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Live action film “Neko Atsume no Ie” new trailer!

The film will premiere in Japanese theaters on April 8th.


Check out the new official trailer for Descendants 2 


NEW #Shadowhunters  Promo Trailer for #2x04
Don’t forget to tune in next Monday!

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Rapunzel’s Hair is Back for Tangled ‘Sequel’ + Series

The new trailer for Tangled: Before Ever After is now online. The film will serve as a pilot for Tangled: The Series. The series is set to premiere on the Disney Channel in March.

So a new trailer for these three episodes came out and I paused to get this. I swear Jerome, don’t you dare kill Lee.

anonymous asked:

What made you ship Amami x Kaede in the first place?

Ah.. Hm.. Now that I think about it.. I firstly shipped them because of aesthetic. They looked cute together and plus in DR there’s always the purple/green combo in couples like Naegi and Kirigiri, Hinata and Nanami and the likes so I kinda assumed they’d be like those main couple.

But it was just for fun and giggles. Then we learned their talents and some stuff about themselves when new trailers were released and I saw new fanarts.. I always felt a spark when shipping Amamatsu, but it kept getting stronger with everything lol.

Let’s not forget that in trailers and all they were always shown next to each other, so my filthy shipping mind couldn’t stop haha.

they have their own crepe ffs

And… I also like to go against the flow, so when people started shipping Kaede with Saihara I was like.. Nu, I’m sticking to my ship no matter how cute she looks with Saihara.

Also, I tend to ship my faves together, it’s just my liking. I mentioned the “spark” before, well that and my gut feeling tend to be right about choosing fave characters and ships, so yeah lol.

And there’s…

The pic speaks for itself haha.

hidingupatreeorsomething  asked:

Holy shit did you see the new trailer with Rupert interviews and new scenes?! Quinn in bed with Carrie sitting next to him - "You saved me? Why?" On the Homeland page RN!!!! *swoons* Also some slightly different takes on ep1 scenes.

I can’t find it on the Homeland page? Just on Twitter. In any case, here’s a screen shot: 

QUINN: You saved me? Why?
CARRIE: *weeps*

It’s official! I’m so excited that our film “Can we Save the Frog Prince” was selected as a Finalist for the New York WILD Film Festival in New York City, Feb 2017! Watch our trailer here (click on the frog): http://www.nywildfilmfestival.com/the-festival/ & join us in person if you’re in the area!

I’ve attended this festival several times and I’m always awe-inspired by the people who make these films and are featured in them. I’m incredibly humbled to be a part of this event! A million thanks to my amazing filmmaker @katieggarrett. The @nywildfilmfest will take place between February 23-26th at @the_explorers_club Headquarters. Schedule & ticket sales coming soon!

#rainforest #frogs #conservation #action #movies

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quibblcrs  asked:

What's going to happen now? I still have hope for a series 5, it's the only thing that can take my mind off of things. Do you have any words of encouragement for TJLC?

I personally don’t believe there will be a season 5. From the way they ended the last episode, it seems difficult to continue where they had left it off.

Truthfully I’ve only joined the Sherlock fandom half a year ago, but what I have gathered from all these metas and theories is that you are all incredibly brilliant. When the trailer came out with only 40 seconds of new content you all posted hundreds of theories which were mostly pretty damn accurate! I was stunned. 

TJLCs always look for tiny details, for the smallest of things in fractions of a shot. You have always been brilliant, and you saw details that nobody would care to look into. You believed in this. I believed in this. It wasn’t the direction the writers were taking the series, but these theories are still valid to me.

So now you ask, “what can we do?” The answer is very simple. Keep showing your ideas to the world. Continue to observe tiny details. Because regardless of what the writers have done and said, you still continued to believe and continued to observe.

Maybe you’re all just ahead of our time.