with a hot pink shirt

Peter Maximoff Headcanons

- He never really stops to do anything slowly
- Unless you ask him to; then he’ll grovel at your feet
- Literally
- “Peter, what are you doing on the floor?”
“Nothing :)”
- “What do you want me to buy again?”
“Just some milk and apples, and could you get me (favorite band’s) new album–”
“Got it.”
“… Did you steal that Peter?”
“Oh really? ‘Cause I don’t see any receipt here…”
- Peter finds it super hot when you wear nothing but his Pink Floyd t-shirt and silver jacket
- Peter loves having competitions with you; even when he loses, which is rarely
- “Dark Side of The Moon is the best album ever.”
“Ha! Ever heard of Michael Jackson?”
- Fights always ending in tickle fights
- Never being able to decide who does the chores
- “Okay, whoever loses the race does the laundry, okay?”
“Hmm, let me think abou– no.”
- He loves to hear you ramble about anything and everything
- He’s impatient with almost everything, except you
- Every time you sleep together, he holds you tightly, like he doesn’t want you to get away from him
- When you make love, it’s either soft and caring or rough and absolutley senseless (THERE IS NO IN BETWEEN)
- You always wake up to him staring at you
- “Why are you staring?”
“Because I’ve never seen anyone so beautiful even when they’re drooling ;)”


- “Do you love me?”
“Do you want to be with me, forever?”
“I do, Peter.”
- “No! I am not calling this child Quickie The Second!!”

Where the heck do women find t-shirts that aren’t freaking see-through?! I go to the store and I can see my hand through the material. Forget it if it’s white, might as well have dressed yourself in cellophane.

Avengers Merchandise Headcanon

Clint wears his own merch. Bucky wears Steve’s and vice versa. Phil Coulson also wears Steve’s. Steve blushes profusely every time he sees either Bucky or Phil in Cap-themed merch, but for vastly different reasons.

Tony wears everyone’s, seriously, everyone’s. He was outraged that no one made merch for Rhodey so he spent a fraction of his billions, and got all sorts of War Machine merchandise made. On Bruce’s birthday, he presented the entire team, not just Bruce, with a professionally made Hulk teddy bear, squished his and proceeded to tell Bruce that both he and the bear were ‘huggably soft’. The next morning, they all saw him gulping down coffee in custom made Hulk pajama pants. He also has a T-shirt (he swears Pepper is the one who had it made) that has “12% of my heart belongs to a CEO" emblazoned across the chest (he often wears it with the hulk pajama pants, smiling smugly and limping very slightly.)

While not technically merchandise, Nick Fury has custom eye patches that he wears on special occasions (supposedly, no one but Clint has ever claimed to have seen them). There is a Winter Holiday themed one that lights up (supposedly), there is one made to look like a wrapped gift that he (supposedly) wears on birthdays, there is a metallic silver one that he (supposedly) wears on New Years Eve that (supposedly) has a place where a sparkler can be safely attached and there is one patterned like a hot pink Hawaiian shirt that he (supposedly) wears to the beach (At this point, everyone leaves, because, okay, they work for S.H.I.E.L.D., where crazy shit happens every day and maybe they can accept Nick Fury not ceasing to exist on birthdays and holidays, brought back into existence only in the case of catastrophe, maybe they can even accept themed eye patches and Director Fury willingly putting hot sparks next to his face. But ’Nicholas J. Fury, on a beach, no way am I falling for that, Barton.’) To Clint’s credit, it’s all true. Nick lost his eye when he was very young, before S.H.I.E.L.D. and especially HYDRA made him the man he is today.

Nat tells the group that bring a super-spy means not wearing a shirt with your codename on it but when she’s alone with Clint she bemoans the fact that there’s no Black Widow merchandise.

Update: Nat changes her mind, when, while shopping, she hears a little kid complain that there are no Black Widow action figures or costumes or t-shirts or cake toppers or anything. How are they supposed to have a Black Widow-themed birthday party if they’re aren’t even any plates? After that, Natasha goes back to the Tower and gets to work.

Jin’s only graduation wish? For BTS to continue to succeed.  

