with a man who does not know i exist


♤ actual soft ball of fluff
♤ fluffier than a pomeranian okay
♤ smiley kyungsoo makes everyone happier
♤ like he’s a little kid omg
♤ don’t tell me you don’t love smiley kyungsoo
♤ only satan hates smiley kyungsoo and you ain’t satan
♤ if you are satan hi how are you jUST KIDDING you better love him
♤ he looks so cuddly for once like
♤ i just wanna hug the life out of him he’s that cute
♤ fight me if you think he ain’t a cutie

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♤ don’t piss him off
♤ literally split personalities right there
♤ one minute he’ll be all happy but then
♤ when chanyeol happens
♤ room. evacuation. ROOM. EVACUATION.
♤ the world didn’t end on saturday 23 it’ll end when ksoo wants it to
♤ fucking angel devil hybrid in a tiny human body
♤ tbh he’s still cute af when he’s pissed
♤ constantly in bitch fight me mode

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♤ his gummy smile
♤ i swear it’s too omg
♤ i die inside whenever he does that
♤ like don’t tell me you don’t or else i’m just weird which i’m not
♤ it probably cures depression that smile
♤ honestly though it’s precious
♤ i would fucking kill for that smile it’s so cute
♤ you know when babies giggle and everyone is like aw so cute
♤ well i do that when ksoo smiles okay

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♤ his eyes are the like omg
♤ will be the death of me
♤ how they gradually widen without him knowing
♤ like could you not i’m trying to live here
♤ oh fuck it i’ll lose anyways
♤ always looks shook
♤ or he looks like he remembered that he forgot to turn off the bathroom lights
♤ either way shook
♤ actually that’s really cute compared to shook beagle line lol
♤ god i love those eyes awWWW

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♤ his vocals are actually god’s blessing to us
♤ like they could be drugs i wouldn’t know ????????
♤ also he’s literally the rap line
♤ it’s a beautiful sight
♤ stfu exo you ain’t got shit on ksoo’s rapping okay
♤ but in all seriousness his vocals are a blessing
♤ like i shit you not if he released a solo album i’d die a little 
♤ also when he sang in miracles in december my mum started crying okay

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♤ probably wants to kill chanyeol lets be honest
♤ but then gets giggly and pissed at the same time
♤ make up your mind dude
♤ also he’s like dON’T FUCK WITH ME BITCH
♤ sexual tension
♤ honestly if there was a film abt him and yeol killing eachother i’d be dead
♤ wouldn’t we all
♤ probably wants to poison chanyeol’s drink but junmyeon be like kids chill
♤ honestly i think he just enjoys witnessing other people’s misery 

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♤ i feel like one day he won’t have enough hair to cut
♤ like he cuts his hair so much are you okay bro
♤ literally looked like an egg for a few months
♤ still a hot egg
♤ would cook that egg
♤ also glitches out a lot
♤ making those hot ksoo edits for the dash indeed
♤ but actually he’s high quality meme material
♤ esp the times he wants to murder exo 
♤ tbh he’d look good in any given scenario lol esp smut

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♤ kinda looks like a member of satan’s cult
♤ probably will sacrifice exo’s poor bodies to satan (excluding yixing n jongin)
♤ chanyeol goodbye
♤ always looks angry or sexually frustrated
♤ 37% of the time looks cute
♤ cherish cute kyungsoo
♤ also when he was like the same height as sehun that was funny
♤ nice joke thanks
♤ really not that short
♤ who am i kidding lmao he’s short af compared to chanyeol it’s so cute

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♤ cutie
♤ but his aegyo is kinda
♤ looks like satan wanting to pet a kitten
♤ cute and unsettling
♤ isn’t he just wonderful
♤ especially in smut
♤ what oh yeah he’s sexy man
♤ sexy when eating food yum
♤ kinda looks either clueless or regretful when he’s with exo tbh
♤ “being famous means putting up with basic bitches like baekhyun”

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♤ his existence is a blessing 
♤ but a punishment to chanyeol lol
♤ cute tiny angel demon
♤ how does he even manage
♤ oh yeah he likes harassing exo without them knowing
♤ what a sweetheart
♤ aww his cute lips great for licking things
♤ like ice cream cones of course
♤ i wonder how fast he could eat ice cream
♤ what a nice thought eh ?????

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: it's been almost 2 years and i still think about how much better the doctor who 50th would have been with paul mcgann in the role of the war doctor. i just don't understand why a new incarnation played by an entirely random actor was necessary. especially when paul mcgann was so willing to return to the role of 8th doctor. are you really telling me he was only willing to do the 7 minute prequel? i don't believe it. he would have totally done the 90 minute episode. he's been playing the role for years off screen, longer than any other actor to boot, he would have totally taken up the offer to return to the screen. it would have been such a great book end to his movie as well; 7's regeneration into 8 and his regeneration into 9 both on screen. amazing. and do you know how much cooler it would have been to see the 8th doctor? To see him betray the name of the doctor, to see him become so desperate to stop the madness he throws himself into the war he tried so hard to avoid? do you know how much more heart wrenching that would have been since he's a character we actually know? why did they force a random regeneration on him when they could have actually used HIM for the episode? i just don't get it. it would have made so much more sense too. especially since in a way the 8th doctor really is the bridge between classic and new who and isn't that what the 50th was all about? celebrating the two and bridging them together? he was the first doctor to try to bring doctor who back - the bridge already existed. how does it honestly make sense to throw a man who never had anything to do with doctor who in as the bridge? that's just silly, isn't it? john hurt is a great actor and all but he's not the doctor, you feel? like we all assumed 8 was the one who fought in the war anyway, why change that? and wouldn't it just have been amazing to see paul, david and matt on screen together? like c'mon, they would have been fantastic. why didn't this happen? WHY DIDN'T WE GET PAUL MCGANN??? I DON'T UNDERSTAND.
Happy Birthday to My MochiBoy

On this lovely lovely day, (Who said 13th was a bad thing?) My Baby Love, Park Jimin was born in Busan (First, shove off, Jungkook, I love you but later).

This chubby cheeked, a single dimpled and rosy lipped boy who is passionate, graceful and the sweetest thing to ever grace this planet needs to be appreciated more.

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From the tip of his fluffy hair to the tip of those cute stubby toes.

Park Jimin has been told that he is fat, isn’t worthy, isn’t good enough for BTS and today, let’s put all of that away and set them on fire.

No, Park Jimin is not fat. He is worthy and he is more than good enough for Bangtan Sonyeondan. For anyone who’s reading this and refuses, kindly exit stage left.

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Yes, he is a dual son of a moonpie because one second he’s like this: 

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And the next he is like this:

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And yes, he has hurt me many times because I have swerved into the Hard and Soft Stan lanes so many times, my little Audi is wrecked. But I am in love with this man so anything and everything he does is forgiven.

