with a moustache involved

One of the most awesome and simultaneously most awful parts of being a researcher in my field is that you sometimes uncover GIANT SCANDALS and then realize that while they’re SUPER INTERESTING you can’t put them in your research report because they’re not super relevant.

I am going to write you people such a story at some point, about Chicago’s Littlest University That Could and how a sophomore at said university ousted the terrible new president using tax forms.

There is an for-reals moustache-twirling, climate-change-denying supervillain involved!

It’s like Snowpiercer, only with less axes and more taxes.

Of Monsters and Men are participating in Mustache March (mottumars) in Iceland.This is an event which, according to Wikipedia, originates with an early US Air Force tradition, and involves men growing mustaches for amusement and to raise money for charity. In this case, the charity in question is the Icelandic Cancer Society. We should therefore look for OMAM members who don’t already have mustaches (except maybe Nanna) growing theirs out this month.