New Years Kisses

HEY. I REWROTE THIS A LOT BETTER HERE: https://the-stars-say-gay.tumblr.com/post/164110773145/new-years-kisses-20

2016, now

John was sitting alone, watching his friends socialize, and drink, and gush about Thomas’s new job in Washington. Alex was talking to Maria and Eliza, probably flirting. Eliza was giggling, and Maria was laughing at Alex and glaring. Alex looked over at John and his smile widened- if that was even possible.

Alex sat down not to John, smiling and holding a red plastic cup. “Hey, Laurens.”

John inched away. “Hi, Alex.”

“Happy new years! I haven’t seen you in forever.”

“It’s been, like, a month.”

“We live in the same city. We used to see each other every day.”

John shrugged. “I don’t know. You’re always hanging out with whoever you’re dating.”

Alex frowned. “What?”

“I’ll think about calling you, and then Laf tells me that you’re on a date. I don’t even know who you’re dating right now.”


John cut him off. “Forget it. I don’t want to know. You’re probably drunk.”

Alex tipped the cup toward John. “It’s lemonade.”

“Then you’ve had some of your date’s drink.”


“Go away, Alex.”

“John, I’m completely sober. I’ll devote my entire attention to you. If you tell me what the hell you’re upset about.”

“Right, of course, you will.”

“I will.”

“Why should I believe you? Why should this year be any different?”

Alex looked confused. “John?”

“Go away, Alex.”

“Okay…” Alex stood up, walking over to Thomas, where he appeared to, from John’s point of view, forget all about John

2011, five years ago:

John noticed the boy right away. He had long brown hair in a ponytail and was wearing a rumpled white dress shirt. He was talking loudly to another boy with frizzy dark hair and a hot pink t-shirt.

“What the heck, Thomas. Please don’t attack me with your absurd logic anymore.”

“Alexander, dear, that’s an oxymoron.”

“I’m not your dear.”

Thomas snorted. “And I’m very glad about that.”

Their conversation stopped, Alex taking out his phone and Thomas begining to look around the room. He noticed John staring at Alex and grinned.

“Come over here!”

John looked around. “Me?”

“Yes. You look like you might have some solid arguments.” Thomas smiled brightly.

John walked over, taking another bite of the cookie he was holding. It was a snickerdoodle, and those were far from John’s favorite, but it was sugar and tasted okay if dipped it in his lemonade, even if everyone looked slightly disgusted when he did that. “What’re you arguing about?”

Alex looked up from his phone, about to say something, but he froze, his mouth half open.

Thomas winked at John and stage-whispered “You’ve rendered him speechless. No one’s done that yet.”

Alex looked back at his phone, mumbling about ‘James’ and ‘Commitment’ and ‘god, Alex, no.”

“What’re you arguing about?” John repeated.

“Cats and Dogs.”


“Yes,” Alex said, not looking up from his phone. “Well, we were doing that. Now I’m amusing myself by looking at the most recent bill passed in Vermont.”


Thomas elbowed Alex. “You are not. I can’t possibly bore you that much.”

“You’re right, that’s not what I’m doing.”

“Mmm. Then what are you doing.”

“Texting my boyfriend,” Alex said, not looking at John.

“Ah, yes, your boyfriend, the one who’s also at this party.”


John wandered off, sensing that he detracting from the situation, and stood by the snack table eating snickerdoodles for the next few hours, until 11:57 when one of his friends- his only friend here, the reason John went to this stupid party- grabbed his arm.

“You’re met everyone here, I presume?” Lafayette said, weaving around the room to where- where Alex and a short boy were sitting. Alex’s arm was around the boy, and he was talking with yet another boy, who was wearing a beanie and sitting on the arm of the couch.

John pulled the other way, but Laf’s grip was pretty strong. “I’ve already met him, yes. Alex, isn’t it? No reason to go over there, um, what about that corner over there?” He babbled, fully aware he was babbling, but anything to not watch the cute boy kiss his boyfriend.

Laf, usually pretty aware, did not notice John wanting to leave, and walked over to Alex, dragging John with him.