Oh and have you seen these?

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Anyway, Jimin is not just a handsome man with small hands and a physique crafted by angels. He has a personality of a shining Golden Gazelle. I know they probably don’t exist but Park Jimin does and you should appreciate his existence.

He has amazing vocals and anyone who says that his singing is just high pitched yelling can run straight into a brick wall.

Listen to Lie and you’ll know how he’s struggled with everything life has thrown at him. Listen to Serendipity so you can understand the wonder and awe of a Cosmic love. (In my case, that happens to be true, goddamnit)

Yes, I know the song is written by Joonie Oppa but an artist can’t sing a song if he hasn’t felt it.

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Also, I miss this. I miss these cheeks. Where are these cheeks, Oppa? He already got away with the teeth but the cheeks is a death wish. I swear to god, this boy needs to eat more.

Alright, I know this was just one big rant for Park Jimin but I love him so so much and I am so happy and so proud of him.

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  • “Only pain is intellectual, only evil interesting.”
  •  "But to praise despair is to condemn delight, to embrace violence is to lose hold of everything else.“ 
  •  "Happiness is based on a just discrimination of what is necessary, what is neither necessary nor destructive, and what is destructive." 
  •  ”…but they all understand that their happiness, the beauty of their city…depend wholly on this child’s abominable misery.“ 
  •  ”…to throw away the happiness of thousands for the chance of happiness of one: that would be to let guilt inside the walls indeed.“
  •  "They…walk away from Omelas, through the beautiful gates… Each one goes alone, youth or girl man or woman." 
  •  "It is possible it does not exist. But they seem to know where they are going, the ones who walk away from Omelas.”

 "Sober-faced, the young riders stroke the horses’ necks and soothe them, whispering ‘Quiet, quiet, there my beauty, my hope…’ “ 

 So from what I’ve read, I’m going to explain my theory kind of. HYYH was a representation of the "good side” youth. Childhood kind of. The most beautiful moment in life. Happiness. WINGS was the “growing up” part of youth. The facing your demons. Finding your way and discovering yourself. Boy meets evil. YNWA is about the false sense of security “childhood” brings, but, once you’ve face your demons and made it through the pain and “grown up”, you’ll never walk alone. It’s the warm spring day after winter. Whether it be family or friends or BTS through their music, you made it through the hard part of life and regardless of how you feel BTS wants to let you know you never walk alone. Ever.

 Please message me if you wanna talk some more or have something add I would love it!

I’m flipping through this mega man robot guide and the Plug Man Lore has instantly made me love him almost as much as Napalm Man. This chunky robo nugget literally just works at a TV factory and chats about nerd shit with his pals at akihabara on his days off.

Like he was always sorta goofy looking and nonthreatening but now that I know he’s just a big dweeb working an extremely mundane factory job a human could probably do just as well (he literally just inspects tvs as they come off the line) he’s almost unbearably lovable. Does he just live a normal life? Does plug man just come home to a normal apartment after a long day of TV inspection and chat with his friends online? I want to know more about Plug Man’s relaxed and ordinary life. I would literally watch a slice of life show about a robot capable of producing tons of electricity who just leads an ordinary and pleasant existence.

anonymous asked:

I'm not denying your identity as a transgender man, but please don't forget that a lot of women (cis and trans) find makeup and so on awkward and don't want to do it. Woman does not equal person who wears makeup, waxes her eyebrows, etc. Hell, men can do that and still be men, if they want.

Hey, I hate this.

Not that you said it, I just hate simultaneously juggling the beliefs “gender is meaningless, anyone can be anything” and “trans people exist.”  I don’t really know a way through it.


The easy way, and the way that’s worked to get trans people accepted in some surprisingly conservative areas (at least before we became a Designated Wedge Issue the last year or two), is to totally accept all gender stereotypes and roles, and define transness purely in terms of “the roles are fine, I just belong to the other one.”  I may not have a Y chromosome, but I define my manhood in the same dominance-football-grilling-stoicism way as any other man, and ultimately I’m no threat to the overall system.

Another route you can take is to say that gender is nothing but a pile of disassociated traits.  A person with a Y chromosome doesn’t necessarily have a penis, a person with a penis isn’t necessarily a man, a man doesn’t necessarily like grilling, and so forth.  Each person is a unique assortment of attributes and preferences, and “gender” is a painfully constrictive attempt to shove the beautiful broad spectrum of humanity into two ill-fitted boxes.


I lean more towards the second approach than the first, but it has two big problems.  The first is that it sounds great on Tumblr, but when you try to explain it to a 54-year-old plumber from Worcester, he’s going to look at you like you’re saying there’s no difference between horses and people.  It’s a hard sell.

(And this is true even if the plumber knows and accepts some trans people.  “He’s a she now” is a much easier sell than “anyone can use any pronoun!”)

The second problem with “anyone can be anything!” is, in that framework, does it mean anything to be trans?  Transsexual, maybe, the framework can accept body dysphoria as a real thing, but you can’t be transgender now that gender has been debunked.  The best I can say is “I have an arbitrary preference for being called he/him/his and being referred to as a man.”  I also happen to want to take testosterone and wear plaid, but that’s little more than coincidence.


So where does this leave me?  Trying to understand and express my own gender coherently without putting it in terms of “I don’t like makeup so I must be a man”?  Fuuuuck, I don’t know.  I hate this.

A Letter to Nintendo (I Met My Love on Mario Kart)

Dear Nintendo,

If you didn’t exist I would not have met the love of my life. You’re probably thinking, “So you bumped into someone and realised you both liked Nintendo, who doesn’t? Cool story…” Not even close. 

The year was 2008, a year I’m sure many hold dear in their hearts. The year Mario Kart Wii was released. I don’t know about yours, but my days were filled with holding that wheel (of the plastic kind). MKWii was basically the air I breathed, I still remember my very first online race as crisp as a freshly cut lawn (Grumble Volcano before people realised that glitch existed). After playing the other Mario Kart games over the years against item-lucky computers (and the rare actual person), this blew my mind. However this is barely relevant to the story. The point is, people. There were people out there, just like you and me, casually sitting on the couch with a wheel imprint (perhaps 3.5% of the racing population) left in our hands and soul. Many hours (days, weeks, months), races (thousands, easily), blood sweat and tears went into this game and we all got something out of it I’m sure; fun, frustration, and friends.

