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Normal Horoscope:

Aries: Oftentimes it is not you who gets to decide wether your butt looks good or not, though you do get the tiebreaker.

Taurus: Cynicism and optimism have their place. That place is mashed together into a confusing Frankenstein of a conversation. Gotta keep people on their toes.

Gemini: Your toothbrush is a mimmic, a mimmic that really cares a lot about your dental hygiene.

Cancer: There is magic in cleaning your home. Not fiery kaboom type magic, more the now your house is clean kind of magic.

Leo: As you sit there, thumbing through your phone, something watches you. Something with dead eyes and rotted legs. Do not look up, it will see that as a sign of aggression.

Virgo: Whatever is carving your name into your belonging will stop if you read up on financial literacy, seriously debt management is important.

Libra: Look “dress for success” does not mean “cover yourself in gold paint”. The stars and I see what you were going for though.

Scorpio: Watch your tongue. It has its own agenda.

Ophiuchus: Due to a clerical error, all Ophiuchans can talk to cakes form the next two weeks or so if they concentrate real hard.

Sagittarius: Invoke your right to duel. Invoke it without warning or cause. Kill people with a rapier. Kill unsuspecting people with a rapier.

Capricorn: When all falls apart, follow the money.

Aquarius: I don’t care if it works, a thong is a silly thing to enchant.

Pisces: Make sure it’s a real angel of ephemeral night. Ask to see ID. Ask to see their nightmare mount. Protect ya neck. Wu Tang.

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' ...... the children of Moon, Night, Lilith and Faerie, all are souled. It seems that you rules as to what does and does not constitute a human being are stricter than our own. Do you intend to challange Heaven, like that other Morning Star ..... ' - Raziel in City of Glass. Surely Raziel's own words should carry a lot of weight with the Clave, if Clary were to testify as to what she heard. It would be a strong argument against the Cohort.

This is an interesting question. Clary very likely already has made this testimony. What Raziel said to Valentine wasn’t a surprise. Shadowhunters have known for a long time that Downworlders have souls, or at least that there is no good reason to believe that they don’t. But there are always people who believe that they want to believe, and people who will interpret what they hear in a way that is consistent their preexisting beliefs.
None of the discussion of restricting Downworlder rights in Lord of Shadows touches on whether or not they have souls. Shadowhunters are perfectly capable of discriminating against their own. The root of the Cohort’s hatred of Downworlders is xenophobic fear, not logic.
Essentially you’re asking the question “Why, if God said ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill,’ do we still have war?” I wish I could answer. But as a novelist, I tend to be more focused on exploring questions than on answering them. : )

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@ the last ask: my patronus is a hedgehog smh

  • a baby hedgehog is called a hoglet whatttt
  • probably means you’re not very good at opening up to people
  • also hedgehogs are pretty solitary creatures so again probably means you have a lot of walls built up
  • hedgehogs have like 6000 quills which is incredible
  • also worth nothing that they’re not poisonous or barbed
  • so even though you may have your defences up that doesn’t mean you want to hurt anybody, you’re just scared
  • they’re resistant to snake venom ????
  • like they can take down a viper and eat it ??
  • just because you’re a hufflepuff doesn’t mean you’re weak
  • there used to be a hedgehog olympics I’m DYING
  • hedgehogs are known as gardeners friends because they eat so many pests #teamwork

sometimes things get so heavy and you feel like crumbling under the weight of it all, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. 

sometimes you have to pick yourself back up piece by piece, and it’s okay to have to start again. 

things will flow smoother, one day, i promise. it won’t always feel like this.


Nobody ‘made’ Stone Cold, but damn sure a lot of people helped. Jim [Ross] helped more than most. He’s the reason that so many of my biggest moments had an stronger impact, as he was always the loudest fan in the building. Even when he was working backstage, I’d come to the back and ask what he thought and he never missed a damn thing. Jim’s a real good guy. A real good guy.
- Stone Cold Steve Austin

Steve, to me, is one of the last true cowboys in wrestling. You know, a man’s man who believed in what he was doing, whether it was right or wrong in everybody else’s eyes. When Steve first came in, he knew he was good, and he knew he’d have to work to prove it, but he never complained about having to do so. I respected him from day one, and I still do today. When he and I share a beer at ringside, there’s always a lump in my throat that I have to swallow before I can sip on some suds, because I know Steve respects me, and that feeling is very mutual.
- Jim Ross