The countdown started. Ten.

Alex looked up from his phone. Laf dragged John so that he was right behind the couch.


A girl in a bright red dress bumped into John, blushing and saying sorry. John waved her off. It’s okay.


Someone turned the music off, so you couldn’t hear anything but the countdown. A couple on the other side of the room was already kissing. John looked the other way. He had never liked watching people kissing. He thought, trying to figure out why he cared if Alex kissed the boy.


Laf let go of John, and he turned around to leave, but there was a wall of people behind him, and, unlike Laf, he couldn’t just weave through them and get away.


Laf grabbed the hand of a random person- the boy in the beanie- “Can I kiss you?” He asked.


The boy looked confused, then nodded slowly. “Sure, I guess.”


Alex leaned toward his boyfriend. John wondered what Alex’s boyfriend’s name was.


Laf moved to sit on the couch arm by the boy. John looked around awkwardly.


Laf and the boy kissed. John wondered if Laf knew the boy’s name.


Alex kissed his boyfriend.

“Happy New Years!”

Alex gave everyone around him his phone number, making them promise to call him periodically “So that I don’t forget to eat.”

John stuffed the paper in his pocket, willing himself to forget about it.

He didn’t.

2012, four years ago

It was 11:56, Alex was sitting on the couch again, this time with Laf, and John found himself sitting across from them, joking about being single. Laf was curled up at Alex’s shoulder.

Alex grinned at John. “I haven’t been single for a while- I can barely remember what it’s like.”

John sighed. Alex might be one of his best friends- which he could hardly believe- but he was kind of insensitive. “Alex, you don’t just say that.”

Thomas walked over and rested his arm on the back of John’s chair. “You know, you two never thanked me for introducing you.”

“And you never thanked me for introducing me to your boyfriend.” Thomas’s new boyfriend was Alex’s old one. John couldn’t quite remember his name. Alex pet Laf’s head. The beanie guy- Hercules, exchanged a look with John. The look said Why??

The two of them might have been slightly jealous.

Someone changed the music to the recording of a broadway play, and someone started rapping about marriage. Alex tapped his foot to the music. Herc turned on the television.


John glanced at Herc, who looked kind of sour.


John took a drink of his coke and stared at the ceiling. He sighed.


The girl in the red dress who had bumped into him last year bumped into him again. “Sorry.” Whatever.


John pondered why he was so good at falling in love with people he couldn’t have. It had happened in third grade, too.


John wondered if he was actually in love.


Isn’t it love if it lasts longer than three months?


John thought it was. Yeah, it was.


John looked back at Alex and Laf and.


He glanced at Herc, who was staring at the TV.


James. Alex’s old boyfriend’s name was James.

John wondered who it would be next year.

2013, three years ago.

Alex was in the same spot as the last two years, with Maria by his side, instead of Laf. Maria had nice black hair and was wearing a black dress. John did his best not to look at her.

“Herc, do you know where Laf is?” John asked Hercules, who was sitting in a rocking chair, staring at something on the other side of the room.

Herc startled, blinking, and nodded. “Yeah, I think he’s over there.” He pointed in the direction he was staring in.

Alex laughed. “Geez, you need to work on not pining.”

Herc rolled his eyes and walked over, mumbling something in Alex’s ear.

Maria nodded at Alex. “He’s right.”

Alex elbowed her. “That’s not your problem” He hissed.

Laf walked over, pecking Herc cheek. John couldn’t help being kind of jealous of the two of them. They were just so… so perfect. The poster couple.

Maria leaned her chin on her shoulder, leaning forward. “So, John, how long have you and Alex been friends?”

“About two years.” Laf interrupted. “They met at this party.”

Someone shouted, “Ten!”

Hercules and Laf grinned at each other.


The started kissing.


Alex snickered. “About eight seconded too early, guys.”


Laf didn’t respond.


Maria stared at John. “Oh, come on.” She mouthed.


John frowned at her. “What was I supposed to do?” He mouthed back.


Maria rolled her eyes.


“Idiot.” She said.


Alex looked at her, confused.


And then Maria kissed Alex, staring at John.