Living in that piece of country people may often forget even exists (if it weren’t for the fact we use kangaroos as transport, especially after we realised emus don’t fly nor reverse), the option to play continental was such a blessing as we would often bump into the same people and you’d have that unspoken connection. No words, no contact, you just recognised each other by your Mii and/or name (for those who didn’t change it from John to W4FFLEZ, to SwagMeister89 every day). There was this one player that just stuck out to me, perhaps it was her luscious brown pixilated hair. Or it could have been because we seemed to be completely evenly matched, the only thing that separated us were those items. She’d win one race, I’d win the next. We had formed some unspoken bond, completely without contact, as we wouldn’t hit each other with items but were happy to do so to others. Side by side we’d race until some item-happy player would come along and separate us. So I’d stop at the finish line for her, even if that meant getting last place, just to let her know I saw what happened and she doesn’t deserve to come last because of some item spammer (you know, usually the 3 red shells one at a time). This became a trend and went both ways, I’d see her waiting there at the finish line for me. Then we’d both stop, together, and neither of us would cross. We just sat there at the line, revving our engines, moving backwards and forwards, wanting the other to cross. I still remember so clearly at 1am in the morning we ended up in a race together with just one other person, so the 3 of us. The race started but, simultaneously, we turned around and went backwards, did loops around each other, did the stop start (like when cloud man picks you up and you need a boost) into each other’s vehicles, grabbed items just to hit each other with, not having a single care about the race itself. This lasted for a good while, many laughs were had, and it seemed a true bond was formed - without a single word to each other. At this point, Mario Kart Wii didn’t have the option to add a friend just by clicking on them, or contacting them for that matter. You had to actually converse with them to get their friend code to then become friends, so all this time we were ‘scouring the country side’ to find each other (or more so because Australia is about as big as a 250kb USB, it was easy to bump into each other). Race after race, hour after hour, day after day, week after week we would race.

I didn’t know who this girl was (or even if she was a girl on the other side, let’s be honest) but we were Mario Kart soul mates. It wasn’t just Mario Kart that I loved, it was racing her, through our unspoken bond and silly rituals, that was fun in the purest form. It sounds like a Mario Kart love story… Until that dreaded time came where eventually we went our separate ways. It was time to say that unspoken goodbye, time to let go of that unspoken bond, time to move on. That was it…

So that’s the story, I met the pixilated love of my life and we raced until we could race no more.

…Ah but that’s only the beginning.

 6 years later Mario Kart 8 was released and I wiped the dust off the wheel, reflecting on the past. That wheel was my partner in crime, Epona to Link. It had scratches, bits missing out of it, even bite marks (ahem, sometimes races don’t exactly go your ways…). Those were the times! I jumped online only to find I had people from France, UK and Italy roam my races. Where were my fellow Australians? I played a few races and that was it, holding too strongly onto the past. Down went my trusty wheel and off went the game.

Until one afternoon my brother was bored (or procrastinating) and wanted to know what Mario Kart 8 was like, as we didn’t spend that much time together it was a prime opportunity to chill. So I popped it on, jumped online and went through the motions. A few races with people so far away, whilst fun, I got bored too fast. Almost switching the console off, something stopped me. Those brown eyes, luscious brown hair, big smile, black outfit. Could it be? It was. It was her. In a packed race filled with people from France, UK and Italy there were two Australians. Myself and the girl I raced almost 7 years ago. The girl who stopped at the line for me, the girl who didn’t hit me with items, the girl who who was my racing equal, the girl who I never spoke a word with but shared an unspoken bond. She had the same Mii, same name, there was no doubt it was her. Unlike me I had a different Mii (puberty does things to you) and a different name (I felt now that I was 23 I could level up from nickname to actual name). I knew who she was but she would never know who I am! I was on the tracks riding next to her, beeping at her, bumping into her, all the while knowing she would just think I’m some weirdo who doesn’t know how to handle a bike. It was all so ironic, as well as the fact unlike MK Wii we both didn’t race as our Miis but as Mario and Peach (the helmets covered up our luscious brown hair, y’see). Mario chasing his princess whilst the princess was basically in another castle/didn’t know who he was. I wanted to reach out and tell her who I was; I was that guy she raced almost 7 years ago, that guy who stopped at the line for her, protected her from items, the guy who she stayed up with into the early hours of the morning, that guy she never spoke a single word to. I savoured every race not knowing if I’d ever be able to see her again. I raced by her side race after race, even though I was hit with her items (“And if you hurt me, that’s okay baby” - Ed Sheeran, ‘Photograph’), I even stopped at the line for her. Did she know who I was? Probably not. Next race she was gone. 

And that is how I met the love of my life on Mario Kart, twice. Does that count as a real love story? We basically raced into the sunset to live happily ever after, right?

So there may be more to it. Being in a state of excitement, nostalgia, and who knows what, I was a man on a mission. When I’m a man on a mission I usually forget the simple things, like clicking on her Mii to add her as a friend. I didn’t even know such a thing existed. So I literally was a man on a mission. My first resort, google. Obviously no luck. Miiverse! Excitedly I reached ‘Search Users’ and typed in her name, only to realise that it was one of the most common names to exist. After about an hour of searching my hope was wearing thin, my face resembled a Mii who came in at least 10th, head down, lost, reflecting, pondering. Hang on, she had stars in her name! Apparently everyone with the name Lisa has stars in them. No luck. Utterly defeated, I held the power button down for two seconds and just before the third I realised something. Something didn’t look right… That’s right, she had spaces between the stars! I’ve never been more determined to hit that space bar. There she was. I had found her.

“Hey Lisa! I’m not sure if you’d remember me but I used to race as Ed back in the MKWii days! Was good to see you, can see you haven’t lost your touch!” Not even sure if she’d see the message or even reply, it was all in the hands of fate now. Fate it certainly was. She remembered me. We conversed through Miiverse, learning little basic bits about each other. The most important being that The Legend of Zelda was our favourite gaming series (and basically favourite thing to exist). To the point I have a Zelda tattoo and her dog’s name is Link. Destiny? From there, she asked for my email address so she could send me a photo of Link (let’s just say I am very thankful for Miiverse’s lack of characters/ability to send photos). 

One message turned into many, across days, weeks and months. A one sentence message grew into paragraphs, pages, novels, photos and videos. One single message evolved into over 25 000 words combined. Who knew what one message could lead to. I had found someone who I connected with on every level, whom I shared endless things in common with, big to small (to the point of both of us being left-handed and our birthdays being 2 days apart). However she lived a whole state away. This was nothing but a mere friendship over the internet.

I came across the amazing fan book “Legend of the Hero” by Kari Fry and bought one, along with a few other Zelda bits and pieces. A thought crossed my mind, perhaps I could send this to her? I mean it’s just as easy for her to go buy it herself, but it would be nice, right? So she ended up giving me her address and I excitedly made her a Zelda package. 

Off it went, along with my number on the back of the package (as required by the, ultimate wingman, post office). I soon received a very excited text message and from there we conversed through text - although we couldn’t let go of our novel emails straight away, as our recent messages were “Hey, just letting you know the Postman has left something in your inbox (Da na na naaaa)!” Soon after she sent me my very own Zelda package, which was easily the best package I have ever received in my life.

