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(2017.01.22) Ono Yuki Twitter update

@onoyuki19840622: The four sessions of RejetFes are over…! It has been truly difficult to farewell this space. But we’ll meet again, Musume-san! A snap with the KenKimi members. One day… I hope we can all gather together…! #Rejeje

T/N: ‘Musume-san’ literally means 'daughter (of someone else)’ and is how Tsuzuramaru (Onoyu’s character in Ken ga Kimi) sometimes refers to the heroine.


TV Anime 『Magic Kyun! Renaissance』 Insert Song 「Shiny color」/Tsukushi Monet(CV: Aoi Shouta) Audio Video

Release date: 2016/12/14



thank you for voicing all these amazing characters 
thank you for sharing your wonderful voice with us
thank you for having such an amazing and cute (and do S) personality
thank you for giving us your best smile all the time 
thank you for being born

お誕生日おめでとうごいざます Σ>―(〃°ω°〃)♡→


we are… right here.


Yumeiro Cast’s seiyuus introductions… Things went kinda downhill after Hanae-san… xD


whuaa, finally :D

I really like this song.. And I heard this one is the song they sang at tanabata festival for ra*bits.. And I just T^T

I didn’t like Valkyrie at first, but getting know more about them makes me fall to them. They’re precious T^T

And I really amazed with Shu’s seiyuu~ wow! He’s really trying for Valkyrie’s songs. I’ve known him as Kikumaru’s seiyuu at Tenipuri, and he can pull it out as Shu!


Ahhhh KHR’s seiyuus are hanging out together O(≧∇≦)O

There’s Yukari (Tsuna), Neeko (Reborn), Kondo (Hibari), Suguru (Yamamoto) and Hidekazu (Gokudera)!!! Apparently they went together to Amano-sensei exhibition work in Kyoto (and also cafe I guess?) Also something about a screening of a alumni meeting?? Whoever can translate this correctly, please do!

Seeing them together again after so long since Rebocon makes my KHR heart flutter into heaven (>y<)

(Can you imagine them joking around while hanging out and be in character once in awhile and all, my heart can only take so much)