She cornered him later. “You like him. It’s obvious.”


“You should have done something.”

“Maybe I should have.” John turned around, walking back to Hercules, and Laf, and Alex. Damn Maria.

2014, two years ago.

Alex called her ‘Angel’. John didn’t call her anything. He knew she felt bad for him, he was pretty sure all of his friends did.

Alex loved her. Thomas did too, but not like that. James was ‘too amazing’ in Thomas’s words.

They were debating and ignoring John. John didn’t mind. At least he didn’t have to pretend to be happy for the two of them.

Laf was sure John was jealous. John was inclined to agree.

Laf sighed and draped his arm over John’s chair. “Turtle-boy, you need to stop pining.”

“I have a name.” John snapped.

“Okay. John, why don’t you come eat cake with me and Hercules?”

John looked over at Alex. Alex didn’t look back at him. “Okay.”


John followed Laf over to the snacks, happy not to watch Alex kiss yet another person this year.


John took a bite of a lemon bar.


Laf and Herc started kissing. John decided that it was ‘their thing’ or whatever.


John looked mournfully around the room at everyone else.


He took a sip of his lemonade.


John closed his eyes.


Alex is probably already kissing her.


Alex deserved Angelica.


They complete each other’s sentences, for god’s sake.


John took another bite of the lemon bar.

2015, last year.

This year it was Eliza. She was pretty, and almost an angel, and always nice to John. He didn’t like her. Yes, he had set them up- Alex being single was more painful that Alex dating someone- but he still disliked her.

Laf thought he was being territorial. Herc thought he was jealous. Maria just rolled her eyes.

Thomas and James were sitting with them this year. John didn’t care. It was just another two people to be disappointed in John.

Eliza’s sister, Peggy, was standing behind John’s chair, and their hair kept falling in his face. She was making fun of Alex, which helped John’s mood slightly, if not making him happy.

The TV turned on. John sighed. He had been hoping to skip the countdown- and the kiss- this year, but he should have known it wouldn’t happen.


Peggy patted John’s head sympathetically.


Laf and Herc started kissing. John sighed.


Eliza was staring at John. He frowned at her.


John stopped frowning at Eliza and stared at Alex instead.


Alex was staring at him.


John looked at Eliza again. She was looking back and forth between Alex and John.


Eliza rolled her eyes and stood up.


She started walking away.


Alex ran after her.


Peggy stared after her sister then winked at John. “It was bound to fall apart eventually.“

John tried to feel bad, but he failed.

“I guess.”

2016, now

It was 11:50, and John was the one sitting next to Alex.

Laf was talking animatedly about how Alex had apparently liked John all these years and had told everyone but John

Herc was sitting on the arm of the chair Laf was on, smiling at John. It was a ‘told-you-so’ smile, and John stuck his tongue out at him.

Maria was standing behind the couch by Eliza, resting her head on Eliza’s shoulder. John had found, over the year, that he liked Eliza a whole lot better when she wasn’t dating Alex. Maria was cutting into Laf’s story and crediting this situation to what Eliza had done last year.

Thomas and James were sitting next to each other. Thomas was smiling triumphantly.

Angelica was on the other side of the room, and Peggy was sitting on the couch’s arm.

Alex was blushing, and staring at John.

John was also blushing.

Peggy laughed. “Dorks,” and turned on the TV.


Peggy winked at John.


Maria mouthed “Finally.”


Laf and Herc started kissing.


Alex blinked at John. John rolled his eyes.


Alex grinned at John. “God, you’re adorable.”


“Took you long enough to say that,” Maria said, swiping Alex’s head.


Alex smiled. “Okay?”


John nodded.


“I’m fine.”


“I’m inclined to agree,” Alex mumbled and kissed John.

John found New Years better with Alex.

Saw this gif of Michael Fassbender and honestly, I’m nearly pissing myself imagining Seb coming to bail Jim out of prison as his “defence lawyer”

Jim would be so insulted. Why Seb? a pinstripe suit, A HOT PINK SHIRT AND LEMON TIE?? 

fashion.fucking.disaster. Someone call the police. It’s a crime against society.