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why are people acting like dan and phil have to be Involved and Active and the Perfect Activists all the time like ?? theyre just people, theyre young adults,, dealing with political shit is stressful enough as it is, imagine having millions of people riding on you to do shit. i understand that them speaking out is good, but their entire lives shouldnt centre around having "appropriate" social media responses to every world event. just.. theyre just people.. i worry for them :(

dan and phil are not obligated in any way to talk about anything if they do not wish to. i don’t think people necessarily expect dan and phil to be involved at all times and be the perfect activists in every situation because like you said they are complex individuals with a lot going on and they will never uphold some people’s unrealistically high standards, but dan and phil both have massive platforms and there is definitely no harm done when they use it to bring awareness to world issues. luckily dan and phil are very consistent with this and have spoken out about a lot of things that needed to be heard (dan more often than phil obviously but that’s ok) 

Million Dollar Man

+Request: harry smut with harry as ur boss who’s been flirting with you and you’ve been teasing him a lot but u two haven’t had sex bc u know people would talk if they found out, but then he makes a really risky move that makes u change ur mind 

 A/N: Hey guys back with another imagine. I hope you guys like it because I worked super hard on this. I would love so much if you guys would leave feed back and tell me what you guys think of it. love you all and thank you! 

This one shot I based a bit off of and even named it from the original song called Million dollar man by Lana Del Rey. Go check out the song its so good, one of my favorites by her. 

 Working with Harry wasn’t as bad as it all really seems. Yes he may be strict and yes he may yell a lot but I just know that when you have to work with people that sometimes are idiots and don’t wanna do their work it is hard not to come off as a prick. Harry was a very smart man, he knew what he was doing and how to really become successful. I’ve only been working with Harry for about 3 months, it isn’t that long for you to base your perspective off of someone you barely know. But all of that aside, I has a crush on my boss. 

 He is so tall and strong and beautiful long curly hair. I just wanna run my hands through his hair and hear him moan to how good it feels. But there are a lot of other things I wanna do to him to hear him moan. I just wanna crawl under his desk and pull down his pants and suck his cock. I wanna hear him moan out my name so loud and to place his hand on the back of my head and push me down farther. I wanna look up and stare at his face while this is going down and see him roll his eyes back in his head and plead for more. I want him to finish in my mouth and to feel his cum run down my throat. But hes my boss so it would never happen.


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your art style made me start drawing in a way i actually enjoyed rather than strictly photorealism - i feel like that's what a lot of people assume art is supposed to look like or evolve into all the time, and that's why you get a lot of unfair comments. keep doing what you love artistically and don't feel pressured to evolve your art unless it seems natural for YOU. just this year your style made STRIDES and it didn't have to do with realism at all - just depth and color. you are AMAZING ida

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Tbh the kin community has helped me out so much and even got me away from my gross abusive ex. I love all my kin pals a lot and I do not understand why people feel the need to diss us? We are harmless and are just here to have a good time.

TBH???? i don’t get it either like i haven’t had a single negative experience w/ the kin kiddos because of the fact that they’re kin lmao

and honestly ppl who are kin w/ my characters have helped out a lot with the series, mostly with smaller details like birthdays and greg got his name b/c a kennith kin kiddo remembered it as greg but still

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heyyy. i was just wondering if you read klance fanfics? and if you do, do you have any recommendations?? (i literally got into this fandom because of your comics. no regrets. also, love chu!)

Oh my god haha, well welcome! I hope you’re having a good time in the Voltron fandom? My word of advice is to surround yourself with good people that you like. It can be pretty easy to get swept up into discourse, and while I think it’s important to be aware of issues, don’t be afraid to unfollow people if you find it getting you down too much. 

And oh man… god like I used to read a fair bit, but honestly I think I’ve written more klance fanfic then I’ve read now. Or I’ve started a lot of things, and never followed them up. 

Is it tacky to recommend myself? Like is that really presumptuous?

Ah you know what? *Sits on my Voltron throne* I wrote Nightmares so fuck you, I do not deserve your judgement haha. 

