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I actually submitted fan art 3 or 4 times too, then tried to send an ask about it twice, which you also didn't get. Then you turned off anon asks, so I just gave up as for some reason Tumblr refuses to let me make an account. Said drawing was of some small not story-relevant post you made, so there is now no point in sending it. >.<

Dude, I really don’t understand!! If you have a problem submitting fanart, PLEASE message me. Anyone can message me, so please do so, I feel so bad :’c

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What are your preferred pronouns, for those like me who for some reason assumed 'he'?

Take your pick! I am just a chick who likes to draw, write, and do all sorts of creative stuff. So call me whatever, just don’t call me late for lunch.

For me, the ultimate compliment is when people don’t actually know off the bat whether I’m a dude or a chick. I absolutely don’t mind disclosing my female status when asked, but seeing as it doesn’t really have any bearing on my creative works, I don’t see the need to bring it up that often.

I’d much rather be known as a “great writer” or “cool artist” than “great girl writer” or “cool lady artist”. Even better, I’d just like to be known as a rad human being. So when people don’t actually know, don’t really care, and are just assuming based off of whatever they want to assume about me from my works alone, I absolutely love it! 

With the massive variety of stuff I love to do, life’s too short to worry about what people call me:

Just a little message

It’s perfectly okay if people don’t like the same things you do. However, it is not okay to belittle them, bully them, insult them or hurt them in any way just because they like something you don’t

They have every right to have their own interests and it literally costs nothing to leave them alone and let them be happy. For many, their interests are the only thing getting them through their day, so please don’t ruin it for them. 

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Could you recommend some really good HP blogs? My dash has been running low lately, and I'm looking to fill it back up! Thanks :)

hey anon, so sorry this took so long for me to get to! i am so rubbish at answering these cause i’ll never know, but these are all the mostly hp blogs i can find from the top of my head:

@njmphadora @owvlery @pctter @lilyevians @meraudurs @chovchang @ameljiabones @auroremus @puveblood @katiebells @fleurdealcours @dailyprophet @fleurrdelacour @cho-chang @fcrbiddenfcrest @nargles @driacomalfoy @emmelinevvance @jamespottuh @howlingremus @paddfoot @tonqs @magicfolk @ravehclaw @gxnnyweasley @ginnys @herrmione @hermionegrangcr + blogroll

and i have forgotten soo many others i KNOW, so i am so so sorry if you are above 70-80% harry potter and are not on this list! i have obviously been a doof and forgotten you, please reply with your url in the tags so maybe this anon could see you too! <3