“OFFICER! TAKE ME BACK TO MY CELL!!” “Jim! don’t be an idiot!”

Things you find in the Batfamily closets


  • That suit (We all know the one)
  • Old clothes that barely fit him
  • The old dad sweat shirt (It’s covered in coffee stains and smells like fall)
  • Hockey jerseys, just so many hockey jerseys; one from each town that he’s ever visited that has a hockey team
  • A pair of white tennis shoes from ten years ago
  • Tons and tons of ties that everyone gets him for his birthday


  • Every horrible shirt he wore (polka-dots, everything)
  • Gymnast leotards
  • Awful green tights
  • Baseball caps with terrible one liners printed on them
  • Khaki pants and shorts
  • Collector edition shoes from when he was little that he doesn’t even realize are special
  • His costume


  • A purple track suit Steph got her
  • A trench coat from her dad
  • A black t-shirt that says “In a hacker voice” on the front and “I’m in” on the back
  • Tons of nice blouses and cardigans (her and Kate the only grown adult in the batfamily that dresses like it)
  • Old clothes from her youth that she’s embarrassed about (”It’s like staring at every neon sign in Vegas in a box”) 


  • A variety of custom motorcycle riding gloves 
  • Old Red Hood Helmets 
  • Worn out, beaten up denim jeans that make him think about retiring to the countryside after he kills the Joker
  • (He also keeps fashion magazines hidden in it)


  • Every single bit of Tony Hawk brand clothing he could get his hands on
  • Converse sneakers
  • The rich kid sweater album
  • Too many polo shirts 
  • A terrible purple suit Steph got him
  • Stale meme shirts he wears ironically

Jean Paul

  • Hot pink socks
  • Crocs
  • Old sweaters he gets at thrift shops
  • A pimp hat, but he doesn’t even realize it’s a pimp hat (he also got this a thrift shop)
  • Band t-shirts for the most obscure shit ever
  • Hand sewed capes and cloaks he makes for the batfamily for their D&D nights
  • His costume


  • Leg warmers she stole from Barbara
  • One of Jason’s favorite leather jackets (Which she stole)
  • A pair of Tim’s sneakers
  • Jean Paul’s cape that he made for her
  • Five of Bruce’s ties
  • One of Harper’s flannel button ups
  • One of Jason’s motorcycle helmets
  • Her black dress



  • A nice variety of formal wear that isn’t just one suit/dress or just one color
  • A good variety of shoes that aren’t old or something she obsessively collects
  • Comfortable robes and pajamas
  • Her wigs
  • (Other women’s lingerie)


  • The most amount of suits in the Batfamily
  • Uniforms from every private school he’s been kicked out of
  • Alfred the Cat’s cat bed
  • The swords that Bruce won’t allow him to keep out in the open
  • A safe with a duffel bag that has the supplies he needs if he has to go on the run


  • Signed band/singer/rapper t-shirts that he would never wear
  • A Batman hoodie (He says if he ever becomes Batman that’s what his costume is going to be)
  • His costume(s; he keeps his Robin one for nostalgia sakes)
  • Power Rangers, Tokusatsu, and anime cosplays he’s made and wore
  • Cool sunglasses (He stole some of them from other heroes and villains)


  • Ripped up jeans
  • Very nice leather jackets (Jason asks her where she gets them from every time they meet)
  • Bisexual pride shirts
  • Flannel button ups
  • Tons of boots
  • A gross ass jumpsuit that she wears for when she has to do electric work in the sewers


  • Some very nice suits, which are the only nice clothes he has
  • Jorts
  • Tank tops
  • Basketball jerseys
  • Lab coats
  • Sandals that he wears with socks

anonymous asked:

Can you do a Max x Reader where the reader is really good a sewing and embroidery and when Max rips his jacket they fix it? Thanks!

(This is really cute! I actually do embroidery too :> )

Max groaned. “Damn it!”

“What’s wrong, Max?” Nikki asked, stopping in her tracks and turning around. She tilted her head, confused. “Did you step in some unknown animal’s poop again?”