So yeah I wrote Nightmares and that seems to be pretty popular. Check that out if you dig canon universe with lots of Keith and Lance spooning and having tender moments. I also wrote a fic called Costumed Identities. It’s a dumb cosplay au. Check that out if you like farcical plots with Keith and Lance not knowing each others true identities, and basically falling in love with both of their personas. Bonus points if you dig the idea of crossplaying Keith. 

Haha but in terms of OTHER PEOPLE’S STUFF (which is probably far superior), I feel like Call me, Beep me is like… required fandom reading at this point. It’s a texting fic, and I’m super weak for those. It’s a cute fun time and there’s a lot of “oh WHEN will they meet!” haha. 

So Why don’t we fall is pretty archetypal, but it still has a nice place in my heart. Like you’ve probably read this scenario before, but you’re still like “mmm yes, this is good”. It’s basically Keith struggling with the notion of a relationship, but he loves Lance so he’s doing his best. 

Never been Kissed is also just like… really satisfying to me? Like that fic is my aesthetic. It’s super short, and it just about Keith and Lance talking shit and eating cheeseburgers and sharing milkshakes in space. i dunno. I think about this fic a lot and I wish I knew why. 

Those are it for now. I can tell you some fandom staples if you’re interested, but these are my personal faves I guess. Happy reading!


Leos are some of the most private people you’ll ever meet. They don’t need to show off, because they’re well aware of how good they are. This quiet confidence, this belief in the self, makes them the most introverted fire sign - a lot of them may prefer staying in, keeping to themselves, and keeping a little distance even to their friends and family.

Like true royalty, they’re regal, eloquent and a bit pompous. When they do invite you closer, they’ll expect you to appreciate it and revel in what they have to offer you. And truthfully, you should. Their houses, even when tiny, are palaces, and they treat their friends with dignity and care.

If a Leo appreciates you, you’re something special. They don’t bother with most people, you know. And trust and believe - even in their worst moments of arrogance, Leos have wisdom to offer, and when they lend their ear to your story, they will listen with an interest more genuine than that of others. 

Keep a Leo around. These are people that will go far in life - and you might just get a chance to experience their splendour when the time comes.

On trauma and healing

When I see those posts that say “Only you are responsible for your life,” or the like I get a little frustrated, because a lot of people see that as reasoning to blame a victim for their circumstances, and so people take that as what it means. I did as well for a good amount of time. I’m not sure when, but eventually I made the realization that it’s not saying that you can control everything that happens to you, just that you control what happens afterwords. You can’t control whether someone hurts you and what the consequences to your life that had, and it’s not fair, and it shouldn’t have ever happened. But it did. And now you have to live with it.

It means that you can change your circumstances, and you’re the only one who can steer it in the direction you want to go. A lot of times this sentiment is paired with statements like “You can’t blame anyone else,” and for me I think they fall a bit short. Or just aren’t entirely accurate. There’s a process of grief we all have to go through when things happen to us, and that’s not something you can rush through. It takes time to heal. You will be angry and bitter sometimes, and that is OK, and essential for processing whatever happened to you. Trying to skip past steps tends to lead to denial of the event, and that’s not healthy. Don’t ever feel wrong, or bad, for being angry. The problem, is that - and this is especially true in cases where the trauma was abuse - many people hold on to the idea that they will get some sort of justice, or retribution, or that the perpetrator will see the error of their ways and apologize for good. Unfortunately all of these things are very unlikely to happen. Should they? Absolutely. But holding onto that idea can prolong the anger and hurt indefinitely, and stop all processing of the trauma, leaving you stuck in a place where no one else can help you until you let go. At some point, it is very likely that you will have to accept the fact that you were dealt a shitty hand in some way, in order to do anything with it.

It’s important to remember that acceptance looks like many different things, and doesn’t mean being complacent either. Acceptance can be knowing what happened to you was wrong, and dedicating your life to helping those who went through something similar, or making sure than others never have to experience what you did again. It can be making sure that the people who did what they did don’t get away with it anymore. Not that it has to be a grand life changer either - but I wanted to make it clear I wasn’t saying that you have to accept it as a part of the world. There’s a difference.