From there I knew I wanted to meet her. I wanted to drop everything, catch a plane, and meet this girl who I shared this abnormally special connection with. Meet this girl who I had raced for many hours, days, weeks and months on Mario Kart(s) (“Oh I lost you once but I found you twice, and my search is over” - ‘Deeper Love’, Mike Mago). Meet this girl who I waited for; not only at the line but, unknowingly, for many years. Meet this girl who I had spent hours upon hours writing to, words upon words, photos upon photos. Meet this girl who seemed to be a destined part of my life. That I did. 

One single flight and a solid friendship turned into thirteen flights (within a month) and a beautiful relationship, with the final flight being a permanent one. I’ve now moved states, transferred jobs, and am living with my best friend, my soulmate, my love. Best decision I’ve ever made was to catch that flight. No, the best decision I’ve ever made was to play Mario Kart. 

Who knew that Mario Kart could forever change your life?

Thank you, Nintendo.

- Elijah 

P.S. We are now very happily engaged - Zelda rings* for the both of us!

*Austin Moore from Earth Art Gem and Jewelry (https://www.etsy.com/shop/mooredesign13) made both our rings, with Lisa’s being a custom made design. Absolutely recommend!

P.P.S. Here is a link to the video (also included within post) of me proposing to my now fiancee (with Mario Kart included - as well as a Zelda cake): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukkw6XI4jTo 

Thank you, Nintendo.

A Tiny Little Hope: Is Erwin Smith Alive?

Warning: This meta was written by a romantic girl who always holds on to tiny little hopes to stay alive. So the following content may contain over-optimistic elements that not suitable for some readers.


Do you know what grief is? I experienced this feeling when Erwin died and I couldn’t cope with his death for a while. I was totally in denial. But denial only made things worse. Then I told myself that I need to accept the fact that Erwin is dead. But an optimistic part of me (who is always a six-year-old Pollyanna) kept asking questions. Why did Isayama not give us a funeral instead of a silly medal ceremony? We didn’t see Erwin buried, did we? Remember the old theories, the resemblence between Zeke and Papa Smith… Can Erwin be Dina Fritz’s relative? Can his dead body transform into a titan if he has royal blood?

I listened the questions carefully and I kicked Pollyanna’s ass. Because I didn’t want to hope, I didn’t want to suffer anymore. But I’ve seen some theories lately and I slowly started to believe that Erwin is alive. Now let me explain this progress.

  • It all began when @seby64 pointed out that giant crawling titan. 

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. “Erwin must have been the most handsome titan of all time.” But look at his light hair and this familiar haircut. Besides, we can’t see his face and I believe Isayama did this on purpose. The titan is desperately crawling towards walls. Because he is weak. Maybe he was dead and resurrected.  

It must have taken a very long time.” Connie said. 1 year is a very long time, isn’t it?

Shortly, I think that crawling titan may be Erwin. I want it to be. And that was the first part of my theory. Let’s continue.

  • Now I should talk about the Honorary President of Erwin Smith Defense Squad: Flocke. We always saw him by Erwin’s side, looking at him, talking to him or defending him… I think, he was created to keep Erwin mentioned and remind his death. Or, to make Eren say “Shut up!” like a spoiled child…

God, Eren, you wanted a man dead! The man who gave you a chance to live and fight. The man who saved your life several times. The man who lost his arm for you. He died. And he didn’t deserve such hatred. Then why did he behave rudely to Flocke? “Because he is an asshole?” Probably. But is he that asshole? I don’t think so. He is the main character after all. 

Or does he know something? Did he do something to repay his debt? 

  • Lastly, let’s take a look at this panel.

“Sub-product of the titan science…”

What is that mean? The purpose of Ackermans’ existence is to protect titan shifters? I don’t know. But I know that Eren is Mikasa’s liege and Uri is Kenny’s. According to Isayama, the liege of Levi is Erwin. Eren and Uri are both titan shifters. But Erwin isn’t. Or is he?

Anyway, I warned you guys, I’m a romantic person and I’m madly in love with Erwin Smith. I don’t know whether my theory is right or wrong. Nevertheless, deep in my heart, I believe that he is alive. And if he can somehow come back, I feel that he won’t be the same man again. 

But no matter what, I know that I will always be on his side.

“But I didn’t mean you.”
“Oh, other people who get government benefits are the ones I mean. Those are the ones who are taking things not meant for them. Those are the ones who I mean all the bad things I just said.”

All of us benefit from government programs to one extent or another. We drive on government-funded roads and stop at government-funded stoplights. We drink milk that was pasteurized to government-mandated safety standards and eat food that has to pass the same. (That wasn’t always the case, of course – and people used to get very sick and die before the FDA was founded.) We go to government-funded parks and government-funded public schools (and some of us go to government-funded private schools via vouchers, but that’s another conversation.) Many of us rely on government-funded emergency services when things go wrong, or a government-funded flood insurance program when things go really, really wrong.

So let me be very clear: I have, at points in the past, received SNAP/EBT and WIC. I am right now receiving benefits through Medicaid. I am the person who you are calling nasty names and throwing out Regan-era misconceptions about on Facebook or Twitter or in real life. Maybe it’s easier because you don’t have to look me in the face. It’s not like I’ve made a secret of the fact that my family right now gets our life-saving medications through a government-funded program.

We do. And I do not accept the response “but I didn’t mean you, you’re not like the people I was talking about, this is just temporary for you.”

Maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter that for most people on assistance it’s temporary, and it doesn’t matter that for some people on it, it’s permanent, and it’s absolutely necessary when it is permanent. It doesn’t matter if I don’t fit your idea of what a shiftless government-benefits-using layabout is, because that stereotype doesn’t actually exist in a meaningful way. It’s a compilation of a number of classist, ableist stereotypes, a straw man of the Bad Person Who Takes Things They’re Not Entitled To.

And it doesn’t exist. Not meaningfully. But what does exist are the people who receive those benefits and whose lives are saved by them – people who get food when they’re hungry and can see a doctor when they’re sick – who you know. Fifteen percent of Americans receive SNAP/food stamps. Twenty-two percent of Americans receive Medicaid. So someone you know – someone other than me – is getting that help. And someone you know – someone other than me – heard what you said. They know that you think you got to where you are in life without any help at all, and that you’re judgmental of the help that’s keeping them fed and well.

And yes, you’re talking about us.

Let me be VERY clear: if you feel personally called out by this post, I do not want to hear your justifications or your anecdotal data about the person you know who [stereotype of someone who has stuff that’s too nice to be poor] or [anecdotal story of Welfare fraud]. I’ll just block you if you come at me with that shit. Anecdotes aren’t data, and these programs have extremely little fraud, statistically speaking. And that, frankly, is the point.