“No, my hoodie! There’s a huge fucking hole in the pocket!” Max shoved a fist through the bottom of his pocket, able to fit his whole hand and some of his arm through the opening. 

Nikki squinted. “Huh.. It must have snagged on a branch or something.”

“I guess..!” He huffed, turning away from her. “I’m gonna go get David. God knows he probably knows how to sew.” Nikki followed after him. 

“Wait! Don’t go to David about this, trust me!”

“…Why?” Max stopped, annoyed that he had been halted, but also curious about what she had to say. Nikki pointed to a patch on the front of her overalls. It was poorly and obviously stitched, bright hot pink, and about half unravelled, showing the yellow shirt underneath.

“He offered to fix the hole in my overalls for me. I didn’t really mind it, but he insisted! I would have refused if I knew it was going to be this bad..” She scrunched up her nose.

“Oh. So that’s what that is.” Nikki nodded at him. 

“It’s not worth it, dude.” She warned. 

Max sighed in annoyance. “Well, then what do you suggest I do? I’m not just gonna walk around with a gaping hole in my pocket like a dumbass. Can Gwen sew?”

“Not to save her life.” Nikki shook her head and looked down for a moment, before her head shot up and she grinned. “Oh! Just go to (Y/N)! They’re great at thread and needle kind of stuff! They repaired the hole in Neil’s pants last week, and it was awesome! You could barely even tell there had been a hole at all!”

“Oh shit, you’re right. Why didn’t I think about that?” He asked, smiling now. Of course (Y/N) would fix it! He could go ask right away!

“Oh! Yeah, I can fix it no problem. I’ve got to fix Nerris’ cape first, cause I promised I would, but I’ll do this afterwards. Can you come back in a few hours?” You asked, holding his torn hoodie in your arms. A pang of disappointment shot through Max. He had hoped that he would get to stay with you while you-

“Uh, yeah! No problemo.. Thanks.” Max shook his head after he spoke, as though to clear it, and walked out of your tent. He pinched the bridge of his nose as soon as he was out of your vicinity. “Who the Hell says ‘No Problemo’ anymore?! What the fuck! God, that was so stupid!” His face was beet red as he made his way back to his tent.

The hours went by slowly, and of course everyone who saw him made a comment about how strange it was to see him without his hoodie on. Finally, it came time for him to go collect his garment, and Max once again smiled at the thought of having another excuse to visit you. Before he knew, it he was there, calling your name from outside your tent to ask if he could come in.

“Hm? Oh, yeah! Come on in, it’s all finished!” You returned, already grinning as he stepped in. “There was a, uh… The seam by your arm was starting to split too, so I fixed that for you.” Max could’ve sworn he saw a hint of red in your cheeks. “Is that okay..?” you asked. To your relief, Max seemed pleasantly surprised. 

“Oh woah, really? Thanks!” He took a step closer to you and took his hoodie, pulling it over his head. “So.. Nikki tells me that you..-” He paused and felt warmth rushing to his cheeks, thought derailed by a sudden realization. Something was different about his hoodie. Something pleasant and familiar, something comforting that gave him butterflies. The only thing he could do to cover his blush was to pretend he had an itch on his nose.

“…That I what?”

“Uh, you do embroidery. Can I see some?” His voice seemed a little shaky, almost as if he had been taken off guard by something. You picked up on it, but decided not to ask.

“Yea, sure! I could even teach you, if you wanted.” You turned and started rummaging through your bag to find your supplies, occupying yourself.

“Really? You’d teach me?” He sounded surprised.

“Yeah, sure! It’s super easy, you’d pick it up quickly. I could actually give you your first lesson now, if you’re up for it.” She grinned as she found her hoops and threads, searching now for a small pack of needles.

 “..That sounds good.” Max nestled into his hoodie, only once he was sure you weren’t looking, and a small smile formed on his blushing face as he gripped the hem of his newly repaired garment.

It smelled like you now.

