body warms him up
  • he always runs his fingers through your hair and plays with the hair on the nape of your neck, and that always calms you down when you’re upset
  • you don’t get as much physical attention every day
  • but when you’re upset
  • yoongi would go all out to make you feel better
  • if someone pissed you off, he’d be very angry and would always offer to talk to them and sort things out for you, or jokingly, he’d offer to beat them up
  • or he’d playfully say he’ll write a diss track on them and you’d know he didn’t mean it, but it was still cute
  • and when he’d see the idea is making you feel better, he’d come up with random diss lines against the person who upset you that you’d end up crying from laughter at his rap lines
  • and if you were sad, yoongi would be EXTRA thoughtful and considerate
  • because he’s someone who knows what that feels like
  • that is exactly why he doesn’t get too touchy feely and why he always seems distant
  • he’s lost in his own world, he has so many thoughts about everything and he likes to keep them to himself
  • he likes to keep his private things private
  • and you’re the most private thing in his life
  • he doesn’t want people to see him kissing you or holding you or doing anything
  • that’s reserved for your eyes only
  • he’s a perfectionist
  • he wants to be perfect to his fans, to his audience, to his band members, but also to you
  • and when he feels like he’s not perfect in something (never!!) he feels bad and shuts everyone off and ends up thinking about the thing he messed up
  • and he ends up in this circle of self-hatred and self-loathing and then pity, and then hatred because of the pity and it doesn’t go away easily, and the only way it does is through his music
  • so when you’d feel down, he’d do everything in his power to make you feel better
  • because he never wants anyone, let alone you, to feel the way he feels when he feels down
  • and those moments when he’d open up to you and tell you about what’s bothering him, share his deepest thoughts with you, let you be the first person to listen to his songs, to his most personal thoughts, worries and desires, those moments would let you know just how much you mean to him
  • and that’s why you would never be unhappy with him
  • even if he didn’t kiss you and hug you all the time
  • it wouldn’t matter
  • he’d do those things when it was most important, when you’d feel down
  • and you could always count on him to make you feel better, no matter where he is or what he’s doing
  • and you’d always try to do the same for him
  • even if you knew most of his problems are in his head
  • and you couldn’t really control them
  • you’d try your best
  • anyway
  • i think he’d be a great boyfriend
  • caring and thoughtful and really funny
  • because his sarcasm and the realness he serves all the time are fucking great
  • and he’s the most relatable person ever
  • and he’s a musical genius
  • plus he’s hot
  • that concludes this late night thirst for boyfriend material yoongi
His Guy

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Amy’s 500 Celebration Party

Prompt: “You kissed a guy?”

Pairing: Dean x Y/n 

Characters: Y/n, Dean, Sam, Ash, Ellen, Jo

Warnings: Few swears, nothing much other than that. Fluff. Dean being cute and protecting his boo

Summary: Jo’s jealousy rears its ugly head when the Winchesters and Y/n visit Harvelle’s Roadhouse

Word Count: 2030

Tagged peeps: @faegal04 , @whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname , @sallyp-53 @d-s-winchester @supernatural-jackles @winchesterreid@treasurecastiel @deanscherrypie @teamfreewill-imagine


Harvelle’s Roadhouse. A safe haven for hunters. A place to relax. Catch up. Meet others. But to Sam and Dean this was a second home. They’d been coming here for years after finding out about the Harvelles. They came back constantly, the Harvelles being like family.

The brothers walked in as everyone’s eyes turned towards the door at the noise.

“Dean. Sam. Oh my god. Finally. You boys have taken way too long to visit. I thought I told you no longer than 3 months before we see each other. It’s been almost a year” Ellen said, hands on her hips as she scolded the boys lightly.

Dean chuckled. “Yea sorry Ellen, it’s been crazy. Demons, Angels, Lucifer now its Leviathans. It’s a whole mess but we thought we should come see you guys again” he replied.

