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It’s that time of year again! I made a prompt list that you can follow, and I will try to draw along

I’ll follow the #ghibliinktober and you can tag me @susuwatori, feel free to use the prompts for Studio Ghibli movies or other animated movies. Happy drawing! ❤❤❤

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what was the moment that made you start shipping thiam?

“we just spent three hours watching this dude play video games in his bedroom”

“soap. it’s nice. it smells good”

“why do i get the feeling this kid is tougher than he looks?”

— teen wolf, 502

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Hmm see I'm not really a fan of labeling it the "friend zone" but at the same time, unrequited love sucks and a lot of people can relate to it and can feel awful so people have a right to complain

There’s a huge difference between unrequited love and the friend zone.

Unrequited love is where you meet someone and you get to know them with no expectations of how your time together is going to pan out. And with repeated interactions, you gradually get to know the person and you slowly fall in love with them - with their personality quirks, their passions and interests, their world view. You get to know them as a person, and in the process you develop feelings for them. With unrequited love, those feelings aren’t reciprocal. They don’t feel the same way as you do, they do not love you back. But, because you love them and view them as an entire, unique person with their own mind and their own life outside of you, you respect their choices and their feelings and understand that they do not owe you their love simply because you happen to love them. You are mature and respectful and don’t let the fact that is unrequited tarnish your love for them - all of the things that made you fall for them in the first place are still there, after all, so you love them quietly and maybe hold out hope that one day they’ll return your feelings, but it is not the sole reason for your continued interactions with them and you do not complain that they have somehow misled you. You continue the friendship with no expectations that you will ever end up together, but because you enjoy spending time with the person and genuinely care about them. You do not complain that you are being treated unfairly, because you are not. You do not blame them for your feelings, or theirs. Yes, you are hurt, but you know that it’s not their fault, and you’re still glad to have the opportunity to know them.

People who complain that they have been put in “the friend zone” decided upon meeting the other person that their only worth was as a possible romantic interest. There is no value in their friendship. No value in getting to know them as an individual, or caring about their passions and interests purely because you like them and want to get to know them better. Every interaction is constructed around the sole purpose of winning them over and making them fall in love with you. Because you think that you love them, you believe that you are owed their time and attention, and hence every interaction with them becomes a toxic exchange, often without them even being aware of it, where you assign points to your emotional responses to them. Every time you listen to them complain about something, you get a point. Every time you go out of your way to help them, you get another point. Every time you do anything that normal friends do, you get a point, and you view yourself as being closer to winning them over, as if love is a video game with a clear cut storyline and cheats that you can use to speed things up and get to the predetermined ending. But love is, of course, not like that at all. So you think you have acquired the appropriate amount of points, and you have put up with enough, and you have earned the other person’s love - but you haven’t. Because they’re not just a soulless thing keeping track of your interactions and tallying up points until you reach a stage where they owe you sex or love. They’re a real person, with real feelings, and you don’t get to force others to feel things for you. They don’t owe you anything. People who think they are in “the friend zone” are idiots, with no idea of how to have either healthy friendships or healthy romantic relationships. If you treat your ‘friendship’ with someone as nothing but a stepping stone to a romantic relationship, it’s not a real friendship. And it is not the other person’s fault that they are often surprised, shocked and hurt to find out that what they thought was a genuine friendship was, to you, merely a ploy to get them to fall in love with you. They tell you they don’t feel the same way and you lose your mind, exclaiming that they’ve led you on and wasted your time and how dare they treat you like this. Imagine thinking that someone was your friend and then finding out that the only reason they were spending time with you was because they thought they had a chance of getting in your pants, or becoming your partner. They’ve just told you that your friendship is worthless. That’s not nice. That’s not healthy. They don’t owe you anything simply because you have feelings for them, and it’s not their fault that you didn’t recognise that. You’re not in “the friend zone”, you’re in “the idiot who has no idea how to form meaningful connections with other human beings zone”. 

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top 5 fics you've written??

also while writing this i seem to finally have realised i have a problem with arranged marriage aus……but im not gonna stop 

Several weeks ago, I stumbled upon one of the most beautiful Mechanical Rose pieces I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Perhaps it is the most beautiful. 

Reposted with proper credit, I found out that it was done by Ecru. Then earlier this morning, at 2 AM, I was talking about future tattoo ideas with someone when I had the idea to look up this drawing again. I went to the artist’s twitter, found it under the media tab…and randomly decided to translate the caption to English.

Turns out it was a submission for a Mechanical Rose fanzine. HOLY FUCK!!!

My heart started to race a mile a minute. I then found out that said fanzine was organized by someone by the name of “Moromoimaru.” Quick google search…
I found them! An artist on twitter and pixiv. So I started scrolling through both websites, and saw another piece with captions that mentioned that it was also included in the very same fanzine. I’m getting warmer, or so it seemed. 

As I kept scrolling, I found other Mechanical Rose pieces that were tagged as C92, which I later found out was an abbreviation for Comiket 92. Could this fanzine had been sold at C92, which had already passed? This train of thought led me to a handful of different websites where I scrolled through dozens of pages searching for this work with no such luck. 

It’s now 4 AM and I’ve cycled back to Moromoimaru’s twitter…and then I saw it

A full look at the first image:

The famed “Mechanica Rose” fanzine…with 40 pages?!? JESUS CHRIST.
I started yelling—I had finally found it! Clicking on the provided tumblr link, I then discovered that the fanzine would be sold at a smaller event named “[RWBY only ‘Banzai!’].” I thought to myself “whatever it costs, including shipping, I’m willing to fork it out.” Then right as I’m about to exit the page to look up the date of this event, I see the release date a little bit further down on the page: 3/19/17.

That was months ago. 

Turns out the cover image for the fanzine was done by none other than  Moromoimaru themself, as seen by this tweet

And then, to my complete shock, read this short exchange in the replies section:

I was completely heartbroken. I discovered shortly afterwards that there will be another [RWBY only ‘Banzai!’] event next year, but based off the answer given by Moromoimaru and Nagasawa, another contributor to the fanzine…

…even if the fanzine is sold again, international shipping won’t be in the picture.

And while I understand there are reasons why international shipping isn’t a universally loved idea by artists/publishers, I’m still left deeply sad by all of this. 

I mean, just look at what was provided on the tumblr:




A collection of beautiful Mechanical Rose fanart by a variety of overseas artists? 
That’s something that I support 100%, and I couldn’t be happier if I owned one. 

Despite my frustration, I’m ultimately happy to see my favorite pairing of all time get illustrated in a fanzine dedicated solely to their friendship and their love. 

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RSD is co-morbid with ADHD (which also encompass ADD, who are just not hyperactive). Its never floating around on its own, not all people w. ADHD have it. As someone who has it, i'm SUPER leery of ppl claiming 2 have it w.o knowing its pathology. I have 0 doubt ur on the ADHD spectrum somewhere, im just saying this in case someone u follow is like 'oh sweet a prime scapegoat so i never have to face repurcussion for being shitty 2 ppl'. Most folks with RSD are super nice+polite bc of it, be wary!

yea yea i get u, a lot of ppl who post abt their experiences talk abt people asking about it (with good intent) and then goin “omg thats me i totally have it too!” and the persons like “no u dont get it…” i think its cuz i mean, most people feel hurt by rejection/failure, but i guess its important to note that rsd is a lot different from the normal upset feeling or w/e