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I was born in the early 2000's (2002) (it must terrify you that I am old enough to use tumblr) and it's so surreal because depending on who you ask, i am a millenial, iGeneration, both, or neither, what the frick man, does anybody know?

Technically generations don’t exist and are a social construct designed to create meaningless trends and pit certain age groups against each other

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Could you not say qu**r so often, please? Or at least tag it? Alternatives could be SGA or trans (depending on which part you're referring to) or LGBT? It's uncomfortable to quite a lot of people if it's used as an umbrella term too. Thank you

While I’m not interested in delving into that discourse on this blog…well, I guess it was gonna happen sooner or later. 

So just to be clear, before I say anything else, let me preface this post by saying that I’m going to state my position on this, but I will not admit any further discussion on the subject on this blog. You’re free to talk to me @talysalankil​ if you feel like having further discussion, but this blog isn’t the right place to do so. Also I’m going to use links from my personal blog because it’s just easier. But frankly if you want better sources on the subject, they’re out there.

Warning for massive wall of text. I tried to structure it, but there you go.

“Queer” has been reclaimed for decades. Many people who are much more knowledgeable than myself have pointed out that it’s been used at least as long as LGBT as an umbrella term (and that it was reclaimed before SGA was even invented), and it has the benefit of being inclusionary. The fact that is a historical slur cannot and should not be ignored, but the thing is, there is literally not a single word in use to refer to people who aren’t cis and straight that hasn’t been used as a slur at one point or another. Fuck’s sake, people still use “gay” today as a derogatory term, even when discussing things that have nothing to do with sexuality.

Meanwhile, SGA is an acronym that takes its root from conversion therapy (yes, really; SGA discoursers have claimed otherwise but survivors of conversion therapy attest to it), so I’m pretty sure it is equally trigger or even more triggering that queer to people.

SGL (same-gender loving) is a less historically charged acronym that I feel less strongly about for that reason, but it also comes from AAVE and I feel like there’s an element of cultural appropriation for me to use it as a white person, just like I wouldn’t use two-spirits because it’s a native american term. 

But that’s not my only issue with either acronym. See, the issue I have with SGA/SGL are multiple, and I’m going to put a cut here because this is getting out of hand:

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I saw the post you made about Dean responding well to gentler love. I believe it's true, he's a gentle soul and pain just tends to make him more standoffish, but what are some examples of gentle love getting through to him? I JUST WANT PEOPLE TO SHOW DEAN GENTLE LOVE DAMMIT

Oh, anonymous friend, me too. ME TOO. I actually want to make a gifset of this, but since we all need some good feels, right off the top of my head we have Layla Rourke, the gentlest of souls, who believed Dean wronged her and yet here she is, telling Dean to have some faith: 

And right after this, we have Dean telling her he is going to pray for her, a man who doesn’t believe in prayer, doesn’t know if God exists, but because of her gentle words, because she’s a woman of faith who led by example, he starts to believe that maybe faith is important. I love Layla Rourke. 

And here, we have Anna Milton, another gentle soul (pre-becoming an angel again, shh), treating Dean with gentle kindness. He is so, so messed up after he comes back from hell, can’t talk about it, can’t deal with the trauma, and so what does Anna do? She tells him it’s okay, it’s not his fault, and more important, that he doesn’t have to talk about it now but when he’s ready there are people who will be there for him. And, what does Dean do after this? He unburdens himself to Sam. Now, that didn’t work out so well, but he took that step that should have been helpful because Anna was so gentle. 

You know what? Physical gentleness is not the only gentle love he responses to either. Look here, we have Dean adamant that Sam shouldn’t take on the devil (and yeah, that turned out to be not the greatest choice ever but it was the only one they had). And Bobby comes out to talk to him, and look, right away, Dean doesn’t want to hear it: 

But, then Bobby starts talking, using a calm and even tone, validates Dean’s feelings (instead of calling him a stupid son of a bitch and a coward like he’s done in the past) and almost right away, Dean’s demeanor changes: 

Until we have this, Dean really listening to what Bobby is saying: 

And ultimately, agreeing that Sam can make the choice he wants to make and he’ll support it. So, yeah, Dean definitely responds to gentle love, and anyone who says otherwise really isn’t watching the show. 


Dear Journal,

My name is Zelda. My father has been the mayor of New York City ever since I was a little girl. He is kind and generous, if a little foolish. He knows that without the help of his advisers and cabinet he wouldn’t be the man he is today. I wouldn’t be surprised if he becomes president soon, with the way everyone’s always talking. He’s a wonderful person you must believe me in this, even as a father. He let’s me sing, dress, and learn whatever I please.

Recently, however, he’s been asking for me to get married. Can you believe that? I know he means well, but all I want to do is sing and explore, I’m barely out of my teenage years!

Ah, but enough about that. I didn’t buy this journal to start talking about my problems. I wanted to keep a record- of what, I’m not entirely sure. Something in me is compelling me to start a dairy of sorts.

You see, there’s a new man that’s in town. He calls himself Ganondorf. He doesn’t look like the loose-belted politicians I’ve seen. He smiles too much, and his laugh is always too deep, as if there’s a bigger joke going on that my father doesn’t see. My father might like him for all the money he’s donated and his pretty words, but I don’t trust him, and neither does Link; the boy my father found him in the slums of town. He took Link in as a handy man; He’s really good with cars and machines. When he worked as a child in factories; I assume.

To be honest I didn’t even know he existed until recently. But he came to my show, bought me flowers, doesn’t pursue me relentlessly like other boys…he doesn’t talk much at all really.

The only thing I know for certain is that I can trust him, and together…maybe we can expose Ganondorf for who he really is.

I’ve just got the most terrible feeling about all of this….

(More zelda from me)

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Hi. Would you say Doran accepted the Baratheon/Lannister reign even if he was forced to? Can we talk about acceptance if he didn't have any choice? Thank you

We know through Oberyn and Tywin that Jon Arryn had come to Dorne within a year after the war to make peace with Dorne:

“Wars and weddings have kept us well occupied, Prince Oberyn. I fear no one has yet had the time to look into murders sixteen years stale, dreadful as they were. We shall, of course, just as soon as we may. Any help that Dorne might be able to provide to restore the king’s peace would only hasten the beginning of my lord father’s inquiry -”

“Dwarf,” said the Red Viper, in a tone grown markedly less cordial, “spare me your Lannister lies. Is it sheep you take us for, or fools? My brother is not a bloodthirsty man, but neither has he been asleep for sixteen years. Jon Arryn came to Sunspear the year after Robert took the throne, and you can be sure that he was questioned closely. Him, and a hundred more. I did not come for some mummer’s show of an inquiry. I came for justice for Elia and her children, and I will have it. Starting with this lummox Gregor Clegane… but not, I think, ending there. Before he dies, the Enormity That Rides will tell me whence came his orders, please assure your lord father of that.”