Just then, another man walked into the bar, a smaller man. You could tell he was a hunter based on the clothes he was wearing, but they seemed as though they were a bit too big for him, the flannel shirt and jacket he was wearing hanging off his body.

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How do you think Bart would act while crushing on someone? And how would he ask them out? Cheesey cute pick up lines galore is how I imagine it.

i feel like it would be really obvious to literally everyone but bart is completely unaware that anyone knows. he thinks its a secret and he is Masterfully hiding it. he is Wrong.

every time s/o mentions that they are going somewhere he is at their side in a literal instant and offering to come to keep them company or help them carry groceries or whatever

actually whenever they’re carrying anything he offers to carry it for them

its actually kind of ridiculous. he caters to their every whim without them directly vocalizing their wants in the first place. s/o will offhandedly mention that theyre kinda hungry, bart shows up out of the blue like 15 seconds later with takeout from another country. s/o comments on how hot it is, he shows up with ice cream and offers to speed them over to this really cool indoor pool in Seattle he went to one time. s/o trips harmlessly over their own feet, bart is not only there to catch them, he also speeds them over to the nearest couch/bed/soft surface and lays them down and asks if theyre okay and if they need some ice????? he’ll get them some ice. “no bart wait its f–” zooooommm

aside from that he also laughs unnecessarily loud at their jokes, suddenly develops an exceptionally lengthened attention span whenever they tell a story, and nonchalantly vocalizes random compliments that pop into his head when he’s in their company.

he doesn’t even have to ask them out like since his feelings are so obvious everyone jokingly refers to bart as s/o’s boyfriend (usually in front of s/o) and eventually it just catches on and they start calling him their boyfriend too. the first time they say it in front of bart he runs like 300 miles away to do a happy dance in the middle of the desert for like 7 miliseconds and then comes back immediately like. yes. indeed. your Boyfriend. that i am…………babe.

Dating Jungkook...

I quite like writing these, now that I found my “random” way of writing

x the golden maknae, huh? lucky you

x “high school sweetheart” kind of relationship

x as we all know, he can be awkward around new girls

x but as he got the courage to ask you to be his GF

x his confidence gets such a boost & he’s like a new person¨

x jungkooks the type to keep the PDA low, but still have it there

x like he won’t start making out while in a cashier line

x but he’d hold your hand 24/7 and peck your lips at the most random moments

x you picking out a skirt; peck on the lips

x you doing the dishes; peck on the lips¨

x you laying down watching a kdrama looking like trash; peck on the lips

x speaking of kdramas, he’d love to just chill with you

x and he’d find it so cute when you fangirled over a show

x except for the time when you called Lee Minho “husband material”

x “Am I not husband material enough” + a questioning look

“no, kookie, of course you are i jus- never mind lee minhos still hot”

“i need to start acting like lee minho and start being like him”

“kooKIE STaph”

x i can imagine him being DEAD afraid of meeting your dad 

“what if he thinks i’m not good enough and stares at me intimidatingly” 

“he won’t you’ll be fine”

x but he’d later be really natural around your relatives

x cause he’s just a mamas boy at heart

x he’d invite you to dinner at his parents house so often

x mostly because he misses his mom but also because he can be around the two women he loves

x jungkooks the type to like dates with some activity (not that kind you lil nasty head)

x like bowling or a amusement park

x omg imagine sitting in a carousel eating cotton candy together with him

x kookie isn’t my bias but god he really is the golden maknae

x cooking with this boy would go one of two ways

x you two would actually succeed at making a eatable dinner (VERY RARE)

x or you’d fail and just eat ramen

x which is actually kind of better cause who doesn’t like ramen

x asking him for advice on clothes would be the same as talking to a wall

“Which skirt is better, this, this or this?”

“You look good in everything.”

x “No, really. Tell me!”

“They’re all black and look the same.”