For me, letting go of the idea that my mother would ever get better or see what she did helped me move on. I forgave her, because I know she is sick. Her mother hurt her just like her father before her, and she wasn’t able to get past it, and couldn’t see what she was doing to anyone else. That forgiveness doesn’t mean she will ever be in my life again, because she won’t, even if she starts to receive treatment. The door is permanently closed. But accepting that she was sick helped me accept that I was also sick without also thinking I was now worthless and broken because of it. The shame I didn’t realize I had faded away, and it was at that point that I had a breakthrough in my recovery.

The hurt is real, you felt it, and it effected you, and it wasn’t your fault. Your pain is valid and so is the anger towards the source of the pain. But valid doesn’t always mean healthy, or beneficial, and some things won’t get any better until you change them yourself.

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What if S and M brothers found his s/o playing an otome game??


Shuu: He wouldn’t really like the fact that you looked to video games for things like attention and compliments. He would be jealous and take it away.

Reiji: Honestly same as Shuu ? But there would be a punishment added along.

Ayato: Meh ? He wouldn’t care too much, as long as it didn’t absorb all of your time with him.

Kanato: Don’t let him find oh heck no

Laito: Gosh he’d play it with you ! He’d want to see all the things the people did in game and mimic it for you.

Subaru: Ehh he doesn’t care terribly much, but he is slightly jealous. 


Ruki: Heck he wouldn’t even let you have a device to play it on so good luck

Yuuma: He doesn’t mind, he thinks it’s cute

Azusa: No no nooo this hurts him a lot !! He thinks he’s not giving you enough attention, resulting in you looking to these games for company. Please don’t let him find out.

Kou: He’s chill with it ! Go ahead and play games with your dokis ! 

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so i've never really played bioware but... most of what i've seen of people's reaction is about how bad their games are? like the issues with da:i and now me:a (and... wow the homophobia, from what i've read on your blog) but why does everyone still play their games if they're bad?

nostalgia & previous investment in the franchises. they’ve never been perfect, but they usually contain great potential. unfortunately, half the time the writers/devs don’t capitalize on it, which leads to a lot of frustration. there’s so much there that is genuinely good and fun and creative, but lately they’ve been missing the mark more than usual in executing it to its full extent. what happens is that bioware makes a great idea/character/universe and then doesn’t know what to do with them in the long term, and they also make super shitty ideas alongside the solid ones. so you get a lot of people who are highly invested in certain good parts of their games, but also really annoyed at others. it’s a frustrating thing. there’s also the idea that yeah, bioware does allow you to have female protagonists & lgbt relationships even if they aren’t always amazing- the ‘take what scraps we can get’ kind of approach. it’s a bit of an unhealthy relationship to say the least.

TalesFromTheFrontDesk: "My Son Got Sick In The Pool, So I'd Like a Refund"

Tonight started out like most Wednesday nights; ~100 check-ins that are 99% business travelers. However, a dreadful 3rd party reservation checks in with 5 adults and many, many kids. I let them know that there is a 6 person maximum to the room, and they say most of them aren’t staying. I allow them to proceed, since lots of people gather here (a hotel in the heart of downtown in a major city) for family dinners and such. Hey, maybe they’d get some revenue into the bar and restaurant area anyway. Immediately, I regretted my decision as the parents headed straight to the bar and the kids were left with the room keys and to unpack, wheeling the luggage cart recklessly through the lobby and screaming.

Later on I see that they eat dinner at our restaurant, which is a good thing. Figured they’d head to bed after that, because the kids looked to be between 3-6 yrs old. Nope. The entire party puts on their swimsuits, demands pool toys (which we do not provide to guests), bickers with me a bit because of that, then they were on their way to the pool. Not half an hour later, a woman approaches the front desk dripping wet (wearing socks that were soaked like she was wearing them in the pool too!!! who the F does that) and notifies me her kid “made a mess” in the pool, which I soon found out meant that he spewed (REALLY FRICKEN NASTY FLUID OH MY GOD I AM SCARRED HONESTLY) from both ends in the pool and on the pool deck. I knew we had to evacuate them to clean the mess in both the water and on deck, so I asked her to round everybody up. Cue her screaming at me that they were here to swim, rented the room to swim, so they would swim. Cue me explaining the grossness and safety hazard factor. Cue her telling me that I have the power to fix it in a way that they wouldn’t have to get out of the pool.