His father ignored the sally. “Prince Oberyn’s presence here is unfortunate. His brother is a cautious man, a reasoned man, subtle, deliberate, even indolent to a degree. He is a man who weighs the consequences of every word and every action. But Oberyn has always been half-mad.”

“Is it true he tried to raise Dorne for Viserys?”

“No one speaks of it, but yes. Ravens flew and riders rode, with what secret messages I never knew. Jon Arryn sailed to Sunspear to return Prince Lewyn’s bones, sat down with Prince Doran, and ended all the talk of war. But Robert never went to Dorne thereafter, and Prince Oberyn seldom left it.”

This “inquiry” that Jon Arryn had is vague in its details. Tywin claims that Oberyn tried to raise Dorne for Viserys, yet it’s not something mentioned again. We know the pact is real, but that it had been signed a few years after the war’s end and we know that Doran had been willing to wait for Viserys to gather an army before fulfilling it. So I’m wary of Tywin’s words, or at least I think he’s partially misinformed.

It’s unknown if Dorne had the numbers or the strength to take on the brand new regime. We do know that they had no allies within the Seven Kingdoms, thus making waging war a difficult option. In fact, in an exchange between Quentyn and Daenerys, Barristan acknowledges that Robert would have “smashed” Dorne for the existence of this pact, and Quentyn agrees. Thus, Doran must have known that waging war would not have been an option. It may have been for Oberyn, however, who describes himself as “bloodthirsty” and Doran as “patient”:

“Why, if the gods were cruel, they would have made me my mother’s firstborn, and Doran her third. I am a bloodthirsty man, you see. And it is me you must contend with now, not my patient, prudent, and gouty brother.”

So what choice does that leave patient, prudent Doran? He knows he cannot peacefully secede. He know he cannot win a war alone. Dorne and all of Westeros knows what happened to Elia and her children; Dorne is pissed, and everyone else who isn’t Ned doesn’t care. The regime in power had given him no opportunity to seek legal recourse. On the contrary, the regime rewarded Tywin Lannister for his war crime, and Tywin in turn promoted Gregor Clegane. The Baratheon/Lannisters were never going to give Doran a legitimate chance at justice, as it would require Tywin to be in the hot seat. Which is the whole reason why Oberyn chooses to fight as Tyrion’s champion, so he can hold his own trial in the middle of a totally different one.

The options other than superficial acceptance would have resulted in wars Dorne could not win alone. Thus, Doran accepted the regime, but not in his heart. Not because he wanted to, but because he had to, because he was willing to wait for justice. In the years after he’ll arrange that secret marriage pact, work behind the scenes to give Dorne a fighting chance. As Oberyn brilliantly summarizes above: “Is it sheep you take us for, or fools? My brother is not a bloodthirsty man, but neither has he been asleep for sixteen years.”

Arianne and the Dornish population perceived Doran’s inaction to mean he was doing nothing. That is not true. He was doing something. He set up his chess pieces and played the waiting game. When Viserys died, he reset the pieces again.

The effectiveness of these plans is an entirely different conversation. To imply that since these plans are not effective means that Doran has accepted the regime wholeheartedly is a fallacy. It is more than clear that Doran and Oberyn had been wanting justice for years, and had been denied it. If either of them truly accepted the regime they would not bother trying to remove the Lannisters or send Oberyn to King’s Landing at all. 

Why I'm still afraid to hold my girlfriend's hand.

In 2017, we still can’t just be us. And things are only getting worse.

By Kirsten King

Mar 28, 2017

I sat in a small photo booth watching a smile spread across my face as my girlfriend, Jane, pressed her lips firmly onto my cheek. It was one month after the election and we were at Dave & Busters, distracting ourselves with arcade games and oversize beers. The countdown for the last photo came onto the screen in front of us, “5 … 4 … 3…”

Suddenly, a man stumbled into the booth and purposefully jumped in between us.

I tensed immediately. On the “fight or flight” scale of dealing with crisis, I usually fall somewhere in between “flight” and “melt into the ground and hide.” Jane usually chooses to fight. She pushed the stranger out, looked back at me, and then back at the screen. We both smiled in a way that didn’t reach our eyes as the camera flashed.

“What a fucking jerk,” Jane spat as she walked out, grabbing our photo absentmindedly. “If we were a man and a woman — he never would have walked in,” she said.

“I know,” I said, the depth of her anger just dawning on me.

“We should say something,” she said. “We should tell him he can’t just do that.”

I wanted to advise against it but it was too late. She spotted him.

“Hey. You’re a real piece of shit, you know that?” she said, pressing her index finger into his chest. My stomach flipped — I knew how these confrontations usually ended for LGBTQ people. He flashed an unaffected grin and laughed.

“Relax,” he said and walked away.

His response, though brief, turned inside me. “Relax.” I realized now why she was so mad. She was mad because we couldn’t relax. We couldn’t kiss and touch and be us, and not be watched by other people. That was a privilege that we had not yet been afforded as a same-sex couple. Not even in a photo booth. Not even behind a curtain. Especially not in 2017.

Maybe in the past, we would have brushed it off. We would have taken the photo and hung it up on the fridge, ignoring the context which it was taken in. But we were exhausted. We were tired of small moments being taken away from us; we wanted things to be easier. But under an administration with a hugely questionable LGBTQ track record, that end didn’t feel like it was in sight.

I remember the first time a man made me and another woman feel unsafe. It was at the Baseball Tavern in Boston, a bar known for heavy pours when the Red Sox lost. Her name was Angela, and she would end up with a good Boston boy a few years down the road, but not that night.

She touched my wrist softly, pulling at a bracelet an ex-boyfriend had given me. Electricity pulsed through me.

“Kiss her, already!” 

We turned to see a group of guys ogling us. Angela dropped her hand.

“Maybe buy us a drink first,” she said, smiling at them.

She wasn’t sick of it yet — the attention we got while out. She didn’t realize that accepting a Whiskey Sour from a guy hoping for some sort of group sex scenario meant that guys would keep asking. She didn’t realize the more we played into a game with rules we didn’t make, the more we’d never be allowed to make our own.

The guys smiled. Angela turned back to me.

“Don’t worry. I’m just kidding,” she said. “But hey, if the drinks are free,” she laughed.

Her words cut through me, despite the protective layer of cheap tequila. I was upset because their ogling and her acceptance made me feel like there wasn’t an “us.” It made me feel like our relationship, as minor as it may have been, only existed to the outside world as a performance, even if it was the most real thing to me.