“No they’re not, this one has this cut-”

x chilling at night in bed would be heavenly

x him holding you tight and running his fingers through your hair

x if you ever can’t sleep, he’d seriously sing to you just to help you fall asleep

x i feel like kookie would like doing it in the mornings

x just because everyone had they’re preferences

x and it’ll get ya two ready for the day

x but he’s still a innocent little child at heart SO PLEASE TAKE CARE OF HIM TOO

x so the members would treat you as the most precious person ever

x their kookie loving you so much would make them care too

x like jin is not only they’re mom, he’s no your mom too (congratulations)

x so a group of loving oppas wouldn’t be that bad

x but if one of the guys got too close to you, oh god he’d be protective

x or someone in general tried hitting on you he’d be like;

x “hello i’m jeon jungkook, Y/Ns husband”

x “since when are you my husband?”

“if these people keep on hitting you i’ll seriously have to put a ring on your finger”

x ok kookies perfect argument over

30 Day Manifestation Game Day 1 (Part 1) Tuesday January 5, 2016

Tuesday January 5, 2016

Remember that you don’t have to do all of these things, just do whatever resonates with you and commit to it for the next thirty days. This will be lots of fun.

When I first woke up today I thought of 7 things that excited me and that I appreciated at the same time in positive and healthy ways.

1. I am so excited to be able to see Sanam Abedini’s @persiandollxo ’s Youtube channel grow even more awesomely than she has envisioned it growing. I’m really looking forward to that. She’s awesome, I appreciate her.
I also appreciate that our paths have crossed and I would so appreciate seeing her achieve what she would like to achieve. She can easily build up to 200 subscribers and beyond. The positive aspects of that would be many. I am sending her much love and good vibes.

2. I appreciate and am excited for everyone who chooses to do this 30 Day Manifestation Game, and I am looking forward to doing it repeatedly and I am also super excited about seeing everyone have great success with it…and lots of fun. Definitely lots of fun.

3. I appreciate and am excited about all of the nice comments and messages that people send to this blog, and about all of the breakthroughs, all of the teamwork, and all of the positive changes that are occurring. It is really nice to see this blog developing even better than planned, and I am excited and apprecaitive about being able to get better and better at helping others and myself continue to learn LOA and get clarity and every other positive and healthy thing that can be done with this blog.

4. I am excited and appreciative about all of the new (new to me anyways) foods I’ll be trying this month.

5. I’m excited appreciative of all the random acts of kindness that I will do for people and those that will be done to me.

6. I’m excited and appreciative of the new books that I will surely come across and read this month.

7. I am excited and appreciative of all of the funny videos and experiences that I am sure to have this month too.

Also at the start of the day I said the following affirmation. The goal was to consciously say it a total of 11 times throughout day while also being in a good mood.

Affirmation: “I am in the process of allowing myself to experience genuine happiness, in increasing amounts, in positive and healthy ways, on a consistent basis.”

I also wrote this affirmation down and am carrying it with me for the entire 30 days.

I’ve already said it the 11 total times - while feeling good - that I set for the day. You make up whatever amount that feels good to you. The purpose is to is to take small steps at your own pace.

The specific achievement has actually been changed though, the new intended achievement is to now attract a new friend who enjoys talking about law of attraction with me as I also enjoy talking to them about law of attraction…and more specifically I would like the new friends name to be “Joy” or something close to that or better (meaning maybe their name has joy in it’s definition or their name is a synonym of joy).

Originally when I set out to do this to help an anon. My specific achievement was to attract a new friend who loves to talk about LOA in ways that would increase both of our happinness in positive and healthy ways. I said that once before bed, and felt really good about it. That already manifested this morning so I set a newer more specific achievement.

I feel like this new achievement is something that will add to both their happiness and my own. Like explained the post:


I have made peace with the possibility that my new friend might not manifest into my experience in the next 30 days. If they do, that’s great, and if they don’t that’s still great because I will be growing and adding positivity to peoples lives, having fun, and appreciating the process. You should also make peace with whatever your specific achievement was, if you decided to choose one.

