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Look it has come to my attention that a number of people I like and care about haven’t read Batman: Li’l Gotham. This is a travesty. So consider this my PSA about how you really should read Li’l Gotham. Maybe you passed it up because it was an all ages comic and you thought it would be too silly. Maybe it just flew under your radar. I’m not judging. I’m just telling you that you should go read it as soon as possible.

It’s Batfam headcanons the comic folks. 

You want the misadventures of the Bat boys trying to cook?

Scrabble night at the Batcave?

The Gotham City Sirens being cute?

The Batmobile’s back seat?

Meta humor?

An unexpected bout of feels?

Or just lots of Bruce being a dad?

Read Li’l Gotham.

time-travel au except instead of anakin/obi-wan/padmé going back in time, it’s one or a few of the Brothers

can you imagine what that would be like?

qui-gon and obi-wan are fighting darth maul on naboo, maul is clearly winning, and out of nowhere there’s this h u g e surge in the force

everyone is disoriented, maul recovers first and moves to deliver a killing blow, and all of a sudden he gets shot in the back like 27 times

in the background there’s the nearly incoherent babble of “kriffing hells that hurt what was it what happened holy shit that’s a sith that is definitely a sith should we shoot it sir we should definitely shoot it it’s about to kill a general we have to help did we kill it is it dead it’s gotta be dead now go check it i don’t want to check it let’s just shoot it again there it’s gotta be dead now are you alright generals”

maul is definitely dead, the energy shield things power down, obi-wan rushes to his master’s side and the incoherent babble gets louder as they’re suddenly surrounded by a team of men in white and blue armor all scrambling to provide aid

obi-wan, satisfied that his master isn’t going to get himself fucking m u r d e r e d any time soon, turns to examine to newcomers

a hush falls over the group when they see his face

then, out of the silence, comes “….holy kriff, sir, your boyfriend is a b a b y” followed by one of the men smacking the back of another’s helmet with a loud crack and growling “shut the fuck up, fives”

everyone is very confused for the foreseeable future

(bonus: the Brothers are d e l i g h t e d to meet baby!anakin, and he is equally delighted. no one else is delighted by a group of highly-trained soldiers calling a 9yo “general” and visibly restraining themselves from doing exactly what he tells them at all times.)


i’ve been super stressed about art lately!! so i did this. these are all my headcanons for the characters as far as ethnicity goes, if you want specifics, you can absolutely ask. 

Andrew wakes up one morning, forgetting for a split second where he is. There’s soft breathing beside him–never snoring, the boy beside him doesn’t snore. He could smell the familiar fruit shampoo that the boy beside him liked to use on the cats. The bed feels lighter, somehow, with two bodies on it instead of one. To Andrew, it is much too early to think of such an anomaly, but he stores it somewhere in the back of his mind to think about later. Right now, Andrew allows himself to stare at the boy facing him–though, he is never going to admit that. 

If anyone were to walk in and see Andrew with his eyes softening at the edges, a sigh leaving his parted lips, they would remark about how Andrew was getting softer.

But, he isn’t getting softer. He’s alive and he’s curious about this new life that he never would have thought possible. And, suddenly, he realized that his survival had depended on a boy who had given him the truth on the ledge of a roof, in the middle of an airport, and any chance he got.

Thank you, the words rang in Andrew’s mind, You were amazing.


edward–nygma requested, “I would love to see Star Platinum acting like a dad to Stone Free. Teaching her how to Ora and such. Bring in Crazy Diamond too just to show up SP and punch even faster.” Here’s the first part of that request; Crazy D version to come when I think of something equally goofy.


Batman: Li’l Gotham #1

“There’s no telling who’s real and who’s not. For all I know, most of these costumed Jokers are the real deal.”

So. For people who might not have been around during this whole debacle, this may be one of the most controversial DC comic pages of all time. 

Why is it controversial? How can a page full of cameos be controversial? Doesn’t DC love doing this stuff?

Well, my dear readers, this was at a time where Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown were quoted as being “toxic” to DC Editors because their large fan bases were vocally protesting their treatment (or lack thereof) in the then-current administration. And Li’l Gotham – on a page which manages to have multiple Batfamily references from the Ventriloquist to Red Hood and outside-continuity references like Artemis of Young Justice and Jay Garrick the Pre-Crisis Flash – DARED to have Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown cameo in a little off center of the splashpage behind Donner movies Lex Luthor and classic Darkseid. 

In the original version, the Steph cosplayer had blonde hair, making her unique Batgirl costume homage all the more obvious, whereas Cass is dressed in an unofficial outfit that her fans would recognize as a style and colors she wears in Nguyen’s unofficial art for her. 

This caused such an uproar with the angry editors at DC that they demanded that they change the hair of the Steph cameo so that it would be less of a cameo. 

I’m not kidding. 

If you poke around a bit you can find lots of editorials and posts chronicling the bizarreness that is the treatment of Cass and Steph between 2011 and 2014, but for Steph there’s a silver lining so far as Li’l Gotham’s concerned – by the last issue, she got a full-on cameo and mention, whereas Cass got one background cameo in another issue with Steph but did not get a mention in the Batfamily history spiel that was given in the last issue that included Steph. 

I will leave that rant for another time. 


I was lucky enough to get a sketch from Funko artist, Eddie Irizarry, so naturally I asked for Li'l Stevie and Sergeant Barnes to go with my new WWII Cap! Then at the Funko panel someone asked if they would be doing a WWII Bucky pop, and they responded that they’d love to do the entire Howling Commandos lineup if they can… SO HERE’S HOPING :D