Being a feminine bisexual woman, I have the privilege of passing as straight. I can walk down the street and any Tom, Sue, or Larry will assume I’m your average hetero gal. I’ll be read as “normal.”

But when I’m dating a woman or a person of color, that story changes. That makes Tom, Sue, and Larry all stop. 

During Barack Obama’s presidency, various legislation protecting the LGBTQ community was passed, including the legalization of same-sex marriage in all 50 states. Stationary goosebumps sat on my arms as our former president stood at a podium and declared the Supreme Court ruling a victory not just for the community, but for the country.

I felt like maybe people were starting to get it, like maybe the days of leering at two women in a bar or giggling as two men held hands were over.

The night it passed, I went to a bar with two male friends who were dating. I remember how they looked at each other like the whole world was laid out in front of them. As they exchanged whiskey-soaked kisses, I couldn’t help but feel like we were finally getting somewhere, like the community had been handed a little Monopoly card that said we could all pass Go.

Then Donald Trump came into office and things got even harder. Because even if we had the card to pass, it didn’t mean it would be easy.

What was scarier than any of his potential legislation were the people who marched proudly for him. Suddenly, people felt safe in theirhate again. Suddenly, holding my girlfriend’s hand brought first glances that led to second glances, and second glances that led to stares. Even in Los Angeles, a city bursting with people from all walks of life, people were watching us again. My relationship wasn’t just my relationship anymore; it was a political statement.

At least it sure as hell felt like it.

The news cycle brought rumors of anti-adoption LGBTQ bills, but outside, the news was scarier. A friend was spit on walking down the street with her girlfriend. Hateful graffiti was painted on the Los Angeles LGBTQ center. Trolls starting finding me on YouTube and Twitter.

“Two girls kissing? Nice.” one comment read. “Why is everyone turning gay?” said another. “You’re going to hell,” said another. “Die,” said countless others.

It was clear the floodgates that had been struggling to hold back hate for so long had been perforated in a big way. Jane and I were whistled at walking down the street more and jeers flew more easily from car windows. And it wasn’t just happening to LGBTQ people. A Muslim friend rode the train five stops past her apartment to avoid a group of leering white men. A Mexican-American friend pretended not to see graffiti that read, “Go back home,” as we walked to our favorite lunch spot.

And none of us feel home, not really. Because people who maybe hated us all along aren’t just silently steaming anymore: They’re knocking at our doors.

I realize that the love that exists between me and the person I’m with won’t be understood by everyone; not completely, and not right now. Men will continue to leer and mothers will continue to avert their children’s gazes. The highest form of government may even say someday that I don’t deserve the same inalienable rights unless the future I choose is with a man.

And knowing that does make it hard to “relax.”

But I must remind myself to enjoy the small moments that are just for us; the moments that no other person, group, or legal system could ever call into question.

I’ll enjoy the way the nerves in my stomach bubble over with a mixture of excitement and terror every time I realize how much I care for the person I’m with. I’ll enjoy the way electricity moves through me when we touch and the way our laughs sound when we know we’re laughing for no other reason than feeling completely understood.

And most of all, I’ll enjoy the way my girlfriend’s hand is the only thing that can make me feel safe, even when I know I am not.

Source: http://www.cosmopolitan.com/sex-love/a9195838/afraid-to-hold-hands-lgbtq-couples-essay/

Tokyo Ghoul :re Chapter 131 Sad Analysis *SPOILERS*:

So I just read Chapter 131 of Tokyo Ghoul :re. I was happy that Touka finally told Kaneki she was pregnant and that both of them are married in ghoul terms, but it just makes me a bit uneasy about the flashback in that chapter. I found it weird that Ishida-sensei just through this into this chapter. It really made me uneasy and a bit sad. 

Kaneki is supposedly aging at a rapid pace and he needs to limit his Kagune use, avoid dangerous fights, and cannibalize ghouls so he could age and heal normally. Kaneki mentions that about a month ago he began getting black tears. Could that be his red arms from chapter 125 are what he was describing?

This is a case similar to Arima, in my opinion. 

He was already losing vision in his right eye due to glaucoma, which is a disease only the elderly or older people get as they age. But since Arima is a demi-human, he was already using way too many RC Cells even though he didn’t exactly have a kagune. As mentioned in early chapters, humans have a small amount of RC Cells. He was one of the few hybrids that was able to eat human food rather than how ghouls eat. Armia had a ghoul parent in which allowed him to gain highly developed physical abilities but also a shorter life span.

I wonder if Eto had a short life-span because of her RC Cells or if the reason she had consumed many ghouls in order to become a Kakuja was to extend her life span and appearance. She may have been aging just like Arima and Kaneki, but she was born as a half-ghoul, which makes me wonder greatly about this.

Moving on to Dr. Kanou’s ghoulification test subjects:

Kaneki originally got his white hair color after undergoing torture by Yamori. And so did Seidou. Since RC pathways open up from repetitive torture or from previous inflicted wounds, there comes the rapid growth of RC Cells, thus shortening the lifespan of an artificial half-ghoul. Could that be why all of their hair was white? 

Amon is a different situation though. He refused to eat human meat and was very weak in the fight against Seidou. Amon doesn’t have white hair and he doesn’t show any signs of being tortured in the past, rather he gained the power of a Kakuja just like Seidou. Seidou underwent torture to develop his ghoul and Kakuja abilities, but Amon just developed his immediately. Did Amon finally decide to eat human meat or did he cannibalize other ghouls to gain the power of a Kakuja? This was just strange. Maybe something in the chemical chamber gave him a boost or he went berserk with a rapid RC Cell production throughout his body? Could the rapid RC cell production be from his fight with Seidou? It doesn’t add up very well. It could be possible that he developed more RC pathways, but if you remember, Amon went berserk after his fight against the CCG and his Kagune took over transforming him into a Kakuja for the first time shown. He has shown no signs of aging or white hair. 

And what about Kaneki? It was strange when they fought, his hair shifted from black back to white in an instant. It was because Hide came to him in the form of an apparition, but there is more to that than you know. It could be that he had an overgrowth of RC Cells from his fight with Arima which explains how he was able to use his kagune as limbs. This causes his hair to turn white as he was supposedly “aging.” It would also explain why his arms are taking a while to heal. Kaneki is still regenerating from his fight with Arima and since the RC Cell separation is getting smaller and more rapid, Kaneki is aging fast. Kaneki has a lot of RC pathways as shown in his x-ray from his previous fights. The RC Cells are killing him as well as the other artificial half-ghouls and it really makes me sad. I still don’t know about Eto though. From where she was last mentioned she stated she was dying, but who knows?