She’s screaming at me in front of all the guests in the pool area, so I just got my security guard and he yelled loudly enough to scare the people out of the pool so I could get maintenance in there to chlorine the crap out of the water and pool deck (they’d have to be out of the pool for 30 minutes). She makes a bunch of comments but gets everyone out. After she got dressed, she came to the front desk to complain. Immediately demanded a manager. I let her know that I am the manager on duty. She flips out about the pool situation, and then suddenly has a bunch of other complaints about the hotel/restaurant/bar that she never brought up in the first place (ughhsdlfkj), and started demanding an immediate refund in CASH for her room that she paid for through a 3rd party. I was so close to the end of my shift, and I was so at the end of my rope I had to go in back and let one of my coworkers take her for a minute so I could scream into a pillow. I just was not in the mood to take the heat for guests’ mistakes tonight and was so close to telling that lady to fuck right off. But I didn’t, and for that I am proud. WHY DO PEOPLE THINK THAT BELITTLING US WILL MAKE US DO WHAT THEY WANT. WHY DID SHE NOT UNDERSTAND THAT SWIMMING IN DIAHHREA AND VOMIT WAS NOT A GOOD THING FOR ANYONE INVOLVED. WHY DID SHE FEEL LIKE SHE COULD POSSIBLY BE REFUNDED CASH FOR A THIRD PARTY RES. I AM SO MAD AND I HOPE SHE IS MILDLY INCONVENIENCED EVERY DAY FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE.

TL;DR: woman’s kid gets nasty sick in the pool, she refuses to get her party out so we can clean it, demanded cash refund for 3rd party res. Made my life HELL.

By: PapShmear

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(for psychosis anon) It may seem like a simple trick, but taking a photo/video of what you are seeing/hearing and if it doesn't show up on camera, then you can tell it's not real. It helps me a lot sometimes. Also, know you are not alone. There are lots of people who have psychosis, and we have your back :)

@thalassa-gnosi said to shit-abled-people-say:
hi, I have bipolar w/ psychotic features. one thing that helps me when i start to get paranoid or hallucinate is keeping noise on any time i can. whether it be music, a netflix show, or tv in the background it makes me feel safer and more secure. if anon can avoid being alone as much as possible that does a world of good (i’ve had incidents where i’ve been home alone and completely and utterly panicked). if i am alone i try to have a friend or family member on facetime if they’re available. [½]

[2/2]if nights are as bad for anon as they are for me, i suggest sleeping in a common area or having someone in the room with you. it may just be me but an open living room with the door cracked feels a lot safer than my closed off bedroom. best of luck, i hope you get your diagnosis soon!

Anonymous said to shit-abled-people-say:
For the anon with consistent hallucinations, my friend does too. What I’ve found helps him is this one specific song, I dunno if it’ll be any use to you. It’s Maybe IDK by Jon Bellion, he says it makes his visible hallucinations change to cool patterns instead of scary things. And he’ll often FaceTime me and ask me if I can see/hear a specific thing so he knows if it’s a hallucination or not. For paranoia we’ll FaceTime so I can look behind him n let him know there’s nothing there n he’s safe.

Thank you!!

To add a little to what stevenuniversequartz said, I’ve also heard that if you wear glasses you can take them off and if it’s still clear, it’s a hallucination!!


im hurting a lot and.im good at just being calm and letting things pass which is what ive been doing but like. it doesnt seem to go away ever … . my sister was crying because shes doing badly and she didnt want me to be doing badly too so i always feel obligated and responsible to assume this role of reassuring people that everything is ok and trying to use words to uplift them because who else will ??… im in a relatively good mood even, and i have been doing better than usual but its just a fake upswing because i can feel the other stuff simmering underneath. this is dramatic but idk i feel im completely fucked and i also cant wait to drink when im done with this homework. yeah. overall i feel relatively fine but that doesnt somehow just negate the other stuff

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Good vibes for anyone afraid of losing family over trans matters: my dad used to be extremely homophobic and transphobic, and for five years after I came out, asserted that I would never be anything but [birthname] to him. He's done a lot of changing with the help of support groups over the past year, and now introduces me as his son and with the right name. And yesterday, he let me borrow his phone and I even found my number listed under my preferred name. Don't give up hope; people can change.

good vibes !!