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Didn't they already try to do something against net neutrality last year (or 2 years ago ) ? Are they going to try each year until they win?...

basically they’re hoping that each time less and less people will notice or care and eventually they’ll get away with it, which is why it’s so so important to keep noticing, keep caring, and keep preventing this amazing bullshit from ever happening :Tb

Toby’s escape

You got the news early in the morning. The bastard escaped.slaughtered many guards and inmates. You hopelessly curled up in your bed knowing you couldn’t escape the psycho.

Hours passed, your mind still racing. You didn’t want to give up, but Toby was too much. Always ahead, always finding ways out. Always finding you.

A hand grips your shouder suddenly, shaking you out of your thoughts,and you freeze. No noise came from you, but fear and trepidation covered your expression.

You saw a blood covered, messy haired, deranged looking Toby, and you wanted to crumble and fall apart.

“Baby. I made it. I escaped just like I told you I would!” he said with a giddy tone. You turn to try and force him off but he pinned you under his legs, eyes raking over your form as you squirm and struggle.

“You feeling frisky too? Oh I knew you missed my touch” he purrs, licking up your neck, making you sob and shiver. “Get off me! I hate you I hate you!” You wail and cry, but he ignores them.

Toby began to tear off your clothes with a wicked grin, nails digging into your skin as the fabric shredded. his eyes had a devilish tone as he stared into your eyes. “I know baby, I fucked up. But I’ll make it up to you. And it’s a win win you see? Because I’ve been thinking about that body ever since they caught me and locked me up”. His cold hands roam your body and cause you to bite your lip, not wanting to give him the satisfaction that he made you almost want this.

He caresses your breats gently with his fingers, emitting soft gasps of unwanted but undeniable pleasure each time he flicks one of your nipples, tugging softly then roughly each time you gave no response. “Oh god yes baby, make those pretty sounds for me”.

“Fuck you” you snarl out, face hot and tinted pink. With a mischievous grin, He leans down and starts to suckle on the cute nubs while he lets his hands roam, his legs pinning you down with ease each time you tried to thrust him off.

His ice cold hand roams over your pussy-lips, slowly teasing you, diving deeper into your folds to arouse and expose your clit. That bastard knew you well.

You grit your teeth trying to hold in moans, feeling his teeth nip and tug on your pink, sore nipples. “Baby I missed this. So fuckin’ much” he murmurs, biting harshly into your shoulder.

He strokes and teases around your sensitive Button, letting his fingers explore. At this point You’re reluctantly aching for attention and he obliges it, dipping his fingers into the tight walls, pumping them vigorously.

Your sex quivers as the sudden pleasure overwhelms you, robbing you of muscle control, your passage rippling and contracting around Tobys fingers.

You softly gasp as you arch your hips, hating the fact this maniac caught you and made you a weak mess.

He pulls back and sucks on his own juice covered fingers. “You missed me too. I know you did. Now let’s head home so I can worship you properly”.

Before another protest could leave your mouth, he hit your temple and knocked you out, blackness being the only comfort for a few short hours.

(Hope this is ok, been a little busy with cooking ^-^ )

goooood mornin folks my fuckin appendix is straight up gone now