Why does this story have to be a tragedy? Why can’t Kaneki and Touka just live in peace man? I want the series to end with ghoul equality where humans and ghouls can live among society. And the CCG is destroyed while the production of cloned human meat or something exists. Pffttt. I love that they are happy within that moment, but I feel that there is a 0.001% chance that the manga will end with a happy ending. *Sigh*

I guess Kaneki can live a normal life span if he cannibalized ghouls willing to sacrifice themselves to him. But who knows? How the heck did the One-Eyed King survive through all of this? Hopefully everyone else will live a normal life span too… *Sigh*

As for Kaneki’s and Touka’s baby. I dunno how they’re going to work it out. Is it possible Touka could eat human food mixed with human meat? Can she use RC suppressants to be able to eat human food for the baby? Or is she going to lose it? 

Man I want a happy TouKen (KaneTou) Family for a change. My Direct OTP Syndrome is killing me! 

My analysis could be wrong. But I tried informing ya’ll about the possibilities that could happen.


“This place has such wonderful atmosphere.”
“Today will be my first chance to actually enjoy a hot spring! I’m so excited!”
“The haze of sunset… Vermilion leaves… This place is just stunning!”
“Each hot spring has its own special properties!”
“Trying to beat me to the hot springs, is that it?”
“You’ve never heard of a yukata?”
“Aren’t you going to bathe with me and the others? You’re still dressed.”
“Alright, now that you’re properly dressed, we’re ready to tie your hair!”
“Just look at the foliage floating there on the water! It’s breathtaking…”
“Mmm, this steam feels incredible!”
“Would you sit still and stop squirming already?”
“Is this where we’re supposed to meet?”
“B-but I’m not ready to let everyone see me like this!”
“Q-quit pushing me, will you?”
“A public bathing area? In the nude?! Has this whole town gone mad?”
“If I found someone spying on us, I’d be mortified!”
“Hey, are you SPYING on us? Oh my gods, that is low!”
“The water… So warm…”
“So these are hot springs… They have their own beauty about them, hmm?”
“Stop hiding in the damn steam and face me already!”
“Try not to freeze the water solid with that glacial charm of yours.”
“If I didn’t know better, I’d say your aura alone keeps the water aboil.”
“A bag full of…what, some sort of powder? Rather pretty, really, with all the colors.”
“We can have water fights and see who can hold their breath longer!”
“Man, I didn’t even know stuff like this existed!”
“Does something trouble you? Why are you gazing at the water?”
“I’m not… It’s just… just the steam in my eyes, I swear!”
“I have hoped for some time now to get this chance to speak with you.”
“You have anything I could use to dry off?”
“This moisture, this humidity, this slippery footing… I could train here.”
“Something about being wrapped in this steam makes me want to hum a tune…”
“They say these waters do wonders for the skin…”
“Oh wow! Is this all one big bath? It’s huge!”
“It was surely no easy task to build in a frontier like this one. But such endeavors bring people closer together. For that we must be thankful.”
“Humans have sought their curative properties since time immemorial. But perhaps their greatest strength is their ability to bring people together…”
“Those enduring lives of hardship need opportunities to heal their weary souls.”
“Wow, that’s certainly…wet. You, uh…you had this on you when we were soaking in the springs, didn’t you?”
“I’m not about to lower my guard entirely, but the occasional break is important.”
“As one who strives for strength, being here is somewhat disheartening… A moment’s respite may be too long.”
“You sit in the water for a while, and the minerals do stuff to your body.”
“Let’s finish this quick so I can enjoy a soak with a full mug of mead!”
“My blood simmers with a fervor far greater than ever before!”
“Could it be? The Spitfire of the Springs? The Beauty of the Baths?”
“I understand that people often come to places like this with their families…”
“If you even dip a finger in my bathwater…you will lose that finger.”
“I need to find a way to make this entire facility mine and mine alone. Hmm…”
“You know, it’s not too late to soak in the water for a bit. What do you say?”

I think that heteronormativity and gender roles and representation are a really important discussion to be had, especially in regards to gay childhood and pediatric transition. (This is going to be a long and meandering personal post, I’m kind of working out some thoughts.)

One of my friends is a gay man in his late thirties, and when I started talking to him about childhood transition he got really upset. Not with me–he was upset because as a child he went through a period where he insisted that he was a girl. He liked girl toys, he idolized women in movies, he wanted to be a witch. His family just let him do what he wanted and eventually he realized that what he was seeking was a way to express that he wanted to be able to openly express his interest in the same sex. This surprised me, because now he is actually not GNC in appearance at all, though he was in his younger days prior to coming out. But he still had this experience of childhood disidentification. He was so thankful that his parents had not made a big deal out of it, and had just let him be himself.

When I think back on being a child, I find it interesting that so much of womanhood was easier because of the role models that I found. All of the women that I wanted to be in books were warrior women, and I was lucky to have all the access that I wanted to books about kickass women. And I don’t know if I have spoken about this before, but in my family I had a different experience of gendered socialization–there was less emphasis on being lesser as a woman, and a huge emphasis on the idea that as a women I needed to work ten times harder and be ten times better. I was supposed to be smart and fast, and pretty was last. I was raised on the idea that I needed to be a credit to my sex, in other words. My dad was devastated that I’m not a scientist–my sisters are a biologist and a lawyer. When I lost a job with a homophobic boss, my parents were worried that gay would mean unsuccessful. I’ve worried about that too, since I was a kid making up crushes to fit in, very sure that I was broken and unable to measure up. 

I know those stories seem really disconnected from each other, but they really aren’t. They’re both based in the gendered idea that there is a “right” way to be a man or woman, and that based on your performance, interests, and orientation you can fail at that.

So what does that mean for kids like us? For a gay man whose only language for gay was “girl”? For me who thought that being gay would make me a failed woman? For kids who grow up with an increasingly rigid divide between girlhood and boyhood that feeds capitalism? When man and woman are considered complimentary opposites that are necessary for the other to exist, what does that mean for those of us who feel we don’t measure up to manhood or womanhood, or that there are elements of the other that are intrinsic to us?

And what happens if our parents could have told us we were right, and that we were broken, and that it could be fixed with an injection? Would we both be functional gay adults like we are today? 

The fact is, I don’t know.

The real omniscient being is the friends we made along the way

Guys, I’m ¾ of the way done with my 50 plushie sewing order that’s due at the end of the month.  I have one week left.  I’ll answer comments in August -_-

We were watching Origins, Pt. 1 and my husband brought up a Very Valid Point. 

Hawkmoth/Papillon creates an akuma to get Master Fu to activate the Ladybug and Black Cat Miraculous.

Ladybug and Chat Noir meet.  Adrien makes up his super hero name on the spot.

Marinette doesn’t even get to say her name before she clonks him.  

They go to fight the akuma without completing introductions.  Then, this happens.

WTF psychic Hawky below the cut

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