NCT Reaction: You wearing their shirt/clothes

Members: Hyung Line (Taeil, Taeyong, Johnny, Yuta, Ten, Doyoung, Jaehyun, Winwin) 


It was already past midnight when he texted you that he’ll finally be able to come back home after almost a week of spending sleepless nights in SM’s studio. Knowing that Taeil’s probably very tired and hungry, you went to the kitchen to prepare his favorite tea and snack with nothing but your undergarments and his plain, baggy, gray tshirt.

When he saw you in the kitchen, he raised one of his eyebrows so high it could reach his hairline, his eyes discreetly eyeing your exposed legs.

“Hi, since when did you start wearing my shirt?“ 


It all started when Taeyong accidentally popped the water balloon on your head.  You were very competitive in everything so you chased after this boy, which resulted to you being soaking wet after just a few minutes. Your hot pink bra was very visible through your thin, white shirt, making Taeyong looked everywhere but you. 

When you came back after changing onto Taeyong’s favorite tshirt, he looked at you with a surprise look on his face (since you looked surprisingly good with it) with his eyes inevitably planted on your chest. 

“You…you should probably wear that shirt whenever we’re out playing in the pool." 


”(Y/N), what’s taking you so long? We’re just going to the store!“ Johnny called out from the other side of the door and you huffed in annoyance before checking yourself out one more time in your mirror.

Once you’re out, you saw Johnny laying on the bed as he furiously typed on his phone (probably playing some game). "It’s about time you–oh! Is that my shirt?”

You playfully spun around to show off the style that you did to match his oversized shirt on you. “(Y/N) I need that shirt back.”


You took a sip of your favourite drink with Yuta staring at you like there’s no tomorrow. He’s been doing it since you arrived in the coffee shop but you knew well why he’s like that. You were simply wearing his favourite flannel shirt that he’s been looking for since forever. 

“I remember leaving that shirt in 1898, (Y/N). That’s my favorite one." 

With one long dreamy sigh, he added, "But damn, you look so much better in that than I do.”


He was feeling extra protective that day and he kept on telling you to change the clothes you were wearing. You know how Doyoung is and you huffed for the nth time as you rummaged through your closet. 

When you went out wearing his flannel shirt matched with skinny jeans and boots, he stared at you for a few seconds before smiling. 

“You look absolutely stunning without even trying, jagi,” he said, admiring the sight before him. 


You were feeling sick when your boyfriend, Ten, decided to come over to watch some sappy movies with you. Even though you already turned off the AC, you still felt like you’re in Antarctica so you decided you put on Ten’s thick sweat pants and hoodie. 

When he arrived, he can’t help but smile at how cute you looked laying on the couch with his oversized clothes. 

“Aigoo, how can you look so cute in that?”


“(Y/N), hurry up! Your mom is here!” Jaehyun knocked on your room with panic laced in his voice. You were only wearing your undergarments since you just got out of shower but the fact that your mom is here to check in on you with Jaehyun in the living room was frightening. 

In your hurry, you grabbed the white shirt laying on the floor and a shorts and put it on. When you got out, Jaehyun looked at you with wide eyes, a hint of playful look on his face. 

“Your mom might get the wrong idea but…I think you should start wearing my shirts from now on.”


You absolutely love Winwin’s wardrobe because it’s full of comfortable shirts, sweatpants, and hoodies. So when you came over to his apartment, you went straight to his room and rummaged through his closet to change into a more comfortable clothes. 

When he got out of shower, he saw you laying comfortably on the bed and he immediately ran to where you were. He quickly wrapped you with his hugs and showered you with kisses. 

“You look so cuddly in my hoodie,” he cooed, touching the tip of his nose with yours. “Would you like to watch some movies?”

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One night some guy wearing a top hat, hot pink shirt and a tail coat comes into the store, asks when we close, I tell him “in ten minutes” and he literally SPRINTS back to the snack cake aisle, then SPRINTS to the registers, I check him out and walk him and his Zebra Cakes to the door, he says “bless you” in the funniest way possible, then SPRINTS back through the parking lot, tails flapping behind him. I think I met a god of chaos that night. I miss him. He was so nice.