You don’t have to choose one, just doing this process will help you feel better in general. Choosing one is just more helpful for some people because you will grow and see evidence of your progress.

At the start of the day I listened to four songs while literally dancing so much, and having so much fun that I worked up a sweat. It felt really good.

Here are three of the songs that I listened to (you should choose songs that feel the best for you out of whatever music you like) this morning.

Good Morning Remix Rick Ross, P Diddy, TI, Nikki Minaj.


This is How We Do It by Montell Jordan


And I also listened to a song recommended by an anon called “Love Away” By Capital Cities.

Now that was just me having fun and moving my body. After dancing to those I watched some inspirational and informative videos, though they didn’t have anything directly to with attracting a new friend named Joy… I don’t remember what I searched for, it will come to me later…but I clicked on the first video and just watched consecutive videos from the same channel.

The videos are from a Youtube channel called “Live in Flow.” I just found out about it today. The music and these videos added up to more than 30 minutes but it felt much faster than that. Here are the videos I watched:

Law of Attraction Technique: Add Fun To Your Routine https://youtu.be/6MifEf1ee94

Effortless Attraction Technique https://youtu.be/cH2-rRRPpyU ht

Law of Attraction Technique For Money https://youtu.be/NxjXwnqNG38

Snow Ball Your Money Using Law of Attraction https://youtu.be/rExeQrOnaCU

Be The Money Version of You https://youtu.be/-Gva18q6ckk

So far today I have switched focus do what I do want a number of times. The goal was 11, I’ve done it 10 times that I specifically recognized. So there will also be a part two to this post.

Later I’ll watch a couple minutes on something about friendship. Again you don’t have to do that much, and you can do more if you want. It’s all about what resonates with you. The idea is to simply feel like you were at least 1% happier today and got at least 1% better at switching from what you don’t want to what feels better in the moment in positive and healthy ways. Like my new friend @thecoloroftime shared, “What feels better right now?” There will be a part 2 to this post later. Later I will have conversations with positive and supportive people about things that excite me and that I appreciate. We will both be talking about the positive aspects. Possibly about other things. Also, this goes by quicker than it seems when it is all written out like this.

My favorite SGDQ 2015 runs

Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric
This game hasn’t been out a year and runners have already cut it down to a Lynchian half-hour of glitches and nonsense. The true successor to Sonic 2006.

Resident Evil 4
Excellent commentary and a lively couch. The runner has a decade of experience running the game and gives you context for how Resident Evil 4 has been sculpted down to an hour and a half long in that time, along with what they want to do in the future to run the game even faster. It’s tough to watch difficult segments like the village turned into afterthoughts. Much of the combat is simply walked past – it’s strange how much of games we choose to engage with simply because of our expectations for how they should be played.

The Tetris Grandmaster Block
There are only six Tetris Grandmasters in the entire world, and in this block you get to see two of them compete against each other. A must-watch.

Bioshock Infinite
Bioshock Infinite is a game where Ken Levine grabs you by the neck and shoves your face into the mess he left on the floor: look here, do this! This run is intriguing just to see its oppressively cinematic structure broken.

Legend of Zelda
The runner struggles to (almost) beat the original Legend of Zelda without ever retrieving the sword at the start of the game. I found this run fascinating because of the player’s devotion to mining the game for any possible new experience – he spends an extended amount of time talking to the couch about a program that randomizes the game for people who have memorized it.

Zombies Ate My Neighbors
ZAMN remains one of my favorite Super Nintendo games. The runner employs a high-risk strategy where a stray projectile could instantly end the run at any moment. It was scheduled for 7 AM, so the environment isn’t lively.

Super Metroid
Super Metroid has been a staple of the speedrun community since its inception. A four-way race is one of the best ways to understand why: the game demands skill and speed at a rate that requires you to sacrifice your safety. The commentators this year did a great job of explaining the runners’ choices.