with a puppy!


It’s raining every day, but I still wanted to put together a cute outfit that would fit under an umbrella. This year, November is cooler than last year (probably because of all the rain), so I took out my velvet skirt.
Skirt: Mary Magdalene
Tights: Stern Tights
Blouse: Thrifted
Bag: Jane Marple
Hat, brooch and belt: Vintage
Shoes: Hush Puppies
Silk scarf: Offbrand

This sweet boy brought his mother pink hydrangeas!

Traditionally hydrangeas are used to express honest heartfelt emotions. Pink hydrangeas also symbolize the beating heart. They can be used to express apology too, especially that of neglecting/not paying enough attention to a loved one due to factors such as work.

A few things: 1) it’s super hard to take a picture of yourself and your corg wearing a shirt OF your corg! 😛 2) the weather hasn’t been sunny enough to cooperate with photo opportunities or necessitate Knives wearing her spiffy sunglasses 😎 and 3) OMFG look how AMAZING a job @popyourpup did on capturing the total sassy essence of my little pork bun?!?!! 😄😄😄 It’s fantastic! My picture taking abilities? Not so much… But I’ll figure it out eventually. In the meantime, Knives wants to know where HER shirt is! 😂 #PopYourPup #knivesthecorgi