Haha gotta love the moments that actually make your job worth it 😂

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ajskajskjs softly and slowly kissing with shawn, where your lips are barely even touching and the kisses are so featherlight you almost don’t even feel them ajskajskaklsjslsjsks MY HEART

Night time was one of your favourite times with Shawn, whenever you were both in the sheets showing each other just how much you loved one another of if you were wrapped up in each other arms, cuddling in bed or watching your favourite film and tv shows. But tonight, it had to be Y/N favourite night.

Y/n sat on the soft bed they shared, giggling as she watched Shawn on the balcony. Tonight, was a hot summers night and she was wearing a shirt sleeved pink shirt that was Shawn’s and some comfy shorts. Y/N loved wearing the pink shirt and loved it when Shawn wore it. Y/N watched her boyfriend who was shirtless, jogging bottoms hanging around his waist. Y/N’s eyes hooked on his chest where she could see the crease of his abs that looked like they belonged in the louvre, the hairs on his chest and deep v line leaving little to no imagination.

“Honey.” Shawn shouted bringing the girl out of her thoughts, standing up the girl walked out and her smile was wide as well as her eyes. Fairy lights littered the balcony as well as candles, the scent of coconut ad lavender filled the air. “This is perfect.” Y/N whispered softly.

“Not as perfect as you.” Shawn replied making her heart flutter. Shawn leand over to his phone and tapped play, the opening melody to Thinking Out Loud played. The song that was playing in her earphones when she met him in the park over a year ago. They started talking and when they started dating Shawn and Y/N claimed that song as their own. So whenever they were having a late night drive, cooking together or having a bubble bath. That would be the first song that will be heard on their playlist.

The young couple that was budding with love and romance, the young couple that had the world ahead of them were swaying side to side under the moonlight that the Toronto night sky had held for them. It was the picture-perfect landscape for the picture-perfect couple that loved one another unconditionally and will always love one another unconditionally. Their eyes were fixated on each other as they swayed under the moonlight.

“I love you to the moon and back.” Shawn whispered as Y/N rested her head against his chest. One of his hands rested on the small of her back, slipping under the shirt as he traced soothing patterns. “The moon is 384,400 km so as long as I don’t go to mars then am I okay?” Y/N teased with a giggle and giggled even more as Shawn poked her sides. “No matter how many hours I must spend in car, how many oceans I have to travel over. No matter what you are, I will always love you. If your far I will never love you less, my love will only grow because the love I have for you in unbreakable and unstoppable.” Shawn whispered, his fingers cupping her chin as he leand down and brushed his lips against Y/N’s.

Their lips on milometers apart as the music came to a stop. Passion and admiration reflecting in their eyes as they gazed at the one that were meant to be with. Their other half. Their everything. When Y/N leand up for the kiss, Shawn pulled away and shook his head. He wanted to spend the night dancing with his girl and then fall asleep wrapped up in each other’s arm. Shawn only shook his head at Y/N’s pouting and leand down once more, brushing his lips on hers and stayed on her lips. He wasn’t kissing her; his lips were just resting on hers. In a reassurance that he was still here. “Go to bed honey. I’ll join you.” Shawn whispered and finally gave into Y/N’s cravings and pecked her lips.

Shawn watched as his girl stumbled into their room which only had the lamp turned on during in this night in Toronto. He blew out the candles, the beautiful scent in the air and turned off the fairy lights. Making his way into the room that the couple shared, he locked the balcony doors and crawled into bed. He laid on his back as Y/N leand up and brushed her lips against his, her lips now resting on his as tired giggles pulled from their lips. Shawn running a hand through her hair as her lips rested on his. Now that had to be his most favourite feeling in the world

When Y/N pulled away, she rested her head on his chest, above his beating heart as her arms wrapped around his firm middle. Shawn wrapped his own arms around her as he began to sing. “So, honey, now. Take me into your loving arms. Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars, place your head on my beating heart. I’m thinking out loud. Maybe we found love right where we are.” And the words of Ed Sheeran rang true, they had found their love. Y/n’s head rested on his beating heart and neither of them wanted that to change. So that night they fell asleep, knowing they found the love that they wanted and they couldn’t be happier than they were at this very moment.